Super hot milf anna nova and two guys

Super hot milf anna nova and two guys
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My name is Matthews Oak, nicknamed Matt,I am 16, I was born in Brazil and just recently I moved in to San Diego, first.I felt bad for moving out of my country but I could adjust myself to High School just fine once I started living in being bi, I found myself checking out some boys and girls everyday.and in no time, I got a best friend.

His name is Alex Cruz, he has straigth black hair, dark brown eyes, he's only a bit shorter than me, and the story of how I met him is quite's how it was. It was my first day at High School back when I was 15, I was already fluent in english but I was shy and that lead me to get nervous when talking so I made some spelling mistakes and by our break time, I sat on a table at the cafeteria quietly and he simply looked at be and started chatting.

"Hey!" He said looking at me and getting a bit near. "Hey" I replied. "So you're the new boy from outside that everyone's been talking about?" He asked. "I.guess I am." I said a bit shy.

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"Oh, cool! I'm Alex I'm 14, year under you 9th grade" he said. "I'm Matthews but call me Matt, 10th grade." I said. " about after class I give you a tour around seem kinda lost" He said. "I think I need this tour.yeah I'm really lost.and I'm still trying to adapt to the 5 hours of difference." I explained.

"I can look sleepy." He said. " was Physics class" I said and we both laughed. After class, as he promised, we met up and he showed me the school, he introduced me to some of his friends and even gave me some tips like signing up to some club or something like it, he pointed out the bullies for me and also warned me about some secret ways around school, so we walked out homes, then I found out that he lived on the same street I did, I was happy and anyone could see it, we continued talking, he gave me his cellphone number and I found myself laughing with him most of times, and for one whole year I kinda started seeing him as a little brother to me.

Today things are still the same.but I can't say for sure.if I feel something beyond friendship for him, I didn't know if I was in love with him so I started teasing him. I asked if he jacked off which he said he did at least once per day, his dick size and he said 6 1/2 inches, he seemed pretty comfortable talking about that with me, and it even got me curious.was he bi too?


Was he gay? Or was he just playing dumb with me?Then later he made me help him with homework, he'd be near me always touching some part of my body like my shoulders, or knees, Thighs.and even near my crotch sometimes, I looked at him and pointed out what he was doing so he would back away, a little ashamed, so we did homework and I ended up sleeping over, we got ready for bed. "Hey Matt." He said. "What?" I asked. "How do you sleep?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked him. " PJs, underwear." He said. "Well.generally I sleep on my shorts and depending on the heat.on my boxer briefs" I said.


"Well.I kinda.sleep naked." he said. "I don't mind." I said falling over his bed, "you could even hug me naked, I wouldn't care" I continued.

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"You swear?" He asked getting undressed. "Duh." I said. "Still.I'ma gonna be in my boxers and since we are gonna share the bed." he said while moving to me."Get your fat ass to the other side!" He said tickling me, I jumped to the otherside of the bed, I simply can't stand tickle. "Heeeey you're that sensitive princess?" He said slowly moving to tickle me again.

"Come on.don't start it!" I said. "Get ready butt face!" He said jumping on me and tickling me all over, I laughed and laughed begging him to stop, I could feel his dick rubbing my leg, I pretended to try to kick him so I could feel it with my foot, and he was actually hard, he sustained on mine as he continued tickling me, as if he wanted to touch it, then after our little tickling game, we finally got on bed.

"Hey hum.Alex." I said. "What is it.?" He asked. "You do know that hum." I stopped to think if it was the right thing to talk about him putting his hand on my dick, but I gave up on the idea."Nothing.nothing.go to sleep already chubs." I continued.

"I was already sleeping.hoe." He said. "'re funny." I said closing my eyes.after 15 minutes.I felt him turning to me.and he started calling for me.

"Matt.hey.are you awake?" He asked. I didn't answer and he moved slightly to my face, I felt his breathing, he was nervous, he came even near and gave me a peck on my lips, I was surprised on what he had done, I felt his hand going down my boxers and I felt him holding my dick and giving it small strokes.I was in doubt.but I had to give it a least.for I moved my body a little, he got scared and turned away fastly taking his hand out of my boxers. The next day, we ate breakfast and went to school, we talked as if nothing happened.

I decided to take those thoughts away from my I got home after school and did my usual night I decided to get into some chat site.and I met a bi boy from San Diego, which also studied on my school, we talked the whole night, he sent me pics of his bodym and he seemed pretty cute.then I asked for a pic of his face and he actually sent it.I was surprised with who it was.

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"Alex!?" I thought to myself.he asked me for a pic.but I gave him a better idea. "Meet me near the Gym after P.E. class" I typed. "k" He replied. After that.I went to bed.thinking on how I'd close in to him. Last day of the week, right after the last class.well.HIS last class.P.E.I walked into the empty gym.and then the changing room.he was standing there.looking to his sides, so I stepped in.

"I was waiting for you.what are you doing here.?" I asked. "I waiting for someone." he said.

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"who would that be?" I asked again. "Uhh.someone.different." he said.

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"Well then I'll tell you.I know what you did the last time I slept over." I said. "What do you mean?" He asked. "You kissed me and rubbed my dick" I said looking directly at him.

".You were awake?" He asked a bit nervous. "Yeah.and it was about time I did something about it."I said slowly approaching as he started stepping back until he touched the wall.with no where to run he simply closed his eyes tightly. "You know what we do when people do this to us back in Brazil.?" I asked, I simply got near him and kissed him. "I don't know about the others.but I do this." I said smiling at him as I grabbed his still soft dick through his pants.

" are." He let out. "The one you met online, swapped pics with and yeah, I'm bi.but I like boys better." I said. "You're messing with me." He said looking at me. "If I was only messing with you.would I do this.?" I said getting on my knees and lowring his pants and underwear. "'re serious.?" He asked, still a bit uncertain. "Let my acts talk for me now." I said as I enveloped his dick with my mouth, he closed his eyes, I played with his dick inside my mouth, licking it and tasting his precum.he was precumming a lot.and it was hot.I sucked him for 5 minutes until he finally came inside my mouth, his cum tasted sweet.after his boner died, he looked at me, smiling.

"I didn't know about that." He said. "Hey.hum.we could talk this out today.think I could, you know.sleepover?" I asked getting up as he lifted his pants and underwear. "You bet you can, you're my big bro." He said. "Yeah that's right!" I said laughing, after that we went home and I he called me saying that it was ok for me to sleepover, so I packed some clothes and went to his house.

That friday, we played Xbox, got some snacks and when everyone else was asleep, we started talking. -To be continued-