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Gay porn male escort movies These lucky boys are starting to pop
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Leon Baker held his AR15 across his chest as he walked through his little stretch of mountain, following a trail cut through the woods. He loved his little stretch of Kentucky, it reminded him of the early seventies when he was just a child, just out of high school.

He was on patrol. Really he was just walking through the swamps, waiting for his refer to come to harvest, but in his mind he was in the boonies again. He was in the Re-public of Viet-Nam again. He was on patrol again. He was walking point again.

He had never really left Vietnam, not really. He was a king there. Sure, he was a grunt, he was nothing more than another Nigger PFC in a white man's army, fighting a white man's war. He was Eleven-Bravo. But in Vietnam, he was a king. In the bush he could do what he wanted, when he wanted.

Lots of guys hated it, but he loved it. The draft had been the best thing that happened to him. He wasn't far from home, just a few klicks from his little cabin in the woods, but in his mind he was still in Southeast Asia walking a clover out of firebase Phoebe. He stopped when he heard an unfamiliar sound and lowered himself to his knee.

He held a fist in the air. Something wasn't right. He had heard something, something that didn't match the natural sounds of his Kentucky mountain, of the jungles in Vietnam.


He had heard music. He had heard music and voices. He took a deep breath and moved in closer, he wasn't far from the lake. Well, he wasn't far from what passed for the lake. He wasn't more than a kilometer from his home. He wasn't more than a kilometer and a half from his farm. This wasn't good. Especially this music. This wasn't the local country fair that the rednecks listened to. That wouldn't have bothered him so much. Rednecks might be racist, but they knew that this was his mountain. They were locals.

They played the same game he did. This music was white music, and more importantly, this was city music. He followed the sound, careful not to make any noise of his own. Careful to stay in the shadows. He dropped to a knee again when he hit the clearing by the lake. He scanned his way through the bush and found the camp sight. If you could call it a camp sight. What he saw was really a camper. A mobile home. That wasn't camping at all. Camping was sleeping outside in the bush.

Camping was life in a foxhole and guard duty every two hours. This was camping for REMFs. This was camping for rich suburban white folk.

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He didn't know which he hated more. REMFs or white folk. He waited. The last thing he needed was a couple of rich white assholes to stumble on his crop. He couldn't just charge in guns blazing. Not now. Not when he didn't know if this was a simple Viet Cong patrol of if it was an entire regiment or NVA regulars. The best thing to do was wait and watch.

********** Leon licked his lips and brought his finger to his mouth, his right hand still clutching the handle of his AR15. "Shhhh!" he said as he backed the little white teen against the camper. She was a cute little thing. She was a tight little package with blond hair and blue eyes. He loved blond hair. He loved blue eyes, especially when blue eyes were as full of fear as these ones were. Divide and conquer. That was how Leon was going to play this one.

He had watched them for almost two hours before he decided to move in. At first he was going to dispose of them, and then he saw this little number. He had watched as her parents went out for a hike in the hills, and waited as she stripped out of her jeans and t-shirt, covered her pale white body with her coconut lotion, and stretched out on the beach wearing the smallest thong bikini he had ever seen.

No doubt she didn't want mommy and daddy to know that she owned it. She let out a little whimper as he pressed the muzzle of his AR15 against her quivering pouty lips.

He little body was shaking with fear. She was a skinny little blond girl, not much more than five feet tall, not much more than a hundred pounds. He dwarfed her in both height and wait. He was old enough to be her grandfather. His dark brown eyes scanned over her body as she cried in fear. He licked his lips again.

She was a little white girl, she couldn't have been any whiter, and she was crying and cowering with fear in the shadow of a big Black man. She was scared, utterly horrified, and still adorable.

She was too frightened to scream. She'd scream soon enough. He'd make sure of that. She'd be doing a lot of screaming. He licked his lips and ran the muzzle of his AR15 down to her chest. He had never had a white bitch before, but he had always fantasized about it. Now he had one, he had his own little white prisoner of war.

She let out a yip as lifted the cup of her little black bikini with the muzzle of his rifle and circled it around his puffy light pink nipple.

It was so light that it almost matched her beautiful pale white skin. "Oh God," he words were barely audible as he lifted the other cup. "Shhhh," Leon said again as he pressed the barrel of his AR15 against the teen's lips. "Your little brother is taking a nap in the cabin. It would be a shame if I had to kill him.

You don't want me to have to kill him do you?" Her little brother, he couldn't have been more than six or seven, and Leon had every intention of killing him.

He had no use for a little white boy, but she didn't need to know that. At the moment he could just use the brat as leverage. The white girl shook her head, tears streaming from her dark blue eyes.

"n-no." She finally managed to say. "You're just a pretty little thing aren't you?" Leon said as he circled her nipple with his rifle again. "What's your name, bitch?" "b-b-b-b-bailey," she stuttered in a little frightened whispered. He ran his rifle down her flat stomach to her little thong.

Down to her very little thong. He mentally crossed his fingers and slowly pushed it aside. "I knew it," he whispered, "all you white bitches have bald cunts." "P-p-p-p-lease d-d-d-d-don't-t-t rap-p-e m-m-me," Emily stuttered, shaking with fear. "Shhhh, Emily. If you wake your little brother up, I will have to kill him." He licked his lips. "Turn around, let me see that little thong of yours." She whimpered again and slowly turned around.

It was really a little thong. It was the smallest Leon had ever seen, just a little string that ran down the crack of her nicely rounded ass. "Put your hands on the camper," he said as he slung his rifle over his shoulder and pulled his .45 out of his pocket. She whimpered again as he ran his hand over her tight little ass and gave it a playful swat. "Now," Leon said as he pulled the string around her neck free, "I am going to rape you." "Oh God, oh god no." The teen said as he pulled the tie around her back, he hands instantly shot to her breasts to hold the top in place.

He pulled her little thong down her legs to her ankles. He guided her feet out of them as she stood shaking and crying, trying her best to keep as silent as possible.

He slipped the thong into his pocket. He grabbed her shoulder, spun her around, and held his .45 under her chin. Slowly he pulled the top out of her hands and shoved it into his pocket. He was going to have to keep this bikini, just so he could watch her wear it later. He took a moment to look her over. He took a moment to tower over the girl. He watched her little naked body shake and cry as he scanned her with his eyes.

She had beautiful white skin, pale white. Her breasts were around and perky with plump little nipples just a shade of pink darker than her skin. She had a flat little stomach and a shaved little cunt.

It was just a slit and it looked young, clean, and tight. He licked his lips again. He was old enough to be her grandfather. He was well over a foot taller than her.

He had well over a hundred pounds on her. A hundred pounds of muscle. Her arms moved to cover her cowering, trembling, naked body and Leon tapped the bottom of her chin with his .45mm 1911 military issue pistol, the one he had gotten in Vietnam.

The one he had gotten when he was a king. He used it to lift the girls head and grinned when a little snot bubble formed in her nose as she cried as silently as she could. She had every right to be crying. She was entering a world of hurt. He was going to treat the little white cunt worse than he treated the girls in the villages back in Vietnam.

Only this one he wasn't going to kill when he was done fucking it. This one he was going to keep. She flinched and let out a sob as he grabbed one of her milky white breasts with his strong, calloused, Black hands and squeezed it tight. It wasn't much, just a little over a handful, but firm, perky, and soft. She tried to shy away, her deep blue eyes streaming with tears as he rolled her nipple with his them. He pushed the barrel of his gun under her chin and forced her head up so he could look her in her crying eyes as he ran two fingers down her flat little stomach.

She whimpered, too frightened to move as he ran his fingers over her tight little clit. It was going to feel so good when he raped her. He was going to fuck her until her nose bled. She let out a little yip as he pushed one of his dirty Black fingers into her bald, white little slit. Leon grinned, "You're a virgin." Bailey nodded and sobbed. "please don't rape me," she begged in a little whispered voice, her words hard to distinguish through her uncontrollable tears.

She drew in a sharp breath as the Black man closed in on her, his finger still toying with her virgin white hole. "Oh God," she mumbled as he licked his way up her cheek. "I'm going to take your virginity," he whispered in the sobbing girl's ear. "I'm going to rape you with my big, fat, nigger cock. I'm going to." .He paused as he heard voice coming from the trail. "Shhhhh!" Leon said as he pushed the girl to her knees, "You make a sound and I'm going to kill your entire family." He took a pair of zipcords out of his envelope pocket and quickly bound the teens hands behind her back, and then did the same to her ankles.

This one he didn't want to give the chance to run. "Now you just be a good little cunt and stay on your knees, while I go fetch your little brother. You make a sound and I can promise you the little bastard is as good as dead." He gave one of her round, soft, and firm breasts a squeeze and then disappeared into the camper.

Bailey knelt on the ground and wept. The hard plastic of the zip ties cut painfully into her wrists and ankles. She was shaking with fear, she was shaking with anticipation, she was shaking with the force of her endless sobbing.

Her tear filled eyes were focused on the trail as she listened to the sound of her parent's voices echo out of the woods. She wanted to cry, she wanted to yell out a warning, but he was in the cabin, with her little brother and besides that, she didn't know if she could yell. She felt totally exposed as she knelt on the ankle-deep grass, naked, she was completely naked, and her parents were coming.

Her little brother was coming. The Black man was coming back. He beat her parents and placed her little brother on the grass next to her, his arms bound behind his back, wearing nothing but his little white briefs.

His blonde hair was still covered with cowlicks. He was gagged, with one of her father's socks, and crying just as hard as she was. Leon knelt behind the little boy and pressed the gun against his head. "Hi there," he said, cheerfully enough, as their parents turned the bend around the lake and emerged from the forest.

"I bet you weren't expecting to see this." "No, no," Leon said as he pressed the gun a little harder against the boy's head.

"It's best that you don't touch that cell phone.


In fact, it's best that you don't speak at all." He followed the father's gaze as he looked over to Bailey. "Now don't worry, your little girl is still a virgin. Why don't you two come a little closer, we can have a little family reunion." Leon pulled back the little boys hair just to show them how serious he was, "What's the boy's name?" "Kyle. He's six," Bailey's father said, trying his best to stay calm.

"And that's my daughter Bailey." "I already had made her acquaintance." "It was her birthday yesterday." He father said as he held his arms in the air and walked over to his children.

He was, as far as Leon was concerned, the typical white suburban father. Khaki shorts, a blue t-shirt, and closely cropped gray hair. "No shit? How old?" Leon said and motioned to the ground with his .45. "Sixteen." He father said as he lowered himself to his knees a few feet from Bailey and Kyle.

"Daddy's little girl," Leon said and slowly stood up, his pistol pointed at the mother. She was younger than the father, a blonde bombshell, taller and more curvy than Bailey was. She must have been a looker in her day. Hell, she was still a looker. Long pale legs and khaki shorts with a white tank top, ankle socks and pink running shoes. "And what about you, trophy wife? What's your name?" Leon said as he pointed the 1911 at the mother. "J-Jennifer," she was fighting back tears.

He tossed a pair of zip ties to the mother. He always carried them with him, just in case. Not that he ever had the opportunity to use them, but one never knew. "Why don't you be a good wife and make sure your husbands hands are bound good and tight behind his back. It would be the best way to make sure that you all get out of here alive." Jennifer nodded, the tears had made it to the surface. She slowly bound her husband's hands behind his back.

It was difficult, she was shaking almost uncontrollably. "What's his name?" "B-bobby, he's an attorney. We have money, if that's what you want?" "Shit, I have money. I know I don't look like much, but money isn't anything I need to worry about." Leon circled around the family and stopped in front of Jennifer. He pointed his .45 at her. "I think your daughter is a little uncomfortable being the only one naked around here." Jennifer looked from her husband to her daughter, who was still a mess of uncontrollable tears.

Leon wondered vaguely what her reaction was going to be when he killed her family in front of her. But that would come later. Right now he had his toys and he wanted to play with them.

A white girl young enough to be his daughter and another young enough to be his granddaughter. He couldn't ask for more. He was really going to enjoy himself. Leon sighed when Jennifer stood for a little too long, shaking with fear.

"Which one do I have to kill to make you show me your tits?" He pointed his pistol at Bailey and pulled the trigger. The teen screamed as the round shot past her, missing her by well over a foot.

"Look at that," Leon said as he watched the trickle of piss run down the teen's legs. "You're little girl as gone and pissed herself." He cocked the pistol, "the next one isn't going to miss." Jennifer had her top off and over her head before Leon could blink.

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Her shaky hands worked the buttons of her tight khaki shorts and quickly yanked them down around her ankles. She stood awkwardly, shaking with fear as Leon circled around her. She wasn't exactly naked yet. She was still dressed in her bra and panties, nice lace numbers, a thong, not nearly as small as the one that he had caught her daughter in. She was curvy and as far as Leon could tell, just as pale as her daughter, no doubt afraid of how the sun would age her pretty white skin.

"Now I didn't tell you to stop. Your daughter ain't wearing a stitch of close." Jennifer nodded, too distraught to speak. She started with her top and slowly reached behind her back and unclasped the white lace bra. She hesitated for a moment and then slipped it off her shoulders. She had nice breasts. She had large breasts with only the hint of a sag.

She had natural breasts with puffy pink nipples a few shades darker than her daughter's. She nodded, even though Leon hadn't said anything, and rolled her thong down her long legs to her ankles, and then stepped out of them. She stood up again, her arms covering her virtues as she cried. Her eyes were focused at the ground. Leon licked his lips as Jennifer took a deep breath and slowly put her arms by her side.

She had a small line of blond hair between her legs, no more than a stick of chewing gum and neatly trimmed. It was sort of disappointing, sort of. Leon had been hopping that she was just as bald down there as her darling daughter. "Keep going," Leon said as he nodded to her shoes and socks. He waited patiently for her to take them off. "Now you are a pretty thing." He said as he circled around the woman and gave her a hard slap on her ass. "That's a cute little boy you have there." Leon pointed his .45 at the little blond boy.

"Please don't hurt him." "Do you think I'm a monster?" Leon asked as he put the .45 back in his pocket. He took his rifle off his shoulder and rested it against the camper as he circled the family.

"There are things that traumatize people. There are things that people see and do that will scar them for life." Leon pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket.

He had considered killing the child right then and there, but thought better of it. They would probably be more complacent if he let them think they were going to make it out of this alive.


He knelt behind the boy and tied the handkerchief around his head, blindfolding him. Leon slowly stood up again. He fixed his eyes at the father. He licked his lips. Leon pulled his .45 out of his pocket again and pointed it at the mother.

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"I want you to pick up those cute little panties of yours and put them in your husband's mouth and then I want you to take one of your shoe laces and tie it in place." Jennifer nodded and as she worked to free her shoelace from her little pink running shoes.

Leon used the lull to drag a cheap collapsible lawn chair over to the little family reunion. By the time the mother was tying the panty gag in place, he had stretched Bailey's towel on the ground, not far from the teenaged daughter. "Is the gag good and tight?" Jennifer nodded, shaking and sobbing. "Why don't you help dear old dad to his feet and pull down those shorts of his." Jennifer nodded again and pulled her husband to her feet.

She paused for a moment and looked over to her daughter, and then, with shaking hands, pulled her husband's shorts down around his ankles. "Those boxers too. I want to see if your husband gets hard when he watches a nigger rape one of his pretty blond girls." "Oh God." Jennifer nodded and pulled her husband's boxers down around his ankles.

"Help him into the seat. I want him to get a good view." He waited until the husband was sitting in the collapsible lawn chair.

What was his name, Bobby? Leon couldn't remember, not that it mattered, the man didn't have long to live. "Why don't you be a good girl and stretch out on that beach towel," Leon said as he pulled out his long, fat, Black cock. "Spread your legs," he said as he lowered himself to the ground and traced his .45 up Jennifer's flat stomach her soft, white breasts. "Have you ever been fucked by a nigger before?" He asked as he climbed on top of the mother and pulled her arms above her head.

He put his .45 on the ground and took a zip tie out of his envelope pocket. "N-no," Jennifer said with a sob as he bound her wrists together. "Well today if your lucky day, isn't it?" Leon said as he holstered his .45 and took a moment to grab one of Jennifer's breasts. "Eh!" The blond let out a cry as he pushed his long, fat black cock into her with one hard thrust.

"Bitch is nice and tight," Leon said as he licked his way up Jennifer's neck and teased her nipple with his thumb as he gave her breast a squeeze. "I ain't never fucked no white cunt before." "Eh!" She grunted again as he rammed his cock into her once more.

She sobbed as he gave her breast a squeeze. "Eh!" She grunted again as he pushed his cock into her again, spreading open her dry hole. He was fucking her slowly, he was gently raping her, but still, his big Black cock felt like sandpaper against her tender dry lips. Leon licked his way up the mother's neck again. She grunted and sobbed as he slowly pumped his veiny cock in and out of her.

She sobbed and cried as he molested her ample chest, rotating her breast from side to side. "I'm going to fuck you next, sweet sixteen," Leon said as he gave the teen's mother a hard thrust. "My big, fat, nigger cock is going to rip your little virgin hole open." "Please," Jennifer begged. "Eh! Please don't. Yeow! Please don't r-r-rape my daaaaughter!" "Oh, how precious," Leon said as he stroked the blond's hair back and looked into her crying blue eyes. She let out another high pitched yell as he rammed his cock into her with another hard thrust.

He was thrusting himself in and out of her in a slow pace, but as hard and painfully as he could. He wanted her daughter to know that it was going to hurt when he finally raped her.

He pressed his hands against Jennifer's face. He licked his way up her cheek. He thrust himself into her again as hard as he could. "Yeow!" "I like white bitches." "Yeow!" "If mom's cunt is this tight, I can't wait to get inside your little girl!" "Ahhhhh!" "Is this getting you hard dad?" He gave Jennifer another hard thrust and then pulled himself out. "Maybe she ain't screaming loud enough," Leon said as he grabbed the MILF b her ankles and flipped her onto her stomach. "No! No!

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No!" Jennifer begged and did her best to crawl away as Leon climbed on top of her. He pressed his wait against her and pinned her down onto the grass, the beach towel a crumpled mess beneath her. "Ever had a cock up your ass before?" "Oh God, Oh God. No, please, not there, oh God no, not there," Jennifer begged as she felt the tip of his enormous black cock press against her tight little virgin sphincter. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" She let out a howl of pain as Leon rammed his cock deep into her ass.

Her eyes rolled back into her head. She opened and closed her bound hands as the Black man's cock ripped her tight little asshole apart. Leon grunted and thrusted and moaned with pleasure and pain as he worked to slam his prick as deep into the mother's white ass as he could.

He twisted and moaned as she screamed beneath him. "Oh good lord," Leon said as he collapsed on top of Jennifer, his cock finally ball deep into her.

He took a moment to fondle her ample breast as she cried beneath him. "Now we gonna have us some real fun." "Ahhh!" Jennifer screamed as the Black man impaled her with his cock again.

"Ahhh!" He breasts scrapped against the grass and the pebbles beneath her as his cock tore her ass apart. "Ahhh!" "Nigger cock up your tight little white ass." Leon said as he gave the MILF's ass another hard thrust. "Never fucked a bitch in the ass before. You gots yourself a nice, tight ass." Leon picked up his pace, ramming his cock as deep up the screaming blond's lily white ass as he possibly could.

"Bitch!" He screamed as his balls slapped against her pussy.

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"Fucking white whore! All you white cunts are whores! Fucking take it! Fucking take my fat fucking nigger cock! You feel that bitch! You feel that! You feel that! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Bitch! Cunt! Whore! Take it! Fucking take it!

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Scream you bitch! Fucking screeeeeaaaamm!!!!!" Leon threw his head back. He rammed himself into the screaming blond once more.

His long, fat, black cock twitched deep in Jennifer's ass as he emptied his balls deep inside her bowls. He collapsed on top of her, winded and sweaty. He took a moment to fondle one of her ample, soft, white breasts as she wept beneath him. He gave one of her puffy pink nipples a pinch, then a twist. She let out a little yip of pain as he slowly pulled his cock out of her torn asshole. "You liked that, didn't you bitch?" He said as he tucked his bloody cock back into his pants.

"All white bitched love getting fucked by big black cocks. After me, your husband ain't never gonna be able to satisfy you." He grinned as the mother shook on the ground.

He bound hands opening and closing. His cum and her blood mingled in a little stream that ran out of her asshole and down her thighs. "You enjoy the show daddy?" Leon asked as he licked his lips and glanced over at Bailey.

"Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you."