Frau die es tief nimmt cumshot

Frau  die es tief nimmt cumshot
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New Slave Monica Max Colton is a CEO of a large international company and a member of an elite private BD/sm club. After attending several of the club's functions Max had observed many of his friends and members had female slaves serving them with pleasure and loyalty for nothing more than than care, protection and support. The slaves were provided with a nice place to live and all their needs for services ranging from domestic duties to sexual service for their Master.

After talking to several of the slave masters Max decided he wanted to own a slave of his own. He lived alone in a large modern home that any one would be proud to own.

Every one of the masters he talked to about this told him he should have a place and equipment to discipline a slave. Telling him no matter how much he cared for his slave there would be times she would need to be punished or disciplined to keep her performing her duties without hesitation and completely. He was told even the best of slave girls tend to get comfortable with her master and begin to take liberties becoming less diligent in performing her duties thinking that he could be handled by her.

I was advised to impress on her that he is in control and she will be punished for any infractions of his rules or her duties. With his new found knowledge of a Master/slave relationship he set forth to acquire BD/SM equipment and started the conversion of his basement into a dungeon with a spanking bench, bondage table, ceiling hooks, pulleys, chains and cells to hold a slave in solitary if needed.

The more he got into preparation of his dungeon the more he thought it could double as a play room for his pleasure. He is not a sadist by nature but the more he learned from the experienced masters the more he realized that having complete control of a beautiful woman aroused him. He had his basement converted and added some instruments of pleasure to the racks of disciplinary instruments. About a week after the completion of his dungeon Shawn, a friend which had been a member of the club for a long time invited him to his home for dinner to discus some business which they were involved.

Shawn happened to be the owner of two slave girls in his home. Max accepted his invitation and arrived at Shawn's home at the appointed time.

He rang the door bell and was surprised when a young petite woman opened the door and smiled at him. She greeted asking if he were Mr. Colton? He advised her that indeed he is Max Colton. She took his coat and hung it in the coat closet near the front door and ask him to follow her.

He took note that she wore a tight fitting starched blouse that showed her breast without showing any skin, a short dark blue skirt which barely covered her beautiful well rounded little ass, white stockings with four inch black heels. As she walked in front of him the skirt raised up a little revealing she wore no panties. She escorted him to the den where Shawn sat on an over stuffed chair with a drink in his hand.

Shawn stood and greeted him with a hand shake and looked at the young woman calling her Mary telling her to bring Max a scotch on the rocks. Mary replied yes sir and turned hurrying from the den. She shortly returned with a drink and sat it on the table in front of the chair Max now sat in talking to Shawn. Mary ask "Sir, may I do anything else for you." Shawn told her nothing at this time.

Mary turned, walked to the door and dropped to her knees facing Shawn and sat with her hands behind her back eyes watching Shawn in case he need anything. After a short time Shawn looked at Mary telling her he and Max needed another drink.

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Mary quickly stood with a yes sir and scurried out of the den. She returned shortly with two drinks on a tray. She sat one on the table in front of Shawn and turned to set the second drink in front of Max. As she sat the drink on the table it slipped from her tiny hand and spilled on the table and Max's trouser leg.

Max saw the immediate fear in the young woman's eyes as she attempted to clean his trouser leg with a towel. Max looked at Shawn and notice his face had turned red and his eyes looked cold. Mary finished cleaning Max's trouser leg as best she could turned toward Shawn dropping to her knees, head down, hands behind her back telling saying " Master, your useless slave is very sorry. Please have mercy on your useless slave." Shawn told Mary to look at him. She raised her eyes to look into Shawn's eyes.

He told her that she had embarrassed him in front of his good friend and college. I told her to go tell Cloie to tell him when dinner is ready and for Mary to go to "The Room" and prepare and wait for them to finish dinner before he would deal with her for her clumsiness.

Mary's eyes teared up and she replied " Yes, Master" and left the room. Shortly after Mary was dismissed a beautiful petite black girl dressed the same as Mary came into the room with a fresh drink for Max and advised Shawn dinner is ready to be served.

Shawn thanked her and stood telling Max they should move to the dinning room. Max noticed in the dining room the large table had two places set for a meal and on a table near the side wall a platter with steaks, a bowl of mashed potatoes, a bowl of gravy, a covered platter with hot bread and a bowl of salad place neatly on the table.

As he and Shawn sat down Cloie sat a plate of food in front of Shawn taking the empty plate. She then turned to Max and ask how he liked his steak cooked. He told her medium well. She took his empty plate and moved to the food table and returned with a plate with a delicious perfectly prepared steak, potatoes, gravy and two side dishes with bread on one and salad on the other.

She ask what dressing he wanted on his salad and quickly retrieved a container of ranch dressing for his salad. He and Shawn enjoyed their meal talking about some business issues while Cloie waited on her knees hands behind her back in front of the food table.

Max commented on how impressed with Shawn's ladies. Shawn told him that he demanded respect and discipline at all times. He told Max his slave girls would do anything to please him and it broke their hear if they disappointed him in any way. Max ask if he could talk to Cloie. Shawn agreed and Max ask Cloie if she willing served Shawn. Cloie told Max yes she loved Shawn very much and would do anything for him at any time with pleasure because he cared for her and Mary providing them with any thing they needed including punishment which she and Mary accepted because they needed it to better serve him.

Max smiled and told Shawn he just had to know why the girls were so obedient to him. Shawn told him they did so because they were his family as well as his slave and for the most part they very seldom needed punishment.

Speaking of which I have kept Mary waiting long enough and need to get her punishment over with so she and I both can stop dreading it.

He saw the surprise look on his face and told him yes he hated punishing his girls as much as they hated the pain. As he stood starting toward the door to his basement he told Max he might want to witness Mary's punishment for embarrassing him. Max curious as what to do in a case like this he accepted Shawn's invitation to witness the punishment.

As they entered the basement which was equipped very similar to his own Max saw Mary naked, a ball gag in her mouth, blind fold over eyes, a spreader bar holding her legs wide apart and her wrist connected with steel cuffs hooked over a hook hanging from the ceiling beam holding her hands well above her head.

Shawn smile and said good girl, Mary. Even though muffled by the ball gag he could tell she thank her Master. Max saw tears escaping under the blindfold and felt sorry for the girl hanging so helplessly from the ceiling beam. Shawn moved to the chain looped through the pulley on the beam and pulled it stretching Mary's arms higher making her stand on her tip toes.

Shaw told Mary that her punishment for such an infraction last time was ten lashes with the flogger so he was going to give ten lashes with the flogger and five with the cane. Mary whimpered and said yes thank you, Master for punishing your worthless slave girl although it was garbled speech from the ball gag.

Max ask Shawn curiously who had restrained Mary. Shawn smiled and said she did. Shawn picked up a thirty inch flogger from the table at the side of the room and walked to Mary. He ask her if she were ready and received a reluctant nod and a muffled yes thank you Master.

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He told her to count the lashes and stepped to the side and swung the flogger hard striking Mary across the back of her shoulders, she jerk in her restraints and screamed into her ball gag and said one. Shawn waited a few seconds before striking her with another lash just below her shoulders. Another scream and a quite two came from Mary. Shaw would wait a few seconds each time striking her across the back eliciting another scream and a count.

Each lash was perfectly landed just below the last working it way down her back and ass. The last lash landed at the lower part of her ass and the top of her legs. Mary hung limp in her restraints sobbing with her body trembling from the pain in her back and ass.

Shawn stepped in close to her with his mouth near her ear kissing her on the neck telling her he was very proud of her and kissed her on the neck and shoulder as she tried to move into his kisses smiling behind her ball gag. Shawn stepped away from the sobbing girl dropping the flogger on the table and picked up a flexible cane.

He walked back to Mary and ask if she was ready for the cane. She started to cry harder and said yes thank you Master. Shawn swished the cane through the air in front of Mary not hitting her two or three times making Mary jerk in her restraints and gasping each time. He swung the cane hitting Mary at the top of her cunt mound making Mary scream an ear piercing scream and raising her knees up to her stomach trying to take the pain from the cane.

She dropped her feet back to the floor and said one thank you Master. Shawn hit her twice more across the stomach area with the same results each time but she did not miss a count. He then struck her across the under side of both tits. Max thought she was near passing out from the pain of the last blow.

Shawn waited for her to settle down from the pain in her tits. As she did settle he struck her hard across the top of her beautiful perky tits. It took her twice as long to stop screaming long enough to count and thank her Master. Shawn turned and angrily threw the cane at the table next to the wall and walked to Mary.

Max thought he could see a tear in Shawn's eye as he tenderly wrapped his arms lightly around Mary and told her he was very proud of her for enduring the punishment for him and he loved her very much. Mary whimpered and leaned into his shoulder with her head. He stepped back and caressed the tears from her cheeks and began to release her restraints. He removed the gag and blindfold picked her up in his arms as she put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek before resting her head on his shoulder.

He carried her up the basement stairs gently. As he carried her past the kitchen area he told Cloie to bring the healing balm to his room. Cloie replied yes Master and hurried down the hall. Shawn carried Mary into his bedroom and softly lay Mary on his king sized bed. Cloie entered the room and stood just inside the door holding a jar of some type of salve. Shawn looked at Max then to Cloie and told her to tend to Mary and prepare her for bed and she would sleep in his room tonight so he could keep an eye on her.

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Cloie smiled and said with pleasure Master. The next few days Max thought about what he had seen at Shawn's and had mixed feelings if he could do what Shawn had done. He thought about how the girl had taken her punishment as if she were proud to take it because she deserved it. He also thought about the love and affection that both the slave girls seemed to have for their Master, Shawn. He also thought how proud seemed to be of both his slave girls and the love he had for them.

After thinking about it very several days Max decided he wanted the same thing Shawn has. With this thought in mind he placed an add in the paper for a domestic employee.

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He received seven replies to his add the second day the add was out. He scheduled interviews with with four of them after studying their resumes. The first three applicants did not impress him much. The fourth applicant arrived five minutes before the appointment time and was dressed in business casual attire. She was 5ft 5in tall, with 34B breast, small waist, and beautiful perfect hips. She had a sexy classy look about her. Her beautiful long black hair, sparkling green eyes and a great smile that could melt any man's heart.

He wanted to hire her for her looks alone but restrained himself to make sure she had the personality he was looking for. During the interview he ask what kind of pay she expected for keeping his home clean and preparing his meals as well as doing all his laundry.

Her reply was "What ever you think is fair, Sir" Max ask her if she would be willing to come to his home for dinner and discuss the job in more detail. She agreed and he told her 8:00pm Friday.

He interviewed Monica on Monday and set a meeting at his home on Friday. After ending the interview and Monica left Max thinking he wanted her for his slave.

He did not want to abduct her and break her to submission even though it might be fun. Some of the information he got during the interview like she was living with a friend in a crowded apartment until she could get a place of her own and the way she responded to the fact that the job included room and board, she did not have a specific salary in request and she had stated she would do anything for the chance to work for him.

The more he thought about it the more he felt that she had something to hide or was running from something. On this assumption he took the glass she had drank from carefully putting it in a protective baggy.

He had connections that he could use to find out anything on anyone discreetly. Made a phone call and less than hour a man entered his office and took the glass telling him he would have the information on the young woman within two days.

Max handed him an envelope with cash from his safe and the man left with a thank you. Max add all the information he needed on Monica on Wednesday afternoon and smile after reading the file.

He felt he had all the information he needed to make Monica a willing slave. Max heard the door bell ring promptly at 8:00pm.

When he opened the door Monica stood before him with a beautiful smile, a thigh high black skirt, tight fitting button up blouse, four inch black heels and her hair pulled back hanging down below her shoulders.

He could see the outline of her bra under the tight blouse showing perky breast and nipples. He stood aside and welcomed her into his home. They went directly to the dining room where he had set two dinner settings. He pulled her chair out as she seated to the side of the table.


Max set at the end of the table. They talked about insignificant topis while they ate. Finishing their meal Max rose from his chair offered his hand to Monica and led her into the den. Telling her to sit any where she liked and went to the wet bar for a drink asking her if should would like something to drink. She accepted his offer. Handing her a drink and sitting down in a plush chair across from her he took a sip of his drink and looked at her intently.

The way he looked at her made her very nervous. She rose rolling the glass in her hand back and forth. Max spoke her name causing her to tense up slightly. She looked into his. He told her that he had done a back ground check her. Smiled nervously looking into his eyes thinking she had successfully covered her past identity well. Max began by telling her he knew that her name is not Monica but actually Judith. She began to tremble and looked at him with fear in her eyes. He smiled and told her not to worry.

He continued to tell her he knew that she was a convicted felon that had slipped the clutches of the law to avoid twenty years prison time.

He told her he knew that she had members of a drug ring looking for her for payment of missing drugs or the return of same. He informed her he knew if they found her and if she could not pay them they would most likely kill her or force her into prostitution to pay the debt. He ask if he was correct in his assumptions. She was almost in tears and nodded her head yes and started to beg him not to turn her in for fear of the drug ring getting to her in or out of prison and end her life.

She was crying very hard now telling him she was not guilty and that her boy friend had got her into the mess. Max felt sorry for her believing that she was probably a victim here. Max calmed her down and told her he had a solution if she were willing to accept the terms. Monica looked at him confused at what he was asking her but she ask what terms. Max explained to her that he had several friends that was in a Master/slave relationship with willing girls to serve as slaves for love, protection and care from their masters.

He continued to tell her that they were a very happy and the girls would be well taken care if anything happened in their relationship to terminate it. He paused and studied her expression which seemed to show a peak of interest in what he was saying. He continued by telling her that he was seeking his own live slave girl. She gasp and then ask what is proposed and was he asking her to agree to be his slave girl. He smiled and told her if she agreed their would be strict rules and reward as well as punishment.

She ask what did he mean punishment for what. He explained any disrespect to him as her Master, breaking any rules or hesitation to comply to any order he gave her would result in different degrees of punishment. She ask if she would be expected to perform sexually for him and wanted to know more about any methods of punishment.

He informed her she would be expected to serve him sexually or any other way that he wished from her and that he would show her the methods of punishment once she agreed to sign the contract between them. Max continued to tell her if she agreed to the contract and willing submitted to him he would be in completer control and she would do nothing without his permission. In return he would provide for her anything she needed to make her life happier and easier.

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He would protect her from any danger of being found by the law or the drug ring searching for her for as long as he owned her but she would be free to go any time she felt like leaving. She sat looking at him in deep thought for several minutes thinking. She had always been happiest when acting as the submissive in her relationships and always seemed to connect with dominant men.

She thought to herself that she could handle any pain for punishment as long as it did not injure her or kill her. In fact thinking about being his submissive and being used and punished by him was making her feel a tingling her body and pussy. After she broke out her trance of thinking about the proposal she looked at him with a gleam her her eyes and ask when she could move in and where the contract is.

Max ask her if she was excepting his proposal and agree to obey him and abide all his rules and accept any punishment he deemed necessary. She smiled and said in a clear confident voice "Yes" Max told her he would take her to her apartment to get her belongings and move her into her room tonight. She smiled and told him her belongings were out side by his drive way.

He almost laughed with joy. He helped her with her luggage and let her settle in her quarters which was a large ground floor room with a king size bed and a large modern tiled bathroom.

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She was very surprised and thrilled with her new home. He walked out of the room telling her when she finished to meet him in the kitchen and not to take more than 30 minutes. She replied "OK". Max turned and looked into her eyes with a domineering stare telling her she would address him as "Sir" until such time that he felt she had earned his slave collar. When and if that happened then she would address him as "Master". Monica looked at him dropped her gaze toward the floor and answered "Yes, Sir".

Twenty minutes later Monica appeared in the kitchen with a concerned look on her face. She stood near the table where Max was seated as if waiting for her next command. Max told her to have a seat.

She did and her pushed some papers to her telling that it was the contract and that she should read it completely before signing it. She had a worried look on her face looking at the papers and back to him. Max told her there is always an initiation of a new slave to educate her of the punishment that could befall her. He suggested that she take the initiation before signing the contract. She agreed and he told her to leave the contract on the table and follow him.

He led the way through the basement door down the stairs into the finished basement. As they entered Monica's eyes became as large as quarters looking at the equipment. She saw hooks, chains, manacles, ropes, pulleys on the walls and ceiling beams. A post with leather cuffs at the top, middle and bottom in the center of the room, a leather covered bench with a lower shelf, a leather covered table with leather cuffs attached to chains at the top and bottom of the table and straps at even intervals from the bottom to the top.


She assumed to restrain a person preventing as little movement as possible. She looked at Max with mixed feelings of fear and excitement. Thinking about being restrained to in this room being punished and used started to arouse her. She could not believe the thought of pain had such an effect on her. Monica jumped when Max told her to undress. She remembered one rule was no hesitation to any command and immediately began to unbutton her blouse taking it off and letting it drop to the floor, next her bra joined the blouse then her skirt and panties.

She started to remove her heels and he told her to keep them on. She stood before him naked and started to cover her sex and breast with her hands and arm. He told her no hands behind your back. She obeyed immediately blushing. Max slowly walked around her admiring her beauty.

He smiled and told her he thought she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Smile still looking at the floor and said "Thank you Sir" Max ask if she were ready to experience a taste of punishment she said yes Sir in a shaky voice feeling the mixture of fear and excitement battling in her mind and body.

Max pointed to an eight foot square wooden frame to the other end of the room telling her to stand inside the frame, feet apart and hands on the back of your head. She slowly moved to the frame and position herself as instructed but was told to turn an face him. She obeyed and he stepped to her dropping to his knees he attached a leather cuff to each ankle, one to each leg above the knee.

Moving to here left side he pulled a chain attached to her left ankle cuff and pulled the chain forcing her to widen her stance and hooked the chain on a hook.

He did the same to the knee cuff. Moving to the other side he repeated the process forcing her into a wide stance so that she could barely maintain her balance on the four inch heels. She felt the cool air on her spread open pussy and realized she had become aroused leaking pussy juice which was now dripping to the floor between her wide spread ankles.

Stepping behind her he attached both her wrist with leather cuffs pulling the attached chains forcing her arms up and out putting tension on her arm and leg muscles.

With his mouth near her ear she could feel of his warm breath on her ear and neck sending chills down her body ending in her twitching wet pussy. He whispered in her ear. You can stop this at any time by saying mercy. If you say mercy I will stop and release you and you can and will go back to you previous life.

Do you understand. "Yes Sir" Thank you Sir. He covered her eyes with a soft leather blindfold and tied it tight behind her head. He ask if she needed a gag. No, Thank you, Sir. We will begin then. He walked to a cabinet on the side wall and chose a thirty inch leather flogger and a cane.

She stood listening to his movements and began to tremble from the fear of what he was about to do to her.

She heard his foot steps as he walked to stand to the side and behind her. Monica you will count each lash, thank me and ask for another. If you do not count or lose count we start over for ten lashes. Do you understand what I am telling you. Yes Sir. She heard the swoosh of the flogger as he swung it though the air. She tensed expecting the pain but he did hit her.

She relaxed and swoosh crack the flogger landed hard across the back of her shoulders.

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She jerked in her restraints and scream from the pain. One thank you sir may I have another please. He smiled and struck her again just under the marks of the first lash. Again she pulled on her restraints screaming louder than the first time. Two thank you sir may I have another in a very shaky voice sobbing and breathing hard trying to endure the pain in her back. After he landed the fifth lash she counted and before he could land the sixth he heard her say "Sir". Max thought she was about to use her safe word and he would lose her for ever and felt a knot in his stomach.

Yes slave do you need to speak? Sir may I have the gag now? She thought with the gag she would have something to bite on to endure the pain.

He smiled and pulled a large ball gag from his pocket and forced into her mouth. Without warning he lashed her again across the middle of her back.

She screamed into the gag biting down it causing her jaws to hurt. Six thank you sir may I have another. The pain was becoming bearable and she felt her pussy juices flowing onto the floor. She felt the heat building in her body and rushing to her pussy.

Three more lashes across her ass and the orgasm was right on the edge. When he lashed between her legs across her pussy she erupted with an orgasm but still counted before going limp in her restraints. She hung in semi consciousness, breathing ragged and her body shaking like she was having convulsions.

As she hung limp in her restraints Max dropped the flogger on the table and picked up the cane. Moving in front of her limp body he stood waiting for her to regain composure When she did he ask her if she wanted to use her safe word. No sir.

Thank you sir. You will make a very good slave, Monica. She felt a surge of pride at his words and tried to smile around the ball gag. With out warning he struck her hard across her lower abdomen. She jerked in her restraints and screamed bloody murder. She did not count but he let it slide. She was still twitching and whimpering from the pain when he struck her again a little higher across her abdomen. Again she screamed with the agonizing pain thrashing in her restraints. He let her calm a little before striking her again across the front of her rib cage causing her to thrash in her restraints screaming and crying tears running down her cheeks under the edge of the blindfold.

The next blow hit her across the underside of her tits making them bounce. She did not scream as loud this time and he saw her body tensing up pushing her pussy out toward him. He struck her again across the top of her tits making her erupt in a body wracking orgasm cum squirting several feet out onto the floor.

He let her finish her orgasm and relax into her restraints step in close to her telling her it was over and ask she was alright. She nodded her head sobbing from the pain in her body and said "Yes sir, thank you sir." He released her restraints catching her as her legs gave way.

He picked her up holding her close with her naked body and breast pressed into his chest. She wrapped her arms around he neck resting her head on his shoulder tears running on to his shirt as he carried her to her room. He laid her on the king size soft bed leaving the contract beside her and walked out of the room. Max went to the den made him a drink sat in his chair turning on the television. He stared at the screen thinking about how he had hurt Monica and had become very hard while doing it.

He kept thinking about her little petite body thrashed and the sounds of her screams. He realized he had a sadistic streak he never knew he had. He decided then if she agreed to be his slave he would have to control the urge to hurt her for no reason. After an hour he shut the tv off and went to the kitchen.

He prepared dinner for both of them. He sat at the table to eat his meal giving her more time to recover from the punishment session in his dungeon. Finished with his meal he filled her plate with steak, potatoes, salad and a bowl of mixed fruit on the side. Thinking about her beautiful body and the punishment session as he put her plate on a tray with cold water he felt his cock get hard making him want fuck her hard and deep.

He decided after what she had just endured for him he would wait until tomorrow to satisfy his lust for her. She had not slept while she was alone in her room but read the contract still sobbing from the pain in her body. She smiled as she completed reading the contract describing all rules and explaining a slaves kneeling position for her Master.

She thought of the pain and pleasure she had experienced at the hands of the man that wanted her for a slave and smiled. She thought that she had finally found her place and felt the need to please him to earn his collar as his life time slave.

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She felt safe and content with the idea of having someone to protect, love, and care for her. She even felt the need to be punished to make her a better slave to please her new master. She heard his foot steps approaching in the hall to her room. She painfully scurried to the floor and assumed the described slave position facing the door.

She knew she was not to speak without permission or if ask a question. As he entered her room with her dinner he was shocked to find her kneeling with her sore ass on her ankles with her naked legs spread giving him a clear view of her pussy which start to get wet as he approached her door. Her body still burned from the cane on the front and the flogger on the back but she was determined to earn his collar as soon as possible and tried to ignore the pain.


Max almost dropped the tray of food when she maintained the slave position and raised the signed contract offing it to him. She never raised her eyes from the floor but heard him set the tray on the table beside the door and take the signed contract from her hands.

Checking to se that she had signed it his heart jumped with pride and happiness. He told her that she had made him very happy and that he would live up to his end of the contract. He told her that he brought her dinner and she could stand and eat. She raised her head to look into his eyes and noticed the bulge of his hard cock in his pants. She stood and looking at him said "Sir". Yes slave do you have something to say?

Sir would you please fuck your slave? His cock twitched in his pants and he told her to get on the bed. As she crawled on the bed she ask " Which hole do you want to fuck first Sir.

He thought "this girl is way to good to be true" and could not keep from smiling. I will take your hot tight pussy first, slave. She immediately turned on her stomach and pulling her knees under her she raised her but up with her head on the bed and reached back to spread her pussy lips wide open for him. She felt the cool air on the moisture in her cunt at the same time. Max removed his clothes and moved on the bed behind her with his hard eight inch cock pointing at its intended target.

She moaned when she felt the head of his cock touch the opening of her cunt and let out a little squeal as he rub the head down her slit pressing on her clit. He felt like he could not hold his cum long and quickly shoved his cock into her wet hot cunt making her squeal with pleasure as he fucked her pussy hard and deep.

She felt the orgasm rushing to her cunt and beg for permission to cum. Max felt his balls tighten and slammed hard into her holding his cock eight inches deep in her cunt releasing his cum in her and told her to cum for him.

Her orgasm hit hard as she felt his cum against the inner walls of her cunt and he told her to cum for him. She collapsed on the bed with him on her back cock buried balls deep in her cunt. They lay together until his cock went flaccid and slipped out of her cunt letting their mixed juices run out of her twitching pussy.

Slave, you have made me very happy. She smiled and closed her eyes as he spooned her.