Bisexual amateur shows you what to do when you have no acsess to warter in a dessert or at home

Bisexual amateur shows you what to do when you have no acsess to warter in a dessert or at home
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Part 3 Chapter 6 If you want to find girls. After school.Where do you look? I've got it. The Mall. That is where I decided to go. I first went to the food court to just look around. A few tables across from me sat a Milf in her thirties drinking a soda and looking a bit lost.

She was a teenage boy's wet dream just waiting to happen. She was wearing a pair of loose white shorts and a blouse that buttoned down the front. In other words showing nothing yet leaving everything open to speculation. Then a pair of shapely hips slid into view between me and the Milf.

For a second it almost angered me.Then I recognized those hips, Rose Mary Tate. One day in class a few of us boys were speculating on her measurements.

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She overheard us and frowned, I threw her a kiss and she smiled. As class let out I was waiting to leave when Rose Mary slipped something in my shirt pocket. I stopped by my locker, with the locker door open I pulled out the piece of paper Rose Mary had placed there. I smiled and the grinned.

All that was on the paper was.33-23-34. Wow if that Milf is Rose Mary's Mother then I know of what dreams are made. I sat there drooling then Rose Mary raised up, turned towards me, walked up to me, patted me on the cheek and walked off down the Mall. I glanced toward her mother she was looking at me and smiling. My face turned red but I smiled back.

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A few minutes later when I was still deciding what to do she stood up. She smiled and walked the opposite way from Rose Mary. I watched for a moment and she turned in to a place called "Le Boutique". I stood out side for awhile until she had gathered a few outfits and went in the direction of the changing rooms.

I went inside and while fingering the stone I told the clerk I was with her. The clerk led me to to changing room 5 and unlocked the door. I nudged it open while rubbing the stone. Mrs Tate, Lily looked up at me. She had already removed her blouse and was beginning to unbutton her shorts.


I sat on the bench across from her and just watched the show. I was admiring her body and mentally comparing it to what I knew of Rose Mary's, very favorable. I would say Lily was maybe a bit bigger in all places bust waist and hips plus she had a small belly budge.

She turned to me and offered her back and allowed me to remove her Bra. Yep there is a difference Rose Mary was still about a B cup Lily had to be a C. I caressed her breasts and nibbled on her eraser sized nipples.

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She began to work her shorts down I received another surprise … no Panties. In a way I had been counting on taking them off of her. Oh well forget about step two and on to step three. I admired the landing strip above an otherwise shaved pussy. Her outer lips wer nice and puffy and looked to be begging to be played with.I grasped her butt cheeks and massaging them I pulled her to me and began to use my tongue to explore her delectable pussy.

She backed up to the bench on her side drawing me after her. We both made adjustments till her pussy was pointing at me … I dove right in and buried my face bteween her thighs. I curled my tongue around her clit which brought moans frim deep inside her. I licked the entire length of her slit. Then I did my best to draw her puffy lips inside my mouth. Lily began to bounce her hips and had her hands over her mouth trying to hold in the screams.

She had her first orgasm and graced me with her nectar which I lapped as much as I can. I raised up and began undoing my pants, she slapped away my hands away and took over the removal of my pants.

As my pants fell my cock arose. Lily grabbed my cock with both hands and engulfed my cock head with her mouth. A few quick licks and she tried to pull me towards her since I was already on edge I helped her. Her legs were spread she was still trying to draw me to her. As my little head which was being drawn to her love nest drew near I began to moving back and forth and she guided me home.

She was on fire I pressed deeply and began to rotate my hips to match her movement another orgasm hit her she became like a wildcat … It was all I could take and I let loose. Bathing her insides with my cum. After a few minutes I withdrew and Lily thanked me.

I used her panties to clean us up a bit. I dressed and left the changing room. As I walked out the Clerk handed me a piece of paper and smiled and said, "Thank you and come back please." I glanced at the paper it had her phone number. I met Rose Mary at the door and just smiled at her. As I closed the door I glanced to the other side of the mall. There stood Lulu she had just left a Game Stop. "Damn caught again." I thought.

I left the mall and headed toward the bus stop. Even though I had just had enjoyable sex with a Milf I was still a bit unhappy.

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But I just didn't want to use the Stone on Lulu, yet she seemed to show up every time I used it. Might as well go home I decided. I had to wait 20 minutes before the bus arrived. The bus was crowded but I did manage to find a seat. A couple of stops later and elderly lady with what appeared to be a Nurses Aide I would guess her age to be about twenty.

The elderly lady was using a Walker to get around, I stood and offered my seat. At the next stop a large amount of people got a board causing everyone to be closer that they expected. Already I was uncomfortable. Twice before that stop the Nurses Aide had bent over her charge causing her ass to slide up and down my crotch. With the added amount of people her nicely shaped ass was plastered against me. Also the movement of the bus was having another effect.

Her butt was rubbing against the Stone with the same results as if I were doing it. I felt her reach back, take my hand and placed it on one of her grapefruit shaped tits. She was not wearing a Bra and her nipple was as hard as a bullet.

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She begin to add a side to side motion to compliment the buses up and down. By the time we reached my stop, my already drained loins had added two more shots into my pants. As I pulled away and stepped off the bus I glanced back The Aide's face was red and the elderly lady was grinning from ear to ear.

Chapter 7 The rest of the week, other than a bit of fun at school, mostly embarrassing different teachers I never really used the Stone. I really hadn't needed it.

Coral had been true to her word we did get together that evening. She taught me a few moves I will never forget. Then on Friday. Susan my older married sister dropped by to do some washing her dryer was broken. We talked about different things, mostly about Grandpa and how we thought this would turn out. Susan was 4 years older than I was but we had always been close. We never fought or argued except when she decided to marry Jay Bloc.

I always added 'Head ' to his name.It had been obvious to be he was a worthless bum. But she couldn't see it at the time. Here two years later she was beginning to agree. After she got her laundry in the dryer she came into my room.

I was laying there reading. She curled up next to me placing her head on my chest and she began telling me just how bad her mistake has been.

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Jay has been running around on her since the first week of their marriage. After a bit of talking the tears began to flow I lay my book aside and slid down putting my arms around her and tried to console her. After awhile we both drifted off to sleep. Some time during our nap Susan had turned over and I had drawn her to me. This placed us in a spooning position. The arm that was under her placed that hand on her breast.

All she was wearing was a loose pair of pj pants and a tee shirt, she had washed the clothes she had worn over. I was wearing a pair of loose gym shorts, just as I normally did. Susan, I guess you could say was one of the lesser endowed in the titty department having only an A cup. I always teased her as having lemons cut in half. I awoke with one of them in my hand I realized how nice they really were.

Her tiny nipples were like hard knots.and her tits were smooth, very smooth. Her hips move back toward me. That's when I discovered where my other hand was at. It was inside her shorts stroking her lower belly and I could feel my fingers passing the upper portion of her bush.


I had never seen or felt her body under clothes before nor had I above her clothes in a sexual way. This was my Sister. I stopped the movement of my hand and started to remove my hand. She grabbed my wrist and for a moment it was if the world stood still.

Then I felt her gently pulling my hand closer to her jewel. Softly I heard her say, " Please Tommy?" I moved my hand closer and it slipped between her lips and searched out her clit. I heard her in-drawn breath and felt her body shudder I began to rub my finger back and forth over her clit.

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I grabbed her clit between a finger and thumb, Her legs shot straight out and jerked and she tried to muffle a small scream. I had been still pinching her nipple and caressing her breast. There was one tit going to waste. I rolled her off my arm ripped off her shirt and began an all out attack on her tiny titty flesh.

Just so her pussy didn't get lonely I slid my knee between her legs I moved my knee up and down while keeping a pressure on her crotch. With the full frontal attack it was more than she could stand … her whole body was in motion as her orgasm over rode her sensors and she exploded.

I began to stroke her from her tits down to the beginning of her waist band then I gripped both sides and drew her shorts and I kissed down through her bush and moved to her left leg I kissed down to her foot and massaged it before moving to the right foot and working my way back up.

Susan had begun to shiver as I began kissing her inner thigh nearer and nearer to her center of pleasure. When I reached it licked the creases of the junction of leg and vagina to either side. Her smell was enticing and I had lost count of her orgasms .it was time. As I made my way from her nether regions to the beginning of her slit I lavished my love for her.

The instant my lips closed on her clit she bathed me with her nectar. I couldn't wait any longer I raised up guided my cock to her weeping hole and entered her. I drove as deep as I could with the first stroke. Susan drew in a deep breath " You are not as long as Jay but it feels twice as wide." I began to feel that tingling sensation throughout my body.

I knew I would not last long the feeling was just to great. I had never had sexual thoughts. I guess the surprise was still working on me.

I began to feel something new … This was different. Susan seemed to be gripping my cock inside her. she was milking me.

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I pushed as deep as I could go then just let go to work. It was amazing like a mouth sucking me off only better. I began to lightly stroke in and out. This increased the sensation.

Susan began to pant I began to move faster … It was like I was trying to catch her. She screamed I slammed home then collapsed we both could feel the shared release. I moved off of her and she said, " Damn little brother if I knew you could do that I would have never married Jay. " All I could do was grin.