Real busty teen riding dick passionately

Real busty teen riding dick passionately
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So at 34 years old and a year after a really bad divorce Mike is full of malice towards women in general, he plans to rape a chick thoroughly and extremely once and for all instead of just fantasizing about it. Renting a house downtown in someone else's name prepping a small room downstairs by running ropes between the mattresses to tie her up fast, keeping lots of lube, extra rope, liquor, needles full of different types of dope, felt pens, and 2 digital cameras with extra batteries and memory cards to record every second of it.

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He gets lucky on his 3rd attempt, picking up a short skinny flailing girl in her early 20s. As he rolls up im his blue Zephyr Mercury she walks over to the window, "hi baby, wanna party?" "yeah for sure," with a big smile, "hop in", she jumps in and he takes off towards home.

with a sideways smile she looks him up and down happy to see a clean looking white guy about six feet tall about 160pounds muscular with tattoos blond hair and blue eyes, he is sweaty and looks a little nervous but she doesnt give a fuck, especially after he reaches into his pocket pulling out 50s and 20s, "i got liquor and dope too", "i want to eat some pussy and fuck ok?," "ill pay you good and get you high and hopefully you will stay the night?" "fuck yeah hun", she says "ill fuck you all night long for sure", Bringing her to the room, she sees a small house and he leads her to the basement suite, after shooting some speed sucks his cock as he runs his hands up her shirt feeling her tits, they smoke speed and he plays with her pussy, she notices how nervous he still looks and wonders why, the hooker looks like she has been on the block for a long time with that defeated look to her like she just doesnt care about life anymore.

she says she needs heroin and Mike says all he has left is in a rig but its clean and its a point of really good heroin, he pulls it out showing her the yellow colour saying how it looks like apple juice and works great and she can have it if she wants as long as he can lick her pussy after.

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To his surprise she says yes, Mike is sure that she can tell how nervous and excited he is as he passes the needle full of ketamine to her but she just smiles and takes it facing the mirror she sticks the rig full of ketamine in her neck and injects it. It is enough drug to make him completely immobile for over half an hour and she slumps forward, running out of the room turning on the stereo in the main area of the house and coming back to the small room with the single mattress, quickly pulling down her jean shorts and glancing down at her small pink shaven cunt his dick growing and his heart pounding, taking off her top laying her on her back on the mattress, she looks so confused and is mumbling something incoherent, he pulls the rope from under the bed spreading her legs and arms wide apart and tightly then sets up a digital camera pointed directly at her cunt and another at her face pressing play.

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He takes off his clothes with his mind running a million miles and hour, he doesnt know which way to rape and hurt her first, should he ease into it letting her think everything is gonna somehow be ok until the last possible second or should he beat the fuck out of her right away so she knows hes for real?

Aware of the drawer full of drugs and rape tools that I will be using on her.


Getting on top of her in the 69 position I look into the camera and smile just before I start licking her pussy up and down, amazed and proud that his plan is working, lifting her ass up a little bit so that he could push his tongue against her asshole, sucking her clit and burying it inside her as he squeezes a tit. He is thoroughly enjoying himself roughly licking and slurping and loving the taste of her cum when he notices her moving a little more under him, his dick rock hard feeling her wiggle, he knows that even though she is ripped on ketamine (an animal tranquilizer given to animals before they get put down) she still knows that something is wrong and she probably knows shes being raped, so he gets off and mounts her properly looking into her eyes smiling as his throbbing hard dick slides into her.

"I guess this isn't what you expected huh babe?" "You fucking goof". "I want you to understand that you will be ok as long as you don't yell and scream, I know you can hear me and I know that the ketamine is wearing off you.

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I've planned this for years, nothing is going to stop me now that I've made it this far, even if the cops kicked in the door right now I would hold a knife to your throat and fuck you till I came and if they try to stop me you fucking die." He had to cover her mouth at this point because she is moving and trying to talk, "mmmm god noooo", "shut the fuck up you cunt and listen or ill break your ugly face, I don't care if you want to fight ill shatter your jaw break your ribs and tie a gag in your mouth, I'm going fuck the shit out of you either way it doesn't matter to me if your bones are broken when I fuck you.

Hear that music outside?

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No one will hear you anyways. Are you going to scream if I take my hand off??" She shakes her head no, I tell her if she does I will beat her fucking senseless and she nods that she agrees, "ok then" I say "just listen and you won't get hurt got it??" She says "yes fuck ok" and I slowly let go.

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"I swear to you that if you co operate with me you might have a red mark or two and a bruise at worst but that's it, the other option is hospitilation.", Mikes boner and racing heart are signs of his excitement, he is giddish seeing her fear, knowing that she knows she is totally fucked, "Ok ok I get it what do you want ill do anything I swear??", "Ok awesome, stay like this and ill get you high and everything, even though id just as soon beat the living fuck out of you", offering and giving her a point of real down and a couple drags off a smoke.

"Well I've been planning a rape for a long time, I want to make you feel totally degraded and humiliated the whole time, the more you are crying to the camera and acting scared the more likely I won't hurt you you got it?" She nods looking like she is going to cry, "I dont care anymore, you raping me is just one more horrible unfair thing in my life, im used to it by now" He tells her to move her face so that she is facing the camera and I tell her that if she tells any stories about some time in her life where she got hurt degraded or raped that would be great and she can always give me ideas to make her cry more.

"Look into the camera you stupid fucking whore" spitting on her face.

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"Are you ready to start or should I gag you and beat you?" He says with a really mean look putting my hands over her throat, "then lick my asshole" sitting on her face hard making her lick and lick and lick, rubbing his ass up and down over her mouth his cock straight up in the air, feeling her tongue against his asshole and so happy knowing that she is freaking out, he stares into her eyes.

After a bit he gets off and mounts her properly pushing his throbbing hard dick into her soaking wet cunt.


"I want you to start crying for the camera you stupid piece of shit" he says spitting on her again and again, pinching her legs and grabbing her tits twisting them hard as he starts ramming his cock into her he starts hurting her over and over pinching the inside of her thighs, soon she is struggling and bucking against him crying harder and harder, he starts to giggle and laugh realizing how scared she is and how helpless she is.

"I fucking hate you cunt, I'm going to torture you and rape you again and again piss on you and make you wish you were dead. How does that make you feel???" Pulling her hair with his left hand and smacking her with his right over and over until he starts shaking and can't hold back anymore, pulling his cock out quickly and unloading all over her terrified face he rolls off breathing heavy excited to the point of euphoria knowing that this is just the beginning.

Reaching between her legs he starts fingering her asshole grabbing one of the digital cameras so that he can get a close up picture of it, he starts playing rough and pinching till she tries to wiggle away without success, her sobbing getting louder and louder which is becoming concerning, "you fucking retard I told you to keep it down", he says as he starts punching her in the solar places and both sides of her rib cages making her gasp for air frantically.

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"Are you gonna quiet down or can I shatter your jaw goof?" Throwing a hook against her jawline and leaning back for another before her voice pops out, "ill shut up ill do anything please please please please please please," she can feel him shudder in excitement hearing the fear in her voice. Laughing to himself because everything is working out so well he tells her that she better not move a muscle when he untied her legs or else. She nods submissively, he quickly unties her ankles and re ties them so that she is still laying on her back arms spread wide but her ankles are now up in the air pointing back towards her head so that her ass is elevated off the mattress pointing up in the air, he pours a big glass full of whiskey and then squirts lube over her red cunt and asshole, taking a turkey baster he sucks up almost half the cup of whiskey then shoves it up her asshole squeezing it up inside her, then taking a napkin with over a gram of crystal meth amphetamine he shoves that up her too and takes the rest of the liquor in the baster, "this should shut you up or at least slow you down for a bit ha ha ha," she is whimpering with tears running down her cheek as he squirts the last of the drink up her asshole, untying her again he repositions her in a sitting position on the floor in front of the camera and sits behind her putting her in a headlock, the liquor is already hitting her because she starts dry heaving and leaning to one side.

He makes her look into the camera and say hi. Her hands are tied behind her back as he pulls out a ten inch pink rubber dildo and tells her to open wide, too drunk to fight back she opens her mouth saying "Aaaaahh,"he slowly pushes it against the back of her throat being careful to make sure that he is holding her hair tight with his spare hand so that she won't have much luck resisting, she starts breathing heavy trying to move her head from side to side but Mike keeps adding pressure forcing her to gag, after a couple seconds thick yellowish puke starts pouring out the sides of her mouth and down to the ground, he keeps the dildo there and starts violently ramming her throat watching her face turn redder and redder until she is about to lose consciousness before he pulls it out and let's her fall down to lay in a puddle of her own puke.