Female bodybuilder blowjob

Female bodybuilder blowjob
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Thank you for reading my stories, please feel free to comment and leave a rating. Write the first paragraph of a story for me and I'll complete it for you. PM me for comments or just leave them in the comment section below. I will try to improve my work to the best of my ability. Have a sexy time reading! "Tired of jerking off every night all alone?", the banner caught my attention and I clicked it which navigated me to another page.

The web page was well set out, the background featured a naked girl about the age of 18, a highlighted 'pop-out' subtitle read "register and experience great sex tonight!" That did not really make sense to me, "how much do I need to pay?" was the first thought that came into my mind until I saw a huge emphasized 'FREE' on the corner of the page. "Turn your fantasies into reality huh?" I read the description. "Get laid tonight!" I guess there is no harm trying is there?


I moved on to click the register button and a list of blanks came up on the next page requesting for my information. "Age: 18, Occupation: College student." I went ahead to fill up all the required blanks and proceeded to hit 'Register'.

The weird part was that the 'survey' even included blanks like 'favorite food' and required a memory scan. The screen turned black for a moment and I thought my computer froze. After a few seconds a new page was on my computer screen. "Thank you for registering, have a great time!" Was that it?

What kind of bull crap is this? "Geez." I was actually dumb enough to believe it. I laughed at myself. I should just forget about that. "Pshh." I decided I have watched enough porn and headed for the shower. I held my towel in my hand and flicked on the lights, "Haaa, nothing like a nice hot shower." I stepped in and closed the door.

Stripping was the best part, I could slowly reveal my hot body, first lifting my shirt and admiring my well toned abs, slowly pulling my shirt up even more to see my hard earned pecs, and those beautiful nipples, I know doing this is egoistic but whoa I cannot gat enough of those nipples. "Mmmmm." Then when I am half naked, I would flex my arms and my chest so I can see myself just like a fitness model in my bathroom mirror.

I do not like praising myself, but I really thought that when people described bodies as 'chiseled', that word worked perfect on me. I love the next part, slowly pulling my pants off along with my briefs, when it comes off, my cock would spring up like a rocket hitting my stomach and falling back into place.

By then I will be mesmerized by my uncut 10 inch long cock and thanking god he made me with such a huge dick.

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Part of my head was still covered by foreskin although fully erected. I pulled the shower curtain open and "Wow!" I got a shock. There was a girl standing in my shower butt-naked and looking at me with those eyes, wow those eyes they were screaming 'sex'.

She had relatively large boobs, but not out of proportion. However the highlight was not her boobs, I finally understood why boobs do not define a woman's beauty, she had an amazing figure, and when I say amazing, I mean playboy magazine style amazing. Her smooth skin looked like it was a real life photoshop artwork, those tits standing proudly on her boobs erected and hard.

Oh my god. she brushed her hands at her pussy and I noticed it was completely shaven as good as new. "Um, hi what are you doing in my shower?" I was already rock hard at that full frontal view of her body.

"You called for me didn't you?" My jaw dropped "You mean the website?


The registration worked?" A sly smile grew across her face "Don't act like you don't know anything, now shall we get started?" She grabbed my cock and gently pulled on it urging me to step into the shower with her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and turned on the water, when the water hit my skin, I knew I wasn't dreaming.

"This is amazing!" I whispered into her ear.

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"Yeah, I know" she moaned softly. Having a girl to fuck in my shower was the last thing I thought would have happened, I could not get enough of her. "Talk dirty to me baby" I teased her.

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She immediately let out the sexiest moan I have ever heard. "I love how long your hot sausage is baby" she whispered into my ear, "I bet my hungry hole can consume it nice and clean." She then proceeded to kissing me, it felt like heaven, she continuously tried to stroke my tongue with her's and explored my mouth with her tongue. At the same time, her hands caressed my back and slipped down to my ass, her touch was so tenderly and soft it felt angelic.

I let out a soft moan into her ear when her hands reached my cheeks. As if on cue, she broke the kiss and knelt down stroking my cock with both hands slowly and gently, as the water from the shower hit her boobs I could see them bouncing off and flowing down to the floor.

That was it, that sight turned me on so much I grabbed her boobs with both hands and massaged them, her continuous moans grew louder and she took my cock into her mouth, licking it like a puppy and circling her tongue around the head of my dick, it was so much better than jerking off just as the website claimed.

After a while of licking, she started to take the length of my cock and brought more of my meat into her mouth, she got a momentum and moved her head at a steady pace, I could see my cock coming in and out her mouth. She had taken around 8 inches in her mouth when she started picking up her pace, it did not take long before I felt cum rising up my shaft, "Ahhh, Ahh, wow you're doing this great!" another second and "Oh my god, shit!

I'm cumming!" She took a few quick strokes and then plunged my entire cock down her mouth and held that position as if waiting for me to cum, I could feel the tip of my cock at her throat. "Wow, how do you--" I could not think straight, the first rope of cum squirted out and into her mouth where she swallowed it, it was my greatest achievement because I had a total of 19 squirts of full volume cum, it surprised me as much as it did surprise her. The thing that aroused me greatly was that she swallowed all of it.

Every single drop. Only then she started to pull her head back and I could feel my cock coming out of her mouth inch by inch, and almost did not want that to happen, just have it in there for eternity. That was selfish of me. "It makes me feel bad that I'm the only one getting all the pleasure, come, let me lick you" I said to her, I could see her face growing red "you don't have to give me pleasure but you can if you want.

I am already turned on by being able to suck such and hunk." She smiled again. Moving her hand across my abs and feeling every dent in my abdomen muscles. I reached to her ass and held her pussy close to my face kneeling down while letting her legs hang over my shoulders, I gently set her down and started probing her lady lips with my tongue, I could hear her immediate moans.


I started with a few puffs of warm breaths, teasing her by breathing over her pussy. I could see a smile grow across her face. "Mmm, you do know how to please a woman huh?" I took that as the cue, letting my tongue explore her pussy and licked her hole.

I supplied constant pressure and repeated the same motion over and over again, after while of that, I moved on to flicking and licking her clit with my tongue. I could feel her body tremble at that. I continued doing that for a while and then without a warning, I pushed my tongue some 2 inches into her pussy and moved my head in and out just like fucking her but with my tongue. I knew she was shocked at that because she gasped, but then the shock turned into pleasure as she moaned louder and held onto my head as I continued to fuck her with my tongue.

It did not take long before her whole body trembled and she squirted her juices out which I swallowed too.

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I felt her body trembling and as her juices squirted, I flicked her clit violently with my tongue, that definitely hit the spot because she had mouth open and eyes wide only to let out heavy and deep breaths. She bolted up and was for a moment sitting on my shoulder, she grabbed my head and let out a huge sigh of pleasure.

I held her by the waist and set her down sitting in front of me. She started giggling and plunged into me for a long passionate kiss, the water blurred my vision, but who needs vision? A kiss is to be felt, not seen. I wrapped my arms around her as she did the same, our bodies were pressed together.

Without breaking the kiss, she reached for my cock which was hard again from the hot kissing. She positioned it at the entrance of her pussy and just sat down!

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"Ahhhhh!" That was the only thing we broke the kiss to say, which then we resumed to kissing. I was astounded by her act, no girls have ever done that, usually they would experiment a little and then slowly take it in, but this girl in fucking me right now had no problem sitting straight on my cock, it was so damn hot!

I felt my whole 10 inch straight up her pussy it was amazing. She started moving her hips and I could feel the pleasure on my cock as she surrounded my cock with her insides, the texture and the intensity was overwhelming.


I could feel every nerve in my dick tingling and crazy, sending nerve impulses to my brain as if screaming how good it felt. I know I had just came, but god it was coming again, I could feel the cum and pressure building up inside my cock, "Ugh, baby, I'm cumming!" her face was filled with delight "yes!

yes! pour it into me! I want you to drown my pussy!" With a burst, my cum exploded into her, wave by wave hitting her insides like a tsunami. She screamed in ecstasy as her pussy was completely filled with my juices, I slowly pulled my cock out and there we saw cum still dripping out of her pussy. I held her again and sucked on her pussy, sucking away all the semen dripping out of her hole. While doing that I brought her to ecstasy again having her squirt all over my face.

We washed each other off and massaged each other as we used soap and shampoo on each other. I concentrated on her breasts and tits while she kept stroking my cock and touching my frontal body. "Sorry, I didn't get your name?" She was hugging me from behind, "Call me Chloe" I blushed, and thought "What a cute name!" Suddenly, it struck me, what if she left? How am I ever going to get such great sex again?

"Are you gonna leave me?" She bolted in front of me "What!? Leave? Didn't you read properly? The website stated that I will be staying with you for the rest of your life! What kinda crap are you talking about?" I must have had a glow on my face if that was possible. I hugged Chloe and held her off the ground as I laughed and fell into another long kiss with her.

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