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Zwei teens threesomes
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Title: Necrophism pt2: The Blood Pact Author: Morbidreams Comments: [email protected] -------------------------------------- ABOUT ONE MONTH LATER Amber didn't tell anyone about being gang raped; in this hick town no one would have believed she wasn't asking for it.

It would have probably just caused more problems anyway. Her pussy and ass hurt for a week after the attack, and it took several days for them to return to their normal shape, and close fully. She had even tried to masturbate a few times sense then and found it took her whole hand to fill her gaping pussy after the attack.

It didn't matter though; it was preparation to get her ready for her master's proportions. Everyone in school now called her a slut; even her own sister started treating her like dirt.


They even passed around some of the pictures from her rape, only the ones toward the end; where she was too tired to fight back. The pictures showed her taking two and three guys at a time, and others showing her gaping holes with cum dripping out.

Pictures showing her double anal penetration, and her just accepting it. Some of the guys would even grab her ass or breasts as she walked down the hall; and there wasn't anything she could do about it because even the teachers had started to believe the stories.

Hell, she knew some of the male teachers even had pictures from that night. She used it to fuel her rage; her hatred of everything and everyone in this town. Every time one of the guys in school touched her, every time one of the teachers forced her to stay after class to lecture her while looking at the pictures of her rape she thought of her revenge. The next full moon she would have her revenge, and it was only two days away. Amber had everything that she would require for the ritual to her dark Lord.

The bones and dagger baptized in blood and pain. HER blood, and pain. Yes, Belial would be pleased when she summoned him and gave her heart and soul to him. The price would be steep, but it was well worth it. The night of the full moon she gathered the tools necessary for pact with the Dark Lord Belial, and headed out to the graveyard shortly after 10:00 pm. It would take at least an hour to prepare all the necessary parts of the ritual. Her dad didn't even bother to look over at her when she headed out, but her sister gave her a sour look.

It didn't matter; her prissy, preppy sister annoyed her as much as the hicks, if not more some times. Now was one of those times. She pictured her sister being gang raped and it relieved some of her tension, almost making her laugh out loud. It didn't take long to get to the cemetery on her bike, which would give her time to enjoy the dark beauty of it.


The way the moon light came down through the magnolia trees, the oaks and the Spanish moss to reflect of the pale marble crypts. She loved this, running her fingers over the stone; feeling all the rough edges and the hard, cold smoothness. She began preparing the ritual; laying out the magic powders from ground human and animal bones and parts; the large and small black candles made from human blood soaked hair; the paint made from special pigments and animal blood; and her ritual dagger.

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Slowly and carefully she made the circle of power and the pentagram for her to stand in, and then she drew all the ancient symbols of her dark god. She checked and rechecked to make sure that every single part of the preparation was perfect; and then she checked to make sure there was no one near. She would have to be naked to complete the ritual, and she didn't need a bunch of drunken, hillbillies assaulting her&hellip.

Again. Peeling her black corseted top off her body her ivory breasts gleamed in the pale moon light, and shook as she took in the cool night air. She removed her leather combat boots next, her sox and then her black jeans and laid them to the side outside the circle. She hadn't bothered wearing any panties, knowing she would just be removing them anyway.

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Her raven hair and silky white skin gave her the appearance of a ghost, floating through the graveyard. She took a few deep breaths and stretched, arching her back and enjoying the sensation and feeling of being nude in the graveyard; sliding her hands down her body enjoying the heft of her bosom and her bald pussy. Gently she felt it, remembering the trauma it and her ass had endured only a month ago. Fully prepared, she stepped into the circle of power she had painted on the ground and began her incantation, "Annahl nathrak, Uthvas bethod, Dolthiel nee-invey." She chanted the spell again and again as she took her ceremonial dagger and made a thin cut over both her wrists, just enough to produce a drip of blood and fill her chalice.

Dipping the tip of her finger then into the chalice she drew on her body the rest of the symbols for her spell; circling her breasts and nipples, her pussy. carefully drawing the arcane forms on her flesh with her own blood. She then picked up the bag of ground bone, the bone that had been used to rape her cunt the last time she was here, the bone that had tasted her blood. Sprinkling the powder over the still wet blood on her body she continued to chant; it was almost midnight and she could feel the power building.

The wind picked up, whistling through the trees and around the statues as it did. The branches moving and creaking as the leaves were torn from their hold and fell to the ground. The girl kept chanting as the power swelled around her threatening to engulf her as a ripping sound began to erupt from the ground.

With a tremendous tearing the ground began to fall in on it's self in front of her, and dark red and purple light shot from the hole. Howls and screams assailed her ears, and the moans from the damned echoed out. She gasped as a large, obsidian hand reached out of the hole and grabbed the ledge. A large head rose out of the hole; red eyes looked out from under a black brow that protruded large silver horns.

Powerful arms propelled the large daemon lord from the pit, his muscles flexing under his ebony skin; and his cloven hooves sank into the earth and supported his seven foot frame.

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Despite all this, what really held her gaze was the two extremely large, erect penises that protruded from his groin. "Why," came the rumbling of the daemons voice, "did you summon me, human." "My Lord, I summoned you because I need your assistance and power." "There is a price for what you ask," Belial growled at her. "I will pay what you require, Master." "Do you know what the price is, human?" "Yes, my Lord.

My body, my soul, and my blood." "Then sit on that sarcophagi," he said as he ran one razor-sharp, black nail down her plump heaving bosom, causing her to catch her breath as a thin line of blood rose to the surface of her milky white flesh.

The fire in his eyes seemed to intensify as he gazed at the blood, his forked tongue sliding over his upper lip in obvious hunger. "I will take what you offer to me, my lust will be sated." The tomb was cold on her bare ass, sending yet another chill down her spine causing her to shiver. Her large pussy lips already wet with desire quivered with desire knowing they would take more punishment, and yet yield pleasure.

"May all your desires be satisfied in my body, your unholy chalice," she said to him, beckoning as she spread her legs to invite him into her dark chasms. She was eager to be her Dark Lord's concubine, no matter what the consequence; especially if she was able to enact some revenge on the pathetic excuses for human beings that had wronged her.

Grabbing one of her legs in each hand Belial lifted them and spread them wider still as he pressed the head of his dual cocks against cunt and ass. He chuckled to himself with the ease with which these mortal would offer themselves and everything they held dear for the hint of power.

Not that he blamed them, he would do anything for power also, or for that matter chaos too. Receiving a human cunt to plant his seed in as payment for doling out a little power and chaos was always worth his time. He could already see her holes opening, eager for the abuse he was about to inflict on them. "Hmmm," she moaned as his cocks began to enter her pussy and ass at the same time; her juices already beginning to flow; coating the large intruding organs.

Despite how abused her cunt and ass were from last month, and the intense pain her loins welcomed the presence. The pain was intense as the head of his cocks penetrated her, stretching her wide open.

It felt as though her body was being ripped in two from the enormous presence and the searing heat of his members. With the heads of his cock just inside her body, he thrust his hips forward impaling her on his shafts.

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He grinned as she screamed out in pain from his massive man-swords sinking to the hilt in her fleshy scabbards. He left himself embedded in her for a moment savoring the feeling of her cunt and ass wrapped around cock; feeding off her pain. Slowly pulling his cock out till just the head was in her, he then thrust back into her full force.

Her groans began to echo through the cemetery as his pace quickened. Again and again he hammered into her, her breasts heaving and bouncing with each thrust as her entire body shook from the impact. Lifting her up till her body was pressed tight against his, he moved his hands to grip her ass tight as he began picking her up and pulling her down on each thrust.

Her hard nipples pressing against his muscular chest; and his sharp talons pierced the flesh of her ass with his grip. She threw back her head in a scream of desire as he battered her cunt and ass with each thrust; her pleasure and pain mixed. He bent his head down as he lifted one of her breast and sank his teeth into it; enjoying her gasp of pain as he tasted the coppery wetness of her blood on his tongue.

The slurping sound coming from her hungry cunt and ass intensified with each thrust wanting more of his daemonic cock; needing it; even demanding it. Her hands were wrapped around his neck and her eyes were closed, as Belial found him self growing close to climax.

He cocks pulsed and throbbed in her body, and she screamed out, "yes, my lover! My Master! Give me your seed! Fill me with your dark cum!" Arching her back she was thrusting her hips back against him so she would feel every inch of her Dark Lords massive horse sized cocks. She wanted everything he had to offer. Her pale flesh in contrast to Belial's black skin; his thrusting in contrast to her hips forcing their way down onto him.

Belial growled his own enjoyment as he rammed himself into her with one massive thrust and let his seed explode forth into her cunt and ass. He could feel it shooting and filling her till her body could take no more of his black cum and it began to ooze from her pussy and ass around his cocks.

The sperm burning and scorching the ground as it hit, leaving the smell of brimstone and carnal lust to fill their nostrils. She prayed that the moment would never end as she felt her bowels and womb fill to overflowing with his evil juice. "Yes, yes! Fill me! FILL me with your seed!" She screamed out into the cold night air. Her cunt quivered with pleasure as her own orgasms forced their way through her body with the force of a hurricane. This was her dream; her desire for years; everything she had ever wanted to take her dark lords cock; to have it stretching her cunt and ass to wider and wider proportions.

He lifted her body off his cocks with a loud slurping, sucking sound and a jet of pitch black cum shot from her like a volcano spewing forth and running down her legs as he tossed her to the side, and said "Thank you for your offering, but it is incomplete. You have not given me what is required." He admired the sight of her open ass and ruined cunt as he waited to see what she would do; enjoying the fact that he was responsible for how large and open they were.

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He knew no mortal would ever satisfy her after he had made her his. She landed in a heap with cum still seeping from her abused holes; her hand sliding between her legs to scoop some of the cum from her pussy and bring it to her lips so she could taste it. As she crawled to him leaving a trail of daemonic seed, she stammered "but, but I did everything the ritual said!

EVERYTHING. I had the blood, the bones, the candles and myself. I had everything!" She could not believe what she had heard, how could she fail her Dark Lord Belial? It was impossible to fathom. He laughed at her misery, "Yes, bitch. You fulfilled everything but the blood… the blood of a VIRGIN! Oh, I've been watching you for some time, and I know you aren't a virgin. Even if you were the taste of your blood was more than enough to inform me of your deflowering." He chuckled as he saw the shock in her eyes, the surprise.

Humans were so pathetic he thought to himself. No, she thought! It can't be; she had completely forgotten about her rape. HOW could she forget about that? All those years of calculation and planning for this one moment. She had always expected her blood to be a virgin; she had saved her self for this one moment and had never altered her plans after her rape.

"What must I do master?" she begged Belial. "What can I do to earn your favor and receive what I have requested?" "I must have the blood of a virgin. and her blood must be the same line as yours. If you want your revenge," he deep voice rumbled. "You must bring me your sister for my pleasure.

Nothing less will do." Yes, he would sow chaos here, even among his worshipers. He would take her sister, deflower her and possibly use her for future endeavors here. There were so many possibilities that could be done with a young piece of meat; especially after proper training. She paused, taken back by this demand. "My, my Lord? But, she…" Amber began to plead trying to save her sister. "She is nothing, did she not mock you as a slut and a whore after your rape?" he asked her.

"Did she not demean you and insult you even before that? Has she not always held you in contempt and made your life misery? Now is your chance to prove your loyalty and bring her to me. Her virgin blood will fulfill the pact that we have." He was right she realized; her fucking sister always acting better than her.

Always acting like she was so good while Amber was some fucking slut or something. Amber realized she hated her sister; she hated her with a burning passion and always had. Yes, she would toss her sister to Belial and see how SHE enjoyed being raped; having her pussy and ass torn open and deflowered. That would be just reward, and even in this she would have revenge. She would fulfill her Pact of Blood for her dark lord.


"I will wait here till the first cock crows, and no more. If I haven't been sated by then I will pull your corrupt soul down with me and give you to my minions. You will have no revenge." Belial commanded in a voice that rose from the very pits of hell and pulled out your sanity. "My Lord Belial," she said "her untainted pussy will be yours to posses. Her ass will be yours to tear. I will bring her to you and prove my loyalty." Belial disappeared as she finished her statement.

She could still feel his presence, though, as she began to get dressed. She felt the crotch of her jeans cling to her sloppy, gapping cunt as the black cum continued to drip out of it and her ass. Her crotch hurt as she tried to sit on her bicycle to ride home as she tried to think of some way to get her sister to the grave yard.

She knew there must be some way to get her there. She could feel the seat working it's way, trying to slide into her cunt; and the only thing that kept it from sliding right into her gaping hole was her jeans. She realized, unexpectedly, that she almost wished she had worn a skirt so that it could slide into her. and fill that void. How she had changed&hellip.

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--------------- The End --------------- Next will be - PT 3: My Sisters Keeper