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Schule Pee pantys
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As morning arrived, I was first to awaken. My young lover was snuggled up with me in her bed. My morning glory pressed up against her tummy. She didn't seem to mind or notice while she slept peacefully in her bed.

I decided to allow her to continue sleeping. I gently scooted out from under the blanket and headed off for the bathroom to freshen up for today.

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I brushed my teeth and then hit the shower. While in the shower I wondered if she would hear me and come to join in. But as time passed, and I was done cleaning, no sign of Stacy.

After showering I took a leak, since my morning hardness was gone finally. I headed back to her bedroom to see if she was awake yet. To my suprise, she was still out cold. She was under the blanket, but with one of her sexy breasts exposed to the air as she laid on her back. She looked so cute and sexy at the same time in that pose.

It was then she shifted her position in her sleep. She flopped over onto her tummy and snuggled her pillow with her hands. Even with her breast now hidden, she was still incredible to just look at. Then I looked down at the foot of her bed and seen the most irresistible sight.

Her cute little toes was sticking out from under the blanket. I immediately bit my lip and my cock twitched from the view. I fought the urge not to pounce those toes right there and then to keep from waking her up. Then it hit me, what a great way to wake up, with your lover sucking on your toes.

I moved down to the foot of her bed and squatted down so my face was perfectly inline with her feet. I leaned forward and gave each toe the softest wet kiss. By now my mouth was watering, just dying to have them in my mouth. My hands gently pulled back the blanket more so I could see her entire feet.

My tongue licked slowly over each toe as I enjoyed the taste and feel of the soft skin against my tongue. At this point I think I heard a soft moan escape from her lips.

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I paused to see if she was awake, but she apparently was still asleep and possibly dreaming. I continued on, now sucking on her big toe. I sucked on each one for a several minutes.

My tongue again enjoying the toes inside of my mouth, touching and tasting them. "Oh yeah. God I love you feet." I said softly while sucking on her toes. I knew she was still asleep but at this point I couldn't help myself. Even now my cock was already rock hard. Now I licked upwards from her toes towards her heel. Slowing licking over the sexy arch of her foot. I was now so lost in ecstasy. I was losing control and quickly licked the arch of her other foot.

By now she was awake and enjoying my efforts. "Mmmm. Good morning you sexy stud!" Stacy said softly as she awoke to my footplay. "Good morning to you too" I said back as my hands now took over rubbing her feet.

"That feels so good, a great way to wake up.mmmm" She said softly and then wiggled her toes.

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Seeing them wiggle only encouraged me to start sucking them again. Without speaking, I sucked on the sexy moving targets.

"Oh Joe! Mmmm. suck them baby!" She shouted out in pleasure.


Then I stopped sucking them so I could speak to her. My hands continued to rub over her feet, now working the heels in a circular motion as I spoke. "Yeah, I thought you would like to wake up this way." I said in response finally. "I Love It!! And you Joe!" She excitedly replied. "Right back at ya sexy" I said to her with a big smile on my face. "Mmmm. I'm hungry. Did you happen to make breakfast as well?" She questioned me. "Actually No, I didn't think about that." I answered back, but the cleverly added to the idea with my own kinky thoughts.

"But I do have something if your thirsty" I said while grinning at her. "I could use a morning drink, what do you have in mind" She asked curiously.

I then stood up at the foot of her bed. My hard cock standing firmly out in mid-air. Before I could even say another word, she flung back the blanket and did a 180 degree turn on the bed. She was still laying on her tummy, but now her head was right in front of my cock.

"Oh yeah, I see something I can drink" She said seductively with a big grin on her face. Again before I could even speak another word, I felt the warm sensation around my cock as my young lovers mouth began to suck it.

"Oh Stacy! Mmmm. Yes, that feels good!" I instantly moaned out to her as I enjoy her oral pleasure. She started out slowly, then quickly began to speed up. I looked down to see her head taking my cock all the way into her mouth and then pulling back a bit.

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She was definitely a pro at this, and I didn't care how she became so good at this point. "Oh yeah, baby! Suck that Cock! It feels so good! Mmmm" I yelled out again. As she continued bobbing her head up and down, I looked down at the rest of her body. I saw her sexy ass and back side of her legs. Her feet was now near the headboard of her bed, not at a good angle to see. As she continued her fast pace, I knew I wouldn't last to long.

I also didn't want my young lover to not be pleasured as well. So while she kept sucking and bobbing on my cock, I leaned forward and rubbed my hand over her lovely back. "Mmmm." she moaned while not missing a beat on my cock. I continued rubbing my hands down her backside till I reached her sexy ass.

My hands then rubbed in a circular motion around both of her cheeks.

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Again she moaned softly. Then I grinned and slapped her right ass cheek with my hand. "Eeeps!" She mumbled she while briefly paused from her rhythm on my manhood.

Her body was so sexy as it squirmed from the slap. I couldn't resist and slapped her cheek again. This time she didn't yelp or moan but still squirmed a bit. Then her lower legs stood straight up into the air and then leaned back a ways over her body. This was a total suprise, and it put her feet still out of reach from my mouth but not my hands. I bit my lip trying to control myself and the extra arousal of seeing her lovely feet in front of me almost had me blowing my load into her mouth.

"Oh god! Stacy. mmmm. don't stop now!" I said to encourage her to continue on. Her head continued sucking on my cock as I continued my efforts to try and pleasure her too.

My right hand moved between her legs and began to finger her pussy. My middle finger found her folds, then moved upwards to rub her clit. "Mmmmm. Oh yeah Joe, rub my pussy please!" She said as she pulled away from my cock just long enough to speak and then resumed her motions. I stuck 3 of my 4 main fingers inside of her wet pussy, and began to thrust them in and out of her very fast.

My index finger remained outside to rub over her clit. "MMmmm. Ohhh.

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yess. take me!" She said while also still sucking on my cock. As I continued to fuck her pussy fast with my fingers my other hand reached out and began to rub her foot. This was all getting me to the point where I was about to lose it, but I continued to hold out. My eyes now was focused solely on her sexy feet. How I wish I could suck on those toes in this position while she continued to enjoy the taste of my cock in her mouth. "Your worse than milking a cow Joe! When am I gonna get my drink?" She seductively and teasing said "Mmmm.

My little slut is eager to taste my cum is she?" I said in response. "I'm sure it will be the best I've ever tasted" She said back with a wink.


"Oh! You little hot slut with sexy feet! What am I going to do with you?" I said back to her "Your going to cum in my mouth is what your going to do to me" She said back. By now she had stopped sucking on my cock and switched to using her hands while she kept talking to me. "Your fingers feel so good in my pussy!


Your so considerate Joe! making sure I cum with you." As my own excitement continued to build I did make sure to keep finger fucking her pussy very fast. "Oh Stacy. Nothing but the best for you!

Mmmm." I said back to her. She then wiggled her toes instantly grabbing my attention again. "You love my feet don't you Joe! Your can't stop looking at them now even as I jack you off" she commented. "Yes! Yes! I love them." I shouted back at her uncontrollable. "Then keep looking at them my love as I wiggle my toes for you and you fill my mouth up with cum!" she said and then proceeded to suck on my cock with her warm wet mouth once more. "Oh God yes love!" I shouted back again in pure ecstasy.

My hips starting thrusting into her mouth, matching her bobbing motion. I was so close I couldn't hold back any longer. I looked at her sexy wiggling toes and began to fill her mouth up with cum. "OOOOHHHHH!!! Stacy!! I'm Cummmming Baby!! Oh yes! Feel that hot cum in your mouth. Mmmmmm" I shouted out as rope after rope shot out into my young sexy lover's mouth.

As I started to cum I felt the walls of her pussy tighten up as she to began her orgasm. Her hot juices coated all 3 of my fingers. This only increased my own climax as I knew she was cumming too.

"Oh Stacy. baby. keep cumming on my fingers baby.

mmm. that feels so good" I moaned out as I enjoyed the last of my own climax. It was only then that she pulled her face away from my cock and moaned out loudly too. "Oh Joe, that was incredible. so good!" She moaned back. "Did you like your breakfast drink?" I asked.

"Delicious!" she quickly answered back then took another long suckle over my shaft to make sure she didn't miss a spot. I then pulled my fingers away from her pussy and sucked them clean as well. "How was your breakfast drink?" She asked me.

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"Finger licking good!" I replied with a chuckle. I then sat down on the bed just beside of her. "I suppose we should get some clothes on now?

Your parents will be back sometime today" I said to her. "How about after a morning snuggle with you?" She suggested back. I instantly nodded and snuggled up with her in her bed. Our hands rubbed each other bodies as we enjoyed the afterglow. "Snuggling works for me, but I figured you was hungry and wanted breakfast" I said curiously to her. "I am hungry. But food will always be here, and you wont" She said with a slight frown on her face.

We continued to snuggle for another 30 minutes or so before her hunger finally won out and we both went downstairs to find food. We both sat nude at the kitchen table eating cereal for breakfast. As we ate, I started to feel her sexy foot rubbing up and down my leg. I couldn't believe this young one was starting to play footsies with me. Still it felt really good and I returned the favor by rubbing my foot along her legs as well.

As my foot keep going higher between her legs, she became to lost in the sensations and stopped rubbing my legs. I still continued to play with her. I rubbed my foot along her inner thighs. Meanwhile she continued to eat her cereal. It was fascinating to see her eat and act normal above the table when below it she was most likely getting wet and horny again thanks to my foot.

It was less than 20 minutess ago when I shot my load into her mouth. I knew it was too soon for me, so I continued with this game of footsies rather than taking her on the kitchen table. My foot moved from her thighs and directly over her pussy. Again she continued to just enjoy her breakfast from above. Now under the table, my foot began to fuck her pussy.

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My toes pushes into her pussy as far as they could go. "Mmmmm." she moaned while chewing. Once she swallow her bite, she then spoke. "This cereal is really good" she said before taking another bite. Meanwhile my foot was really fucking her pussy fast. Her hips starting rocking back and forth. She was now so into the moment she dropped her spoon into the cereal bowel and leaned back into her chair." "Oh god Joe.

fuck my pussy! Mmmm. I love your feet! Oh GOD!!" she shouted out in pleasure. "I bet. I know my sexy slut loves my feet alot! Oh yeah, you cant resist cumming all over them can you?" I said back to her. "Oh Joe. I'm trying to hold it. Oh god. it feels so good though! Mmmm. I. I. I'm so close." She shouted in pure ecstasy. "Don't resist it anymore. Cum all over my feet! You know you want too. Do it Now!" I seductively commanded her. That was just enough to push her over the edge as I saw her hands gripe the chair with all her might.

"Oh GODD IM CUMMMMINGGG!!!! YESSS. OH FUCK!!! Oh Joe!!" She shouted as she covered my toes with her hot cum. "That's it Stacy, Cover my toes in your hot juice! I love making you cum. It feels so good on my feet!" I again said seductively back to her. "Oh baby. I love it. I love you! Oh yes" she moaned as she finished up her orgasm and started to catch her breath.

As she sat there on the chair catching her breath and trying to regain her composure to finish breakfast, I rubbed my foot over her pussy one last time and then returned it to my side of the table.

"Maybe we should put some cloths on now?" I kiddingly suggested to her. "Yeah, Unless your gonna keep fucking me every 30 minutes" She suggested back with a wink.

"No, I'm not that young" I laughed and smiled at her. We both then finished up our breakfast and then actually put our cloths on. Most of the rest of the day was spent talking about or lives as we snuggled, clothed, on the couch. The day wasn't over just yet though, and before the day was over, our cloths was off once again. To Be Concluded. (The Weekend comes to a end with a climax in Part 5)