Brunette sustains rough shemale bonking

Brunette sustains rough shemale bonking
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Here's the next story! I listened to your posts, and I tried my best to add more detail to the sex. Hope you like it! Just in case you're new to my adventures, all of what I write down in 100% REAL, and they are events that occurred not too long ago (I started having sex with guys in mid-October). You should definitely read the others before getting here!

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And you should be able to recognize this guy from an earlier story ;) More stories are going to be written, so please be patient! And keep commenting/emailing/posting! I love that stuff!

Be sure to visit my blog as these stories come out, and I'm thinking about adding a couple of interesting things on there to entice people to come visit it. More on that later! PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT advocate for people to ignore all of the warning signs that are present throughout this story.

In actuality, I'm lucky to be alive even though this situation happened! Don't do risky things like this people! You could get hurt. If any of you have been in a similar situation, feel free to tell me about it! In the comments section, or email me at [email protected] My phone vibrated all of a sudden. I pulled it out of my pocket, and took a glimpse at the number.

I instantly recognized it. It was this guy who had been texting me about how much he wanted to fuck me on Adam4Adam. And boy, was he NOT discreet about it. Constant streams of dick pics, pictures of what he was doing, and "sexy/creepy sounding" texts would be sent every so often.

With a long sigh, I brushed it off and put the phone back into my pocket.


The first time we were supposed to actually meet up, he said he would book a hotel. I cancelled and said I was too busy (in my defense, I sort of was). The first thought that scurried through my mind was "Shit. Does this guy EVER lay off?" My phone had been occasionally pestered by this guy and his hypersexual advances, and I had decided that I would not let this guy anywhere near me - let alone fuck me. At least, until I got extremely horny.

I decided to respond to his texts, since he didn't look that bad over his picture, and I hadn't had any sex within the past few days. Looking back on the experience, it was seriously a bad move on my part. There were plenty of warning signs of shadiness and danger that pervaded the air as soon as I met him in front of some pizza place near Rockefeller Center. He was the first person I had ever had sex with who I wasn't 100% attracted to aesthetically.

He looked - and was - rather pleasant. He had short brown hair, a really lanky frame, was 21 and wore sunglasses.

I was immediately conflicted upon my first impression of him though. The sunglasses hid his eyes, which I typically like looking at when I meet guys.

In fact that stretches to anyone really. Also, he had this slight gap in his front teeth that sort of made him look kind of weird/hillbillyish (but not enough to make me run away). Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised had he told me he was raised in the backwoods of some mountainous state with a family of white trash (it's harsh, I know, but I'm just being true to the description I had at the time - so let it be known that I really don't mean to offend anyone with that)!

Typically, I start my conversations with a handshake. In this situation, he seemed to think it would be proper to give me a fistbump. My head was bellowing "Seriously?! This is how you GREET people?!" A little taken aback with the weirdness of the situation, I somehow ignored the voices in the back of my mind yelling at me to leave this bozo. Red flag of danger #1: He contradicts himself by describing the perfect place to have sex, but then asks me if I have any other ideas.

He told me that his sister's place just outside of the city was empty, and would be a perfect place where we could do it - but he really hoped I would have a place in mind.

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I was confused when he asked "Do you know any place better?"Why would you even ask if the place is practically abandoned?! The red flag faded as he paid for the cost of transportation since I had met up with him. We started talking, and as he described his education, his life, and other aspects of his being, my mind drifted elsewhere. I was looking around, not really paying much attention to him. He didn't hold my interest.

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He seemed kind of fake for some reason. We boarded a bus to leave the city together, and we started talking about our musical interests. He was everything that I don't really listen to. He is an avid bright pop like Brittany Spears, Aly and AJ, and Lady Gaga. He also appreciated hardcore metal every so often. On the other hand, I am a fan of anything, including pop, but I prefer songs with more soul and a mellow/lackadaisically cheerful pace. Or anything that just sounds aesthetic.

I also felt like a hipster for a couple of seconds as I listed several bands he didn't know about. But trust me - I'm not a hipster. He told me he smoked, and asked if I would have a problem with kissing a smoker. Never having tried it before, I said that it wouldn't be a problem - as long as I couldn't taste the ashes on his tongue.

He noted that he had gum, so I wouldn't taste a thing. To test it out, he actually asked "Can I kiss you?" on the bus. I was a bit nervous at first, but I complied. I was pretty happy that the gum made sure no trace of cigarettes in his mouth existed - and we made out for a good couple of minutes. My view of him started to shift slightly. He seemed nicer and more open after this point. The only thing that really distracted me at this point was the gap, and even that was fading in the back of my mind.

I spent a good portion of the bus ride fantasizing about what would happen in that house, as I felt his rock hard cock through his jeans. Red flag of danger #2: He led me to a completely abandoned area outside. He led me to this abandoned-marshy area with a playground near a river behind some buildings.

This was getting shadier and shadier. The muddy playground area was surrounded by copius amounts of dead bamboo-looking plants. Through the thick amounts of plants, I could see a fence that blocked off access to the river, and this weird structure that looked like an unfinished pier or bridge. Beyond that, there was a highway filled with passing cars. It was a nice change of pace from the city. It was quiet. Very peaceful. But it made the experience a little disturbing for me.

He discussed more of his personal life with me on the playground as he smoked another cigarette - but I continued to space off and breath in the fresh air as I basked in the silence.

"Do you mind if we go see the river?" My conscious came crashing back down to earth as I mumbled "Sure." We maneuvered through the dry parts of the muddy ground, and walked through a small entrance of broken plants. These things seriously had to be about 6 or 7 feet tall, as they completely covered almost all sight of the river. Red flag of danger #3: He led me to a place where I would NOT be able to run or get help of any sort. As we walked towards the river, he stopped at a broken fence.

He said that we should climb over it, and get to the other side. And then he said what I hoped he wouldn't say.

Red flag of danger #4: He revealed that he overtly lied to me. He said that he actually did not have a place. My mind was blazing with fury, and I wanted to scream at him for being an asshole, and not telling me the truth. However, all I did was smile and ask "Why?" His response?

"You wouldn't have came if I told you." For some completely stupid reason, I listened to that, and hopped the fence with his support. He told me he wanted to do it here. I was beyond bewildered. I wanted to go home. I wanted to leave SO badly. But I didn't. And then he kissed me. It was game over. My body had completely surrendered, and my hormones started driving me mad. I hit this point where I felt like I NEEDED him for some odd reason.

My hands started running all over his back as he started to undo his belt.

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He pulled his pants slightly down, revealing his semi-hard cock. He whispered "Suck it, please." I was so obedient that it made me feel sick. I sucked without any idea of what I was doing. I started by kissing the head, and then I moved deeper and deeper down the length of his cock. I felt the tip go farther and farther into my mouth, covering it copious amounts of spit. I felt him hit the back of my throat, and I couldn't help but gag at the feeling.

The noise I produced sounded exactly like what I had seen in porno - this weird *khegg* sound. I opened my mouth and moved back out of instinct, and took a second to catch my breath. I desperately put it back in and began sucking in earnest. He was moaning while I licked up and down, and all around the tip of his head with my tongue. I even liked his piss slit a couple of times, getting an interesting rise out of him.

I could feel his cock moving farther into me again - except it wasn't from my doing. I noticed his hips were moving back and forth as my head was doing so as well. Good lord! He was facefucking me! the idea hit me hard, as this would be the first time anyone has ever done something like this to me. A little bit shocked, I stayed where I was and let him pump in and out of my mouth for a few minutes, until he pulled me back up for a lengthy kiss.

"Can I fuck you?" "No. Not here. I can't." I REALLY didn't want to. I was already nervous as it was. And the last time I had done anything outside, which was a bathroom, I was ridiculously close to getting caught (if you want to hear this, let me know - or I won't write it until WAY later). He pleaded for a couple of minutes, and I eventually decided to let him. "But ONLY for a couple of minutes. I really don't want to get caught." He agreed. He put on a trojan and put on the small packet of lube I provided for him.

Near me, there was a wooden pillar jutting out from the ground, that he motioned for me to use as support while I bent over. "One more general rule with my ass. Be gentle at first. Okay?" He nodded and smiled at the thought. He didn't start out with his dick (thank God!), but instead, he shoved a finger inside me. I started to moan loudly, because I couldn't handle the amount of pleasure I got from being penetrated once again.

It went deeper and deeper, until I felt it hit my g-spot. I let out a small yelp of excitement - which caused him to pull out immediately. He thought I was in pain, but when I told him I felt the exact opposite, he decided that it was time. I could feel his dick knocking against my back door - slowly moving inside me.

My sphincter slowly began to stretch wider and wider. Before he could completely fit his head in, the burning sensation came back, but only for a second. I was getting way more used to this apparently.

He tried one more time, and I could feel his entire length sink into me. I have to admit, that was one of the smoothest experiences I've ever had when fucking a guy. It was pretty damn easy to handle his dick, which meant playing rough got easier too. Considering he knew I wanted this to be short, he started railing into me soon after he was inside me.

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I could feel his balls slapping against my ass as he railed me at breakneck speed. "Ah! Ah! Fuck yeah! Fuck me!" I was screaming like a whore at this point. It was admittedly the best I had felt while having sex in a while! It was one position the entire time as I bent over for him, but he didn't give me or himself a break as he continued shoving into me like a horny dog. My breathing got heavier as I felt him pushing into my g-spot, and I felt insane waves of pleasure run throughout my body.

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I heard some noises in the plants, but he kept reminding me that they were "just birds." Whether they were birds or not, or some pervy cameraman who was there hiding from me, I really didn't care too much at this point.

"Fuck yeah. You like that? You like that in your fucking little boipussy?" Oh shit! His dirty words were turning me on. I moaned in response as he kept grinding into me, each shove a little bit faster and harder than the last.

I started jacking myself off, wanting this to end. My entire ass was vibrating from the constant pulling sensation. Everything was too much to handle for me, so I screamed that I was going to cum.

It was the farthest I had ever cum during sex. I had to have shot about 2 or 3 feet ahead of me in about 6 or 7 loads. It was so much! So intense! He kept fucking me for a couple more seconds and said: "I wanna cum in your hot mouth." Without a word, I bent down after he ripped the condom off and went to work.

It was so dirty. The thought of sucking something that had JUST been in my ass was such a turn on! I mainly focused on the head, trying to get him to cum as quickly as possible, licking the tip and edges of the head. I also took my right hand and jacked him off while giving my special attention to the tip for a good minute or so. Eventually, I heard him start moaning - and I knew he was just about to bust. He shot about 5 loads into my mouth, which I tasted for a couple of seconds.

Not too terrible, but not too pleasant either (this wasn't my first experience with cum tasting - mind you) - so I decided to spit it out on the ground. I looked around us, and the ground was littered with cum, a condom wrapper, and a lube packet.


I wondered if anyone would find these things here and figure out what happened. He paid for the cab back to the train station to get back to the city. As he left me in the taxi to go back to his house, our goodbye ended in nothing more than another fist bump.

Was there enough sexual description this time? Too much? Anything else I can improve on? Tell me! Or you can just tell me if you liked it :) I enjoy that too!