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Sexy teen enjoying very hot Anal Sex HD
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No one under the age of fourteen has sex in this story. BIG CITY Slut: There is a neighborhood in Big City that has its streets in an alphabetical series of names, in fact more than one such neighborhood. But, this area is one of the iconic villages of Big City. It is made up of modest homes mostly built in the 1930's through the 60's, homes for hardworking blue collar workers and lower level white collars. You won't find any millionaires there, nor officially any homeless, either.

And the homes have been mostly well taken care of to this day. The people living there are mostly church goers and well into the caring for those of their neighbors who fall on troubled times. Born into this life style was a young girl in the nineteen sixties.

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Her name was Charlayne, but she was called Charlie, of course. And except for her radiant smile and shouts of glee as she rode her trikes and later bikes around the neighborhood sidewalks, she was generally deemed just a normal little girl. She started out early as a Bluebird and moved on to being a Campfire Girl, choosing them just because the next door neighbor mother was a leader in that girl's organization and her daughter was her best friend.

Charlie was a good student, neighbor and local attractive child. No indications at all of what was to come! Like many girls of her time, she got her period in the deepest secrecy and it closed up her personality somewhat. She was still friendly, but not as openly so as in the past.

Her relationship with her Campfire fellow girls became even more important to her and boys were just politely ignored. Something happened when she was fourteen that was not of common knowledge, but the results of which became very apparent over the next couple of years. Now, instead of shrinking back from the boys and men of the neighborhood, she became infatuated with them and sought out any pretext to spend time with them.

This eventually led to her having sexual intimacies with them well before her sixteenth birthday. The males in the neighborhood thought that it was odd, but wonderful. The females thought otherwise. And they began to call her a 'slut' and 'nympho.' Perhaps the first mostly true, though I have a real problem with those who deem a woman who likes sex as being some kind of a whore. And the second was quite inaccurate.

Nymphos are generally thought of as being desperately 'needy' for sex, but not enjoyable about it. With Charlie it was different. It was not the sex that she was needy about, it was the pleasing of needy men that drove her.

And as far as enjoying sex, she was wildly enthusiastic about it. A couple of blocks from Charlie lived a boy of about the same age, who had been intrigued by this sparkling little girl right from them sharing in pre-school to kindergarten. By the time that they each reached sixteen, he was aware of what was being said about her, and had in fact been intimate with her a couple of times since she turned fourteen.

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Those times had been sort of clumsy on his part, she being more experienced, but they had manifest a special feeling between them that led them to get married very young at the ages of eighteen, because of her pregnancy.

Probably not his. On their honeymoon, while Clifford was sleeping, she sneaked down to the kitchen to get some snacks and met with the night cook. He was just regular looking, but appeared to be very lonely and mesmerized by this lovely young bride in her honeymoon outfit.

So, she sensing his neediness, took him into her arms and backed them into a storage room to take care of him. She reached down to his cook's outfit and lowered his pants by loosening its ties, She then took the cock that was exposed and with a wide grin, entered it into her mouth for her very special tonguing and suckling gift. He was beside himself to have this gorgeous little bride down on her knees in front of him, sucking him like her life depended on it, and so returned the gift to her down her throat in quick order.

Then she turned and lifted the back of her very short honeymoon lacy skirt and bared her ass for more attentions by him, because she sensed that he was still feeling the need of her.

She intended for him to take her ass, but he diverted to her pussy and before she could redirect him, she had her second child on the way and a very much relieved cook on her hands. With that she withdrew to her sleeping husband and coaxed his sleeping cock to empty into her, also. When they got home from the honeymoon, they picked up their baby from his parents and moved to her parent's house to start their married life.

Her older brothers were gone and her younger sister was busy with her high school junior year matters, so was often gone. Cliff hoped that with them being with her family that the wild sexual escapades of hers would cease. And after a few weeks, she made it known that their second child was on the way.

He felt that this was a lot for an eighteen year old husband to deal with, but bravely stuck it out, since he truly did love Charlie and besides he was getting his in generous doses, too. One day, Cliff's fifteen year old brother on a whim came by to check in on his young sister-in-law trying to deal with two young babies. As he rounded the corner of the house, he could see that the mailman's bag was sitting on the front porch left unattended.

Wondering what this was about he moved to the back door, which was left unlocked during the daytime and made his way through the house to peer into the living room. There he saw a mailman on his back laying on the carpet, with Charlie bouncing up and down on him. That is on his cock. The mailman looked a bit spooked by this, but Charlie seemed to be having the time of her life.

It didn't' appear as though she was in any kind of trouble with this, so Brian, withdrew to the back yard's pool chaise lounge and awaited to hear of the postman's leaving. It came about fifteen minutes later, and the mailman was truly hightailing it out of the yard and down the street. Fearful that she might call him back, Brian surmised.

After giving her a few minutes to restore order in the house, he entered the house again to check up on her status. He found her sitting on the living room sofa, with a withdrawn expression on her face.

At her noticing his presence, she seemed to brighten up a little and asked if he would accompany her upstairs to check on the babies as she had dozed off for several minutes. Brian, with a bit of apprehension about this, never-the-less agreed to help her in this mission. When they got up to the nursery, they found the two beautiful babies, one a two and half year old boy and other a six month old girl, both sleeping quietly with no indication that they wanted to wake up soon.

As he thought of it, he turned and noticed Charlie's rather pronounced breasts and the old desire that he had felt for her for a few years reared its head to her notice. Her head tilted slightly, her eyebrow arched and her eyes squinted a bit with her notice of his desires, so she without a word took him by the hand and he, helpless to resist it, moved with her to her bedroom. Their clothes were off, soon, and then the fun began. His worshipful desires first manifested themselves by him hugging and kissing her fiercely, with his hands all over her breasts and his cock planted up to her waiting pussy.

His eyes began to wander wildly and he moved her to on her back on the bed and moved down to suckle her breasts, getting a mouthful of young woman milk. After a couple of mouthfuls from each breast, he was in rutting mode and moved his face down to liven up her pussy slit and the hidden hole in its midst.

She appeared to be relatively calm in this male storm of lust and guided him along to eventually take her up her pussy deeply.


He started gently, but quickly progressed to very deep pounding on her pubis and open legs. With this, she also became lit up in lust and pounded up back to him. They couldn't take this for very long, and so he dumped his monstrous load up into her pussy vault and into her womb, recently vacated by a little girl.

Charlie seemed to be terrifically enthused about this and held him close for many minutes after this, to make it worth the effort. After they both cooled down, she took him over on to his back and gently kissed his conscience away.

With that they took an affectionate bath together and he dressed and withdrew to go home. He never let himself be alone with her again, but never held any grudge against her, either.

Six weeks later, she knew that she was pregnant again. Three babies and evidently not one by her beloved husband. Cliff knew of course. All of this was hard to hide in a very closely knit neighborhood of people who had known each other for years. And despite the local lips not being much more active than in similar villages, almost everyone knew about Charlie's sexual hijinks.

Cliff stuck by her, but insisted that she seek medical help for her challenges, as he put it. The first suggestion was that she have the current feus aborted, but she would have nothing to do with that. So, they began to take the case more seriously. None of the local or statewide doctors had known of a similar case. So, they decided on their own together as a unit to deeply study this young woman, who seemed to be healthy in every way and well-centered except for her determination to fuck seemingly every available man that she came in contact with.

After months of studies, interviews, blood tests and several seductions by her of the very medical professional who were trying to determine what her condition was exactly, they provisionally threw up their hands and said that this seemed to be beyond anything that they could identify. In the meantime, Cliff's father decided to take the place of Brian and visit to monitor the welfare of his grandchildren in the care of Charlie.

The first time he did this he entered through the same back door in Charlie's parent's house. He bumped a chair on his way inside, but no one seemed to notice. At least no one sounded out to him. So, he made his way towards the living room and before he actually entered he saw a sight that totally blew his mind.

Charlie was on the rug on her knees with an apparently mid teen-aged boy under her with his cock up into her pussy, and another boy of about the same mid-teen age with his cock up into her ass.

Along with this a third boy was mounted up to her face and receiving a very active blow job. There was no way that Mr. Foresland was going to interfere with this.

So, he continued in hiding till this effort was complete and the three mid teen boys withdrew from her and the house.

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He moved to within the living room and when he looked down into her still sexually feverish eyes, he immediately dropped his pants and moved to enter her also. She with her arms outstretched welcomed him on to her flushed and wetted body and guided him right up into her active baby factory, which was in full bloom. She moaned her delight to have him ensconced into her body and mouthed aggressively sexual suggestions on what he was to do with her.

Every sign of her said that she was more than enjoying this, she was glorying in it. And he in her glory was having the best sex that he had shared in for several decades. It was a good thing that she was already pregnant, because there was no way that she would have escaped it this time with him.

And just as he was about to release, Cliff came through the door, slightly injured from an accident on the job. It was hard for him to not notice his own father plowing vigorously up into the pussy of his dear wife and mother of going to be three children. But, with Charlie's eyes peering at him, in her lust, he let what was going to happen, happen. No use causing them to leave off frustrated, he felt.

After Dad finished up into her, he was released from her hold and humbly took up his clothing and left to heal his mind and conscience on the way home. Charlie wasn't done yet, and so moved up to find her husband on their marital bed nursing his sore right hand, that was dramatically bandaged.

She pounced on him and before he could resist had his pants off, too. And shortly afterwards had his cock uplifted and planted up into her bouncing and flexing pussy.

It didn't take long and he climaxed too, with her finally climaxing to a crescendo leading to her falling asleep on top of him. He just reached around her with two arms, and one sore hand to sleep away some time with this dearest soul he had ever known. Things came to a crossroads a year later when at a party in their home, her parents had moved away to leave them to cope with their problems, one of his fellow workmates fucked her on the kitchen table while the rest of them were in the living room partying.

She got pregnant again over this. Ten months later, with a number more of these kinds of episodes still occurring, Cliff and his parents took the children while she was asleep and left town with their own house let out and moved to a city, that she was left out in knowing of. She was now totally alone in the house, her parents still loved her, matter of fact so did Cliff, but everyone just pulled away from her out of control sexuality.

It didn't occur to them that although she greatly enjoyed the sex, she wasn't all that happy about her seemingly being unable to control her obsessive seeking out of it. A man next door took notice of her distress and sadness and decided to try to do something about it.

She was twenty-three by then and he was single and thirty five. So, his sexuality wasn't quite as hair-triggered as most of the young guys that she had been servicing.

So, on his next two day weekend, he invited himself into her home through the back door and with no one boffing her for the moment, came in and took her into his arms. She looked up to him with weepy eyes and just settled into his chest and arms for the comfort that she so desperately needed. Since, he didn't seem to be in need at the time, and was calm about his sexuality, she was at ease with him and they ate together a fine meal that she prepared and then they shared a movie on T.V.

in each other's arms and when it got late, they went to bed. As they were about to go to sleep, he took her into his arms and made very tender love with this pretty young woman, just healed up from her recent birthing.

She was calm in accepting his attentions and they quickly settled in to sleep the night away in each other's arms. When they awoke in the morning, she moved down to the kitchen and made up two bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast and brought them up to enjoy with him.

He couldn't help noticing her momma's boobs hanging out, but he controlled his thoughts to not ignite her sympathetic sexual responses. And after they finished their bowls of cereal, he gathered her into his arms and asked for her to relate to him, how this situation had come about.

She thought for a few minutes and then began to lay out the events of her short life. She had been a very normal girl growing up, perhaps a bit more energetic than most and more sympathetic than a lot. She was always the first to help out when a member of her family or one of her friends was hurt or in need of comforting.

When her period came in she was the typical very reserved twelve year old, very embarrassed by the manner of this part of moving to being a woman. But, she got over it soon enough and by the time she was fourteen, she was accommodated to her budding womanhood.

Then just past her fourteenth birthday, she became aware at her party, that one of the local boys that she had known since birth was not feeling well.

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He was braving out to be at her party, because he had always loved her so much, in the little boy's way. He was an eighth grade student just like her too, and they had some classes together that year.

When he needed to use the bathroom, she accompanied him to find it and when he entered she just automatically entered with him. He was too ill to notice much and when he wavered in trying to pee, she grabbed his penis gently and guided it to its target while he emptied his bladder in amazement at her.

When he finished, she sat him down on the toilet and after wiping him clean, took his penis into her mouth to savor it, something that she was vaguely aware of, but for the first time was in the actual doing of. Little George was mesmerized by this and when she got him up and hard, she sat down on him to take her virginity with the bleeding right down on his lap.

He in awe of the event, moved his finger down to sample the blood and cum there in his lap and declared his love for her for eternity. A very profound moment for the two of them. Three weeks later, the boy, died of a disease that wasn't even very well understood at that time. Charlie took it very hard. And it seemed that her energetic nature, her young womanly sexuality, her sympathetic nature and her guilt over not saving George's life melded into what became her profound inner obsession to save every sexually needy man that she met.

She hadn't added this up till right at that moment with her in Paul's gentle and warmhearted arms. With this, Paul knew exactly what to do. He sold his home, quit his job, worked out a manner to continue his work online, took the money to buy a farm far out of town, with no near neighbors and moved Charlie to be out there with him, isolated to be her only man in her life.

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There was a sign on the front gate post that caused quite a stir along the road among the passers byes, because it says, 'No Males Allowed on this Property.' And under it another that says, "Strictly Enforced!" They lived out their days in tending their garden, working on the house and keeping their isolation complete. She never saw her children but got cards from them on regular holidays and pictures of them as they matured.

Cliff wished her well when he heard of it and notified her after their divorce that he had met a nice lady to help raise their brood.

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Charlie had herself fixed to have no more children by a group of female doctors and nurses, right in her home. And she and Paul made love a bit more regularly than most, but not so like her previous adventures of the same. They had a very good life and it lasted a long time. So, thus died the urban legend of the Slut of Big City. After a couple years and a few incursions by curious neighboring young males, that were rebuffed by a trio of determined but not dangerous Labrador Retrievers, and one man with a gun who was found out by a newly installed motion detector, and arrested for a long prison sentence for that folly, the local police decided to investigate the circumstances that Charlie was living with.

To honor the determination to not have a male on the property, they borrowed a female detective from a close by town to do the actual interviewing of Charlie. They waited until Paul was off to town and she then drove right in with her cruiser and moved up to the door with three affectionate Labs at her ankles.

Evidently they knew the difference between testosterone and estrogen. But, they seemed to be guiding her right to the door, too. When the door opened, the detective was greeted by a very gracious and fine looking woman, who guided her in and to the kitchen table.

Charlie then turned around and put the teapot on for them to share in a spot of tea together. As she moved about the detective decided that this woman was very healthy and well-adjusted to her surroundings. And in the conversation, she picked up that she was not being jailed here, but was very comfortable with its privacy.

So, the detective asked if she could look around the house on her Wellness Visit and Charlie told her to, 'look away.' So, Amelia wandered about the home and found it to be an ancient farm house that was in a state of being remodeled.

A step at a time and with a lot of obvious affection. It had evidently started with the massive master bedroom, which was a feast to her eyes with its fine appointments, massive bed and matching master bath opened up to the side.

She especially admired the drawers with their very sexy undergarments in plentitude. She then moved to the back porch stoop, noticed the three freezers and shelves full of canned supplies. And then stood in wonder at the scene before her eyes. It was a wonderful back yard. With a dipping pool on one side and a very fancy hot tub on the other.

And behind this was a very fine and well-tended garden and on the other side of a bisecting path was a small orchard of fruit trees. Towards the back she could see an encircled small field with a few alpacas in it staring out with craned necks at her. And a path around it evidently for jogging and cycling. The whole back was surrounded by abutting conifers of various types for privacy. This was as close to a Heaven on Earth that the detective could think of. And she immediately fantasized about living there, too.

When she returned to the kitchen, another room of obvious recent remodeling, she asked if she and Paul would be interested in a border, namely her. Charlie thought about that and said that she would ask Paul when he got home and let her know.

Amelia supplied her with a business card and left, deeply hoping to get a positive response to this. When she was invited to talk with Charlie and Paul about this, they inquired of why she would be interested in this.

And Amelia told them that she was also a solitary type person not interested in marriage, nor children. That she loved her job and if she became needy for sensual pleasure she knew where to get it without them coming onto the property. She also liked the garden to work in and the alpacas in the back that she didn't know much about, but was willing to learn. Then Amelia with an expectant face listened to Paul as to his thoughts. He thought that it was a good idea for her to be here, since it would provide company for Charlie while he was gone, and the presence of a L.E.

vehicle in the yard would undoubtedly forestall any more unwelcome incursions. So, they said that as soon as one of the other bedrooms was ready for her, that she would be welcome to move in. Amelia immediately volunteered to help with that process, and by the time that her transfer from the city to the Sheriff's county department became official, she was moved into the newly remodeled bedroom to her delight.

And it was true, there was never an unwelcome incursion to the property again. About the time of Charlie's thirtieth birthday, Amelia was off for two weeks at a symposium on the rural concerns of Law Enforcement. So, Charlie took the opportunity to ask Paul, if he could bring a couple of young adult men to share a night of sexual fun for her including Paul, too.

A one-time event to mark her birthday, with no repeats of it envisioned. He figured that she at least deserved this diversion, as stable as she had been for several years, so he made inquiries of that matter. And he found two young 'studs' who were definitely interested and so the date was arranged for that Saturday night. When they drove up in one of their truck, the dogs were locked up for the night and they made it to the front door to be welcomed in by the most sexy looking woman that they had ever seen.

Charlie had outdone herself for this special night. She was in a red and black bustier with black split-crotch panties, thigh high leggings, spike heels, a small little feathered cap and nothing else. She had also made herself up with very detailed eyes and the loudest red lipstick ever made.

She took the guys, one in each hand and guided them up to the master bedroom to the awaiting Paul. The guys soon lost their clothes and joined the couple on the bed.

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Charlie soon found herself on her hands and knees, with Paul up her pussy, one of the guys up her ass and the other one in her mouth. She was deliriously happy to relive this kind of thing. The three guys rotated every fifteen minutes or so, and each emptied in at least two of her orifices. After a long and profound fucking of her, they all fell asleep cuddled up to her with all holes still occupied.

They hugged her tightly in the morning and promised to never come back unless invited, but assured her that they would never have as sweet an evening for the rest of their lives. When Amelia got back, she felt that something had happened, but since none of her things or place in the family was disturbed, she just passed it off. And things went on as well as before.

Evidently the seminars came every five years, and the next one came about Charlie's thirty-fifth birthday. This time it was on rural drug usage and production concerns. So, as soon as Amelia was on her way, Charlie ran by Paul another desire for herself, the playing with a couple of mid-teen aged girls with Paul present, too.

And so Paul inquired about this around and found one of the ladies that he used to work with and that she had twin daughters of that age group. And she was interested in this idea to acquaint her daughters with adult play in contrast to the clumsy experiences that they were having with boys of their own age. And they were still virgins at that time.

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So, Paul picked them up to spend the weekend with them and they were invited to just hang out and play around the yard for the first day and afternoon. The dogs very much enjoyed their attentions and so did the alpacas in back. But, that night they were invited to join Paula and Charlie upstairs for some grownup type fun.

The girls realized that this meant fucking, with them to be the objects of this exercise. They surmised that their mother knew about this, so they decided to just play along. When they got up to the bedroom, they found Charlie and Paul to be naked, and so they dropped their clothing, too. And joined them on the bed to find out what this was all about. After some kissing and cuddling with warm caresses, which they admitted to themselves was done much better than they had ever experienced with their boyfriends, they soon found themselves on their backs with one with Charlie up to her pussy between her splayed out legs, kissing, nosing and sucking it all; and the other with Paul doing the very same thing.

The two girls just looked over at each other in awe and began to kiss each other in shear exuberance over this sensual experience. Pretty soon, Paul and Charlie switched places and each of the girls got another round of pussy attentions, each slightly different due to the change in sex of the giver.

While they could tell the differences, they noted that each was amazing in its own right. After a bit, The adults rolled the girls over to their bellies high centered on a double stack of pillows each and began to give them the same kind of services only this time centered on their ass holes, something that they had had no previous experiences with. They began to go absolutely nuts over this and soon, Paul had one of them penetrated up the ass and then the pussy to receive his cum up high in this very personal vault.

Each of the girls simply melted into a boneless body on the bed to be attended to by Charlie and the other was being fucked. It was all done so skillfully, that they barely noticed the losing of their cherries. And the small amount of blood wasn't wiped off, it was licked off, one by Charlie and the other by Paul. When this was all over, they just all seemed to meld together on the bed and slept the night away.

When their mother came to pick them up the next afternoon, all they would say to her was that they had a great time and hoped to come again. When Amelia got back, they politely with a card invited her to share intimate times in the master bedroom with both Paul and Charlie together.

She thought about it and then said that she would enjoy that on occasions. And did so.


In the meantime, the couple sent out thank you cards to the two studs, with no invite to come back. But to the two young girls, they left open the offer to maybe join them again the next summer when the weather would be warm enough for them to play outside in the sun.