Masturbada rapida con ricos gemidos

Masturbada rapida con ricos gemidos
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i awoke the next morning with the biggest hard on of my life as i couldent stop thinking about miley and holly those little 11 and 12 yr old girls that i got to eat out there cute litttle butts yesterday.

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and i walked down stairs in my robe to my front porch to again watch all the cute middelschool girls walk by.the first fleet of girls walked by shaking there tight 13 yr old butts in the skin tight black hip huggers one of them wearing a visible thong. i tried to hid my massive bonner as evrey 5 minutes a new group of school kids would walk past me.

i was getting worried as i heard tbhe school bell ring for morning classes and there was no sight of holly or miley yet.

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than to my suprise and sheer excitment i seen them walking down the street about 60 feet away as they were getting closer i noticed miley was wearing a tiny little black mini skirt and a white belly shirt white cute pink knee high socks my god tha lil skirt barely covred her sweet lil 11 yr old ass. and holly seemed to be wearing her usually skin tight blue booty jeans and a cute elmo t shirt on.

they seen me and instantly began to run towards me.


they asked me if they could spend the day with me.i eagierly accepted there offer.and invited them into the house.

gosh did they ever look delicious. holly quickly ran nd jumped up to give me a big kiss on the lips as my hands traveled down her back to cup her beautiful perfectly shaped 12 yr old butt.

miley sat down on the cocuh uninterested and started to watch t.v. i contunied to make out with holly letting my fingers roll over her little a cup titts.

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as she moaned and ran her fingers threw my hair she whispspered into my ear how bad she wanted to have my tounge in her asshole again. so i told her to strip outta her jans and she did so getting in to the doggy position in the living room floor i eagierly jumped down to the floor and began to suck on her beautiful young butt cheeks b4 sinking my tounge down her tight little hole.

i eat her little ass 4 about a half an hour and then gently stuck a finger down her little ass.

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moving it in and out slowly. after a little bit i started to sink two fingers at a time down her little ass. you could tell young miley was interested as she sat down beside me to watch this.


god hollys ass was tightly wraped around my 2 fingers.but i knew i had to try for three as i started to pushe her ass hole widley stretched but not enough as i could only get my three finger tips inside.little holly was going nuts with pleasure she was turning into quite the little butt i took my finger poutta her ass and stuck them in her young mouth letting her taste her ass.she smiled at me with her young innocent face and told me she wanted to feel a mans cock isnide her ass.i picked her up off the ground and took her into my kitchen and bent her over my counter top.and solwly started to pump my 7 and half inch dick up her still very tight lil ass she let out a loud moan as inch by inch i slowly let it slide up her cute little perfect butt.she griped the two sides of the counter as hard as she could as i started to get a rythem going rpumping itno her 1 yr old butt a bit harder and faster each time tugging on her cute little blone hair i started going faster and faster now really pumping the shit outta her cute little butt as i descide to pick her up off her feet and walk arround with her with my dick shoved up her little ass i even brought her to the window and showed her her classmates playing outside.icouldent handel mutch more as i put her down by the couch and got her on her knees and shoved it down her thoat jackin g off till i cumed a huge load down her mouth making her choke on it.i sat down completly drained on the cocuh watching holly choke and spit up cum.lmost crying on the floor and i seen miley giving me her best flirty i smiled i told her to ome over to the couch.she did and cuddled up to me and before i knew it she was lying down cleaning the ass juice and cum off of my cock like a good little girl and after about five minutes i was hard again as little young miley was turning out to be quite the she could suck cock better than holly i was suprised cause she was only 11 but wow she did a good job i lifted the back of her skirt up and started to massage her cute little butt cheeks rolling my finger up and dwon her cute crack as she continued to suck me off.she would even lick and suck on my balls fom time 2 time.and when holly strted to recover.she quickly got on her knees and they took turn from sucking on my bal sack 2 sucking on my cock god these little girls were great my own little personal sluts i dont think i could have asked 4 anything better.

as i laid back and just enjoyed the sight of 2 little blonde 11 and 12 yr old girls sucking on my nuts and cock.they looked sooo cute and when it was time to finnally bust my load they looked even cuter with there faced filled with my gooey hot sticky was around 3 now and it was time 4 them 2 go home as i thought mmmm i cant wait 4 tommorow.please leave a comment if you like this sort of stuff

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