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I came home late in the day; I had met my dad for lunch which ended up in me giving him a blow job in his car. My friend Kelly dropped me off at my mom's house. Her bosses SUV was in the driveway so I assumed they were doing some work in her office so I decided to go around to the back door.

When I got into the house I didn't hear anyone downstairs, I quietly walked over to her office and peered in, no one was in there. As I stood in the doorway to her home office which was at the foot of the stairs I thought I heard voices upstairs. I crept up the stairs and as I did the voices were louder but I could not make out what was being said however I knew that they were coming from my mom's bedroom. My mom has a full length mirror on the wall by the door to her bedroom which you can see when you get up to the top of the stairs.

I hid down low on the stair case; just enough of my head was above the step so I could see the mirror and into her room. My jaw dropped as my eyes' nearly popped out of my head with the first thing I saw.

I could see my mom's boss sitting in chair, his pants down around his ankles and he was slowly jerking off.

My mom was wearing her business outfit, suit jacket, blouse and skirt. It looked like her hands were tied behind her back and what caused my shock was this. My brother's, Hunter and Ryan, were standing on either side of our mom, naked and with raging erection's! I didn't know what to do, so I just watched and listened; I had no idea if my mom was being forced or if she was a willing participant. Her boss was directing my very happy and excited brother's. He told them to fondle mom's tits and to play with her ass which they did with wicked grins on their faces.

"Your mom is so hot; great tits, great ass. She should just be a sex toy that should be her real job." He said to Hunter, Ryan and my mom. My brother's hands were all over her body and they kept that up until mom's boss gave his next order. "Ok, I want to see Katie naked.


Strip your mom!" Hunter got down on his knees and pulled our mom's skirt off; of course she wasn't wearing any panties so everyone got a great look at her nice shaved pussy. Ryan quickly pulled her jacket off, which is when I saw my mom's hands were not tied up; she was pretending that they were! I watched my brother's hurriedly unbuttoning her blouse, toss it on the floor then nearly rip her bra off.

My mom's big 36C tits jiggled slightly, I could see her big, hard nipples from where I was! I didn't realize until that moment just how big her nipples were as well as how large her dark areola were until that moment. My brother's grabbed her tits and went wild playing with them as her boss looked on, still very slowly stroking his cock.

"Katie, I think your boys want to suck on your nice big tits. I bet they want to suck on your big nipples and lick them as well.

Isn't that right? Do you two want to suck on your mom's tits?" Hunter and Ryan looked at him, grinned and said 'fuck yes!' My mom pleaded with her boss.

"Please.there're my son's. It's not right." Somehow I knew my mom was only saying that, she didn't mean it. I just knew she was playing the sweet innocent role. "Too bad Katie! Look at how horny you have made your son's!

Now your boy's are going to use you as a sex toy. Go on! Suck on her tits!" Immediately my brother's each grabbed one of her tits and went to town sucking on them. I actually felt jealous; I wished I had two guys.maybe my own brother's sucking on my big tits! I could feel my own pussy twitch just watching so I could only imagine how wet my mom must be.

It was so hot watching my brother's sucking and licking on our mom's tits. She closed her eyes and I could hear her moaning in low tone, I knew then for sure this was not only her choice but she must have been doing this with Hunter and Ryan for awhile!

Then I thought, 'No wonder when she caught me watching Hunter jacking off in his room she was so cool with it and said that sometimes she watched. She was doing more than just sneaking peeks of my brother's jerking off.' "Finger your mom's nice ass and her bald pussy.

Yeah that's it; look at how much your mom is enjoying getting finger by you two. Katie you are such a hot slutty mom. Your son's are so lucky." Now I watched my mom squirm around as she stood there getting her tit's sucked and now her pussy and asshole finger fucked by my brother's.

"Is your mom tight and wet?" Hunter and Ryan were fingering both of her holes at the same time as they sucked on her tits.

Hunter looked at him and said, "She is so fucking wet! Mom loves this so much." I was a bit surprised to hear my youngest brother say that! Ryan then added, "Yeah and she is so tight! I want to fuck both of her holes all day long." Wow! Hearing my brother say that about my mom was odd by strangely erotic. "Don't worry; you will get your chance to fuck your mom soon.

I have something else in mind right now." My mom opened up her eyes and mewed softly, "Please no.You boy's have to can't fuck me.I'm.I'm your mom." Hunter flicked his tongue quickly all over her hard nipple. "Yeah you are mom and that's why we want to fuck your brains out." He pulled his finger out of asshole, grabbed her left tit and sucked hard on it.

"You are so hot mom. I think I could cum just by sucking on your tits." Then her boss spoke up. "If anyone is going to cum from sucking it's going to be you two, cumming because your mom is sucking on your cocks! Get your mom down on her knee's." They pushed our mom down onto her knees. Her head was now level with my brother's raging hard cocks. She begged them and her boss not to make her give her own son's blow jobs but I knew that was all an act. Her boss told her to look at my brother's hard pricks.

Then he said, "Look at that Katie!" He pointed at their pricks. "Look at how hard you have made your son's!

Now you are going to be a great mom and you are going to suck on your son's cocks and make them cum! Hunter, Ryan, if you want your mom to suck on your cock's slap her in the face with them." My brother's grabbed their cocks and began to slap their cocks against our mom's face; I could see the pre cum on her cheeks. I watched my mom close her eyes; I could tell she was enjoying it!

She was enjoying having Ryan and Hunter slapping her face with their pricks. Then I saw her reach up and begin fondle their balls for a few moment's before she opened her eyes, looked up at them and then looked at their cock's. Then I heard my mom say, "Ok, I will give you blow job's." I watched her grab my brother's hard cocks and she went to town sucking on them!

I knew I was going to learn a few techniques just from watching my mom, maybe I would figure out how she makes guys cum so quickly.

I watched her suck on Ryan's cock for a minute or two, working it very quickly in and out of her mouth.

Then she let it pop out of her mouth, saliva and pre cum dripped out of her mouth as she turned to take Hunter's prick into her waiting mouth. My brother's stood there quietly at first; just looking down at our mom sucking on their pricks, both of them had very satisfied looks on their faces. I glanced at her boss, he was sitting there in the chair enjoying watching my mom sucking off my brother's, and he was still jerking off too. He was the first to speak up, telling my mom how slutty she was for sucking off her own son's.

He told her to look up at my brother's to see the looks' on their faces, to see how much they loved having their hot, slutty mom suck on their cocks. My mom ran her tongue all over their cocks as she tried sucking them both off at the same time!

She both of my brother's cock heads in her mouth, licking and sucking on them both. Then she went back and forth between them, quickly sucking on one then the other. When she had Ryan's prick in her mouth, he put his hands behind her head and began to fuck her mouth, he was doing a great job as I could hear his balls slapping against her chin.

"Yeah suck it mom! Suck my fucking cock. Make me cum in your pretty little mouth." Ryan started to say to our mom. Hunter then said, "Mom look's so hot with her mouth getting fucked by us. I can't wait to blow my wad down her throat." The slurping and ball slapping noise got louder and louder.

Then Ryan pulled his prick out of her mouth. He turned our mom's head to face his brother's cock. "Go on Hunter! Fuck mom's mouth for a minute or two. I want to build up a huge cum load and watch her gag on it." Hunter shoved his prick into her mouth and gave it a good fucking. I was actually feeling jealous as I watched my brother's fuck our mom's mouth. I had to admit, mom did look hot on her knee's, naked and with a cock in her mouth.

Mom was stroking Ryan's cock as her mouth received a good fuck from Hunter. My brother moaned, "Oh yeah mom, I'm gonna cum.

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Stop jerking me off! I want to cum in your mouth!" Hunter pulled his prick out of her mouth; she turned her head to face Ryan.


My brother began stroking his prick as he yelled at our mom, "OPEN WIDE MOM!" She did and I saw his cock erupted with a stream of white spunk. I was impressed with the amount and force my brother ejaculated with. He kept his eyes focused on his target, our mom's mouth as spurt after spurt shot out his prick and down her throat as well as all over her tongue. "That's it Katie.

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Swallow your son's cum. You are such a good mom." I heard her boss say. Ryan shoved his cock into her mouth and I could tell she was sucking and swallowing his salty load. Hunter was jerking on shaft very quickly and I had the feeling he was about to cum as well. Her boss saw the same thing. "Katie I think your youngest son wants cum in your mouth too." She let Ryan pull his cock out, cum drooled out of her mouth, down her chin and onto her tits.

She opened wide for Hunter who placed his prick head on her tongue. All I could see was a huge long spurt of cum jet into her mouth and mom gagged a bit on that amount of spunk. I thought to myself I probably would have too. Hunter yelled at our mom, "SUCK IT MOM! SUCK ME DRY!" She closed her lips around his hard shaft as he unleashed more spunk. He fucked her mouth like a piston and cum squirted out the sounds of her lips.

Hunter quickly unleashed his full load of spunk; more than our mom could swallow as his cum was running down her chin now. She released his prick, letting out a loud gasp and more cum just rolled out and down on her tits.

Her boss barked out order's not even giving our mom time to clean up her face. "Katie! Get over here, be a good secretary and suck my fucking cock! Hunter, Ryan, get your mom over here now!" My brother's spun mom around on her knees and pushed her between her bosses' legs. Their spunk was still on her chin, tits and lips as she grabbed his prick.

"Yeah that's it Katie, time for you to take some oral dictation from me." She grabbed his cock took his entire shaft into her sticky, wet cum soaked mouth. I loved watching my mom's blonde head bobbing up and down from between her boss's legs. I wanted to cheer my mom on but I had to keep quiet as I watched. I was enjoying myself as I noticed that I had one of my hand's up my shirt playing with my tits and my other hand was rubbing my own pussy.

Then I heard him order my brother's to hold our mom's head down on his cock. They moved next to her and held her head down on his cock as he groaned, unleashing his jizz down her throat. I heard my mom gag as her boss moaned with delight and his body twitched with spasm after spasm. "Oh fuck Katie. Swallow it! Come on and swallow it all you cum loving slut!" He finished quickly and then pushed my brother's hands off of her head.

My mom popped her head up, cum running out of her mouth. She let out a loud gasp as she swallowed the wad she had been holding in her mouth. The three guys watched my mom lick off her face, and then she wiped cum off of her face with her fingers and licked them clean. Finally she licked the spunk off her tits, the guys loving that. I was so tempted to rush in there and lick my mom's tits clean but I wanted to watch to see if they would fuck her next.

Her boss then told her to clean off their pricks after the huge mess she made of them. One by one my mom sucked and licked each of their pricks clean.

Just as soon as she was done her boss ordered my brother's to put her on the bed, down on her back and with her legs hanging off the bed. They happily did that and he pulled his chair up between her legs. Then without speaking another word he buried his face in her shaved I watched as my mom squirmed around on her bed, moaning as her boss lapped away at her sweet pussy.

My brother's climbed up onto the bed, knelt down on either side of her and began to pleasure her tits; licking and sucking away. I listened to my mom just moaning, 'oh god' over and over again as the three of them worked out their lust on her hot body.

Randy raised his head up from between my mom's legs and glanced at my brother's. "Your mom's pussy taste's great! Wet and sweet. Do you boys want to eat your mom out when I am done with her?" Ryan who was sucking away on her right tit picked up his head and said 'hell yeah'.

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Hunter was playing with our mom's large hard nipple with his tongue, flicking it over and over again. He responded with 'fuck yes! I want to taste mom's pussy." I enjoyed my little real life adult movie scene, listening and watching my mom getting pleasured by my brother's and her boss; it was so hot!

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I was going wild fingering my own pussy, imagining I was my mom, getting pleasured by my brother's and her boss. I was incredible jealous of mom but I wasn't going to interrupt her, I knew my mom needed to get ravaged sexually and somehow the saying 'incest is best' popped into my mind and it made me smile.

My own little dirty thoughts were burst like a bubble when my mom let out a loud squeal and I saw her arch her back and began to grind her pussy into her bosses face; I knew she was giving him a good taste of her sweet, wet orgasm. She was all over the bed squirming around, squealing under the intense delight she was experiencing. I was impressed by my brother's who did not let up sucking on her nice big tits and I noticed that they were already rock hard again! But of course why wouldn't they be?

Our mom was hot, horny and they were getting to live out so many teenage boys dark fantasies of fucking their own mom's. Randy lifted his head up from my mom's pussy once she had stopped bucking around.

He was grinning ear to ear as he looked from Ryan to Hunter then to my mom. "Damn Katie, you taste great! Ok boy's, which one of you wants to lick your mom's wet pussy?" The two of them debated a bit over who would get to go down on mom but then my mom, breathing hard, spoke up. "You guys better stop.Tiffany.Tiffany will be home soon." It was so hot listening to my mom trying to get out that sentence, with all the heavy breathing she was still doing.

I knew it must have been a great orgasm. Randy stood up; his own cock was hard just like my brother's.

"So what Katie?


Let your daughter walk in on us. I bet your son's would like to take a turn with her!" My mom's head shot up, her eye's wide. My brother's both got wicked smiles on their faces and I was listening intently, waiting to hear how my brother's would respond. Ryan spoke first. "Yeah, that would be cool. I wouldn't mind Tiffany sucking my cock. I would so blow my wad down her throat!

She is so hot, I like jacking off and thinking about her." I was shocked to hear my brother say that about me. I had never really thought he was jerking off to me! I was very aroused by that thought; it was so dirty and so erotic. Now I wanted to hear what my youngest brother had to say. "No shit! I would fuck Tiffany brain's out!

Then I would fuck her huge tits, cum all over them and then make her lick my cum off of them." Wow! Hearing that from my young brother really made my pussy wet and at that moment I decided I was going to fuck my brother's at some point, very, very soon. I was very curious as to what they would do next and thankfully I didn't have to wait long. Mom's boss, still standing up between her legs, slowly stroking his cock decided.

"I think your mom has a point. I don't know if your sister would be for what we are doing to your hot mom and we could get into big trouble. So boy's I think you should just skip getting to eat your mom out and just take turns fucking her!" All of them smiled, my mom gave a little grin then snapped back into character. "But.but you can't! I'm their mom!" She tried to get up but my brother's held her down until her boss got up on the bed and held her down.

"Look at how hard your boys are. I know they want to fuck you. I am sure they want to give their hot, slutty mom a good fuck; don't you boys?" They both gave a very excited 'yes' as they had climbed off the bed and were standing in front of our mom, jerking on their cocks. "See Katie, your boy's know a hot woman when they see one and especially one that needs a good fuck. I want to see you get fucked by your son's any ways and I know they want to fuck you too." He looked at my brother's as he held my mom down, holding her down by resting his hands on her tits.

"Ok Ryan, since you are the oldest you get to fuck your mom first." In a flash my brother was between her legs and pushing his hard prick into her tight, wet pussy. He let out the loudest groan I had ever heard as he slid his prick into her pussy.

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"OH FUCK MOM! Your pussy is so tight! OH shit it's so wet too. I'm gonna fuck you good and blow my spunk inside of you." Ryan went to town fucking our mom and if the moaning from him and her didn't show it then her tits bouncing all around sure did. Hunter and Randy were both kneeling next to my mom, grinning ear to ear as they watched her getting a good hard fuck. Hunter kept telling my other brother to fuck our mom harder he wanted to listen to her moan. Then Randy added his own two cents.

"Go on Ryan, fuck your mom. Fuck her good. So many sons would love to fuck their hot, slutty mom's. Give it to her good." Our mom moaned louder.

"Yeah listen to your slutty mom moan. Look at how you are making her nice tits bounce around. Hunter, why don't you suck on your mom tits while you wait for you turn to cum inside of her." Like a good boy I watched my youngest brother start playing with our mom's tits again before sucking on them.

Randy smiled even more as he watched this incestuous scene unfold. Even I was enjoying every moment of watching my brother's hammer our mom and suck on her tits. I noticed Ryan's pace quickening so I figured he must be getting closer to blowing his load. Randy moved himself directly over our mom's head, knelt down and put her head on his lap so she could get a better view of her oldest son fucking the day lights out of her.

He patted her head as he spoke to her. "Look at that Katie, look at how much your son is enjoying fucking you. And your other son just loves your nice big tits." He glanced up at Ryan. "Now show your mom how much you love fucking her and cum in her great pussy." Ryan grabbed our mom by the waist as he pounded his cock harder and faster in and out of her wet pussy.

He was groaning more and more then he began to say to mom how he was about cum. He said several times before he yelled out, 'I'm cumming mom! I'm cumming!" Judging by how his body tensed up I knew his prick was exploding his hot, sticky salty spunk deep into our mom's pussy.

He gave a few hard thrusts, each one I knew was one more spasm of his cum shooting out. Then he stopped and pulled his wet cock out of her pussy. He had a huge smirk of satisfaction on his face and he looked so proud that he just fucked our mom and blew his wad in her. "Ok Hunter, your turn to fuck mom." was all my brother said.

Hunter pulled himself away from mom's tits and began to slide off the bed to take his turn with our mom. Then mom's boss interrupted him. "No wait Hunter. Lay down on the bed." Hunter looked a bit puzzled as Randy told him again to lie down on his back. He reluctantly did so, lying down next to our mom. Randy then pulled our mom up. "Ok Katie, I think you should fuck your youngest son." All they guys smirked as our mom glanced at each of them. "Come on Katie. I can see you starring at your son's nice hard cock.

I know you want to ride his prick and make him cum inside of you. Now get up and ride him!" Now I watched our mom get up, straddle Hunter while holding onto his cock then she lowered herself down onto it, guiding his hard shaft into her pussy. Both of them let out a loud moan as her pussy swallowed his prick. She was facing Hunter as our mom slowly began to bounce up and down on his shaft. Ryan jumped up on to the bed and moved over to our mom. Then he grabbed his still hard prick with one hand and with his other he grabbed a fistful of our mom's hair.

He snapped at her to clean off his prick as he thrust his prick into her mouth. Now I got to watch our mom suck Ryan's cock dry and licked it clean as she continued to ride up and down on my other brothers' prick. Her boss stood up and began to jack off as he watched all of this; apparently he enjoyed watching my brother's pleasure our mom.

When she was done with Ryan's cock she pulled out of her mouth, "Did I do well? Is your cock nice and clean now sweetheart?" "You did a great job mom." Ryan responded. Now she looked down at Hunter, "You can cum as quickly as you want honey." Then she looked up at her boss. "Randy are you going to cum all over me?" He nodded yes. "You are going to cum all over my face and tits?" "Fuck yes Katie!

I'm gonna cum all over your beautiful face and those nice big tits of yours! You have such a hot body; it looks even hotter with cum dripping all over it." She leaned down, rubbing her tits in Hunter's face, still fucking his nice hard cock. She told him to suck on her tits while she fucked him and he very happily did that.

I didn't realize how horny or slutty our mom could be until that moment. She fucked Hunter like a pro as he sucked away on her tits. Then she rose back up and told him to pinch her nipples. My brother reached up, pinching her nipples as our mom was now almost bouncing up and down on his cock.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh honey, yes! Pinch my nipples! Pinch them harder while I fuck your nice hard cock!" She was throwing her head all around; her long blonde hair was moving with the rhythm of her cock riding. She was looking up at her boss and saying, "I'm gonna make my son cum so hard. I want you to cum all over me Randy. I love having guys cum all over me. I love it so much!" Well for the next couple of minutes no more was said, the only sounds coming from my mom's room were her moan's, Hunter and Randy groaning louder and louder as they both rushed to climax.

My brother was the first to break this grunt fest when he yelled out he was going to cum. I watched our mom bounce up and down on his prick, faster and faster. Randy's hand was moving up and down on his prick so fast I knew he was about to explode his seed all over my mom.

Then she began to direct the two of them, she sounded just like an adult film star. "Do it baby! I want you to cum inside of me! Please I need it! I want it!" Then she leaned back, bracing her arms on my brothers thighs as she did she looked up at her boss. I was impressed at how my mom kept up her bucking pace on Hunter's cock as she readied herself for the cum explosion from both of them. Hunter quickly held mom by her hips and helped push and pull her up and down on his cock.

That's it honey cum for me, cum for mommy!" Then she kept opening her mouth, sticking out her tongue as she watched her boss wildly jerking off. "Come on Randy, do it! Cum all over me! I want your cum on my face, in my mouth on my tits! I know you want to jerk off all over me, that's why you hired me! You want me to be your sex toy, and then give me a nice shower of your spunk!" Between her nasty talk and just the sight of her hot, sweaty body and her tits bouncing all over was more than enough to make any guy shoot his wad.

My brother let out a grunt then kept groaning 'oh yeah mom, oh yeah mom! Make me cum! Take it! Take it all!' Her boss rested his free hand on the wall as he chimed out loud 'oh yeah Katie! Take this you hot slut!' His jizz blew out of his prick like a fire hose. He splattered my mom's face with a nice surge of his thick, white spunk. Then jerking on his cock again he sent another spurt into her mouth. Ryan yelled at him to cum on her tits. Randy leaned forward just a bit as he unleashed another good size spurt of cum finding its mark and landing on our mom's tits.

Then he closed his eyes as he jerked off the remaining amount of his wad. His jizz fell all over our mom, a nice, small cum shower just like she had begged for. Then, unfortunately, it was all over. He made my mom suck him dry as the three of them gloated over the mess he made of her. "Look at your mom kids; doesn't she look beautiful with cum all over her face and tits?" They both gave a deep, lustful 'yeah she does' before adding, 'too bad we didn't have time to really cover her.

All three of them then got off the bed and began to put their clothes back on leaving my mom sitting on the bed, spunk all over her face, in her hair, on her tits and of course in her wet pussy. I was so lost in my enjoyment from watching this and from fingering myself I almost forgot that I had to hide!

If they came out of the room there I would be sitting on the stairs with one hand down my shorts and the other playing with exposed tits.

As quickly and as quietly as I could move I got up the stairs and headed down into my room. I hid in my closet not knowing if they were leaving or not or what to do next. I left enough of the closet door open to hear what they were saying. I heard the three guys laughing away and discussing the fun they had with my mom. Then her boss told her that he would take the boys out for dinner as congratulations for doing such a good job fucking her and giving him plenty of enjoyment.

I waited until I heard the front door close before I snuck out of my closet. I went to my window and peeked out, I watched all three get into his SUV then they left. I watched the clock and waited another 10 minutes to make sure they would not come back. Then I left my room and quietly went down the hall. I looked at the mirror and saw my mom still laying on the bed. She was playing with her bosses cum, just slowly rubbing it around on her tits and onto her nipples.

Then I watched finger her pussy and wipe some of that onto her nipple before she slowly licked her nipples clean. I went downstairs, opened then closed the front door pretending like I just got home, I didn't get a response from my mom so I went upstairs and walked right into her bedroom. She was still lost in her own world and gave me a startled look when she noticed I was standing there. She was very naked, cum still on her face and body. "Oh shit mom!

You must of have had a good time. Did you and your boss have some fun?" She gave a relieved smile; I figured I wouldn't mention my brother's.

"Well you know Tiffany; I was working on getting a raise." Then she quickly volunteered information on Hunter and Ryan. "Um your brother's called earlier; they will be home after dinner…that's why I gave Randy some…special attention." As she was talking I was moving over to the bed. I stood at the foot of her bed, giving my mom a wicked grin I said, "Can I help clean you up?" She smiled back and just nodded yes. She spread her arms and legs out waiting for me to clean her up.

I very quickly got naked before getting up on the bed. I got on all fours, straddled my mom looking down at her.

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She began to play with my big tits as I moved up to her face. "You are so beautiful Tiffany. I bet you make every guy who looks at you as hard as a rock." I grinned, I had a feeling she was talking about my brothers, and little did she know I now knew everything. I leaned down and very, very slowly gave her face a nice long lick with my tongue.

As I licked her bosses' spunk from her forehead, nose, cheek and chin my mom was playing with my tits. I leaned forward and press my tits against her face, she responded by on my hard nipples. Her hands made a bee line for my pussy and very quickly she slid them in. "Oh my god Tiffany, you are soaking wet!" Now it was my turn to cover up.

I said that seeing her laying there with spunk all over her body just turned me on. She seemed to buy it so I stayed on all fours allowing her to suck on my tits and finger fuck me for a few minutes. Then she pulled her fingers out of my pussy, wrapped them around me and pulled me down onto her body.

We writhed around for a minute or two now I had Randy's sticky jizz on my body as well. My mom let go of me and I got back up on all fours, our eyes met and we both gave each other wicked grins.

"I wanted to get some cum on you so I could lick you clean too." The two of us got up on our knees facing each other we took turns slowly giving each other a lick.

I held onto my mom's tits, I bent my head down to them, sticking out my tongue I very slowly ran it all over her left. I circled around her areola a couple of times before ending up at her large, hard nipple. I lifted my head and looked my mom in her eyes. "Your turn mom." She held onto my tits and repeated what I had just done to her with the exception of when she got to my nipple she spent some time sucking on my tit. I moaned and I could tell my mom was smiling as she sucked away on my tit. We repeated this again, cleaning off each other's tits.

Of course I returned the favor and sucked on my mom's other tit once I got done licking it clean. After that we stayed on our knees, holding our own tits we just rubbed them together for awhile then we started fencing with our hard nipples.

I was so turned on by what my mom and I were doing. I bent down on all fours and ran my tongue up from my mom's belly button all the way up to her tits. As I did she ran her hands through my hair. Then I worked my way back down to her pussy, I flicked my tongue on her clit before I covered her body with sensuous kisses. Each time I hit a spot that still had some of Randy's cum I circled my tongue over the spot before ending with another kiss.

I kept this up for 10 minutes or so, my mom just moaned away with delight while she stroked my hair. When I was done I sat back up, no words were spoken as my mom smiled and went to work on me. She went down on all fours, putting her head down at my clit to start she lapped away at it. As she did she slid her finger into my wet pussy and gave me a very good finger fuck. I was groaning like a little slut, taking after my mom.

She kept this up until I was about to orgasm, then she stopped. "I want you to suffer a bit Tiffany. But don't worry sweet heart; I will let you get off soon." She gave me very sweet kisses all over my stomach avoiding my pierced belly button for a bit. She worked her away closer and closer to my belly button.

When she finally got to it she very expertly played with my belly button and piercing with her tongue; it was so hot! I had never had any guy do that to me and it made me even wetter than what I was. Now I was running my hands through her long, silky blonde hair. As she played with my piercing with her tongue her hands were fondling my big tits. I kept my eyes closed as I allowed myself to get lost in this very enjoyable, erotic experience. My mom worked her lips and tongue all over my body for what seemed like an eternity before we ended up eye to eye again.

It was so odd how the two of us never had to say a word; we both knew what each other was thinking. Maybe it was some deep mother/daughter bond. I slowly lay down on my back and when I was laying down my mom straddled me and we got into the 69 position. She ran her tongue up and down my clit and wet pussy lips. I had other idea's, I pulled her pussy lips apart and stuck my tongue as far as I could into her wet pussy; I had only one aim in mind and that was tasting my brother's cum.

I got a very nice taste of it as dug deep with my tongue. I pulled out and of course I had to comment to my mom. "Wow mom! How long were you fucking Randy? You sure have a lot of his tasty cum in your pussy." My mom spun her head around and looked at me at first with a nervous look; that look of being busted. Then she quickly said, "Um.we were going at it for the past couple of hours." She looked relieved with her lie she just told me. I giggled to myself and thought I would have a little fun with her.

"Oh ok mom. I have to say his cum tastes really good, a bit different than what was on your face." I drove my tongue deep in her pussy again, took another taste and pulled out. "I wish I could have had him cum in my mouth." My mom gave me an odd smirk and said that she was sure he would have loved that. I knew she was smirking because I was enjoying the taste of my brother's spunk and she thought I didn't know that.

I was smirking on the inside as I knew it was Hunter and Ryan's. Both of us finger fucked and licked each other to the ultimate, delightful conclusion. It didn't take my mom and me too long to get each other off, which was a good thing. I had a lot of pent up sexual frustration after having watched my brothers and Randy fuck my mom.

I guess my mom was equally as horny as I was. We kept our faces planted in each other pussy's, licking away at each other. I was the first to orgasm as my mom very expertly licked me to new heights of sexual pleasure. She kept her pussy on my face so all of my screams were muffled.

However I took out my intense pleasure on her pussy, driving my tongue into it over and over again. Soon I had my mom grinding her pussy into my face as she covered my lips with her sweetness. After my mom's orgasm had subsided she rolled off of me and we lay next to each other on the bed, breathing hard. A few minutes went by before she said we had better get dressed that Hunter and Ryan would be home soon and reluctantly we both put our clothes back on.

All the time I was thinking about how I could seduce my brother's.