White In Both Ends Of Black

White In Both Ends Of Black
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Its saturday night, my friend Janet and i were walking into the dance club to meet some friends from work.

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Im not ususally the type to go out,because i dont drink, but i needed to get out for a while and have some fun. We decieded to go wearring dresses even though it was the middle of winter.janet wore a red dress, and mine was black hugging my full figured curves nicely.

We spotted our friends standing at the counter already ordering drinks, and i noticed a couple of new faces in the crowd that i had never met.I decieded to go over and introduce myself.after my polite introduction, i ordered a soda and went to the tables next to the dance floor.

The lighting, and music were inviting, very comfortable setting. I set my drink down on the table and right away everyone pulled me to the floor to dance.

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I noticed one of the new guys starring, his name is James, so i pulled him over by me to dance.He turned out to be a freaky dancer.James grabbed my hips and began to dance close to me, rubbing his buldge against my body.

Making sure i could feel his excitment.Ofcourse it felt amazing, because its been atleast 3 months since ive been layed.

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I turned and put my back tward James and began grinding my ass against him. I already knew at this pointthat the night would end with a good fuck.


Then i spotted Reggie walking tward me, he asked if he could join the fun. Within seconds i was dancing between two hot men with their cocks massaging my body through their clothes. I pulled them both to the side and told them to come and finish their drinks so we could go have some real fun.Our table was off in a dark corner,so i decieded to sit between them and let them play.It started with James sliding my panties over to rub my moist pussy lips, and then inserting a finger inside of me.Reggie had one of my nipples in his mouth teasing it with his tongue.After a few minutes of this, i couldnt handle it, i told them to meet me at my house.I said "goodnight" to Janet, and then realized that i didnt drive, so i asked James to drive me home.

Once inside his car,i looked at him and realized how sexy he is.James is about 6'2" tall, chocolate skin, and a georgous smile. James glanced over at me and said"See what you did"?

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and began stroking his cock through his pants. I reached over and and replaced his hand with mine.His dick felt so hard!I unzipped his pants,pulled it out and started stroking him.


It only took a few minutes before we arrived at my house.Reggie was parked in the street waiting for us patiently.Reggie was also a nice looking man,about 6' tall,light brown skin,and big sexy lips.

I have never been with more that one man at a time, but im so excited to try it tonight.

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We all went inside.the men took their jackets off, and i figured i would give them a little show to kick things off.I turned on some music and started to strip out of my dress slowly.By the end of the song,i was completely naked with one foot on a chair massaging my moist pussy.The first one to move tward me was Reggie,he lifted his shirt over his head exposing his muscular chest, and then dropped his pants to the floor.His errection stabbed me when he moved closer to kiss me, i grabbed it and began stroking him immediately.

I glanced over to see James stripping out of his clothes walking tward us. James then grabbed my hand and sat me down on the chair and spread my legs exposing my clean shaved pussy.

I reached down and began rubbing my clit with one hand and my nipples with the other.Reggie knelt down and pulled my wet cunt to his mouth,licking and sucking my clit slowly, and then sliding his tongue into my sweet hole."ooooo yeah fuck me with your tongue baby"!

I lifted my ass and began grinding my pussy on his face letting him taste all of me.

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James stood with his hard black dick in my face waiting for me to devour it.I started stroking his entire length and massaging the head with my tongue,tasting his pre cum. I began taking more and more of it in my mouth, sucking and stroking faster,while Reggie slid a finger into my tight snatch. I was ready for my first orgasm, my pussy leaked hot cum all over his hand.I continued to suck James cock until his load flooded my mouth.After a few minutes went by ,James layed on the floor and told me that it was his turn to taste my sweet pussy.

i straddled his face and let him lick my pussy clean. Reggie stood infront of me and rubbed his fat cock on my lips and tongue,getting ready to fuck my mouth.I reached up and began stroking, and sucking his thick rod.He tasted so good!I tryed to take every inch of man meat he had to offer.He leaned his head back and moaned so loud it made me rock my hot pussy faster on James tongue.I could feel myself on the edge,ready to unleash a sweet load of pussy juice all over his face.

For the next 20 minutes the three of us layed there on the floor catching our breath. I was ready for a hot shower. I stepped into the tub and grabbed the sprayer.Pointing the water tward my swollen woman hood,rinsing the sticky jiz away.

The guys finally climbed in with me, and began washing my body.I squeezed some shower gel onto my hands and returned the favor.I turned around with my back tward James and let his long cock slide between my thighs,while stroking Reggies thickness with my hand.With the other hand i reached down and guided James dick into my slippery wet cunt.He worked it in slowly making me scream.Ive never had a dick this big drilling my pussy,but it felt so good.I leaned over and started sucking on Reggies fat cock,paying close attention to the head,and massaging his balls.I felt james grip my hips and pound my pussy harder and then release his load all over my ass.When he was finished i turned to face him, bent down and sucked the last of the cum out of his limp cock.

Reggie lifted my foot and placed it on the side of the tub,and jammed his dick deep into my stretched pussy while James was still in my mouth.He slid his hand around my body and found my swolen clit,making my pussy muscles contract around his thick cock.I started rocking back onto it and grinding faster until we both came hard.

We all took our turn washing up, and then climbed into bed. The next morning i woke up to Reggie licking my pussy and James sucking my nipples.We played around, took another shower and left for work.


That was the best night i have ever had in my life. hopefully not the last.