Mamandosela a chavo y nomas no acaba

Mamandosela a chavo y nomas no acaba
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Hello there quick notemy first story so be gentle haha. There isnt sex in this as it sets up the eventsyoull understand when you read. There will be a small message at the bottomencase you want to make sugggestions.

Otherwise hope you enjoy. The old butler and his rich bitches. Part 1 Los Angeles, California&hellip.

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Hammond residence. "Edgar I have a business partner meeting me here for lunch. Make us a spread of food would you." "Yes sir" a short old man of sixty years old replied, putting on his fake smile as he walked slowly to the house he was INS kitchen.

This old man was none other than Edgar Johnson. This man stood at the short height of five foot six, weighed at least sixteen stone.

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His belly stuck out quite far, he had lost all of his hair apart from the thin white tufts he had around the sides and of course the grey hairs in his ears, his skin was wrinkled and his teeth where yellow. He had the typical look of a grandpa, all except what he was wearing. The old man standing in a pair of polished shoes, pressed white shirt and black trousers.

While to most people that attire would scream business man, it couldn't be more of the opposite. You see Edgar wasn't a business man &hellip. No instead the shirt and shoes was his attire for his job, and that was as a butler. A job he had done now for over thirty years, a job he had for the most part enjoyed. Well that was until three years ago when he took the job to be the Hammonds butler.

He had worked for three other rich families before, and while sometimes trying they had treated him with respect. But after the last family he was with went broke and he was let go, they had kindly recommended to the Hammonds who were looking for some help, which he would be a good fit.

But not long after he had joined, he realised they were the family from hell. Each of them rude, demanding to the point of demanding things just to have someone do something for them without lifting a finger. If it wasn't for it being inhuman, they probably would have had him wipe there asses for them.

You see the Hammond family, or at least Michael Hammond the father owned countless amount of upscale hotels. The man was a millionaire, in fact he suspected probably close to a billionaire. He was the usual tall handsome, suited businessmen with a cocky attitude and an ego bigger then the mansion his family lived in. But he wasn't the main issue, not that Edgar didn't think he was a tosser.

The main issue where the three woman of the house, specifically one but well get to that in a minute. The thing was, Edgar, even at his old age was a bit of a perv, it also didn't help that it had been a good many years since he had been inside a woman. In fact apart from his wife who he split with a good ten years back he had only had sex with two other woman.

But none of them where as beautiful as these girls. Although god did they know it, they acted like they shit gold. There was Jessica Hammond, the thirty nine year old wife of Michael. She was at least five eight, toned slender body from hours in the gym. Large c cup breasts, hour glass hips and a lovely looking ass. Topped off with long blonde hair, always made up face, tanned skin and sparkling blue eyes.

Manicured finger nails, and clothes that looked more suited to a twenty year old. Someone Edgar had definitely imagined fucking once or twice, he had to imagine she was good in the sack, it wasn't like she did anything else but work out and spend her husband's money. Then there was Stephanie Hammond, the eldest of the Hammond children at twenty three.

Much like her mother she had long blonde hair, was around five eight, maybe a tad shorter. Just like her mum she also had blue eyes, and wore clothes far too tight and to short (not that the old man was complaining). She also had a toned body, with a toned pert looking ass, long legs and a slim waist. Unlike her mom though, she had a large pair of fake double d tits. She had also had some sort of work done on her lips making them look incredibly plump.

Much like her tits and lips, her tan was a tad too dark and her eyelashes where a tad too long. To Edgar, she looked like a fake whore &hellip. Not that the old man was complaining. Finally there was the youngest of the two children, none other than Clara Hammond. This girl was Edgar's idea of a walking nightmare. He had known her since she was fifteen and she had only gotten worse as she had gotten older .She was rude, disrespectful, stuck up (although that applied to the whole family), pretentious, lazy but most of all she was just a down right bitch.

Clara was the cliché Daddy's princess, at eighteen she did nothing but shop bitch with her equally stuck up friends and party until the early hours.

The worst thing about it, this teen had become Edgar's biggest fantasy. And it wasn't just cause of how she looked, even though she was fantastic to look at. The girl had stunning brown eyes that made her seem innocent, with long blonde hair that had streaks of brown running through it. She had the body type of a Victoria secret model, at five nine, she was petite with long endless legs that led up to a love toned looking ass.

While she didn't have massive tits at most a large b cup it didn't stop her from looking sexy. Lightly Tanned skin added to her looks, along with what was Edgar's favourite part. Unbelievably juicy natural looking lips …… something he had imagined would feel amazing around his wrinkled old cock. But while yes he'd love to fuck Clara, after the abuse and treatment she had given him, his main fantasy was to dominate this teen cunt.

Make her his slave, make her do whatever he demanded. He wanted to fuck her rough, he wanted to humiliate her, make her weight on him hand and foot. But of course that was just an old, tired man's fantasy. But little did he know, it would soon become a reality &hellip. All it took to start it was a small video call from an old friend. Edgars home&hellip.

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"I just don't think I can take their attitude henry, the other families I worked for where at least polite not to mention paid better. While I worked for them, I still considered them friends of sorts. But the Hammonds." Edgar said scrunching his old face up in disgust as he looked at the computer screen in front of him. On said screen was his old friend Henry Jefferies.

Henry was a sixty three year old retired builder, who until recently had lived in LA like his oldest friend Edgar, but know resided in Florida to be closer to his grand kids. As a way to keep in touch, said grandkids had set Edgar and Henry up with a way to communicate as if they were still in the room &hellip. Although it had taken a long, long time for them to get the hang of it. Henry much like Edgar had a wrinkled face, but instead of being overweight, he was instead very thin, a little gaunt even.

He has thin grey hair, along with a large pair of speck glasses. "Then quit, retire like me" Henry replied, after all he had wanted his friend to retire, maybe even join him out in Florida.

"I need a few more years to build up money you know that." Edgar shot back, a little jealous of his old friend. Knowing his friends money situation, Henry went to lighten the mood &hellip. But what he said next sparked an idea that would change Edgar's life. "You know, I was reading this great spy novel where it turned out a normal businessmen was actually an arms terrorist." Henry replied with a chuckle before continuing "The hero of the story planted a small camera in the man's office witch recorded the villain's dealings.

Needless to say it ended in a shootout of course, but maybe that's why the Hammonds are such pricks &hellip.There really under covered arms dealers." Edgar stared at the screen with a blank look that slowly turned into a smile, which then turned into a chuckle. His friend could really be an idiot sometimes, even though that idiot had subconsciously planted the idea in Edgars head.

The next day&hellip. Being that it was Edgar's day off, he had decided to take a small stroll into town. Clearing his mind of anything to do with his snobby bosses &hellip.Or the snobby teen Clara. The problem was he couldn't, for some reason his chat from last night with Henry stuck clearly in his mind. Well specifically the stupid comment about a spy using a small camera to record an arms dealer. Usually he would have played it off as nothing, but the old man's state of mind had changed recently.

He felt trapped in a job he now loathed, with employers he now hated. He needed to gain some control in his old age not be bossed around by some snot nose teen and her family. It was a long shot, and a stupid idea but for some reason Edgar kept walking through town until he reached the local electronics shop. Only to emerge with a small camera in hand. The next day Micheal Hammonds home office &hellip. Pointless, pointless, pointless, pointless Edgar grumbled to himself as he placed the small camera he had brought between a plant in Michael's office he used at home.

The butler wasn't sure what he thought was going to happen, and it was the longest of longs shots that it would record anything interesting. But who knew, maybe he could find some dirt he could make some money off. A thought he would never have imagined, after all before the Hammonds he was a stand up butler who gave nothing but the best &hellip.But now. The old man chuckled to himself at how stupid he was being, especially when he received a text on his phone demanding food be brought up to her highness Clara.

So getting back to his horrid job, he headed back to the kitchen. And for the time being, he forgot about that small camera that was about to change his life. Later that night …… The old man was exhausted, but had finally finished work for the day.

Luckily for him no one was in Michael's office when he snuck in and reclaimed his small camera. Sitting at the computer in his grotty little apartment, the old butler connected the camera up just like the kid he brought it of had explained at the store. When the video started he clicked on fast forward, waiting for anyone to enter the office of interest. The camera after all had recorded nearly ten hours, so there was no way he was sitting through it all in real time. About four hours into the recording though, it happened.

Edgar pressed play the minute he saw Michael Hammond walk into his office, accompanied by two other men dressed in suits. He listened closely as the three disgust details of the hotels they each run &hellip. Nothing out of the ordinary until one of the men brought up a recent charity event the Hammonds had held in aid of cancer. Edgar watched opened mouthed as Michael and the two businessmen laughed about how they had scammed millions of untaxed money from the people who thought they were giving to a just cause.

Realising the video footage he know had was a goldmineEdgars pudgy old hands set about cropping the video to a smaller sizebefore copying it multiple times onto different disks just encase. Swallowing slowly, he quickly rubbed the sweat from his wrinkled face as he tried to calm down.

All Edgar knew for certain right know, was he'd never loved his dear old friend Henry and his terrible spy novels so much. The next day…… Having hid the multiple copies of the blackmailing evidence he know had all in different locations only he would knowjust for safety measures.

Edgar had gone about planning how to blackmail Mr Hammond. After all the video he now had gave him a large amount of powerbut he wasn't sure whether to go for broke or maybe leave him a copy and make him pay ransomhe wasn't sure.

But until then he would have to keep carrying on as normal, the once hopeless old butler for once smiling as he took the demands from the Hammond's family members. It was when he received a text demanding a glass of water from the ever demanding teen Clara that the ideal plan slowly began to seep through his mind. As he travelled up the Hammonds mansions, endless amount of stairs. His old legs barely managing now, as he slowly began to sweat.

Don't worry Edgar, not long until you can retire He told himself as he reached the top. Walking along an almost corridor like hallway, he eventually made it to Clara's room.

Entering the teen's bedroom, which was nearly the size of his grotty little apartment, he spied the teen talking on the phone, dressed in her workout clothes. The sight causing his cock to twitch as he eyed the leggy blonde/brunette in a pair of grey tight yoga pants and a blue tank top showing of a slight bit of cleavage.

"Yeah I know, did you see her bag" Clara spoke, giggling down the phone to whoever she was talking to. Completely ignoring Edgar as he quietly coughed into his hand to draw her attention. "That bag is last fall's fashion, that's disgusting." Coughing louder this time, the old man finally caught her attention, as the bratty teen turned harshly glaring at the butler.

"What!?" Clara growled, her brown eyes boring into the old mans. Not even flinching as it was normal behaviour, Edgar held up the glass of water, only for Clara to snatch it from his wrinkled fingers. "Erm ice?" Clara said staring at the old man with an annoyed look. Edgar wanted to wipe the look off her face, the old man wanted to grab her, force his cock down her throat until she choked on it, before spanking her till she was raw. Of course not acting on it, he merely bit his tongue before nodding.

"I do apologize miss" Edgar said removing the glass from her hand. "Do let me go get you what you ordered." Without wordhe took the glass from her hand and began leaving the roomnot before over hearing the rich bitch talking down the phone again.

"Oh that was just my butler getting things wrong as per usual……… oh I know he's Grose looking, yeah his face does look like Michelle's handbag." Holding in his anger, Edgar continued to walk towards the kitchen, his plan clear as day to him know. He wasn't going to blackmail daddy, no he wasn't just going to get the cake, instead he would blackmail the daughter, getting the cake in the process and eating it to. Later that evening&hellip. Edgar had decided he would blackmail Clara the next time she was in the house alone, which happened more frequently then not so it was his best bet.

That was until he was cornered by Mr Hammond before he could leave. "Argh Edgar" Mr Hammond said just as the old man was about to exit the front door. Stopping to turn and face his soon to be ex-boss, the old man waited for what this prick wanted.

The man standing taller than him in a flashy suit with perfectly styled hair. "Just the man I wanted to see, I have a request if I may." "What's that sir?" Edgar replied without enthusiasm, he was tired, and sure this would be about doing some horrid task the next day he wanted nothing to do with.

" Well as you knowSarah our other maid has been off ill for a while and usually what I'm about to askI would request of her but I think you're the next best candidate for the job." Not sure where this was going the elderly man stayed silent waiting for more. "You've probably noticed, over the last few year or so, my dear Clara has been going on holiday with her friends.

Sarah usually being the one to accompany her, to help around the villa she stays at." 'More like wait on her hand and foot, or at least that's what Sarah had told him.' "Well in a week, she's decided she's going to take a break for a couple of weeks. My daughters chose my Bahamas villa to do so. So I was wondering if you would go with her, do your job but in the sun. I think she's going to be alone for the first week may be less, before she flies anyone out. So It shouldn't be too much hassle" Edgar was smiling on the insidewithout realisingMr Hammond had just given him the perfect chance to spring his plan on his unsuspecting daughter.

"That sound's perfectly acceptable" Edgar replied calmly. "Good man, you go home now and well discuss this more tomorrow" Mr Hammond said giving him a pat on the shoulder, before swiftly turning on his feet and walking away, leaving a very happy old man behind him.

One week later, the Bahamas…&hellip. The time had finally come, and after the Hammond private jet had touched down in the blistering heat, a limo had been waiting outside the airport as of course a normal taxi wasn't good enough for Clara Hammond. Not allowing a stuffy old man to sit in the back with her, Edgar had to sit up front with the limo driver as they drove in silence.

The only sound being the air conditioner and Clara in the back seat sipping on champagne and texting away to her friends. When they eventually pulled up to the private villa, Edgar was gob smacked. It looked more like the Hammonds mansion back in LA, the American family too rich for their own good. The fact it was on private land, made it even more breath-taking.

Essentially this whole space was for one girl, the thought making it even more surreal. But when he was ordered to fetch Clara's suitcases by the teen herself, he smirked, oh he'd get the suitcase, but it would be the last order he was taking. The BahamasHammond Villa. "Come on Edgar you old fool, I want to unpack and sunbathe." Clara chided as she watched the old man of sixty struggle and sweat as his old body carried the spoilt brat's insanely large suitcases up the villa steps.

She watched as the short wrinkly old man breathed heavily each step. 'God how hard can it be to carry a few suitcases?' Edgar grunted as he looked up at the spoilt brunette /blonde beauty looking down at him unimpressed.

The girl probably never having probably carried anything heavy in her life. Well apart from daddy's wallet. Still even though she was being her usual stuck up self, she still looked fantastic. Standing in a pair of white sandals, her endless tanned legs only covered by a pair of white short shorts and a brown belt.

Her petite frame up top covered by a loose white shirt. Her brown orbs covered by a pair of designer shades, and her stunning hair flowing over her shoulders. One of his favourite parts though, where the girls unbelievably plump lips, witch where currently scrunched into an annoyed pout.

Edgar only smiled up at the teen, trying to stop it from turning into a smirk as he felt the dvd disc sitting comfortably in his back pocket. The stuck up beauty didn't know what was about to hit her, his sexual fantasy of dominating this rich bitch was nearly in his grasp. Plus he had to commend himself for being patient, after all the old man could have made his demands as soon as he'd got the recorded footage of this slut's father admitting to tax fraud.

But when said father had told him he was to accompany Clara to the Bahamas to serve her at the Villa, he'd stopped his original plan.

After all being out of the country, alone with the girl for two weeks was a perfect time to implement his ideas. Not to mention the old man could really do with a holiday, the Bahamas sun was definitely ideal. Annoyed by his slow pace, Clara sighed in annoyance before the eighteen year old brat turned on her feet and walked through the marble walk way of her daddy's villa heading towards her room.

Clara had to admit of all Daddy's many properties this one was by far her favourite. It was so stunning, with six master Bedrooms, white marble floors. With a balcony overlooking an amazing view, the Balcony also having a Hot tub on it, she also had a closed from the public eye swimming pool and bar that led out onto a private beach.

She'd have Edgar serving her all day from their most likely. The villa also had an indoor pool, gym, sauna, steam room, indoor bar and its own Massage room.

Although the last one wouldn't be used as she wasn't going to let that sweaty fat old man touch her perfect body. Another one of her favourite things was the fact no more than a ten minute drive away was one of her father's personal yachts. Something she would definitely enjoy being ferried around on while she worked on her tan. Plus when she made contact with a few of her Friends to come out, it would definitely be a great place to party.

Entering her favoured bedroom, the room massive in size, with a four poster bed, on sweet, fifty inch TV on the wall and bay doors leading out to the balcony. Clara placed her Prada handbag on the bed before sitting down on the edge, her pert bottom caving comfortably into the soft mattress. Opening her bag she grabbed her phone and began scrolling through messages as she waiting for the old man to bring her suitcases along.

Flicking her hair, she looked towards the door when moments later Edgar came walking through the door struggling with her suitcases. Sweat pooling down his wrinkled face, and no doubt down his short fat body. The thought making her shudder in disgust. Feeling like a glass of the good stuff in the sun, the eighteen year old looked back down at her phone.

"Edgar go to the kitchen and get me a glass of champagne. And bring it to me outside." Edgar smirked at the stuck up teen who was paying him no attention all the while telling him what to do, this was about to change. Dropping the ridiculously heavy suitcases on the floor unceremoniously, causing the brunette streaked blonde to look up at him in anger. Edgar shook his head. "I think you should go get me a fucking drink." "Excuse me." Clara exclaimed in shock, staring at the fat old sweaty man in front of her through her designer shades.

She had known this old prick for three years and she'd never once heard his voice raised. "You can't talk to me like that, do you know who pays you? When I tell him about your little outburst your soo fired!" Edgar laughed, his wrinkled face crinkling with mirth causing Clara to frown in annoyance at the 'help'.

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"What's so funny?" Edgar stopped laughing, staring back at the eighteen year old beauty sitting before him. Deciding it was time to get on with his plan so he could enjoy the sun . and hopefully at some point this stuck up teens tight little cunt. The sixty year old looked at the heiress seriously.

"I think you're going to want to rethink that statement about firing me. For your sake and your father's." "And whys that you worthless old man." Clara bit back, looking down at Edgar like he was a small insignificant bug. Reaching into his black work trousers back pocket.

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He pulled a disc out, holding it out for Clara to see. In silence he walked to the large tv on the wall, switching it on before pressing the built in dvd players eject button. When the disc tray was out, the old man placed the disc in before turning back towards the spoilt princess Clara. "Make it play." For once listening mostly due to utter confusion as to what was going on.

Clara reached for the tv controls on the dress side cabinet. Controls in her perfectly manicured hand, the blonde/brunette clicked play on the remote. Only for a video of her father sitting in his home office sorting through his files to appear.

"What the he'll! ?" Clara exclaimed in confusion, unsure as to why a video of her father came onto the screen. "Just watch." Edgar smirked at the leggy teen.

His yellow teeth on show as he did. The video continued to play as two men in suits entered. Greeting Clara's father. The heiress recognizing the two men instantly. And without realising what she was doing, the teen put her best Friend and cousin into this old man's plans.

"So you have a video of Uncle John and Victoria's father, having a meeting big deal they all work in business together." Edgar's eyes widened, and his old lips turned up into another smile. Walking forward he grabbed the controller out of a shocked Clara's hands. Quickly pressing pause. "So that's your Friend Victoria's father . And that's your cousins Larnas?" Edgar questioned, pointing towards each man on the screen in hope.

"Yes why?" The teen replied, not sure why this old man. this old soon to be fired man was so happy about that little revaluation. The old man wanted to jump for joy at her reply. You see not only was Victoria's father and Larnas father stinking rich much like Clara's, but both Victoria and Larna, Clara's cousinwhere much like Clara .stuck up but beautiful. And while he'd never met the two girls fathers, he had met the two girls as the three of them where inseparable.

And much like Clara they treated him like dirt, spoke down to him like dirt all the while they flaunted their unearned wealth, talking about nothing but make up, clothes and boys. But with this information, he could now blackmail the other two girls as well .

in fact if everything went to plan with Clara he may as well get her to invite those little sluts out to join in the fun. After all that had been one of many sexual fantasies the old pervert had had since he started his job as Clara's family Butler. He wanted to take all three of them down a peg. And God did he want to fuck them, dominate them. After all it wasn't like a sixty year old, short, fat and bald old man had many chances to fuck three eighteen year old millionaire daughters but god he was going to take it.

His mind quickly went to the image of the two other girls. There was Victoria, Clara's best Friend who much like Clara was tall probably an inch shorter then Clara at 5'8. Still taller than his 5'6 frame, much like Clara her body was like that of a Victoria secrets model. Slim and petite with long legs. Her breasts looked to be the largest of the three though probably a small c cup.

She had long wavy brown hair, topped off with stunning green eyes and a tight pert ass. Her skin a perfect tan. Larna was a tad different in looks to the other two. And if it wasn't for her deep brown eyes and plump lips like her cousin the family resemblance wasn't that strong. Larna was incredibly petite, not to mention without her ridiculous sized heels on she was only around 5'2 in height. Edgar being a good few inches taller at 5'6.

Larna had long blonde hair, a small frame, and a small pair of cute tits the old man guessed was maybe pushing a small b cup. Tanned skin, slim waist and toned legs. What she did seem to have, was an amazingly pert bottom, surprisingly perter looking then the other too. Shaking his thoughts away, Edgar looked back at the girl in the room. Who was staring at him impatiently. " I want you to listen to this conversation very closely ." Edgar said pressing play one more.

"Why would you even record this and how?" Clara questioned as the three men sat at her father's desk talking. "That's not your business, just listen." Clara sat there as she listened to her father, her uncle and her Freinds father talk openly about the millions of untaxable money they made through a fraud charity.

Edgar watched with a smirk as the three men on screen spoke over nearly every detail of their illegal scam. His eyes watching as a shocked looked spread across the heiress teen in front of him. When the tape finished, he quickly ejected it from the dvd slot before slipping it back into his back pocket.

"So how did you find that little movie then?" Edgar said smugly to the little rich bitch in front of him. Realising what she had seen was bad, Clara glared at the old man in front of her as her heart sunk with worry. Just as she was about to reply, Edgar stopped her. "Before you speak, I'm going to just go over the ramifications that will happen if I release this video." Edgar said before licking his lips.

"First, your father, uncle and Victorias father are looking at serious jail time. Second no business associated with your father's company will want anything to do with him. Third and probably the most satisfying he'll go broke. and that large trust fund you so happily use whenever you feel like will vanish." Clara stared up at the old man, lip trembling a little.

Edgar didn't stop with the teen though. "So that would mean for you, Victoria and Larna. No more holidays, no more shopping sprees, fast cars and mansions. Instead it'll be working hard like normal people. although some people didn't flunk out of college so they actually have qualifications for a job.

That's alright though, you'll just have to get by on welfare while your slut of a mother works her ass off at a fast food restaurant.or works her ass off some other way. But then again you and that old sister of yours could do that as well" Clara visibly shook as the words came out of Edgars mouth.

Trying to regain her usual confident composure, she took in a few deep breaths. "Why would you do this to us?" Clara had expected remorse, expected a desperate man with some sort of reason behind what he was doing. But she never expected the old prick to laugh at her.


"Why wouldn't I do this to you is the question you need to answer. I've worked for four different families as their personal Butler and each of them treated me like a person .except yours. Your father treated me like dirt, your mother, your sister but most of all you, Clara Hammond, the eighteen year old spoilt brat." "You're the help nothing more what do you expect!" Clara blurted out, her spoilt teen attitude showing once more. Realising this was not a man she wanted to goad, she quickly pursed her lips together.

After all this old bastard held the future of her family in the palm of his hand.

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Her heart beat quicker when she looked at the short fat old man's face. The glare he was giving her made the teen shrink. Wanting to sate him, and get that disc back she did what any rich person would do. Try and throw money at a problem and till it went away. "You obviously want money I'm guessing.

So how much for your silence?" Edgar chuckled 'typical rich slut'." Oh money will factor don't worry, but that's just a part of my demands. You my dearest miss Hammond have two options with how this can go." "What are they?" Clara replied swallowing nervously.

Her manicured nails playing with the material of her white shorts. "Option one .this Disc and the countless over copies I made back home are sent to the national newspapers for a large sum. And also the police. These options will apply to Larna and Victoria as well" Edgar smirked after he said that. The teens plump lips quivering at the first options.

"Please not that ." Clara begged getting ahead of herself. "Or option two .your final option." Edgar said ignoring the teen. "Each week until I retire of old age.I'm thinking five years from now. You and the two others will deposit five grand each into my bank account." Clara nodded her head in earnest.

Option two looking the best so far. After all five grand was a mere drop in the ocean to her trust fund. "From now on you'll treat me with respect when where back home." Clara nodded again .She stopped though when the old man held his fat fingers out. Grinning evilly when he did. "But this one's my favourite. Unless people who are privy to this little arrangement are around. Are roles will be reversed, you will be my Butler.

In fact when where back home, each day I have off you'll spend at my apartment serving me to my every heart's desire any way I want.

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You would effectively be mine" Edgar then walked forward, a sinister grin still on his old face. As he reached out, slowly grabbing Clara's chin in his hand.

Staring down at the girls face. He could see the wide Startled look her eyes were giving, even though the designer shades where still blocking them. "And just so you know Clara . When I mean anyway I want. That also means serving me with this tight teen body of yours." Letting go of her face, the old man turned not looking at her reaction. Instead he grabbed the disc of her father's confession and placed it back into the tv's dvd player.

Grabbing the controls he once more pressed play before dropping the controls on the floor and turning back towards the quite form of Clara the leggy Blonde/Brunette.

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Who looked in a state of shock much to Edgar pleasure, in disgust probably as well at the old man's request but that didn't bother him. Clapping his fat pudgy hands together, Edgar spoke with an evil cheer to his voice. "Well while you think things over I'm going to go get my suitcase out the car and put my speedos on. After all could do with catching some sun by the pool.

Could only have a few hours here depending on your decision best make the most of it." Walking towards the door about to leave the old man stopped. His face still looking out the bedroom. "You have an hour to decide otherwise its option one.

If it's option two you choose, you best bring me a glass of Champagne outside. It's hot out there as well, so why not serve it in the smallest bikini you have.

The floor will be hot as well, so you best wear some nice heels as well." And with That Edgar left. Heading straight for his suitcase leaving a millionaires daughter.


. For the first time probably in her life, with a big decision to make. To be contiuned. Hope you enjoy what i have so faras for suggestions im open to anything. The old man wants to humilate these teen sluts after all. I wont add any young men wholl the would probably enjoy. After allEdgar has a score to settle. See you with the next part soon:)