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Threesome Lesbians Finger Fucking Pussy
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I hope you guys like these. Tell me something creative to put in. ---------- I got to school early and went to the secret room, just to see what is was like in the morning.

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A little study time thirty minutes before the quiz wouldn't hurt. I opened the door to the classroom, and stepped to the closet. I checked my phone, and walked in. The only people in there were David and Jack, the quaterback. Jack was at a desk, drinking some coffee.

David was asleep on one of the cushions with a pillow under his head, hoodie on him. I walked over and fisted his gut. "Awwww, shit. Chris?" "Hey, man.

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Thanks for telling me about this shit, huh best friend?" "You know I couldn't—" "I know man, I'm kidding. I love this thing man." "So," he bumped me with his elbow, "Heather, eh? Eh?" I put a hand in my hair, and smiled, embarrassed.

"She's fine." I said, with a smirk. "Fine? Dude, she's smoking. Never gotten a shot at that." "Well, we got a meeting today. Get here early and maybe you'll get it." "Whatever, man. Hey, I'm siced you're in the group, man. Good shit." "Thanks." I lay down on the next bed, put my head up, and opened my notebook, and read over the notes again.

I was gonna ace this one, partially thanks to Heather. When I wrote my name down for the quiz, I looked over some of the questions and instantly recognized them, knowing the answers. But, as I started writing down the answers, thoughts of the sweet lovin' I got in the room flooded my mind. The more I got into the quiz, the hotter I got. By question 10, I was hard and hell. My slacks barely secured my throbbing cock.

By the end of the question section, my pants were ready to blow up. The essay was easy, though. By the end of it, I wasn't dying and could concentrate. I hope this wasn't going to be like this all the time I took a test after studying and having sex. I turned in the quiz first in the class, boner-free. At lunch, I walked into the room, flustered over my quiz performance.

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I looked over at Heather and sat next to her, striking up a conversation. "Hey Chris! How'd the quiz go?" "Oh, I did great. It's just, well, every answer I knew, when we—you know—" "Fucked." "Yeah, when we did, every answer I wrote down, the hornier I got.

It was sorta distracting." "That's not exactly all bad. The point is for you to know more answers by motivation." "Ah, I see. Well, I was well-motivated, thanks to you." "Same.

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English will never be the same." She laughed. She kissed me on the cheek, and got up. The world slowed down as I watched her walk over to the fridge to get a juice.

I couldn't help watch her body. Oh yeah, English would never be the same. The girls in the group weren't as hot as Heather, but they all were magnificent.

Thank god I got in this. "You want anything? Chris.


Chris!" I was caught staring. "Oh, uh, no, I'm good. Thanks." I blushed. She laughed, and lay down. "I need a nap. Could you get me up like five minutes before class?" "Sure." I replied. She lay back, and rolled onto her side.

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I lounged back, and started reading a book. I opened the pages, barely comprehending the text before me. Yeah, I couldn't help just smelling how sexy she was. Sleeping. I looked over, but she hadn't moved.

Her glorious ass looked back at me, and I think I started to drool. I put the book aside, and got over, putting my arm around her. "Mmm, I was hoping you would do that." She said. "Ha, good." I said, laughing. I kissed her neck, grinding on her.

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I kept kissing as she cooed, and she slid her panties down. I slid off my slacks, and flipped my boner through my boxer slit. "Don't make me move, just fuck me." I rolled her onto her back, and kneeled in front of her. I bent over her, rubbing my cock on her twat. She smiled, eyes closed, and whispered, "Come on." I pushed, and finally felt the relief my cock dreamed for all day.


Her amazingly tight pussy was finally there again, thank god. I pushed all the way until I was completely buried, her face open in pleasure. I started fucking her for real, not taking out too much, just so I stayed far in while I did, making it awesome for us both.

The farther the fucked, the more flustered she got. By the time I had lost track of time doing it, she was up, watching me as she had her head back on the bed. I grabbed one of her legs, and rolled her onto her right hip again, keeping myself in. Her ass lay half-bare, exposed by the bottom of her skirt. I took my dick out, stood straighter up, and put myself back in, bending over her. Her sideways pussy felt even awesomer, and I started to kiss her again.

She put her arms around my neck, pulling me in closer. I did quicker, deeper thrust, feeling her pussy cling around my dick harder and harder, until she came, groaning in my ear. I took no time to go full force, wearing her out more and more, until I finally blew my load, collapsing on her. She kissed me on the cheek, and I returned, "You were asking for it." The bell rang ten minutes after we lay there after fucking.

"See you at the meeting." I said. "See ya." She said.


We hurriedly got dressed, and ran out the room. I just made it to class, dying to get back to the room. I sat there throughout class, feeling my need for sex flowing through my veins. The clock ticking sounded deeper and deeper, slowing down every time I looked at it. I thought of what I was gonna do in the room, whoever I was gonna be with. I wasn't gonna shut down Dave like that, so I thought who I should fuck next.

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Shit, I need to stop, focus on class. I looked back at the board, and wrote down notes. Before I could look back at the clock, class had ended. Off to world history, finally to finish the day.

I was three rooms away from my haven, where I could actually relax for once. God, school was tough. It was the only thing saving me. One of the girls from the club sat next to me, saying, "Hey," as she took her seat. I smiled, opening my notebook. Two minutes in, she motioned for me attention.

Writing in big letters were written on the paper in her binder. "ROOM 5 MIN" was written on the page.

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I nodded. She asked to leave for the bathroom, and was excused. I left two minutes later, and galloped into the room. She waited there, sitting on the cushion, shoes and panties on the floor. She was the only person in the room, and I went straight for it. We embraced in a kiss, as my hands got caught in her red-brown hair, as she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.

She groped my cock as we kept kissing, which didn't take long for me to get hard. She pulled me along by my cock to the wall next to the door, turning around. I backed up as she bent over slightly, holding up her skirt slightly, allowing room.

I slouched a bit, bending to her short stature. Her ass was nothing short of awesome, maybe just as godly as Heather's, which I eagerly began to fuck. I put a hand on the wall above her shoulder, and put the other on her tit. I groped away as we fucked each other, and she bent over more and more. Her ass jiggled as I watched my cock disappear in her deep canal, seeming as if it was endless. She started to slow down as she neared orgasm, so I pushed her against the wall, allowing me to fuck her as deep as I could.

I seized both of her hips as she collapsed against the wall as she climaxed. I squeezed harder and harder, and she whined to every time I slammed into her. I put my arms around her navel as I blew a modest load into her, sighing into her neck.