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Check up extremely sexy interracial sex with raunchy bbw bitch
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"Kim?" I began "Did you mean it last night, when you said you would do "anything"? She was silent for a second; I had caught her off guard. But, I could hear the smile in her voice when she answered. "Of course, lover. What did you have in mind?" she queried.

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"I want you to help me rape your sister." I said matter of factly "What?" she said confused "Rachel will give you pretty much whatever you want.

What do you mean 'rape'? "When she was seducing my boss today and I was watching, I started to get pissed and jealous. She never came on to me like that. Granted I know her life is on the line, but still five years and I had to beg every time we had sex.

I guess I just want to get some anger out" "Hmmmm. Yeah, my sister was always a ball breaker. Can you let me work on that a little? "OK, I guess" I answered "So, everything went fine? You have the forms you need?" Kim changed the subject. "Yeah. I fully expected to be packing up my office and being escorted out by security at this point. But, it could not have gone much smoother." "So, what's next" Kim asked a little anxious "We have to get our pretend Rachel's body out of the morgue and then I have to get two releases signed at the crematorium.

That should be fun, as they will only be doing one body. I haven't got that last part completely worked out." "You will! I have faith in you!" Kim said with much more confidence than I felt. "I love you" I said "Love you, too" Kim answered and then we hung up. In truth I didn't have either part figured out. You can't just back a truck up to the morgue and steal a body. We have 24 hour surveillance and a security guard. I could get a truck backed up to loading area with no problem.

There is no security barrier between the employee parking lot and there. But, after that, the security guard needed to be in another part of the building and away from the security monitors. He had to be out of the way for at least 15 minutes, if not longer. Rudy, our night guard had been around about 20 years.

He is about 50, and a tad lazy, but he takes his job seriously. He was not, however, above taking a break to read the latest Maxim or Sports Illustrated. I wonder if I could some how use that? Whatever we did, it had to happen really quick. Tonight would not be too soon. As expected I was distracted the rest of the day, but at least Dr. Syygo did not notice. Uncharacteristically he left early. He checked out for lunch and told our receptionist that he would not be back.

That was unusual for him, as he had a couple autopsies to do in the afternoon. But, I blew it off quickly. One less thing for me to worry about. I got home and had a million things banging back and forth in my head. How can I distract Rudy (our guard)? Is Jacob, the guy at crematorium, really as hung up on red-heads as I hoped (getting ahead of myself here)?

Will Dr. Syygo want to see those release papers he signed? How long before he notices that the Jane Doe was signed out early? Should I ask Kim to marry me? Where the fuck did that last one come from? Was I ready to marry? Kim and I have not even been seeing each other, if you can call this 'seeing each other' for a week. Why would marriage pop into my mind? Is it love or lust? At least I had the presence of mind to ask myself. I had to admit I was not sure. I was pondering that thought as I walked through my front door and was greeted by a very unusual sight.

Rachel was on her knees, wearing the same stunning outfit from this morning, with a new accessory. She was accessorized with a spiked dog collar and leach! Kim was holding the other end. Rachel bowed her head and looked every bit a whipped dog. "Uh, what's going on?" I asked slowly "I thought about what you told me this morning and I thought you might like my idea." answered Kim "This?" I asked, not at all picking up on her meaning.

"I talked it over with Rachel, and she agreed that she mistreated you and to make up for it, she is going to be your sex slave. She will do any and everything you ask." Rachel looked up.


She looked submissive, with maybe a shadow of defiance in her eyes. "Really?" I asked skeptically Kim jerked the leash. "Y.yes, Master" Rachel sputtered out while giving her sister a dirty look. "You want to try her out before dinner?" Kim said handing me the leach. I did. "Stand up, Rachel" I ordered She did and I stepped over to her and took off the collar and leach. That was not my thing. I could find other ways to humiliate her. "Kiss me" I said, wanting to gauge her enthusiasm To her credit Rachel stepped up and kissed me as deeply as I had seen her go with Dr.

Syygo. My arms naturally wrapped around. I dropped my hands to knead that sexy ass I had seen on display this morning. After just a few moments, I pulled back. "Not bad." Then turning, I said "Kim, are you going to play, too" I was wondering what she thought her role would be. "I was hoping you wouldn't forget about "Ordinary Kim". With Movie Star Rachel at your beck and call, I figured to be reading a book soon." she answered with just a hint of annoyance. "I could never forget you, my love" I said and then continued.

"Love, why don't you run upstairs, get me that flat hairbrush, and fill an applicator with Astroglide. Oh, and you won't need any cloths." Kim actually squealed with delight as she skipped out of the room. As I undid my pants, I said to Rachel "Why don't you give me some of what the good doctor got this morning" Rachel dropped to her knees and immediately freed my erect member.

My thoughts quickly drifted back to Dr Syygo's office and my boss striping Rachel to her panties and then her crawling under his desk to service him. Rachel, my ex-wife, is Playboy bunny material. Really. I genuinely have no idea whatever attracted her to me. I'm decent looking, and have a good job, but women that look like Rachel marry people that use $20 to wipe their ass.

Rachel is about 5'5" in flats, with a perfect hour glass figure. She has the face that reminds you of Charleze Theron, but prettier. I know how that sounds, but it's true. Once you got past her face you would notice her C-cup breasts. I've seen her naked and they are stunning. They have that classic 'hung there' look; pouty and seductive. Her nipples are a pink/red and about the size of a quarter. The little nubs are barely noticeable and seem to disappear when they get hard.

Her ass is shapely; a bit of a bubble and firm. When she wears jeans or knit pants, it is almost criminal. I have watched a guy walk into traffic staring at her when she walked past him. Stares are as common as ice cream in the summer. Yesterday, when Rachel stripped to nothing for my boss, Dr Syygo, I was so taken by her eagerness and raw sexuality I was shocked to anger.

Rachel had always been very stingy with her body; making me beg or cajole for every part of her body that she gave me. Not tonight. The sight of her naked, offering herself willingly to my boss was the vision that filled my mind as Rachel took me into her mouth.

I felt the warm wetness tighten around my cock. I let out a soft groan as I put my hands on the back of her head, took control, and slowly pushed my way in. When we were married, Rachel would bat my hands away anytime I tried this.

It was rare enough for a blowjob back then. I was going to enjoy taking her mouth. My cock bumped up against the back of her throat and I thought of ramming it all the way in. But, I decided to save that for another orifice. I used a fistful of her hair and pulled Rachel back. Rachel was playing her part, keeping up the suction and her tongue under my cock. I don't know what Kim said to her, but I owed her one. The milking sensation I felt as my cock withdrew gave me a small body shiver.

It felt soooo good. In, out. In, out. Each stroked pushed me a little closer to orgasm. Each stroke begged me to go faster. Each stoke yelled for me to fuck Rachel's mouth and drop my load down her throat. "Keep sucking, Rachel. I'm going to do the work" I commanded. I grabbed each side of Rachel's head and held it steady as I began to slowly push in and out, bumping way too soon into the back of her throat.

But, I was fucking Rachel's reluctant mouth. I was in control and could do whatever I pleased. Rachel's tongue cradled the under side of my cock, feeling soft, wet, and warm.

The constant vacuum milked me again and again, as I pulled out. I was fighting the desire to hammer her mouth, but I was losing ground to my growing lust. I started to move faster, holding Rachel's head firm. Her eyes looked at me with worry.

She did not know how deep or hard I would go. I didn't either, but my increased pace was the fuel for my libido and her worry. I pushed deeper with the next thrust, and I felt Rachel gag. "That look's like fun!" Kim came bounding in. Kim's words broke my trance and I released Rachel and pulled out.

Rachel was panting and she wiped a tear from her eye. "That was very good, my little slave girl" I breathed out, more than a little excited. "Now we are going to play a game" I began "It's called 'Make Her Cum'. Kim you get on your back, with your head over here towards me.

Rachel, because I can see how much you like being on your knees, you get the top of the 69 position." I noticed Rachel's glare at my insult.

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Her rounded little ass would pay for that. I continued. "The object of the game is simple; make your sister cum first. If you do this, you get to pick what is done to either you or your sister, by me. Got it?" Kim eagerly got on the floor and winked at me as she lay prone and looking directly up.

I got a nice view as Kim lay prone on the ground. My eyes were naturally drawn to Kim's chest, which defied gravity as her C-cups kept their pouty stance. They were carbon copies of her sister's, and I very much enjoyed the feel of her taut nipple in my mouth. I was thinking of doing that now, as Kim lay vulnerable on the floor. Kim has a very nice body. Not quite in her sister's league, but still damn fine.

Kim is blonde with a nice figure, and great toned legs. Her head to toe tan was magnified by her nudity and the contrast of the cream colored carpet in the living room. Kim's nipples were in their natural state, about the size of quarters and capped with small nubs that barely made an appearance.

As I starred at them they began to tighten with the anticipation of having her sister take her pussy. That thought reminded my of my lover's bare mound and my eyes darted there to confirm I had not imagined it last night. Kim was hairless as a child, but the angle prevented me from seeing her tight little pussy, which I knew would be wet. I was so hard with anticipation that it hurt and I could barely contain myself. I had every confidence that my little bi-sexual lover would have her sister cumming in moments.

When she did, Kim would take the hints based on what I had her retrieve and I would spank and fuck Rachel's tight little ass. I began to stroke myself thinking of it. Rachel, who stripped naked while I ogled Kim, straddled her sister and lowered her already wet pussy to Kim's face. Then she nearly lay on her sister as she put her face in between Kim's legs. I didn't even get a chance to say "Go' as Rachel lowered her head down and went to work. I saw a look of surprise on Kim's face, at her sister's aggressive start.

Until recently Rachel had never displayed any lesbian tendencies. But, after I had made her lick her sister's cunt and in turn had Kim eat her, she seemed to have discovered an unknown part of herself. The fervor at which she attacked Kim's flower seemed to confirm this. Kim leaned up to begin her own tongue dance, and my eye's darted upward. Rachel's pussy looked so inviting, as her parted legs, it gave me a perfect view. Rachel was unshaven, but trimmed nicely.

You could see just a few hairs from this angle. Her entire pussy was swollen with her own arousal. Her inner pussy lips were slightly parted, offering itself and her tight starfish to my cock. Kim had interrupted Rachel working me to orgasm, but I was still so horny it was all I could do not to slam my cock deep into one of Rachel's offered openings.

Kim removed most of the temptation by covering Rachel's pussy with her mouth. It looked to me like Kim was going for a quick victory. She inserted the thumb of one hand into Rachel's cunt and began to stroke back and forth.

Her forward thrust was accompanied by a little massage of Rachel's back door with her index finger. Kim's mouth was at the top of Rachel's love hole, and she was sucking and tonguing Rachel's clit.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! God, Kim!" I heard Rachel moan out. Not good strategy to take time out for a moan. It would be over soon I figured. Then I saw Rachel grab Kim's thighs and pull them back. "Oh fuckkkkkk!" Kim cried out in pleasure. I was very surprised at that, so I went around to see what Rachel was doing.

Rachel had two fingers around Kim's clit, and a third directly on top of it. She was moving her fingers up and down, side to side, and around; all the while squeezing Kim's little pea. But, this was not what was driving Kim mad. Rachel had her tongue in Kim's ass! I watched as Rachel tried to drive her tongue deeper. Failing that she began to lick it roughly, up and down, each pass an attempt to breach it. She attacked the tight hole with her tongue, eagerly, desperately, trying to breech Kim's tight opening.

Each little stab sent a shutter into Kim's body. Rachel worked frantically, up, down, circling Kim forbidden opening and then poking her tongue into the center. Kim was enjoying it much more than was prudent for this contest. "Rachel!" Kim cried out and she squirmed in pleasure. She was starting to lose it. Rachel's hand picked up speed stoking Kim's love button in every direction at once, almost vibrating in speed.

Kim began to move her hips up, to meet her sister's eager tongue. Kim so wanted Rachel's tongue deep in her tight ass. But, Kim was not giving up. I walked back over and Kim had her hands spreading Rachel's ass apart.

She had one thumb on Rachel's butt opening and was massaging it, as she kissed, licked, and even hummed on her sister's clit. "Ohhhhhhh" Rachel breathed out as Kim tried to take the upper hand. Rachel responded by pulling harder on Kim's firm and sweaty thighs, and pushing her face harder into Kim's body.

I was stroking my cock as I walked from one end to the other. It was maddening not to be able to fuck one of these hot women. "Ahhhhhhhh" Kim cried out in a more urgent manner and I stepped back over to see what Rachel was doing and I almost cried out myself.

Rachel had her entire mouth covering Kim's asshole, as she spread her sister wide, and was actually sucking on the little muscle. "Noooooooooooooo!' Kim screamed as her body went rigid and an intense orgasm ravished her body. Kim's muscles locked as she pulled her face out of Rachel's pussy and released her sister all together.

Kim gave in completely to her climax and a look of painful pleasure took over her face. Kim was tense for a few moments and then she slowly began to relax. Kim's eyes refocused as Rachel quickly got up.

Rachel looked like she was on fire; seeking water to extinguish the flames. I had expected a very self satisfied look, but she looked disheveled and was breathing hard. She immediately lay down on the ground, and spread her legs. "Kim, make me cum!" she cried out in near panic Prim and proper Rachel now had her pussy on display like a pop-shop stripper and not only that, was begging for her sister to eat her out.

I was nearly senseless with my own lust. Kim immediately rolled over and put her head between her sister's legs and then stuck her ass up in the air. I don't know if she was intentionally offering me her body, or if she was caught up in the moment, but I had to have relief.

I must have that offered pussy. I finished taking my clothes off as fast as I could while I watched Kim work on Rachel's pussy. Kim was squeezing the top of Rachel's cunt between her thumb and forefinger causing Rachel's inner lips and clit to be forced out between them.

As she was licking and sucking on Rachel's tiny bud, she had her thumb of her other hand inside Rachel, thumb-fucking her as hard as she could. Rachel was grunting with the motion of Kim's thrusts. "Uh! Uh! Uh! God, Kim! Harder!" With my cock free, I quickly knelt down behind Kim and shakily aimed my cock at her parted lips and pushed in.

Kim's tight pussy immediately constricted around me; as she was not expecting my invasion. I felt the familiar warm, silky-wet feeling envelope my organ. I shivered slightly as I inched a little closer to Kim, and latched on to her hips. "Oh, Godddddddddd!" Rachel yelled out giving voice to her climax and I watched as she thrashed about. I was instantly pounding Kim as hard as I could. I was an animal who had surrendered to his basest desires.

Watching these sisters go at each other had me to the brink. Now that I was inside Kim, I was not going to last long. Each slap of my hips meeting Kim's firm ass was pushing me closer to the edge. I needed to cum so bad that it hurt.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Kim began to grunt out as my pistoning became harder. I was pulling Kim into me with each stab of my cock into her love hole.

It was violent and satisfying. Each thrust was driving Kim's face into Rachel's pussy. Rachel was laying completely relaxed and spent. Kim had turned her face to the side and had her eyes closed tightly; maybe in pain; maybe in pleasure.

I couldn't tell. I also couldn't stop to ask. I felt the edge approach. I was almost there, and then in an explosive moment, the floodgates opened and I felt my cock begin to fire it's bullets of lust into Kim's body. I yelled and pulled Kim into me so hard that I thought she came off the ground.

Black spots appeared as my orgasm stole all my senses. I knew no sound. My vision blurred. I smelled nothing. I could not even feel Kim's pussy. I felt only a liquid pleasure that seemed to both lift and drown me. Then as quickly, it began to pull back and lower me back to reality.

I heard Kim's rapid breathing. I could feel her warm pussy, and my hot juice inside her. My vision cleared and I saw Rachel smiling at me. It was actually a nice, contented smile. It looked good on her. I let go of Kim and she collapsed onto the floor. "Wow!" I huffed out "That didn't quite work out the way I planned" Rachel giggled. That was a sound I had not heard from her in years.

Kim rolled out from between her sister's legs, showing me her pouty breasts. They were glistening with sweat with her nipples still partly erect. She looked so sexy; I was wondering if I could go again. "Yeah, I didn't see that coming either" Kim said. She took in a few deep breathes and then sat up, still trying to get her bearings. I watched as Kim stretched her back, making her luscious tits bounce and sway.

Then she stopped with a puzzled look on her face. She spun on her bottom and spoke to Rachel.


"Rach, how did you know I like to have my butt tongued?" "Yeah, that's a good question?" I added "Uh&… Well, I sorta saw you guys going at it last night" Rachel said turning red I wasn't sure if I should be mad or not. Then I decided I wasn't, but it had given me an idea. My cock was agreeing with me. "Well, slave girl, I think your spying has earned you some punishment.

I said. Spanking Rachel and fucking her ass was my plan the whole time. Since tapping Rachel's ass once, I was fantasizing about that forbidden fruit again. Feeling it's tightness stoke me to orgasm, as she grunted in pain, had my cock rising to attention. "Wait! I thought I got to choose who did what to whom, because I won." Rachel complained. Just then the sound of a vehicle pulling into the drive stole our attention. "Russians!" Rachel shouted.

Rachel dove for her clothes. Kim, whose clothes were upstairs, bolted for my room. I rushed to the window and once again saw Tasha getting out of a vehicle. If she had been in her Dad's truck, I might have recognized the engine. My heart began beating again. "It's Tasha" I yelled out, relaxing as the danger had passed. Then I realized I was naked and made my own dash for my discarded pants.

Rachel let Tasha in when she rang the bell. I was in the kitchen trying to make myself look like I hadn't just been in a threesome. Kim was doubtless doing the same. "Hi, Ron" Tasha said as I came back into the room.

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Then she kind of looked around and shook her head, knowingly. "I'm not even going to ask what I just interrupted" Tasha said accusingly, in my direction.

"What? Me? Us? We were just getting ready to order a pizza for dinner." I said, voicing the first thing that came to mind.

"Whatever." Tasha said, rolling her eyes. Kim came down the stairs, looking mostly normal in shorts and a tee. "Hi, Tasha" Kim greeted.

"Hi." Tasha returned and then looked at me. "So, what's the plan?" "I told you, pizza" I answered "You should be a blonde." Tasha said shaking her head again.

"Not dinner. The Russians? Rachel? Dead body? Any of this ring a bell? Kim, I swear, you are going to have to keep your hands off of him. His brain can't spare the blood your drawing into his dick." "That was mean." I said as Rachel giggled again. But, Kim came to my defense. "Tasha, you just leave Ron alone" she started in a mock scolding tone "He got the two releases for the bodies today" "Hey, what about me?" Rachel interjected.

"Oh, and Rachel was a whore today" Kim said sweetly. Rachel just glared. Things were back to normal. "All right. All right. I'll get the pizza ordered and then we can go over the plan together. Tomorrow is going to be a big day." I said I did and we went over the plan until nearly midnight.

I had a skeleton of a plan and the girls really helped flesh it out. There was a lot of stuff that I had not thought of that Rachel, Kim, or Tasha had. Tasha was going to be indispensible and she seemed to be bearing up very well, even though she now knew exactly what she would have to do. "Kim, that was a great idea with Karen and Sharon. Are you sure they will do it?

I asked. "Yup. They are kind of exhibitionists." She responded. "Aren't they going to need a reason why?" Rachel said in tone suggesting we had driven past Grand Canyon and not noticed it. I glared. I was going to enjoy fucking her ass. "I'll tell them I want to get Ron all excited, so I can do him at the morgue." Kim said. That seemed to satisfy everyone and Tasha got up to leave. "I have to go to work in the morning.

What time do you want me and the truck here?" Tasha asked. "I figure we need to be at the morgue at 7:30. That should allow enough time for everyone except Rudy to go home. So, if you are here at 5:30, we can eat, and then drive over" I answered.

"I'll be here" Tasha said as she hugged Kim and Rachel in turn. She walked the few steps to me and hugged me just a touch longer than necessary. I thought her hand brushed my butt when she let go.

I might have just imagined that. My mind began thinking of Rachel's perfect ass bent over the dining room table. I could first spank it, and then violate it. But, I was too tired. The girls looked done for the night too. So in unspoken agreement, we all headed for bed. Kim and I shared some pillow talk over a few 'what ifs', but yawns kept getting in the way. So with me holding her firm right breast in my right hand, and my semi-hard cock seeking the warmth of Kim's bottom, we both drifted off to sleep.

Thursday morning dawned and once again, I had slept uninterrupted by dreams. I was better at work, than the last two days, actually able to forget what we would be doing tonight for a few moments. I did find myself paying extra attention to the security cameras and wondering how I ever could have ignored them before. 5 PM grudgingly arrived and I headed for home. I got home and Kim greeted me at the door with a very deep kiss. The weight of what we were about to do had started to weigh heavily on me, and even Kim's kiss could not completely break through the funk.

I did enjoy it though; I'm not dead. "Thanks! What was that for?" I asked "Good Luck!" She answered and Rachel and Tasha walked out of my kitchen.

The smell of spaghetti managed to get though my emotional defenses and I discovered I was hungry.

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"Ron, I figure you, me, and Tasha, need to eat and then leave pretty soon." Rachel said "The plan is for Karen and Sharon to follow Kim to the morgue. They think they will be putting on an evening show for you, so you will be easier for Kim to seduce at work." "OK" I said "When are they due?" "I told them to be here right before seven." answered Kim "So, Rachel, me and you, all climb into the truck and leave first" said Tasha.

It sounded like the ladies had it all worked out, so I just nodded my head and began to work on my plate of spaghetti. We finished dinner, loaded the freezer in the pick up and me, my ex-wife and my girlfriend's BFF piled into the truck.

Tasha drove. It was an easy 25 minute drive to the morgue and I showed Tasha where to park. I got out of the truck, and walked over to the driver's side. "Watch for Kim and Karen and Sharon" I said to Rachel and Tasha "I will let Kim in the back and show her where the body is. When Karen and Sharon get here, they will text Kim, to let them know they are getting started. She will text you, and then you drive around and back up to that door." I finished by pointing to the man-door in the back of the building.

"Got it?" I said much more confidently than I sounded. "What will you be doing?" Rachel asked "Making damn sure Rudy is watching Karen and Sharon and not that door" I said pointing. "You're not helping with the body?' Rachel said a bit excitedly. "Rach, if I can safely get away, I will, but no guarantees. Get the body into the freezer, the three of you should be able to handle it. At least get her into the bed of the truck and cover her up.

Then we will all drive home together. Drive carefully. Don't exceed the speed limit and don't forget to text me, so I know when it is safe." I was babbling and rambling.

We had gone over this more than a few times. "OK." Rachel said flatly, obviously not happy. I looked at Tasha. "You, OK?" I said "Peachy." She answered nervously. Then to my surprise, Tasha reached out, pulled me to her and gave me a deep kiss. "Peachy" she said again, but this time more confidently. I walked away, almost certainly with a stunned and stupid look on my face. Opening the door and entering the morgue brought me down to earth. I walked over to Rudy, who was manning his security station at the front glass doors.

"Hey, Rudy. How's it goin'? I said as easy as I could "Good, Ron.

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What'chu doing back here tonight?" "I need to get some paperwork finished. I got all the way home and forgot I needed to have a DDR-49 filed out for a body release tomorrow, first thing. If we didn't have all these damn meetings I would just do in the morning" I said that pretty easily, but then wondered if I had rambled too much.

"Sucks to be you" Rudy said with a chuckle. I walked past him and headed towards my office, near the morgue area. I shuffled papers and grew increasingly nervous as my mind thought of all the ways something could go wrong. How, if caught, I would try to explain it first to Dr Syygo, and then, likely, the police.

My stomach was starting to get very sour, when my phone vibrated with the announcement of a text. Kim was right outside. I hustled right over, opened the door, and let her in. She looked as nervous as I felt. "Everything OK?" We said simultaneously. We both grinned nervously, as Kim came in.

"Karen and Sharon are right behind me. They should be sending me a message fairly soon" Kim said, even though I figured as much. If there had been a problem, she would have let me know by now. I led her over to the morgue area, opened the vault for Julia Swenson, our Rachel imposter, and object of our larceny tonight. I was worried Kim was going to be sick, but she took in everything I said in a very matter of fact manner.

I hope she and the other two girls were really up for this. I have handled dead bodies for a few years now, and it doesn't bother me anymore. But, early on, I will admit it weirded me out. Kim's phone chirped and my heart leapt into my throat. I knew instantly what it was, but I was on edge and that tiny noise spiked my heart rate, blood pressure, and sent a jolt of adrenaline that did my stomach no good whatsoever.

"Showtime" Kim said with a smile. Her words had a double meaning. I kissed her, told her to alert Rachel and Tasha, and made my way back up front to see about Rudy. In the 50 steps or so it took me to get up front a variety of scenarios on how this could go wrong played out in my hand. I envisioned Rudy charging out and detaining Karen and Sharon for the police.

He might not be interested and decide that he could give the ladies some privacy by making his rounds. That would get exciting when he made it to the back. Maybe the girls would get grossed out and Rudy would find a corpse lying on the floor, with the back door wide open. I was working on how to get Rudy to look out the front windows as I pushed the door out into the reception area.

"Ron! Ron!" Rudy called out in an excited whisper. Half of the weight of the world fell off my shoulders. "C'mere! Look at this!" Rudy continued, adding frantic hand and arm movements to make his point. I walked over, hurriedly, trying to look a combination of confused and excited. As I moved over beside Rudy, who was now hunched and kneeling to hide as much of himself as possible, I was sure I would not have to fake interest.

I peered out the reception room doors, cautiously, pretending both that I needed to stay hidden and that I didn't know what was going on. My eyes immediately found two 20ish girls. One was blond, the other with dark brown hair. I immediately recognized them as Karen and Sharon. Both ladies were profile to us, about 30 feet away, standing by the hood of a vintage 70's Impala.

The Impala was angled at about 45 degrees so the back end pointed away from us. With the exception of the year of the car all of that looked ordinary enough. But it wasn't the collector car that had Rudy's attention. I'm pretty sure it was Sharon's tongue in Karen's mouth. "Holy Shit!" I exclaimed and I made my eyes go wide in surprise. "Yeah! A couple of lesbians!" Both ladies were dressed in contrasting, but very revealing outfits.

Karen, the blond, had a black tube top and a short red summer skirt. They were accented by black fuck-me pumps. Sharon had the same clothes, but the colors were swapped, all the way down to the red FMPs. They evoked the imagine of a very sexy checkerboard. The girls kissed slow and deliberately, seemingly oblivious to the possibility of discovery. Their mouths opened eagerly, Sharon's full and inviting lips were slightly parted, as Karen's barely visible tongue moved to go between them. As the ladies lips approached each other, their sensuous mouth's opened wider, met and then closed together in a kiss.

The kiss was soft, but edgy, filled with promise and barely contained lust. Then their lips pulled slightly back to begin another kiss, and at it's wet conclusion; another. Each kiss was a little deeper and a little longer than the last. Each little touch of their tongues escalated their heat and the temperature inside this room. "Oh, shit!" exclaimed Rudy As the ladies continued to kiss, the heat of their lust began to melt their inhibitions. I watched as the comely brown haired Sharon, took Karen's tongue into her mouth and then sucked on it gently.

As Karen pulled her tongue back, Sharon sucked greedily on. She treated it like a treasure not to be relinquished, a fruit to be savored, and a prize to be won.

I began wishing it was my cock she was working on. I swallowed and noticed my cock was rising as the girls lust deepened. Rudy also liked what he was seeing "Oh, Man! I've heard of this kind of thing, but I never…&hellip." Rudy trailed off Both Rudy and I were mesmerized as Karen began to kiss Sharon's neck, with slow, deliberate motions, each one a little lower on her neck, moving intently down.

Karen reached Karen's bare shoulder and then worked back up to gently suck and bite on Karen's offered neck. Sharon's spent a few wet moments on Karen's graceful neck and then began kissing her way down again.

The anticipation was growing. We were dying to see what Sharon would do when she reached her blond sister's chest. This time Karen's shoulder did not stop the downward progress. Two more kisses found the cloth of her top. Karen tuned slightly to lean back on the car, offering her chest to her adopted sister.

Sharon kissed lower, her lips about to meet cloth, when suddenly the cloth disappeared as Sharon pulled it down to her sister's hips. Karen's small, orange size breasts bounced once in surprise.

"Fuck" said Rudy. "She pulled her top off!" I had noticed. Karen's breasts might be a little small, but for the excitement they were causing they could have been DDs. They were nearly round and capped by tiny, already constricted areolas. The nub was lost in the tense flesh. The nipple's light brown color was only visible for a brief time until Sharon took one into her mouth and cupped the other. She sucked slowly and gently on the nipple, before letting it briefly appear.

Sharon then devoured it again, taking more breast into her mouth and then stretching the breast as she held the firm tit in her mouth and pulled back slightly. The shift in position was maddening for Rudy and I. Karen's chest was now mostly covered by Sharon, with one breast sort of visible, but the licking and sucking on the other, obscured it. We were forced to make due with the sight of Sharon's shapely, tan legs, rising from her red high heels and then disappearing under her bouncy skirt.

Sharon was slightly bent, to access her sister's breasts, and that pooched her bottom out, daring God to send a wind to lift it. God may not have answered our prayers, but Karen did as she slid Sharon's skirt from her narrow waist, over the flair of her hips and letting them puddle at Sharon's feet. The slim waistband told us that Sharon was wearing underwear, but that was the only hint, as the thong underwear left her ass bare.

We watched in awe as Sharon's full ass, bounced and swayed as she continued to lick and caress Karen's breast. Sharon would shift weight slightly and in turn her hip would cock first one way and then the other. It was like waving a red cape at a bull and Rudy seemed ready to charge. "Ron, that ain't right" Rudy said "My wife didn't have an ass like that 30 years ago, when I met her" He licked his lips as we both continued to stare.

The ladies shifted their position again, turning more profile. I couldn't figure out why, because it looked more uncomfortable, with the side of their hips against the car. It was then that reality cleared it's throat and I remembered this was a show and that the ladies knew they had an audience. But, when Karen slowly pulled Sharon's tube top down, revealing Sharon's larger, milky white globes, amnesia began to set in again.

Sharon's response to that was to pull back from her sister and to remove her top all together. With a couple of methodical moves Sharon had Karen's skirt down and off, while Karen pulled her own top back up, over and off leaving both ladies in thong panties.

"Oh Fuck!" blurted on Ron. "What are you going to do about this?" I asked with multiple layers of curiosity. 'What?! Are you in a hurry for me to do something?' he answered "I'm in no hurry." came my honest reply.

Sharon continued to be the aggressor, coaxing her sister to sit on the hood of the car, at an angle that gave us at least the hope of seeing her little slice of heaven. We were not disappointed as Sharon pulled Karen's panties, down, and off.

Karen's naked pussy was visible for all to see. Sharon did not let us see for long, as she bent over and began to lick Karen's cunt. Rudy and I were not completely thwarted in our peep show; Sharon's very shapely legs were apart about shoulder length as she leaned into her adopted sister's pussy.

Her legs, now looking so incredibly long as they morphed into the classic heart shaped ass. The angle of the ladies also let us see a hint of Sharon's large tits swaying as she devoured her sister's cunt. All of this had me rock hard and wishing I was outside. Rudy, too. "I wish she would take those panties off" Rudy said frustrated. Both Rudy and I had our eyes riveted to the small piece of cloth that covered Sharon's pussy from our view.

It was tightly drawn and we could see her lips clearly outlined. Our attention was rewarded when Sharon reached between her legs and began to rub her own pussy through the cloth. She placed her two fingers on her clit area and began to slowly rub it up and down, matching the rhythm of her leg bob. We watched as she rubbed her pussy faster and faster, squirming and seemingly frustrated. Karen had all but disappeared from our view as she had laid back on the car, as her sister's tongue pushed her closer to orgasm.

Karen brought her knees back and we saw her pulled them to her chest as far back as she could, giving Sharon unfettered access to either of her two openings. With that Sharon suddenly stopped rubbing her cunt, stood up, and in a couple of quick graceful motions had her panties completely off. Then to our delight she leaned back into her sister and continued to eat her pussy like it was the nectar of the gods.

"Oh Shit" Rudy groaned out as Sharon bent back over, shifted over, and gave us the perfect view of her pussy and back door. My cock was so hard now, it could cut diamonds I was thinking only of how nice it would be to fill one of those holes. Rudy had the same thought "God, I want to fuck her!" he said. Sharon had put her hand back between her legs and was working her pussy furiously.

She alternated between rubbing her clit with paint-shaker rapidity and then driving her fingers inside her; finger fucking herself as fast as she could. Karen must have started to cum as she locked her legs around Sharon's head, and Sharon latched onto her sister's hips. This lasted for a few seconds and then both ladies relaxed. I hoped that they would trade places and Karen's pussy would now be in view. They did trade places, but Karen squatted down and had Sharon lift one leg up, opening her pussy for Karen's tongue invasion.

Karen began to lick Sharon's pussy. She started in the back and licked up, slowly. As she did, Sharon began to strain upward, trying to maintain as much contact as she could with Karen's tongue. As Karen would finish and move back down, Sharon would drop back down, her large breasts shimmering and shaking as gravity took effect. "Look at those, tits, Ron! Lord, please. Just one time!" I was looking.

They were nearly as nice as Rachel and Kim's. They were larger, probably D cups, but firm. They were round in shape, with the very erect nipples pointing out of the exact middle. Even being erect the pinkish areolas were the size of a quarter. They just begged to be squeezed and sucked. I so wanted my mouth on one. Each little bounce from the balls of her feet sent a tiny shimmy through her tits and caused my own cock to jump.

I was so hard it was starting to hurt. Karen stood after a couple of minutes of this and bade her sister to climb onto the hood, so she could finish the job she had started. Sharon did as she was told and quickly Karen's glistening cunt was displayed as she dove between her sister's legs. Karen's fingers immediately found her pussy and she started working herself to her second climax. She urgently began to rub her clit in a left-right motion, vibrating her pussy lips open in the process.

"Ummmmmmmm" I groaned out making my first sound of frustration, as I dreamed of shoving my cock deep inside this lesbian. "Fuck, ya!" answered Rudy. Karen was dead set on achieving orgasm number two, as we witnessed her put her other hand between her legs and fuck herself with one hand as she rubbed her cunt with the other.

Sharon was helping her to manage this contortion, as she had pulled her legs back to her chest, allowing her legs to cradle Karen's face directly into her own wet pussy. "Look at that! That fucking bitch is sooooo hot" Rudy almost yelled. I could only swallow hard and try not to rub my cock.

Karen squirmed and danced with the pleasure and exertion her two hands were giving her. Sharon was writhing and squirming as her own pussy was being licked, sucked, and slurped. My eyes darted from Karen's pussy to Sharon's legs and back. I so desperately wanted to jack off and gain my own relief. I was shocked almost to my own orgasm as Karen's hand drove deep into her own cunt and I saw a trickle of love juice flow down and off her wrist.

Sharon had grabbed Karen's head and pushed it hard into her crotch and was thrusting her pussy trying to gain pressure and friction on her needy clit. Less than three seconds of that treatment to her cunt had Sharon locking her legs around Karen's head and mouthing a scream.

Both girls squirmed under the pressure of their orgasms and then relaxed. Karen's head came out of from between Sharon's legs and I saw that she was breathing hard. Sharon worked up to a sitting position and her large breasts rose and fell as her own breathing moved in an arousing manner.

The ladies hugged each other and then kissed gently. With that the spell was broken, both inside and out. The girls looked around, suddenly cognizant that they were in the open. They spent an extra quick second looking in our direction, but if they saw us they made no motions to betray them. Both girls had their three articles of clothing on in moments, got in their car and pulled away. "I…I need to go take a piss." said Rudy unconvincingly. "I'm gonna go double check that I put everything away" I answered.

My statement was closer to the truth than his was. I looked at my phone, hoping there was a text that I had missed. But there was none. Now reality was fully upon me, and I walked faster, my hard on evaporating in the process.

I opened the door to the morgue area a little harder and faster than usual and I heard Kim squeal out in surprise. "Dammit, Ron! You scared me to death. Hurry, come help!" To move the body, what the ladies had to do, was wheel a gurney over to the locker, open the locker and slide the slab and body out.

Then they would slide the body onto the gurney. Once on the gurney, they would wheel the body out the back door, down the loading ramp, and over to the tailgate of Tara's dad's pick up. From there they would move the body off of the gurney, and into the bed of the truck, via the tailgate. They would then need to physically lift the body into the freezer. Then the gurney would be brought back in, everything closed up and replaced, and then they would get the hell out of there.

Kim was sweating and her hair was disheveled. She looked a little sick. But, she was pushing the gurney back to the storage area. One locker, the correct one, was open and empty. They must have just finished loading up the remains of Julia Swensen into the truck and were putting everything back to normal. "Is she in the freezer?" I asked "Yes!" Kim snapped at me.

"You three get moving! Get off morgue property and drive to the Wal-Mart parking lot, park in the deserted part of the lot, and I'll take your car and will meet you in five minutes." She did not have to be told twice. Kim tossed me her keys and was out the back door without so much as another look in my direction. I put the gurney away, closed the locker, and made a quick check that nothing was out of place. I was sure I missed something as I took a step toward the exit. "Damn" I thought.

Then I hurriedly went to the back and locked the back door. I still had that nagging feeling I had forgotten something, but it was much more subdued now and I made my way out of the morgue area. Rudy was nowhere to be seen. I was grateful for that, and let myself out of the front door. I locked that behind me and forced myself to walk normally to Kim's car. I let out a sigh as the car started on the first turn of the key and I drove out of the parking lot.


Wal-Mart was two blocks away and I quickly found the girls. They had parked out a distance from anyone and I pulled beside them.

Kim and Rachel got out, leaving Tasha behind the wheel of the truck. One glance at Tasha told me she was not feeling very well. Rachel was unreadable. Kim was nervous, maybe even excited. "Did the guard suspect anything?" Kim asked hurriedly. "He suspected he was going to cream his underwear." I answered much more witty than I felt "You weren't kidding when you said they were exhibitionists.

I kept forgetting why I was at the morgue." I finished. "Does my poor baby have blue balls" Kim baby-talked me. "Dammit, Kim!" Rachel broke in "We need to get the fuck home! We aren't done here!" Kim shot her sister a look and I thought she might start in on Rachel, but then her face softened and she nodded her head.

"We need to go home together" Kim said in my direction "Karen and Sharon will want to see us together, so they think they accomplished their mission." "OK" I said tossing her keys back to her. Then to the other two ladies I added.

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"You two drive home. Drive the speed limit. Stay in the right lane. Don't pass anyone. Kim and I will be right behind you. If a cop happens to look cross ways at you, Kim and I will blow by him and draw his attention. He can pull us over. You guys just keep going." I was hoping that would make them feel better. Tasha nodded, but still looked green. As Rachel climbed back into the cab, I walked over to the driver's side. "You OK?" I said as gentle as I could.

"That was a lot worse than I thought it would be. That girl has a family somewhere. And here we are stealing her body." "Yeah, I've been thinking of that, too" I started. "I'm thinking that if she was a good person, she would have been OK with us doing this to save a life." I paused for a second and let Tasha think on that. "Maybe." Then some color returned and she added with a weak smile "You're gonna owe me, big time, mister" "You know it." I said gently as I grinned and squeezed her shoulder.

"You better get moving" Tasha nodded and turned the engine over. I got in Kim's passenger seat and buckled up. "Is Tasha OK" Kim asked kind of distracted. "I think so.

It just got very real for her when she actually had to see and touch the body" "Yeah. That was kind of gross. I don't see how you do it day in and day out" "You get used to it" I said, but now I was distracted. I was mulling a few things over in my head.

"Kim?" I started. Kim glanced at me, as she backed out to follow the truck. I continued "Does Tasha like me?" "Huh? "Like you" "What do you mean? Does she think you're a nice guy? What?" "No. Does she "like" me? I said really emphasizing the work 'like' Kim glanced over at me, looking a question at me. "I don't want to start any trouble, but it feels wrong not to tell you, but just now Tasha said that 'I was going to owe her, big time' and earlier she gave me a kiss before I went into the morgue.

I'm not sure what she means." "She wants to fuck your brains out. That's what it means" Kim said almost cheerfully. "You don't seem to upset that your best friend kissed me." I said a little injured. "You can fuck her, if you want." Kim said like she was OKing my Saturday golf game. "What!?" I spat out. "Tasha always ends up liking the same guys I do. We've hooked up with a lot of the same guys. She is helping us out, so I guess we do owe her "big time". I'll talk to her" Kim said knowingly.

The she thought a second and added. "Just don't you go falling in love with her! That would piss me off!" "Ummm&hellip.uh&hellip.OK" I finally stammered out. Then a few minutes later I said "I'm gonna need Tasha's help tomorrow when I go to the crematorium.

That's on top of her help at the dentist tomorrow night." "You want me to ask her?" Kim said referring to the day chore. Tasha had already agreed to help with the evening one. "No, I'll do it." I said, feeling it was my responsibility. The rest of the drive was in silence.

Tasha and Rachel drove like they were taking their driver's test and we made it home without any kind of mishap. Tasha backed the truck into my drive and killed the engine. I got out of the car, as the three ladies exited the vehicles. "Let me plug in the freezer and rig up the thermostat and I'll be right in" I called to the girls.

Tasha said something to Kim, Kim looked at me and nodded, and said something back to Tasha. They hugged and Tasha walked in my direction as the sisters went inside.

"Don't hurt him, Tasha" Rachel called out a cold, sing-song voice. And then they disappeared behind the closing door. That reminded me that she had a spanking and an ass-fucking coming. Tonight might be the night. I would be stretching her ass soon, I promised myself. She can still be such a bitch. I was working myself into a bit of a state as Tasha came over. "Need some help?" Tasha asked in a purposeful voice.