Hot vixen ryan smiles gets fucked and jizzed on pornstars and hardcore

Hot vixen ryan smiles gets fucked and jizzed on pornstars and hardcore
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When I was just a nine year old boy my father left me and my mother for another man. He was never into his family and often never came home at night. My mothers name is Cindy mine is Dana. I always thought she was pretty with her long brown hair and hazel eyes. She took good care of herself and tried to make my Dad happy but the last few years he would have nothing to do with her.

When he finally told her he was gay and was leaving us Mom just completely lost it. She told me that she hated all men and that they were evil basterds. after that my Mom changed forever. After about a month Mom started acting weird. never going out, telling her friends she never wanted to see them agian.


she became a hermet and pulled me out of school telling them she was going to home school me. And then she started drinking hard. One night after a an all day binge Mom was very angry she said to me all men are assholes and so are you boy maybe I should have had a girl insted, or maybe I'll just make you my little girl, and then it all started.

Mom took me to her room and pulled off all my clothes, she then went to her closet and picked out a pink baby doll nighty and put it on me. She was drinking gin stright out of the bottle and only getting worse.

she looked at me and said now your going to be my little girl whore, I'll teach you to look like a girl, act like a girl, and want to be a girl just like yuour fucked up father. Mom put strap on high heels on my feet and led me to the bath room were she applied make up to my face, I already had long hair and she thought it would be fun to make it into pig tails.

I was a small boy and Mom had complete control over me. She was still swigging her bottle of gin and gave me a look I had never seen before.

Moms eyes were glossy and red she pushed me on the bed and took off her little sun dress and was naked I'd never seen her body before the lumps on her chest were huge and the spot between her legs was bare. she stood at the edge of the bed and started to piss on the floor like she ment to.

Mom crawled onto the bed looked me in the eyes and said your my sissy bitch.Your father wouldn't fuck me but you will, I'm going to make you do what ever I want and you will obay do you understand?. All I could say is yes Mommy. I didn't know how to feel dressed up all like a girl but it was making my Mom happy she stroked my hair and played with my pig tails then she put her mouth on mine and kissed me with her tongue.

as she told me I was no longer a boy but a little girl I had do what ever she said. and she made the rules clear. First she took me to the neighbors yard and made me plance around like a litle girl would luckly they where out for the week end.

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Still drinking her gin Mom walked up to me and said now it's time to do what your faggot father couldn't. Your going to suck and fuck your mothers pussy and your going to like it or else I will beat youdo you get it?.

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I said yes Mommy. being dressed like a girl just made my Mom more wanting to hurt me, she wanted to take her anger for my Dad out on me. She crawled on top of me the bottle of gin still in her mouth. she moved her hole onto my mouth and told me to suck, I did as I was told she started rubbing back and forth and moaning.

my girl clothes just made my Mom hotter she fucked my face hard and cumed and pissed in my mouth then she moved down to my little dick and put it in her mouth and starting sucking. her mouth and teeth made my littel dick hurt but It still felt good. and quickly my little dick squirted in her hungry mouth.

at nine years old this was the the best I had ever felt. Mom dragged me to a spot on the grass just in front of the back porch and got on top of me of me and took my little dick in her hot hand making it hard agian.

she got on top of me and stuck it in her pussy and started using my dick in her hole. she started yelling fuck my cunt you girl boy bitch I did as I was told and Mom started to scream and pee her juice all over me.

after she was done with me she slapped my face and called me a dumb cunt, I would now be a girl forever. Mom managed to stumble back to our house making me walk in front of her and was spanking my ass as we went. I knew she loved me but knew she also hated me for being a boy, my father turning gay had really fucked her up. once we were back in our house Mom walked me to her bed and said I have to sleep but your going to suck my ass hole untill I wake up, she lied down on her stomach I started sucking her ass hole and then she passed out.

I got up and walked over to the mirrored closet door and looked at my self. I was pretty, Mom had put make up on my face, tied my hair in pig tails with ribbons, dressed me in a pink baby doll nightie and strap on high heels.

Her cum and piss was still all over me but I seemed to love it.

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Just then I knew I wanted to be my Moms little girl and make her happy. In the morning Mom woke up angry, and hung over. she went right to her bottle of gin and took a big swig. I said you were to suck my ass hole untill I woke up, I said I did but she did not believe me. She looked at me hard and said your not cuntie enough yet.

Your just like your Dad a gay piece of shit.


Then she said were just gonna have to feminize you some more aren't we. Yes Mommy was all I said. she had kept all her clothes from when she was yonger in the attic she went digging around and came down with a arm full of things to shame me with. Mommy striped off my nightie and heels and for fun spanked my little dick and balls. She then dressed me in a short mini skirt and holter top and put thigh high leather boots on my feet. then she said now all we have to do is show you off in public and make everyone know your my little bitch.

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she took me to the mall and walked me around. at first only little girls laughed at me then everyone else seem to notice and did the same. my Mom took great pleasure in my humiliation.


she found a loner teenage boy and told him to go to the bath room Mom followed us in and said get into that stall she was still drunk and she wanted to make my humiliation permanent.

dressed like a slut in my pigtails and make up she told the boy to sit on the toilet and then made me kneel down in front of him. She pulled down his pants and grabed his dick and started stroking it it was hard fast in her hand Then she pushed my head down and said suck it you little bitch, just like your Dad sucks cock. insted of my cunt. My mouth was filled with this teenagers cock my pigtails brushing his thighs Mommy was spanking my ass the short mini skirt she made me were made it easy.

I sucked this boy hard even though I had never don it before, I liked doing it then he did it in my mouth. My Mom slayped the boy for being gay and stood me up.

walking me out of the bath room. Mom turned to me and said your just like your Dad a sorry cock sucker. loking like a slutty girl started making me happy and I wanted to please my Mom. as soon as we got home mom found another bottle of gin an started drinking agian.

she told me to lay on the bed and wait for her.i was still drressed for her and new I had to please her. Mommy came into the bedroom all smung and drunk. first she hit me in the face. Then stared beating my balls and cock with her whip I cryed out but still wanted to be her little girl.

Mom was laughing at me as she whipped me harder. look at my little slut your Daddy should have fucked me but he's a fag now you have to .mom stoped her whipping and took a long swig from her bottle of gin.

now I'm going to fuck my little girlie bitch hard and she ment it. I was on my back Mom got on top of me stroking my dick making me hard she pushed herself down on me and said fuck me you little girl bitch.

My Mom fucked me for what seemed forever she was cumming on me over and over then I cumed up into her pussy. Mommys little bitch finally made her happy.

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