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French antillaise qui se prend une tige sex gwobonda com
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The Cleric * * * * Dear Keiter, We thank you for your interest in joining the Isiran clergy and taking the time to fill out the requisite forms in triplicate.

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Regretfully, we are unable to extend an offer to join the clergy in an official or wandering capacity. The idea of a kobold serving our goddess is, frankly, weird.


We've looked through our archives and found no reference to this miss Kettar you mentioned in your letter, though it did seem that some of the senior clergy knew her.

Unfortunately, their recommendations were not sufficient to have your application approved, but rest assured that you-- like all seekers of pleasure-- are welcome to worship our Lady of Joy and you will be welcomed into Her embrace when the inevitable does come.

To answer the question you posed in your introductory letter, the temple of Isira does not offer a 'mail correspondence course' in clerical training or interspecies oral pleasure for your particular species. If you wanted to write such a manual, however, the temple would be willing to compensate you for it.

As a priest of our Lady of Joy, I applaud your efforts to become more than your race might normally allow but as a human being, I have to admit, I don't think any temple would allow you access to their priesthood.

A kobold? Really? I wish you all the best. Sincerely, High Priest Colin Marshal Temple of Isira, City of Starscale * * * * Tessarie had gone quiet over the last fifteen minutes as they slunk through the tight alleys of the merchant quarter.

Barely ten words had slipped past her lips and every time Sarah turned to her, she shied away from her touch. Despite Sarah's best attempts, the girl-- young by elven standards, anyway-- didn't show her any of the warmth that had been in her eyes hours before.

Dragging her into this fiasco had probably put a damper on her feelings, but it was beginning to irritate Sarah. Finally she stopped the girl and placed her hands on her shoulders. They locked eyes and her brow furrowed warily. Sarah smiled. "I hate asking my patron for anything, but especially for His magic to help me when I can do it myself. . I needed to buy us time." "Time for what?

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Where are we going, Sarah?" "I have a friend in this quarter. A priest. . I think we could use some divine inspiration, don't you?" The girl's shoulders slumped. "What have you gotten me into?" "Humorous story, really, I'll tell you about it when we get to the temple." "We should go to the. . er. . city defenders." "Guards?" "Guards." "To do what, explain to them how I came across a dragon's gold?

Certainly, not." The girl huffed and pouted. "With that silver tongue of yours, you could probably deceive them. That is what you enjoy doing, is it not?" "A matter of necessity, my dear." Sarah cupped her cheek gently.

This time she didn't recoil, instead looking up to Sarah as though she had all the answers. She wanted to believe it too. "Much like your beauty, I believe the owner should be the arbiter of who hears-- or sees-- what they want said and seen.

Seems only right, don't you think?" The girl frowned and looked down at herself, pulled her cloak tighter around her slender frame and sighed. "To you, I would never lie." Sarah lied smoothly and kissed her forehead.

"Come, we shouldn't tarry outdoors, lest your beauty catch the eye of more than just the alley cats." With another quiet huff of resignation, she fell in step beside Sarah, glancing around warily as though the shadows would jump out at them. In a few moments they were at the 'temple' Sarah had mentioned; a run down two story house on the end of a dead end street with an overhanging balcony that sported an array of drying herbs and flowers which crinkled in the wind like chimes.

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On the large door was a bass relief depicting an open Lilly blossom along with temple hours on a plaque beside the door, barely clinging on to the moldy plaster. Tessarie eyed the structure warily and then glanced up to Sarah. Sarah smiled and pulled the door open, stepping aside to usher her in. She paused, caught between moving and staying still. Another glance at Sarah and then the street and she stepped in with Sarah right behind her. The main foyer was awash with muted light from spark lamps, proudly displaying dozens of pieces of art that ringed the crumbling walls.

Tiny makeshift pedestals fashioned from bound twigs held up hand made amphorae that looked positively childish even before one considered the schemes that looked as though they'd been finger painted on and never properly cured.

The art, by contrast, varied every bit as much as their location on the wall. Stick figures, watercolored landscapes and poorly drawn portraits fought for attention at every level of the wall, including a particularly mediocre portrait of Sarah herself placed about chest level. The little plaque beside it read: "The Maiden of Redemption".

Sarah had to smile at that. Tessarie wrinkled her nose as she looked around. "What's that smell?" She slipped her arms around Sarah's and instinctively stood behind her for protection. Sarah smiled and lead them to the door near the back of the chamber. "That, my dear, is the smell of an Isiran temple." "It smells like sex. .


and wine." "Mmhm." Sarah pushed the door open on a smaller, longer chamber that looked as though it was a re purposed dining room. The floor length windows had been covered over except for a portion of the top so that they cast slats of sunlight across the bare carpeted room and pillow beds that were bunched up at random angles.

Atop of one of those beds a man was playing a mandolin horribly off key, wearing little more than a pair of shorts that barely contained his raging hard on. Across from him, in the shadow of a poorly made pot with a dying plant reaching for the sunlight, a young woman had her legs wrapped around a man's back. Her back arched as she climaxed, running her fingers through her lover's hair as she moaned the name 'Isira' low and throaty-- turned out that she was actually a he.

Sarah inclined her head to the mandolin player as she passed.

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In the deeper recesses of the room she found what she was looking for. A solid wooden altar draped in fine cloth-- the most expensive Sarah had seen in the entire building-- stood atop three steps that raised the altar to about her chest level. Behind the altar was a step ladder meant for something really tiny to climb up and stand behind its out of place glory.

In the middle of the drapery was a beautiful Lilly flower suspended in a chipped bowl.

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Sarah slicked her hair back behind her ears and sipped the water, murmuring an entreaty to Isira. When Tessarie didn't follow suit, Sarah gave her an encouraging look and leaned towards her. "You're in a temple, dear, let us not make enemies of the gods too, lest we have no hope at all, hm?" "B- But-. . This isn't a temple!" She whispered sharply.

"This is a hovel!" A reptilian hiss caught both their attention from behind. At first they didn't see anything but then they looked down to see a kobold looking up at them with bright yellow reptilian eyes. Judging. Appraising. When he spoke it was in a high pitched, sharp tongue. "Hovel! Sss-not a hovel! Iss temple, to one goddesss of joy! Pleasse, ssshow respect!" Tessarie screamed, jumping behind Sarah. "Eek!" She pointed at the kobold standing in front of them. "M- Monster!" The little kobold barely stood to Sarah's thigh but something in his presence had changed in the last year since she had seen him.

His dusty scales seemed softer and the long muzzle of his jaw was stronger set, more purposeful. The flowing robes were a new touch too. She couldn't help but smile as she knelt down and hugged him. "My friend!" The kobold said softly.

His voice still tickled her ear, even after all this time. A familiar warmth brushed through her core as the memories came flooding back.

She nuzzled into him and chuckled. "It has been too long." "Y- You know him?!" "I do!" Sarah stood slowly. "I'm the reason he's here with a temple to worship in." After the initial flash of revulsion passed, the young elf stepped back, seemed to catch her bearings and then frowned. "B- B-" Tessarie motioned to the altar. "This?" then the rest of the decrepit room. "This!?

This is not a t--" "Dear." Sarah cut her off. "Where gods dwell, where there is belief and faith, there is a temple. Don't let the humble nature of it fool you." The elf looked at her defiantly and Sarah stared right back at her.

"B--" The kobold stepped around the women and climbed up the step ladder to preside over the altar. "All are welcome in I-s-ira'ss housse. Please, pay respect if you come in peacce." Sarah eyed the little kobold for a moment and tutted. "Since when do you have a lisp, Keiter?" He glanced around her towards the other 'congregation' members and chuckled playfully. "I've been practicing.

I've brought other, kin-others, here and they don't think I'm one of them! As you would say, very distressing, but we do as we can!" "I see the temple's been well funded." "Only thanks to you, my friend. But our seed money is dwindling. ." With those words went any hope Sarah had of getting some of her money back to buy new equipment. By now, chances were good that the thieves' guild had ransacked her office and hideaway.

She wouldn't have anywhere to go after this. "All of it?" Sarah blanched. "What in heavens' name could you spend that much coin on?" "Helping the poor! You told m--" Sarah held up a hand. "Be that as it may, all of it? How could you possibly burn through a thousand gold in a year and not have anything to show for it?" "We do!

The art gallery!" Tessarie and Sarah exchanged a glance. "In the hall?" "No! Those are for temple members! We have a larger one in the old quarter, the Single God followers have been helping-- we've made great strides to spreading Her love and joy." Sarah rocked back on her heels, trying not to show the knot of disbelief in her stomach.

Her first reaction was to ask what need poor people had for art, but it was her fault. She'd pushed Keiter into serving the goddess of pleasure and encouraged him to spend the money for the cause but. . art? In a poor neighborhood? "Not the issue, I suppose." "And what of you, how've you been, my friend?" He motioned to Tessarie "You found one you wish to marry?" Sarah laughed, hooked an arm around the small elf and leaned towards her.

"Do you think we'd make a good couple?" "I do." Tessarie shoved Sarah away with a frown. "This is ridiculous. We should go to the guard, they can sort this out." "We're in a spot of trouble." Sarah started. "They tried to kidnap us!" "It wasn't that bad. I had come hoping to employ the guidance of your Lady, actually, Keiter." Sarah licked her lips.

"I'm prepared to offer a donation for your temple, but I'll need to get access to my coin in order to do so!" The kobold's beady little eyes flit from Sarah to Tessarie and back. "It must be truly bad if you're looking to gods other than your own!" "I have a feeling I know what He'd tell me." Tessarie itched at the back of her neck and murmured.

"Is this the same god that tells you to use your mouth to get out of a situation?" Sarah shot her a look.

. and spit into a grin. Keiter had the same grin and Tessarie pulled a face. "Hah! You're blushing dear." She patted the girl's lower back with a reassuring smile, turning to Keiter. The kobold's draconic heritage shone through when he blinked up at her, focusing on Sarah like a piece of treasure to be collected.

Whatever was going on in that reptilian brain of his, he wasn't let show through. After a moment of consideration, she said. "I was hoping you would help us commune with Her. We need to know what move to make next and I'm more or less out of ideas." "You, out of ideas?" Tessarie murmured.

Sarah grabbed her ass and she yelped. "Ah!" "Ideas fitting for the predicament, dear." The little elf blushed and turned away while Keiter considered the request. Finally he laid his clawed hands down on either side of the bowl and sighed.

"We could attempt to commune." he blinked slowly. "Yes, yes, She loves Her followers, but with so many unknowns, I don't know She would want to help! Not a too-good-for-temple elf, either!" "It's not a—" Sarah cut her off yet again. "I'm sure this young lady will find her manners in due course, but for the moment, we really do need some help here.

. How might we make our desires known to your Lady, my dear?" "Yip!" "Gods, it yips--" Tessarie shrunk behind Sarah. "Please tell me you're not seriously going to listen to anything it has to say." "We have to display our devotion!" he announced triumphantly.

"Announce and ask, yes! She may grant our prayers if we all show devotion to question!" "Well, there you go, simple enough!" Sarah looked around thoughtfully.

"Do forgive, dear, I'm not familiar with the customs, how would we do so?" He blinked a couple times, looked down at his hands and then to Sarah. "We devote. As you Inventors do! Offer sacrifices of joy-- things that bring pleasure!" Somehow, Sarah got the impression that whoever had taken his training from acolyte to actual priest had probably skipped out on a few things.

Sarah looked at Tessarie. "What brings you pleasure, dear?" "Uh-. . M- Dancing." "I love dancing." She looked to Keiter.

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"What do you say we start with some dancing?" "Ahm. . Yip! Good!" To anyone looking on, it must have seemed the most absurd thing in the world, but Sarah didn't care.

She reveled in their movements. Keiter reached up to Sarah and Tessarie kept her distance from them both, but despite their best efforts over the course of an hour, none of them could find a solid thread to enjoy and in the end wound up bumping into one another rather than actually getting anything done.

"Yip! Maybe not. . What paint!" "I'm not much of an artist." "Nor I." "That's okay! Is intent that matter--" "Dear, I think we'd wind up getting more frustrated than anything. I hate it when something doesn't come together." Sarah blinked at her own wordplay. Of course! "But I can think of something that would." Yes, today was going to be an interesting day. "What do you mean?" Tessarie looked between them dubiously as Sarah motioned for Keiter to take the bowl off the altar.

When she tested the structure of it by pushing against it, the elf's eyes clouded over a little. "You're not serious." "I am!" The girl stammered. "But this is a temple!" "Yip! Yes it is! Good you finally see!" "A temple to a pleasure goddess, dear girl." Sarah turned on her, wrapping her arms around her and kissing her deeply. The girl tried to back up but she was helpless against Sarah's strength and in mere seconds she was relaxing into the demanding kiss, arching her back to meet Sarah's lips.

A coy murmur passed her lips as she brought her own arms around Sarah's waist, pressing to her chest. Sarah eased her pressure, breaking the kiss smoothly and leaning to the side so she could kiss her ear. "Bet you didn't think you'd be doing this when you woke up this morning, did you?" Before the girl could reply, Sarah slid her hand into the folds of her robe and reached for her hardening member. It was already hot and pulsing within her hand and it hadn't even reached its full length yet.

When she pulled it forward the girl followed instinctively, not wanting to let Sarah-- or her touch-- escape. Sarah guided her by the penis, teasing her up the stairs until they were at the end of the altar.

When she bumped up against it, she swallowed. A twinge of uncertainty sparked in the back of her mind as the began unbuttoning her vest, the question of whether or not she could handle what Tessarie had and whether or not they would be able to handle the road ahead of them. Tessarie looked Sarah over for a moment and nibbled on her lower lip. Seemed she wasn't the only one with some uncertainty issues. Sarah stroked her cheek softly and kissed her cheek, wrapping one thick thigh around the girl's waist and looking up at her over her glasses in a semi-submissive gesture meant to tease the girl.

It had the intended effect and, even as she blushed deep crimson, the olive skinned elf kissed her and started undoing the buttons on Sarah's blouse. For his part in it, Keiter had pulled his step ladder around to the opposite side of the altar and opened his robes to reveal a pink-red knob poking from between his legs.

It was roughly the size of Sarah's thumb and growing larger with every moment as he watched the two. Sarah licked her lips, watching out of the corner of her eye while Tessarie finished undoing her blouse-- she celebrated by kissing Sarah's fair skin, sliding down as Sarah had once done for her and kissing her breast.

Sarah's bust was larger than the elf's hand, though and her cleavage flowed from around the girl's thumbs. Her hardening nipples strained against Tessarie's palm, making Sarah sigh out loud. She undid her own belt and tried to worm her way out of her pants even as the elf pressed her hardening cock against her crotch. They fought for a moment until Sarah won out and slid her pants down over her boots, kicking them off as best she could.

The half-elven woman laid herself down across the altar with a willing smile, her coppery locks flowing down over the sides of the cloth, bearing her naked curves out for both of them unashamedly. Her chest heaved as she drank in the air and adjusted her position so Keiter was standing over her.

His cock had grown to its full size, a bit bigger than Sarah remembered, and now it was resting just out of her reach. She smiled as she stretched out her arms and wrapped her hands around the little kobold's lower back, tilting her head back so that her hair flowed over the side of the altar and her lips pressed to the tip of the rock hard quasi-reptilian cock- tapered at the top into a thick shaft at the base with two hard knoblets on either side.

She opened her mouth to him as she had done years ago and welcomed the flavor like an old friend. Her full lips wrapped around him, sucked him in, welcomed him as her tongue made him at home, lavishing over every inch of his rigid manhood. Meanwhile, the olive skinned elf trembled against Sarah's thighs as though unsure of what she should do in this situation.

She pushed the tip of her girlcock against Sarah's drenched lips, stumbling against her pelvic bone and sliding free without actually getting inside. The girl moaned as the hot rod stabbed Sarah's lips and glanced off again.

She whimpered in frustration, leaning over the curvy woman for a better angle and this time she stabbed forward, crashed into Sarah's lips and almost got what she was after but just couldn't get it in.

Sarah reached down and wrapped her hand around the elf's disproportionate appendage, guiding it to her opening. When the bulbous tip pressed into her dripping sex she flinched and tightened, accidentally shoving the girl out but in another second Tessarie was pushing against Sarah's resistance unperturbed.

This is what she liked-- a person that knew what they wanted and was willing to take it. Tessarie would give her what she wanted through extension, but for now it was all about her partners, the elf and the kobold. What a perfect combination, Sarah mused as she closed her eyes and lapped eagerly at Keiter's cock, using her tongue to stroke the sides of her oral intruder like a pet.

Tessarie's thick girlcock forced her open in the purest form of ecstatic pain. Sarah's pussy clamped down on the intruder like a hot, silky vise. Out, out, out, her body tried to push but Sarah hooked her legs around the elf and gave her a reassuring push as she moaned out so loud Isira could have heard it, she was sure. Keiter hissed softly, pressing his cock deeper into Sarah's mouth until the tip was tickling the back of her throat. She massaged it with her tongue as if it were her own while Tessarie's hands fondled Sarah's form, from one breast to the other, moaning softly as she thrust an inch into Sarah, and then another.

She was too cautious, too slow, afraid she'd hurt Sarah but some part of it warmed Sarah's heart. Sarah's feverish mind conjured an image of the diminutive elf with her eyes shut being careful with every inch and she smiled inwardly at it.

Yes, this was right in a temple of Isira, but she would get over herself soon enough. Sarah rolled her hips against the massive intruder, reveling in the stretch of her womanhood as Tessarie pushed more and more into her.

Soon she didn't have to move as Tessarie started to take control. Her breathing became more labored and her thrusting became much slower. For a moment Sarah was sure the girl was going to come. The hot throbbing rod buried in her pulsed once. Twice. Tessarie groaned and started to withdraw-- until Sarah wrapped her legs around her waist and held her in place. "Keep going!" Keiter hissed as he thrust into Sarah's mouth.

His little claws dug into her breasts but it didn't matter any more, Sarah was having too much fun to care about a little pain like that. To her credit, Tessarie didn't move. She stood there breathing slowly, recomposed herself and then thrust into Sarah experimentally. Once. Twice. . And on the third stroke she leaned over Sarah and kissed her chest, holding her close as she started to thrust much more intentionally. The high angle pressed Sarah's bowels into the altar as the massive cock made way for itself inside her, plowing though her soaking wetness one thrust at a time.

Tessarie whimpered and mewled, moaned and sighed with every thrust as Sarah's hands massaged Keiter's back and she sucked eagerly at his cock, sealing her mouth around the base of his would-be knot, lapping at his member with every thrust and deep, hard moan that it brought from throat.

She was getting more now, six inches was becoming seven and Tessarie's confidence was growing. Gods, the girl had so much to offer someone, how had Sarah been so lucky to find her-- Keiter jerked forward, arching his back and thrusting deep. Hard. Unrelenting.

In perfect time Tessarie tried to jerk out but Sarah dug her boots in to the girl's back and pushed her forward. Right as Keiter shot his first load of cool spunk into Sarah's throat, the girl grabbed Sarah's waist under her ribs and thrust once. Twice. Deeper. She slammed into Sarah's g-spot with every stroke, bringing the half-elf even closer to climax but denying her that sweet release by the sheer force of her demand.

In another moment she drew back and slammed into her once again. This time she plowed through everything Sarah was, stabbing straight through her core until her hips slammed into Sarah's with a meaty fap.

Sarah groaned out, choking as Keiter's load gushed into her throat, filling her mouth when she couldn't swallow fast enough. He was still coming when Tessarie drove her massive cock into her again. Again.

Her breathing came harder. Sarah wrapped her legs tighter around the girl. Yes, Isira, see what we offer to you, our humble Lady. Keiter didn't even make the attempt to pull out as he shot more of his sticky sweet seed into his half-elven toy. In seconds his knot was inflating in her mouth in preparation for the real load.

Sarah inhaled deeply through her nose, eyes slammed shut. Always the best part-- Tessarie howled the deepest, most guttural cry of pleasure that Sarah had ever heard an elf make and slammed her cock into the deepest reaches of Sarah's pussy, crying out as her orgasm shattered both she and Sarah alike. At once both of them unloaded with an unending stream of seed blasting into both openings at once. Keiter moaned out his goddess's name as he shot his load.

It was hard and unending, forcing its way down her throat like a pressure hose putting out the fires of her desire. She didn't even have a chance to swallow as it flooded down her throat and straight into her stomach. His cock throbbed and pulsed against her tongue, for which she dare not move lest she get his load in her lungs instead. Distantly, Sarah could hear Tessarie moaning her name. The elf had buried herself pelvis deep and wave after wave of her hot semen splattered against Sarah's cervix, beating it in with each throbbing pulse that shot from the unnatural appendage.

She slumped over Sarah, thrusting weakly again and again, trying to get every drop out as she sobbed and moaned Sarah's name. For her part in it, Sarah wrapped her thick thighs around the young elf and held her with her boots, letting her fill her again and again. By the time she finally stopped cumming, though, Sarah's stomach was pressing against her vaginal walls.

She'd never been so filled before in all her life-- not even the Nightmare had managed what this elf could. Another thrust at both ends and Sarah felt them both starting to relax a bit. . But that last thrust, that one Sarah didn't expect, plowed right into her g-spot and sent her over the edge.

She clamped down on both her lovers as her own orgasm hit her- a subtle roiling one at first that started in her overstuffed pussy and branched out from there to every fiber of her being. She clenched down on elf and kobold alike as she thrashed forward and back, getting cock at both ends, unable to breathe.

She moaned out the only name that came to her mind-- Isira. Whether it was sweat or something else, she couldn't tell, but Tessarie seemed to have felt it too, she tried to get back up but Sarah's legs kept her pinned. Keiter groaned a low hiss, shot the last of his load into her mouth and pulled out, slumping forward across Sarah's upper body.

The three of them panted, fighting for air and enjoying one another's warmth and for a moment Sarah didn't realize that someone was standing beside the altar, looking at them with an amused smile. She was absolutely gorgeous, stunning and otherworldly beautiful, wreathed in a halo of energy that Sarah recognized instantly as divine power. Their prayers had been heard! And there she was, under two people, unable to move in the presence of a goddess. . Somehow that just felt wrong.

Even to her. The woman cocked her generous hip out and smiled, looking over the three of them. She nibbled her lower lip and 'hmm'ed with a whimsical lyricalness. "You look like you're having fun." Keiter looked up. "Eep!" He tumbled forward and slumped to a shaky bow. "Greetings, my Lady!" The woman chuckled and knelt down in front of the kobold. Tessarie managed to pick her head up from Sarah's chest and look on. Every once in a while her cock would twitch. "Oh--" "Oh, indeed.

." Sarah tightened her grip when Tessarie tried to pull out. They looked at each other. The elf slowly settled in.

She was already getting hard again as she stroked Sarah's cheek, whimpering. "You're beautiful." She managed as she slumped forward again, pushing her entire length back where it belonged. Sarah flinched. She was so full she couldn't move without that bloated sloshing feeling, so she laid there watching the proceeding. The beautiful woman, it had to have been Isira's avatar, stroked Keiter's chin with her finger and smiled lovingly at him, "You have been so patient, little one.

So devoted. I have seen your works and your efforts, tell me, how can I reward you?" Sarah had forgotten about the other people in the room as she was being pleased atop the altar but when she heard one of the men exclaim "It's Her!", she smiled.

This was going to get out. . For better or worse. "We've been rewarded for our devotion!" Tessarie snuggled into Sarah as the warm glow the woman radiated began to envelop the entire temple. Even Sarah felt Her pull and awe. The the most didn't know about Isira was that Her portfolio also included physical love, now it was becoming more obvious as the others around the room started groping one another and hugging, bathing in their newfound attraction.

The kobold opened his mouth, staring up at his goddess. Sarah had heard stories of what the goddess would grant to anyone whom she appeared to personally-- even a kobold could ask for and receive their eternal heart's desire if they wished it. Suddenly, asking for help for a friend seemed absolutely trivial. Sarah wouldn't blame him, of course, Gods, who could? Keiter took a deep breath and smiled, such as he could, motioning back to the altar they had blessed with their fluids.

"My friend. . My friend needs help." The startlingly beautiful woman's eyes turned to Sarah and a subtle knowing smirk lit her face. "Does she? Is this what you wish, my loyal servant and friend?" He didn't hesitate.

He nodded. Isira's eyes lit up with mirth. "Always eager to please another, and this is why I bless you." She kissed the crown of his scaly head.

"As for you," her gaze turned to Sarah once more. Tessarie's cock hardened instantly and plugged Sarah's gaping pussy. Sarah squirmed from the sudden pressure but she couldn't do anything about it. "Ah- ah-- I--" "Cat got your tongue?" She grinned knowingly. "Ah, yes. The sweetest of elves. ." In two feline strides she was in front of the altar, her finger graced the tender flesh of Tessarie's sweaty brow. "You have much to learn little one." Sarah could feel the spark of divine magic roll through them both and her body reacted with an orgasm instantly.

Tessarie whimpered. Mewled. "Oh-gods-" She thrust forward deeply into Sarah's already flooded cunt and blasted another unending load into her, almost to the point of tears, they both climaxed together unashamedly.

The thick, hot fluid poured freely from around the olive skinned girlcock and dribbled down Sarah's ass. Every time the girl tried to pull out, she started coming all over again and in mere moments she was laying atop Sarah in an orgasm induced blackout. Isira blushed faintly and giggled a celestial hymn of amusement that turned into a laugh when Sarah looked up at her. "Poor girl." Sarah sighed, pinned by the dead weight of the small elf and, unable to move, "Gods above, she has no willpower." "So I see!" Isira stroked Sarah's hair out of her face.

"My servant tells me you need help, child-who-could-have been?" Sarah closed her eyes, reveling in the touch. "I've no one I can appeal to, I need guidance." "Well, I suppose I've got a few minutes, what's up?" "I conned a near-ancient red dragon out of a good portion of his hoard, made off with said money and disappeared.

Now, said dragon is out to take his vengeance." "Annnd this is an issue I can help with, becauseeee?" "Were I to ask my god, I'm sure he would tell me to invent a way out of it!

I'm trying not to get eaten-- or horribly mutilated." "Sooooo you--" She laughed lithely. "You kill it. Obviously!" "Kill it.

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." "Kill it. Dead. Not a hard concept to understand!" Sarah muddled over the thought for a moment. It made sense. . "How?" "Throw a party or something, bring people, kill the big scary dragon thing and get on with your life!" "Uh.

. huh." "Look at it this way." She stepped around the altar and leaned over it so she was looking down on Sarah, her hair forming a curtain on either side of their faces. She leaned in just enough to tease Sarah's lips with what they could never have.

"You kill it, you get its stuff and you never have to look over your shoulder again." "I. . I suppose, but--" She put her finger to Sarah's lips. "Kill it. I command you. Bring beauty to that part of the world and I will give you what you want most." Sarah stared at her.

Could she possibly? As if in answer to her question, the goddess's voice whispered in her very soul. Don't you think you deserve it, dear Sarah? Do this task and you will have what you desire most in this life and in the next. Sarah took a long, deep breath and nodded slowly. "Good!" Isira stood up with a playful wink. "I'm sure you'll do just fine." With that, she turned to Kieter and took his little hand. "Now, as for what you really want.

. Let's go to your room." Sarah, pinned under a futa elf with a stomach full of cum, watched the kobold and the avatar of his goddess walk through the crumbling house-turned-temple, wondering just how she was going to kill a dragon. And that, many agreed, was the first step to Isira becoming the most powerful faith in the eastern kingdom.