Blonde emo teen with a tight body and a big hard dick

Blonde emo teen with a tight body and a big hard dick
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The most amazing sexual thing happened to me when I was 19 years old.

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It was 1972 and I was living in upstate New York while I attended college. A XXX theater was opening in my town which, at that time, was pretty liberal for the day. I decided that one day I would go and see what it was all about. Porn wasn't anything that was easy to come by in those days… no internet and Times Square was hours away.

The evening I went I was really afraid that someone would see me there or recognize me in some way. A weekday night seemed to be the best time as I figured there wouldn't be many people around the downtown area. The entrance to the theater was off of a side street and I was able to park fairly close by. I went up to the ticket booth and I am sure the person inside was looking at me to be sure I was 18 or older.

He finally asked my age and I told him. Okay he said as I slid my money through the table. I passed on the popcorn stand as that didn't seem quite right for this kind of place. As I walked into the auditorium I could see the lights were down low and there really weren't a lot of people there. Nervously I found a seat away from everyone and sat down. This was suppose to be a double feature with each movie lasting about an hour.

The first movie started and I was already a bit horny in anticipation of what I would see. There was just starting to be some action in the movie when movement caught the corner of my eye. I looked to my left and there were two women, that I guessed were in their forties, looking where to sit and one of them asked me if they had missed anything yet. I sort of embarrassedly said no and they sat down two rows in front of me.

One woman was taller and sort of a medium build and the other was shorter and I would say chubby. Looking back I would say that the movies were kind of standard fare for the day. Blow jobs, pussy eating, fucking and cumshots with a little bit of female on female sex.

I do remember getting horny as hell and had a raging hardon during most of it. Every so often I'd look towards the older women in front of me as one of them leaned toward the other to say something. I was pretty sure I heard one of them whisper "Oh my God" at one of the closeup cumshots. Just before the second movie ended these two women got up and left the theater. The taller of the two smiled at me as they were leaving.

I just wanted to get out of there with nobody paying any attention to me. Walking with a hardon can be a bit difficult! I got to my car and decided to stop at an all night diner place and get something to eat before heading home.

Jerking off could wait. I sat at an empty booth and waited for the waitress to come and get my order. As I was reading the menu I heard a woman's voice say "Excuse me young man" and I looked up and it was the two women from theater!

They asked if they could join me and I said "sure" not knowing what else to say. They introduced themselves as Sharon and Mary and I told them my name was Dave. Sharon was the taller woman and Mary the shorter one.

My first thought was that both women looked older than my mother. Sharon had brown hair and was pleasant looking and wore a light blouse, which made it hard to figure out how big her tits were, and slacks. She was just a bit shorter than my five foot eight and was neither fat nor thin. Mary had black hair with strands of gray and was probably five foot two and was heavier.

You could tell she had big round tits under her blouse and was wearing a skirt. A waitress took our order and walked away as Sharon asked me what I had thought of the movies and why was a nice looking young man like me was there.

I told her I was curious what XXX movies were like and that I didn't have a girlfriend so I figured why not.

As for me being nice looking I guess maybe I was. I was in good shape, wore my hair long which was standard for the day and had long sideburns. I laughingly told them the movies got to me a bit and they said they had gotten to them too.

They both told me that they saw things in the movie that they didn't realize people did to each other with blushing smiles on their faces.

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It turned out that Sharon was 49 and a widow having lost her husband a few years before. Mary was 47, married and was her best friend. I told them I was 19 and they were a bit surprised thinking I was older. At one point they said that I was lucky because I could go find a younger woman and have some fun.

I told them they could go find some men and have fun too. That's when Sharon said "what about you? You want to have some fun?" I wasn't stupid and knew what she was talking about and said ok. I think in the back of my mind I would end up doing both of them privately one at a time.

We finished at the diner and I followed them to what turned out to be Sharon's place - a two family house in a part of town I was familiar with and at least knew it was a safe area. As I walked in I could tell the place was clean and well maintained. Sharon could sense I was nervous and offered me a beer and then directed me to the living room and a seat on the sofa where she sat next to me. Mary sat in a chair across from the sofa. It didn't take long before Sharon was kissing me, sliding her tongue into my mouth.

I returned the favor as our tongues played with each other. She took my hand and placed it on her tit and I squeezed it gently.

It felt firm in my hand. The next thing I felt was her hand rubbing my cock through my pants as I was unbuttoning her blouse. I started kissing her neck and licking the inside of her ears and made my way down to her tits. She pulled her bra off and offered me her nipples which I gladly sucked and nipped at.


I thought she'd take me to her bedroom but she asked me to stand up which I did. She sat on the sofa and started unbuckling my belt and said I need to see your cock.

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I looked over at Mary who was still seated in the chair and she was just staring at us. I felt my pants being pulled down and then my underwear. My cock was standing straight up and hard as a rock. I stood there with my pants around my ankles as Sharon slowly jerked my cock up and down. I'm only 6 ½ inches long but very thick. Just before she slipped her mouth over the tip of my cock she asked me how many times did I think I could cum and I told her three or four over the next hour or so.

She said good as her mouth covered my cock and licked it with her tongue. Sharon slid her mouth up and down my cock and began playing with my balls.

I reached down and began playing with her tits and nipples. I glanced over at Mary again and she had pulled dress up and swung her legs over the arms of the chair and was busy playing with her hairy pussy.

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I watched her slide a finger in her cunt and then move up and rub her clit. That was about all I could take. Between watching Mary and feeling Sharon giving me a blowjob I knew I was about to blow my load. I told Sharon I was about to cum and she took her mouth from my cock and began jerking me her, her other hand never leaving my balls.

My first eruption shot out like piss as a gob of sperm splashed against Sharon's lips and chin. The second eruption hit her in the neck and the third on her tits. My cum was dripping from her face and tits as she slowly stood up and exclaimed that she's never done anything like that before.

As I stood there with my cock dripping cum Sharon began to take off her slacks and panties. Mary had been grunting and moaning as I shot my load all over Sharon and she got up from the chair and came over and knelt in front of me and began licking my cock saying how much she liked the taste of cum.

She then stood up and looked at Sharon and said I hope you are ok with this as she began to leck cum off of Sharon tits and nipples. Sharon just grabbed the back of Mary's head and pulled her to her tits and moaned. I had Sharon sit down in the chair that Mary had been in and placed her legs over the arms exposing her now wet and pungent pussy to me. She had a hairy pussy that hadn't been trimmed or shaved - maybe that's why I like hairy pussy so much. I knelt on the floor and licked the inside of her thighs before finally reaching her pussy.

I licked at her clit and slowly stuck a finger in her. I was surprised how tight she was.

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Mary had stripped naked by now and was kneeling next to me encouraging Sharon to cum as she rubbed Sharon's tits. It didn't take long and Sharon was pushing her pussy against my face and was cumming. I stood up after Sharon came and began kissing Mary. She didn't mind the taste of Sharon's cum as I played with her enormous tits. They sagged and were heavy and had nipples that stuck out an inch. I continued kissing her and moved one hand down to her pussy and began fingering her.

She quickly cried that she wanted my cock in her. We walked over to the sofa and I had her kneel on the sofa so I could fuck her dog style. She got into position and I placed my cock against her pussy and slid right in. She groaned as it entered her.

I started pumping in and out of her and could feel her hand start to play with my balls and her pussy.

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Sharon had recovered from her orgasm and walked over to me. She grabbed my ass and helped me push back and forth into Mary. I knew I was about to cum and rammed my cock into Mary as I exploded inside her.

I pulled my cock out and watched as my cum dripped out of Mary's pussy and down her thighs. By this time we were all pretty well played out for a bit and Sharon took us into her bedroom. We laid down for a while as I played with their tits and nipples and fingered their pussies some. They played with my balls and cock and Mary even sucked it while Sharon watched.

Sharon sat up and said that the movie made her think of doing things she never would have tried.


Sharon proceeded to spread Mary's legs apart and reached for her pussy. Mary made no attempt to stop her. As Sharon started to lean her face towards Mary's pussy I began playing with Mary's nipples. Sharon reached under Mary's ample ass and began licking her pussy. She lifted her head up and said she could taste mine and Mary's cum and it was delicious.

Once again it didn't take long and Mary came all over Sharon's face. Mary looked at me as said that I had said I could cum three or four times and that I should fuck Sharon. My cock was already hard and I had Sharon climb on top of me. As she moved up and down on my cock I played with her tits and then her ass.

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At one point I felt her asshole and began to push against her. My finger slid in up to my knuckle and that made Sharon move even faster. I could feel the tip of my finger against my cock as Sharon moved up and down.

It wasn't long and Sharon was cumming and so was I. When Sharon climbed off of me and fell on her back onto the bed, Mary quickly stuck her face between Sharon's legs and began licking my cum out of Sharon's pussy. I managed to get my head between Mary's legs and licked her pussy while she licked Sharon's.

While licking Mary's pussy and started to push my finger into her ass. I could feel her asshole open up and before long my middle finger was embedded in her ass as I ate her.

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Mary and Sharon both came and by then we were all exhausted. After a while we all took a shower and got dressed. As I was saying my goodbyes Sharon and Mary both thanked me and said that the evening opened up new doors for them sexually. When I asked what they meant they both said that eating pussy was going to be something they were going to do a lot more of.

I kissed them both and left/ A couple of weeks later I was out with a girl and happened to bump into Sharon & Mary. They acted as if they barely knew me/ That was the last time I saw them.