Keilani examining stepdads long dick

Keilani examining stepdads long dick
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My First Taste of Cock, Chapter one This is a true story of the first time l gave in to my desire to suck a cock, I had just turned 21 when this happened, and it changed my life forever. Hope you enjoy it, it's my first time of writing so please be constructive in any comments you may want to leave, enjoy.

Looking back I have known from about the age of 14 that I was at the very least bi, and had many happy times playing with my own cock thinking of men but had never had the courage to act upon it. I would often wank over my friends from school or even imagine myself getting pulled by some older man.

However it wasn't till I was twenty-one that I finally got to taste my first cock. I was working at a local garage at the time and had always known that the boss's son was gay.

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I used to think of him and have a sly wank in the back of the storeroom hoping that he would walk in, or even think it was him I was fucking when I was having sex with my girlfriend. I am sure Keith suspected or knew because he would often tease me and say that he wanted to suck my cock, and often used to grab a feel of my arse l always used to show him and tell him that I wasn't interested and push him away and tell him I was straight but he would carry on every chance he got and I always told him no!

(No Idea why because as soon as he would go and leave me I would be wanking away over what might have been.) and cum so hard all over the floor. Then it happened. I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday morning and I had opened up the garage as I did most Saturday's, when Keith came into the showroom.

We chatted for a while about the usual crap and he started his usual routine of how he wanted and would love to suck my cock, I told him again to get lost and that i wasn't interested, when I noticed him looking at me in a way I had not seen before, when I asked him what was wrong he just replied "I want to suck your cock, so bad, I have been thinking about it for ages, please Steve let me suck you off" I was surprised because he had never been so outright in the past and I remember telling him to fuck off but he just said that he wanted to suck me and that he knew that I wanted it too.(little did he know how hard I was or how true his words were, I did want him to suck me but even more than that I wanted to suck him.) I didn't say a word, just got up and walked towards the customer waiting area where it was dark and where no one could see on the pretence I was going to make a coffee and called back to him that he would lose his bottle before I did.

A thousand different things were racing through my mind, would he follow me, would he actually go down and suck my cock? I was in a whirl then I felt him behind me feeling my cock through my pants and in that second I knew I had passed the point of no return.

It was going to happen now no matter what I said there would be no stopping him or me for that matter. After all the years of wanking and thinking of holding and sucking a cock it was about to come true.

My heart was racing as fast as I have ever felt it, and I couldn't wait. I turned to face him and he closed in for a kiss but I pulled away, it was one thing wanting to suck a man's cock but to kiss him, I wasn't ready for that not yet anyway but he kissed me anyway and opened my pants.

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Within seconds my cock was in his mouth and he was blowing me, the feeling was out of this world and was better than any blowjob I had ever had, but for some reason after 5 minutes or so I stopped him, even though l was now where near cumming. He had released something in me and I wanted to feel his hard cock in my mouth, I didn't feel the urge for him to make me cum, I just wanted to feel him and make him cum.

I told him that I wanted to taste him and that I had for ages. He took down his pants and asked what I was waiting for?

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I dropped to the floor and looked at my first hard cock and in seconds took him in my mouth. What a feeling, he tasted wonderful and in that split second I knew I was going to be hooked on cock forever. I had no idea what to do so I just did what I liked being done to me. He responded really well and started to fuck my mouth.


I choked on it when he pushed it too deep but I just could not get enough. I stopped and told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth and went back to work sucking his hard cock, taking as much as I could in my mouth.


Then I felt him go all stiff and his cock twitched and started to cum. The taste was great and I swallowed his load and kept sucking until he stopped.

I got up off my knees and we both got dressed. I couldn't believe what I had just done, Keith chased after me saying that I owed him a blowjob and that he wanted me.

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I was in a daze and couldn't think, with that a customer came into the showroom so we never got the chance to carry on that day. Through out the day all that I could smell and taste was him and I wanted more but we never got the chance.

However we have met up since and have gone on to do more things together since, but that's a different story.

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And one I am more than happy to tell if you want. Please tell me what you think this is my first time at writing, and if you would like the part of the story.