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Arwen Gold ass widespread and deep banged on Ass Traffic
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My First Time [And Her's] This is my first story. Please be a bit gentle with the voting. Thanks and enjoy! First, before my story, a little background: This is my first story. By the time you see this, this whole story will be written. I will post it in 3rd's however, depending on if I receive good feedback. This story is somewhat hard to describe.

It's sort of half-fantasy, half-true story. I.E. some of it is true, but most of it is my fantasy. That's all, and please enjoy! I put my arm around Sierra as soon as the movie started. She looked up at me with her beautiful dark brown eyes and smiled. She grabbed my left hand with her right and my right with her left. She then cuddled up to me in the theatre seats, with her head resting on my chest.

We stayed that way through about half of the movie, untill I put my face against her cheeck, and kissed her. I held the kiss for 2 seconds and pulled away. She looked at me, smiled, and then withdrew her hands from mine. She cupped the sides of my face, and we pulled eachother closer and kissed.

We continued to kiss and eventually tounge was brought into the picture by her, so I responded in kind. I took my hand and traced her right side starting from her neck.

When I got down to her butt, I gently rested my hand on her soft cheeck. To my excitement, she didn't object. I felt her start to carress my back with one hand and touch my leg with her other.

As we continued kissing, she slowly started moving her hand up towards my crotch. At that point, I started getting hard.

I moved my left hand from my lap to her left side, and started to ever so slowly hold her left breast.

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I could feel her nipple get hard, even through her bra. She had now reached my groin, and touched my rock hard dick through my jeans. She started rubbing it up and down. At this point I came out of my trance and pulled away from the kiss. I whispered we shouldn't do this because we were in a theatre, and there were people around. She nodded and we went back to holding hands and cuddling. as the movie came to a close we stood up and I led her to my car in the parking lot. I guess I should tell you, Sierra and I are in love.

The farthest we've gone is touching eachother through our clothes. We are both shy.


Sierra is honestly the most beautiful and sexy teenager I have ever seen. She's short, but I like that about her. She has medium sized boobs but I love them.

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She has legs you want to suck on, and the rest of her body is just right. Her face is perfect, and her hair is black and short. As for me, well its not quite as interesting. My looks go as far as ok.

I'm a nerd. Glasses, and skinny. I'm not buff, and not that strong. My traits and personality are a bit better though. I'm incredibly smart, not to toot my own horn, and I'm probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet.

I'm romantic, but horribly shy and timid. Yet, somehow I won the love lottery with Sierra. She says I'm "hot". We've been going out for a year and a half, and we both agree we love eachother madly. Now, back to our date.

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I pulled her into my arms, kissed her lightly on the lips, and sat her in the passenger side of my car. As I drove her back to her house, she spoke up. "Chris, I have a supprise for you." "Oh? What is it?" She sneered at me and playfully poked me on the nose. "I'll tell you when we get to my house." She knows I love supprises and hate being told about them before actually seeing the suprise. My mind started racing, thinking of all the possibilities.

It started with a gift card to best buy.

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Then, my teenage, hormonal mind started imagining different scenarios, involving Sierra and I making out, and taking off each others clothes. I let my mind wonder and got an erection. Thankfully she didn't notice. I pulled up to her house, got out, did a little roll over my hood just to show off a bit, and opend her door. I lifted her up and carried here to her porch, never letting her touch the ground, just being romantic.

I sat down with her on her porch swing and asked what the big suprise was. She replied: "My parents are out of town. They went to see my aunt, and I faked being sick so I could stay home. Now, I'm going to be alll alone." At this point she started nibbling on my ears, just they way I liked. "Well then babe, I can't let you stay here all by yourself. I'll give my parents a call, and tell them I smashed my hand in the car door and can't drive. I also wont forget to mention how both of your parents had some wine and can't exactly drive me home." I winked and she smiled.

I carried her into her living room, and set her down on the coutch. I made a quick call to my mom, who insisted on picking me up, and told her that Sierra's parents and I were playing monopoly. That calmed her down. Until she asked where I would be sleeping. I joked with her saying in between Sierra's mom and dad, and my mom chuckled.

We said our goodbyes and hung up. I walked back to Sierra and told her we were good. She brightend up, and said she'd be back in a little bit, then headed off towards her room. As she walked, I couldn't help but stare at her perfectly shaped ass walk away from me.

I sat on the couch, once again letting my mind wander. I thought of Sierra coming out naked and jumping on me like a wild animal, which immidiatly got me hard again.

I came back to reality and using the strong control I had over my dick, I managed to make it flaccid once more.

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After a few minutes I heard Sierra call for me. I slowly got up and went to her door. She then suprised me from behing, slilpping a blindfold over my eyes. I laughed as she turned me around towards what I knew to be the spare room. I felt myself going through the doorway as she gently guided me, and the she sat me down.

I felt heat, and heard a static like noise. The blindfold wooshed off me, and I took in my souroundings. I was sitting in one of the dining room chairs and my hands hand a limp peice of rope looped around them and the chair. I could have eaisily gotten out, but that wasn't the point. I was playfully tied up. All around the room on every flat surface were candles. Their combined heat warmed my face and body. In front of me was a small tv, thus the static sound.

The screen was black, but the red light was on. Sierra pulled up a chair exactly like mine and sat next to me. She grabbed a remote from her nearby desk and hit a button. The tv screen came to life, and I saw two teenagers about our age making out in a car. Quickly things escalated and the two teens started removing clothing.

The girl wasn't as sexy as Sierra, but she was ok. Her shirt came off, and she wasn't wearing a bra.

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Her tits were hard. I was deffinitly getting turned on. The guy was buff, and when she removed his shirt for him, I saw a six pack.

Of course, I thought to myself. Why wouldn't he have a six pack. The girls pants came next, then the guys. I could see his erection making a tent out of his boxers, and I could see a wet spot on the girls panties. They starting feeling eachother up, him groping her boobs and fondling her coverd crotch, and her sliding her hand on his stomach and all over his groin.

I started focusing on the girl, and saw that her boobs were quite nice. Again, not as big and amazing as Sierra's, but still good enough. My cock was fully erect now.

I glanced at the bed and saw the dvd case. The title of the porn movie we were watching was "Alone Together".

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I finnaly looked over at Sierra. To my shock, she was in a silk robe, not fastend or tied. I could see the sides of her boobs nicely.

Her legs were spread open. She was masturbating right next to me. I looked over her leg and saw her beautiful pussy.

It was so wet, and she was running her finger slowly around and inside her pussy lips. I was so horny. I looked at her, and thought crazy thoughts, crazy but possible thoughts, about what was about to happen. I looked back at the tv and saw the guy giving the girl oral. The girl moaned, and so did Sierra. Ever since I was 13, I watched porn.

Sierra knew that, and she did too. But, I have always loved it when the girls make noise. Moaning, screaming, oooh and awwwing, it gets to me. Sierra continued to moan, and she inserted a finger inside her pussy.

I actually got jealous of her finger. My dick actually started hurting, being inside my jeans still, so I broke free of my binds and took my jeans off. My boner was also making a tent in my boxers, just like the video. Sierra looked up at me, and her eyes grew wide. She murmerd something about bigger than she expected and continued looking at me and masturbating.

I took off my shirt. Sierra took her free hand and masaged my stomach, just like in the movie. I was so horny I took my boxers off and started jacking off. Sierra moaned, and I looked over towards her. I was once again shocked to see that she was looking at me, not the movie. I smiled, reached for the tv, and turned it off.

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I knelt in front of Sierra and told her to put her hands behind her back. She obliged. I gently spread her legs and started kissing a trail from her foot to her thigh. She moaned slightly.


I pushed the robe off her, revealing her astounding boobs. Her nipples were long and hard, an inch and a half at least. I kissed all around her pussy, until she pulled my chin up with her finger, and said to me the two words I will never forget: "I'm ready" End of part 1. Please leave some feedback!