Beim fremdgehen erwischt porn

Beim fremdgehen erwischt porn
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Vengeance 32 I woke up early on Saturday morning to Ellie swallowing my morning erection like a good little girl. I smiled at her head bobbing, making the covers flutter up and down like a parachute laid on the ground on a windy day. Gently, I slid them off the two of us to watch her work.

She'd been at it a while, I could tell, my dick was soaked with her drool, and her brow was wrinkled in concentration. I am delightfully hard to get off in the morning, no pun intended. Her frizzy hair bounced and rolled with her head motions, tickling my stomach. She noticed I was awake and looked up at me, her lips forming a smile around my cock. She deepthroated me, and simply lair there, staring back.

Ellie's deepthroating was not the type where the girl stretches her lips to reach the base of the cock. It was an I'm-holding-your-head-down-as-long-as-I-want-you-better-be-able-to-breathe-through-your-nose kind of deepthroating. I grabbed a pair of cuffs from the nightstand and tossed them to her.

Without breaking stride, she fastened them to her wrists behind her back. I grabbed a handful of her hair, slowing her pace, savoring the feel of her sweet lips sliding up and down my cock. Eventually, I reached down to grope her breasts, and let her quicken her pace. Ellie loved cum for breakfast, and she was certainly craving some now. I pinched her nipples just tight enough to get her attention.


"Moan," I said. "Moan, or I'm flipping you over and giving you a facial." Sounds started coming from that cock stuffed girls throat like the hand of god itself was working its way around her clit.

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You'd have sworn our positions were reversed. I knew Ellie loved my cock just as much as I liked letting her suck it. Finally, I felt the edges of my orgasm, and Ellie sensed it too. She concentrated on my head, working it frantically, still moaning for my cum. I enjoyed kneading and massaging her firm C-cups as my cock stiffened and I shot rope after rope of cum into her mouth and onto her tongue.

Her eyes shut with pleasure as the salty taste reached her tongue, and slivered down her throat. She took great care in swallowing it all, and meticulously cleaning off my dick with her tongue and mouth. When she was sure there was no more left to enjoy, she pulled off smiled at me. I pinched her nipples to watch her squirm helplessly for several minutes before finally releasing her from the cuffs. "Pack slutty," I said, we're going to the beach for a few days.

The beach was in fact The Southwick Beach State Park in New York, along Lake Ontario. It was about an hour to an hour and a half's drive north of our apartment. You drove into the park and parked in a lot near the gate. To the right was the public beach and swimming area, manned by lifeguards. To the left was the camping area for a few miles, though most people stayed in the first half mile or so, near the bathrooms and showers.

It had been unseasonably warm, but it was still early April, while school was in session. There would be few visitors and few park personnel to be bothered with. I went to go haul our small two person tent and some other supplies down to the car while Ellie packed. When I returned, she announced she had finished. I hadn't told her how long we'd be staying, so I was curious to see what was in her bag.

I rummage around to find one very, very small thong bikini, a white tank top, and mesh shorts. No bras, no panties. Excellent. My own bag contained a modest amount of clothes, plus plenty of rope, the appropriate cutting tools, a small vibrator, plenty of batteries, and some other bondage equipment.

I also had a large sleeping bag.

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Nights still got chilly. I brought hers and my bag down to the car, and came back up to do one last check to make sure nothing had been forgotten. Ellie had since put on another lightly colored tank top and shorts. "Strip," I commanded her. She looked at me a moment before removing her clothes and handing them to me, leaving her in nothing but a collar and flip flops. I grabbed her and spun her around, cuffing her hands behind her back once more.

I also added cuffs to her ankles, connected by about a foot of chain. Small steps. It would be a long walk down to the car. I grabbed a devilish new device, a low voltage cattle prod that gave her varying degrees of shock.

I put it right in the small of her back. She yelped and flinched, nearly falling over. "Out the door," I told her, grabbing a few things on the way out. She walked, slowly, but surely, chains clanking, out the door and down the hall to the elevator. We made it in without incident, and she breathed a sigh of relief, but there were still four floors of apartment building, and one more down to the parking garage to go, not to mention the walk to the car.

We passed the third floor without incident, but the elevator slowed to a stop at the second. Ellie held her breath. The doors opened, and a kid about 14 years old walked in, engrossed in his ipod.

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When he finally did notice Ellie's nudity, his eyes went wide, and he started trying to simultaneously look away and sneak a peak. Both him and Ellie turned certain shades of red. "You wanna touch em?" I asked the kid. He shook his head and pretended to be even more absorbed in his ipod.

"It's ok," I said. "Ellie, stick out your tits." She arched her back, pushing her chest out in the direction of the youth. He copped a tentative feel.

We made it to the garage and the three of us stepped out. He started to head off. "Tell you what, we're heading to the beach, and she needs sunscreen." I handed him a bottle, "feel free to apply as much as you want above the waist." He put some on his hands and went to work right away rubbing her tits. I let him rub and massage them for a few minutes before grabbing the bottle again and giving her a shock to get moving towards the car.

She stood beside the passenger door. "No," I told her, "in the trunk." I popped it open to reveal a towel that had been laid down. Once I'd helped her into the trunk, I tied her ankle cuffs to her wrist cuffs, putting her in a hogtie. Finally, I slid the remote control vibrator into her pussy, and shut the trunk.

I climbed into the car and turned the vib on high.

Immediately, I heard a muffled 'oh god,' from the trunk. I switched it down to low once I got on the interstate. After about ten minutes, I picked up one of the walkie talkies.

"Beg me to let you cum. Make it loud." The other one sat beneath the towel in the trunk. Muffled through the back seat I heard, "please god let me cum." I could only imagine she was writhing in pleasurable agony. I picked up the walkie talkie.

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"That's a good start, but you don't have to call me God." "Oh god please let me cum," she screamed. I taunted her for a half hour, turning the vib up to high, then turning it off.

Each time the screams got louder and less intelligible. Finally, I picked up the walkie talkie again. "There's about 5 miles until the next rest area, cum before then, and you can come out of the trunk." I turned the vibrator back to high. Less than a minute later, I heard her start to scream. It lasted for a solid minute and was filled with many delightful noises.

True to my word, I pulled over at the next rest area and opened the trunk. Ellie was a sweaty mess, and the towel was a little wet.

I pulled the vibrator out, and undid the cuffs. I tossed her the tank top and shorts that she'd been wearing. She looked at me questioningly. "There's too many people around," I said.

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She nodded and slipped them on. She hurried out of the trunk and around to the passenger seat. "I suppose you want me to take them off now," she said once I'd got in. I smiled. "Good girl." She stripped them off and smiled. We rode most of the rest of the way in silence. She would service me, but not just yet. Once we pulled into the lot, she dressed again, and we hauled our gear down the beach. We chose a spot pretty far down, far enough away from prying eyes, but still within a decent walking distance of the bathrooms and showers.

We got to work setting up the tent. It was a small tent, good for two people, some gear, and not much else. I opened the two fold out chairs that came with the tent and tossed some nearby wood into a pile for a fire to be made later.

I gave her a garden shovel. "Dig a hole, about a foot and a half deep, and a foot in diameter. I'll be back." The camp areas were up on a sort of plateau, still sand, but it got into fairly hard packed stuff quick. I wandered off down the beach.


My first strip back saw me drop several pieces of wood. Ellie was about half done with her hole. My second trip back, and I put down several rocks. Ellie was finished. I grabbed one of the larger sticks, it was forked at one end, and had a hole in it from a knot at the other.

I put the forked end in the hole and piled on the rocks, holding it down and giving it stability and filled the rest with sand and dirt. The knot came up about a foot and a half off the ground. "Clothes off, on your knees, I want to fuck you doggy style." In seconds she'd stripped and assumed the position. I tied her collar to the knot.

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"Now to see if you can move." I shocked her ass. She pulled against the pole. It barely moved. "Excellent," I said, "now spread your legs so I can shock your pussy." She whimpered and complied.

I surprised her by sliding a finger in instead. "I'm not that mean Babe. Not yet anyways." She turned and smiled, then licked her lips as she saw me strip. I gave her a hard smack on the ass, and she wiggled it playfully. I put my hands on her hips to steady her, and slid my cock in. She tossed her head back as much as she could and moaned. I grabbed a fistful of hair as I started to thrust into her.

Hard. She started to moan in a rhythm matching my hard thrusts as I quickened. I could feel her getting close in no time despite our earlier fun.

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I smacked her ass. "Harder," she moaned. I thrusted with even more force. "No," she gasped, "smack me harder." Sometimes Ellie loved it passionate and gentle, sometimes she liked to be pounded like a dirty little whore.

I slowed my pace a bit and wound up, hitting her with plenty force. She let loose a scream with the impact. I was sure everyone on the beach could hear her. I hit her again, even harder.

She screamed louder. I plowed away at her on the beach, smacking her ass as hard as I could with her screaming at every thwack. Caught up in the moment, I shot a load of cum in her without warning. The warmth coupled with my pleasure caused her kegel muscles to contract into a grip of death on my cock, and a massive orgasm.

She opened her mouth, but this time no noise came out. Her pussy went crazy and her body went into convulsions as she had a huge orgasm. After we were done, rather than fumbling with the rope, I undid her collar so we could both collapse onto the sand.

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We laid there for at least an hour before we both dressed and headed off to shower. "I hope you're not too tired," I told here, "I have all sorts of fun planned for you." She smiled and wondered.