Gozada mostro pau dos sonhos

Gozada mostro pau dos sonhos
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i know theres little script to this story. but id ask you guys 2 things to keep in mind. 1. this was originally a set of emails sent to a friend serving in iraq. 2. place yourself in the character danny's place as you read all of it. as we sit on the couch watching tv, my head laying under your chin, you have one hand wrapped around me, cupping a tit.

the other is stroking my hair.

we're at peace, resting from the fun of the day and its after 11. we watch the news and while its on, i let my hand slide slowly down your chest, feeling every ripple and knowing im so very safe in your arms. when my hand reaches your cock, i look down and see you're starting to climb again. i smile and have a nasty thought. with all we did today and with 3 more to go, i want you one more time before i sleep.

i wrap my fingers around it and you give the slightest hum, not knowing yet if i'm going to just hold your growing cock or do more to it. as my grip tightens, you figure it out, but not all of my plan. you ask whats up and i say to just enjoy it.

you say ok and let me do as i please. i hold on tighter and start stroking hard, but slowly. you hum and moan still not worrying how far i'll go. as you grow, your cock gets warmer in my hand. i love the feeling of such power between my fingers and then thats when i turn to you, looking into your eyes with a devilish smile you understand there is a PLAN. i turn back to your chest, licking a wet line down to your ever-growing hardness.

when i arrive, i look back up for one last look of satisfaction on your face. you smile and say 'do what makes you happy.' i thank you and turn away, toward it and thats when my other hand gets involved. one hand holds on tighter than ever, holding all the blood in place.

the other, at the tip, begins peeling the foreskin down. this hurts you. you yell out in moderate pain, and i stop.

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you ask wtf? i tell you i want to make your head large to suck you off before i sleep. you tell me to go ahead and do it. i peel it down more, the skin acting like a cock ring for the tip. my other hand moves again, forcing more blood to be trapped in the tip. you grow emense. i smile at my work and back my head out of the way to give you a look at my work. you're stunned at the size and ask why i didnt do this earlier.

i say i didnt wanna hurt you and i wanted it to be a gift for sometime later during our time together. i lean back in and say 'lean back and enjoy baby, i'll be gentle.' you moan in a little pain, the exposed skin isn't used to this and it is very sensetive, but i've done this before and you know that i'll never set out to hurt you.

your head goes back and as i come over your rock hard cock, i feel your hands on the back of my head. not pushing, just sitting there, waiting, letting me know you are ready.

i blow in its direction and watch it shiver.

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i then slap it with my tongue as i stay over it. i hear moans and grunts of slight pain, so i pull back only to be stopped by your hands. they hold me over you, not wanting me to stop, so i continue with the plan.

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my lips touch it next. ever so gently, i surround it, sealing it inside my mouth to be poked a little harder by my toungue. more moans and a few 'yes's' and 'more's' are heard. so i go a little faster. i then bite down very lightly on the tip, at the same place as your foreskin. my lips go lower. im taking forever to go a couple inches. i want you begging for more and begging loudly.

but you just moan, enjoying the pace so far. so i go deeper down, first the lips to wet the shaft, then my teeth to hold you in place. your hands never pushing down as though you want to take over and force me. i greatly respect this, and go deeper and slower. as i feel the hugeness of you in my mouth, i also think im making it grow too.


my hands are moving fast outside, one low and tight, the other giving ground on your shaft only when my lips arrive. i'm loving this pace, i'm not choking and you've shown respect for my gift. so now i take in more at once. and one hand goes away. i place it on your chest. i feel it heaving up and down as you breathe faster. im near the end now, the other hand joins the first, finding both your nipples and squeezing them tightly.

now i want a yell of pain and i get one. i move to the end and stay there, getting used to the enormousness of you inside me.

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i gag slightly, but recover quickly. then i feel your hands holding me down. you want me to stay, but i push back and you let me up. it's time to start, so i move slowly, making little bites as i rise. this excites you and i feel you start shaking in my mouth. i then go down, taking back all i've given up. your head lols in place on the back of the couch. you're in heaven and know i've become your goddess.

i move faster and faster over the next few minutes to a chorus of 'yes's and more's' your hands never leaving the back of my head and never pushing it down. this is the ultimate sexual test for me and you have passed. i want you happier than you've ever been before.

so i go faster and now feel you shivering inside me. the throbbing grows stronger and i know what it means. i feel the surge coming, but you try to hold it back. but i bite harder, in my own way telling you 'its ok, i'll take care of everything.' i want you erupting, vesuvius-like, and i'm determined to make it happen.

i grab the base of our shaft tight and the throbbing lessens, but the pain grows and you let out a plea to stop. you say 'it hurts, i gotta go now.' i squeeze tighter, holding you back a few more seconds. then, when i've gained some time, i let go, feeling you throb hard and strong in me. i let you come in a flood.

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with the foreskin down, its like shots from a gun, i am so pleased at my work, i sit there letting you go as you wish. after a steady 2 minutes of firing, you slow, then stop.

your breathing more a pant than deep. and im smiling around you. i crawl my way back up your chest and kiss you fiercely. your breath returns in a few minuetes, but i hear thank you's and 'that was great' from you between pants. we then lock eyes, not wanting it to end, but too tired to go further. so we decide to go to bed and sleep so we can continue on friday. i begin to awaken slowly. remembering our day together, i want to stay in the dream and fight waking up.

as i do, i feel your body up gainst mine. your head is higher, your stomach against my back. i feel your knees bent into mine, a melding of our flesh into one body. i also begin to feel your arm, holding me close to you tightly.

not so much to hurt or keeep me from breathing, but in a tender, 'never wanna let go' way. your hand cups my lower breast as we're on our sides. this all feels so nice i still fight not to wake up. but then as i do awaken, i feel something else, between my thighs. my free hand slides down my body under the thick, warm comforter we're under and reaches to my crotch to see what it is. i feel it and realize its you. your cocck was sleeping there all night.

as i wake more, i feel its not fully hard, no wonder why. i did abuse it yesterday, lol, and it needed a warm place to hide and recover. i hear you purring, like a sleeping tiger now and decide how best too wake you up. i slide slowly out from under your arm and lift a leg to release your semi-stiff cock. without any covers, it is a little cold, and my nipples start to pop out.

i look down at you as you roll on your back, still in deep sleep. i like what i see and kneel on the floor next to your exposed body. i hear a slight humming from you as if you're dreaming and decide to wake you in a most pleasant way.

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i lean in and use both hands to hold your cock, one low and firm, the other higher and i use it to slowly stroke you into a hard, thick, and arm-like stick. as my hands hold on, your moaning increases. its like your mind is adding what im doing to the dream in your head. good, thats just what i want. i stroke harder til you're at full length. then i lean in more and gently blow on the tip, exciting it to bulge in front of my eyes as i do this. mmmmmm, very good now. i hear more gentle moaning and then i lick the head with my tounge to get it nice and wet.

after a couple minutes, i place my lips gently on it and suck just once to see what you do. i have to go slowly, i dont want you waking up too early and spoiling my surprise, but i also dont want you to just make the whole thing a dream you sleep through. since you didnt wake up, i go deeper. moving my hand lower and gripping tighter.

my other hand is just keeping its place at the base. i take in more, slowly, then more and more still. finally i have you all and you're still asleep and now calling to me in the dream.

i smile that its my name, and for a bonus, i bite, just once, to let you know im happy. i continue moving up and down, faster now. i want you to wake as you come. one hand is gone, it was in the way of my mouth, but the other is squeezing your cock tightly and lessening the grip to let in as much blood as it can before tightening again to keep you nice and firm for me. your hands move toward my head and rest on my shoulders.

i feel you begin to tremble, like you are about to come, but because you're asleep you cant control it, so i feel it in small bursts. you cry out my name again as you try to sit up. you're awake and find me sucking every bit of you down. there is a look of surprise, replaced imediately by joy as i look up at you and hear, 'well, good morning to you too.' you laugh and thank me for a very nice start to the day.

as i finish and come off, i say that your welcome and that im glad you enjoyed it. i then ask, 'since ive already eaten, what would you like for breakfast?' we laugh for 5 minutes straight before we rest, cuddled in eachother's arms under the comforter.

maybe today we'll just stay in bed? end of part3 3 & 4.