If you wanna get only the rel home sex and nothing more then you should see this episode of our true

If you wanna get only the rel home sex and nothing more then you should see this episode of our true
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We all of us enjoy sexual thoughts at one time or another and what follows is a fictional tale involving some of my own. I think I surprised even myself at how lengthy the story is becoming. It still has some way yet to go. Therefore, in order to maintain an interest I felt it best to post this part now.

Should anyone feel the need for a part 2, feel free to let me know. I hope, given they are little more than a reflection of the thoughts of the slightly, older, more mature woman, this will not deter readers from enjoying the story. As always, I welcome your comments. My name is Maggie, a married 50 year old who I guess you can say, until recently had lead a fairly sheltered life sexually.

Married to my hubby for a good many years, like everyone else we have experienced the usual ups and downs of marriage but for the most part we've always got along well. Of course, being married as long as we have life has tended to become a little repetitive.mundane and though we both try to vary the things we do it's never possible to capture that first "flush of youth"yet, even if the sexual side of things has become less and less of late the two of us are nonetheless able to share a great many things with one another.

That said, I guess my life might have continued along the same mundane path had it not been for a particular, recent event that altered my thinking completely.but before I get ahead of myself I ought to tell you a little about me as a person. As I have said, I'm a 50 year old married woman.

I stand five feet four in stockinged feet. I have auburn, shoulder length hair with hazel coloured eyes, a feature for some reason my hubby particularly likes and I regularly work out at the gym in the hope I can maintain a figure that defies my age. I'd like to think I am a fun person and easy to get along with and while I would never say I was the most experienced woman sexually, I am far from being a prude.

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It's true I can occasionally dress a little too conservatively and maybe there have been some who see me as somewhat prim and proper. It's also true, before I married I had only one or two relationships and of those only one that was truly sexual but that said, I am not averse to trying new and exciting things, besides, marriage in itself is a learning curve and that together with the maturity of my years does have its advantages.

For my sins, I work in a nursing home as a carer and it's here that recent events gave rise to a change in my life. About six months ago a young guy started at the home, joining the kitchen staff as a Chef. The fact he was a good looking guy was reason enough for him to have caught my eye, as it did for many of the women there, young and old. I guessed he was around 19 years of age, slim, a good six inches taller than myself, short brown hair, an infectious smile and deep blue eyes you could lose yourself in.

All in all he was someone you'd call a fit looking guy. Over a period of time we started to chat to one another.

At first, it was clear he was somewhat shy and our conversations were little more than a "Good morning" usually said in passing as we both went about our jobs but as the days went by the "good mornings" lengthened and we would spend a few minutes chatting to one another. While I never made it obvious, it's fair to say I found Wade (the young guy in question) sexually attractive but at 50 years of age and despite the fact I consider myself in good shape, I am a realist and didn't expect for a moment those type of feelings would be reciprocated.

I simply assumed he was being nothing more than polite. However, the more we chatted the more he seemed to come out of his shell and it wasn't long before I found he appeared to enjoy flirting with me. Of course flirting is hardly considered the crime of the century and in most cases can be little more than some harmless fun.but for a 50 year old to have a twenty something flirt with you is very flattering as well as being more than a little arousing.

I should say, it wasn't every time we stopped to chat we would flirt for it was often the case other members of the staff would be in earshot, and I suspect neither of us wanted to overstep the mark, but it was enough that I found myself looking forward more and more to those moments when we'd get to share a few words together.

In truth the conversations never amounted to much.I would ask about his weekend.his social life and he'd ask about mine.The replies would more often than not be very matter of fact.nothing more than a brief description of what it was we'd done that particular weekend or evening but as the weeks passed our chats allowed us an insight into one another's personal lives and of course when the opportunity arose there would always be this underlying feeling we were flirting with one another.

Over a period of time the chats continued until it got to the point a kind of unwritten rule kicked in where both of us would be sure to take our breaks, not just at the same time but also after the other staff members had taken theirs, thereby ensuring wherever possible, the two of us were alone.

This in itself used to excite me for it added a kind of illicit feel about our meetings. One day, on one such break I'd been asking him about his weekend and happened to casually mention if he had taken his girlfriend out somewhere nice.

The strange thing was, this many weeks down the line I'd realised he'd never mentioned a girlfriend and I'd never asked. It was then he informed me he wasn't seeing anyone and that most of his time was spent out and about with his male friends.

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I suppose I must have shown some surprise the fact he wasn't dating for he felt the need to explain to me he did sometimes meet and enjoy the company of girls but it was never anything serious and that he found many girls around his age to be somewhat immature. When I asked what he meant by this he went on to explain how he seemed to attract the two kinds.

The ones who wanted to settle down, buy a cottage with roses around the door and have kids.or the second kind who believed a good night out was nothing more than getting three parts to the wind or out of their heads on some uppers.

He went on to say it was rare to find a girl who simply wanted to share a little fun time and added, because of this he'd always found older women more attractive.

It seemed he felt they had gone through those phases and knew what they were about. I have to admit, listening to him that day his words sent a chill coursing through my body and while I was careful not to show it, for the first time it entered my head his flirting with me may not have been entirely all in innocence.

Unfortunately, after this our conversations appeared to "cool" a little, I suspected he'd felt he may have overstepped the mark which was not the case at all.

At one point I had even begun to wonder if he'd gone off the idea of flirting. In any event, if that were indeed the case there was little I could have done about it so I accepted how he felt it ought to be until one day I had cause to return some items to the kitchen. It was around 7 pm, coming towards the end of my shift as I pushed my way through the kitchen swing doors.

In truth I never gave a thought to the idea Wade might have been in there changing from his Chef's outfit into his everyday clothes in readiness to go home but, as I stepped through into the kitchen that's exactly what was happening. For what seemed like an age the two of us just seemed to freeze. Him with his trousers halfway down his thighs.me open mouthed, my eyes drawn towards a pair of white briefs and an undeniably impressive manhood clearly outlined beneath the cotton material.

I guess we were stood there for no longer than a few seconds but at the time it seemed an age and throughout I could do nothing to avert my eyes. When the spell was broken I quickly muttered an apology, placed the items I had returned on the worktop then turned and left, still with the image of his manhood burned into my memory.

That night, alone in bed, with my hubby as usual working away, I did something I hadn't done in a long while. I used my vibrator. I lay there in my bed, a 50 year old married woman with my legs open calling Wades name out loud as I Fucked myself hard to the memory of his young cock, finally bringing myself off to a wonderful climax.

Afterwards yes, it's true I did feel some guilt but this was far and away outweighed by the pleasurable thoughts Wade had bought on. It was a few days later before we next had the opportunity to chat to one another and though I sensed like me, he wanted to say something about what had happened that day we neither of us mentioned it.

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We chatted again the following day.then the next and the next and it seemed to me, after the initial difficult period, the matter in the kitchen had proved something of a turning point. If I had any doubts about that notion they were dispelled once and for all the ensuing weekend. It was a Saturday morning and with it drawing closer to Xmas, hubby and I drove to the nearest main town in order to do some Xmas shopping. To say the least, the weather was not at its best that day and on the journey back the rain was pounding against the windscreen causing us to drive far more slowly than usual, just in order to be able to see where we were going.

It was as we were driving through one of our neighbouring villages that I saw what I believed was a familiar figure walking along the roadside. As we passed by I turned to look back and pretty much yelled at my hubby to stop. It's a wonder we didn't crash.

I quickly told him I thought it was Wade, the young guy from work, adding if it was then we needed to pick him up. Sure enough, with hubby reversing back, as the figure drew closer it was indeed Wade. He made a sorry looking sight as he headed towards our vehicle where I flung open the back door and ordered him inside.

The rain had been unrelenting all day and walking along the road as he had been, he was soaked through to the skin. Recognising who we were he thanked us for stopping and apologising for the rain dripping off his body he climbed inside onto the rear seat.

I told him not to be so silly and motioned for hubby to take us back home where I mentioned to Wade he could dry himself off.

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A few minutes later we pulled into our driveway and leaving hubby to sort out the shopping, I ushered Wade from the car telling him to make his way into the house. Once inside I removed my coat then took his from him hanging it up in the porch to dry as my hubby made his way in with the first of the bags of shopping.

"Let's get you out of those wet clothes while Mike makes us all a hot drink." I told him. "That's ok Maggie. I'll be fine." he answered. "Rubbish!" I told him. "You're soaked through to the skin. I can't have you going home like this.

Follow me. I'll show you where the shower is and I'm sure I'll be able to find something of Mike's to fit you." I looked towards hubby as if seeking approval.

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His nod towards me was confirmation he was happy enough to agree Wade needed to get out of his wet clothes. Wade followed me up the stairs and along to the shower where I left him in no doubt what he needed to do. "Now get yourself out of those wet clothes and into the shower while I go find something suitable for you to wear." I ordered. He offered little argument and as he disappeared into the shower I turned and made my way towards our bedroom to begin searching through hubbys wardrobe where, as crazy as it might sound, just looking for something suitable for Wade to wear was getting me incredibly horny.

Five minutes later, having selected a crisp white shirt, a pair of Blue jeans and a pair of white cotton briefs I made my way from the bedroom back towards the bathroom. I stopped outside the door to listen and heard the tell tale sound of the shower running. In truth, at that point my mind was a mix of conflicting emotion. I considered turning the handle and stepping right in but for the moment something held me back.

Still with my hand on the doorknob. I turned my head towards the landing aware my hubby was only downstairs. Just the thought of him reminded me we had a good marriage but this wasn't about marriage, this was about me.about excitement.about feeling wanted. I turned back towards the door. I knew the best thing would be to call out, informing Wade I would leave the clothes I'd gotten him just outside the door then walk away but the truth was, stood there, outside the bathroom, I couldn't get the thoughts of that day in the works kitchen out of my head Moments later I was bought out of my thoughts by the sound of running water ceasing.

I gave a light knock on the door and though I waited for a response I knew perfectly well the knock had been far too light for him to have heard. I took a deep breath as I turned the handle and stepped into the bathroom just in time to see Wade was stepping from the shower.

Again my mind immediately filled with thoughts of that day in the kitchen, the difference being, on that occasion he'd been half dressed where now my entrance had been timed that he'd barely had time to grab a towel. I was quick to note the look on his face as being one of shock but it wasn't his face that had caught my attention.

He made a quick grab for a towel though of course by then it had been too late to prevent my witnessing what I have to say was a very impressive display of manhood. I felt an immediate rush of guilt. Both for having walked in on Wade this way and for the fact hubby was only downstairs. I The proper thing to do would be to simply apologise, turn and leave but despite suffering thoughts of this sensible option there was no denying, I'd known this was going to happen the moment I'd turned the handle.

I looked at across at Wade and saw him returning my gaze, albeit his was a somewhat shocked appearance. Any number of thoughts ran through my mind, not the least of which was, I felt pretty sure my hubby would remain downstairs, at least for the time being. With that in mind I turned to close the door behind me before taking the few steps towards Wade where I placed the items of clothing I had collected on top of the laundry basket.


"I'm sorry Wade. I should apologise. I bought these clothes for you. I imagined you'd have finished by now." I lied. He didn't answer, just stood there with the towel draped around him and though for the moment he appeared lost for words it nevertheless struck me, his eyes were giving my body as much of a once over as mine had quickly done his.especially my breasts which today I knew looked good, my 36 inches moulded nicely beneath a body hugging, red, poloneck top.

Down below, the attention I'd been receiving from his eyes caused my pussy to tingle. I took another step, reaching out with both hands, pressing the towelling against his muscular body. "But as I'm here now, I don't suppose it will hurt for me to help dry you off.

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Will it Wade?" I said as my hands gently moved in a circular motion, pressing the towel against his body. "Errr! Do you think this is wise Mags?" he stammered, the effect of his shortening my name inexplicably adding to my arousal. He was clearly still very nervous and uncomfortable as he pressed his body further back against the wall.

For the time being, undeterred, my hands continued to press the towelling lightly over his chest in a circular, yet undeniably sexual motion, his eyes were watching my every move. "Hmmm! You're probably right Wade." I told him. "The two of us here alone like this isn't maybe the wisest thing but. don't you think.sometimes being wise isn't always for the best?" I almost purred, as down below the feel of his body against my hands had begun to stir my pussy all the more.

"But what about Mike?" he stammered, his nerves finally allowing him to voice his fears. "Hmmmm! Don't you go worrying about him." I said, as I eased aside the towel and smoothed both hands over a still very damp, bared chest. "Right at this moment he'll still be dealing with all that shopping and I very much doubt he's thinking you're anything other than still in the shower while I'm still looking for something appropriate for you to wear." I moved closer still, dropping my right hand back onto the towel at his waist.

"Besides! What kind of a host would you think me if I were to let you back downstairs still wet?" I teased. I inched closer, close enough I could feel his breath upon my lips. For all the flirting we'd shared over the months, this was the closest we'd ever been. The room, still filled with steam from the shower, was also now thick with a sexual tension and it wasn't just me could feel it. Wade too could sense the change. I let my right hand drop lower still until it was rested against his crotch where what appeared to be an impressive young cock was beginning to stiffen beneath the towelling.

"My my! What's this Wade? Is this what happens when you're all wet?" I witnessed him close his eyes and let out a groan of pleasure as my fingers slid down the towelling, towards the outline of his shaft. "We can't do this Lin!" he moaned. "What can't we do Wade? Are you saying we can't dry you off?" I teased. "Oh God! You know damn well that's not what I'm saying Mags!" he replied and once more I witnessed the look in his eyes as he momentarily examined the curves of my breasts.

"Then what Wade?" I whispered, quickly adding, "Did you not once tell me you favoured the older woman? Or was it you were telling me fibs?" "No! That's not it at all." he replied.

"Then just relax.!" I whispered as my left hand began stroking the towel back and forth over his chest. He leant back into the wall, as if thinking by doing so he'd move out of my reach. His eyes closed. I looked down at the towelling to see it nicely tented. I couldn't resist. I slid my hand over his tented outline and began stroking the towelling up and down his growing shaft. "Please Maggie! Stop!" he moaned again, this time making a real attempt at pulling away. As he moved so I followed until, with nowhere else to go, I had him pinned into the corner of the bathroom.

Again he looked down, this time as I pressed forward, pushing my breasts against his wet body, both my hands now on his waist. "Isn't this nice Wade? Did you not wonder how they would feel pressed this close when you were checking them out a few minutes ago?" I asked as I moved my body provocatively from side to side against his. "I wasn't Maggie.Honest!" he stammered, not surprisingly, still more than a little flustered.

"Oh but you were Wade. I saw you. You were checking me out as I was doing the same to you. Don't worry Wade. I'm not annoyed. One of the things you'll learn about us older women is.there's nothing more exciting than the thought of a sexy young stud giving us the once over. We enjoy it. Believe me Wade. I did." I took a step back and following his eyes, looked down at myself to see not only were my nipples jutting out firmly beneath the soft knitted top, but that the top itself was now wet from where my breasts had pressed against his body.

"Oh dear! Look what you've done!" I scolded him as I played the fingers of my left hand back and forth over my breasts.

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"You've got me all wet." He uttered a soft groan as his eyes watched the movement of my fingers and hand playing back and forth over my breasts. Ordinarily, playing with my own nipples would not cause them to respond but under the current situation and with his presence they had already formed firm peaks beneath the top. I could almost taste the sexual tension. "Did you also wonder how they would feel in your hands Wade?" Not waiting for a response I reached out, took a hold of his right hand and lifted it up onto my breast holding it there with my own hand.

My lips issued a soft moan when I felt his fingers give a tender, tentative squeeze. "Is that how you imagined it Wade?" "Oh God Maggie.Yes!" I smiled at his response.

"I think the truth is we both know what it is we want. I think we have since that day in the kitchen.don't you?" Before he could answer I leant forward to press my lips against the side of his neck where my tongue flicked out, savouring the moisture still present from his shower. "No Maggie. You've got to stop." he argued, even though his fingers still present on my breast were telling a different story. I didn't need reminding how foolish, how ridiculous this all was .Wade had already voiced his own fears about what was happening and at 50 years of age, 30 years plus his senior, I, of all people, should most certainly have known better.

That, together with the knowledge my hubby was only downstairs, should at the very least, have made me seen sense, have made me listen to what my head was telling me and to have walked away from this situation, but seeing sense over a long held desire conflict. The reality was, the attraction had been simmering for weeks and now, what with the intensity of the situation, the feel of Wades hand upon my breast together with the thrill of knowing someone young enough to have been my son was as keen for me, though he was yet to admit it, as I was for him, was sending my pussy into overdrive.

My lips slid from his neck. Looking down I could once more see the towel. Still damp and tented. I lowered my hand pushing it through the fold where, for the very first time the tips of my fingers touched his hardness.

I both felt and heard Wade groan a fearful approval as my fingers curled around his stiff shaft. Younger.more innocent.despite his reluctance, he was as lost in this lust as I was. I slid my left hand to the side of his face and looked deep into his sparkling blue eyes.


Despite his nerves I could sense his body was alive like mine. "Oh Wade!" I whispered. "You couldn't begin to know how much I have wanted this young cock." For the moment I withdrew my hand and placing it on his waist I leant forward, pressing my lips into the side of his neck, wondering the effect my words would have. I was eager for our embrace to continue. His body remained tense as my lips kissed and licked along his neck.

I flicked out my tongue to tease at the lobe of his ear and when I did, he let out a quiet moan of pleasure and I felt his body relax a little. I flicked my tongue out again, then started to kiss and nibble at his lobe, finally sucking it gently between my lips. "Stop Maggie!" he said, but even before the words were out he'd tilted his head a little to allow me more access.

It was clear his nerves were beginning to take hold but I pressed on, confident I would win him around. I continued to kiss and lick and suck gently around his ear until again I felt his head tilt slightly, his body seeming to relax a little more. I slid my left hand around the back of his neck and parting my fingers, combed them into his hair, using them to tilt his head a little more. I eased forward, my lips moving away from his ear, to kiss and lick their way down his neck, until I was planting open mouthed kisses under his chin, the fingers of my left hand still tilting his head to the side.

"Stop Maggie please! We need to stop," he pleaded once more. I eased back a little to look up into his eyes. Despite his objection they were closed and as I listened I could hear his breathing had become ragged. I turned my attention to his lips.

They were full, fleshy and I wanted to feel them against my own. I continued planting wet, open mouthed kisses along his chin, his cheeks, while still caressing my fingers through his hair, but this time I moved my body closer, pressing my crotch against his stiffening member. I felt his body tighten up once more and his hand press more firmly against my breast, as if ready to push me away, yet I could sense no conviction there.

Even so, playing it safe, I returned my attention back to his neck. The pressure of his hand on my breast eased. He seemed to relax and as he tilted his head a little more I resumed my open mouthed, wet kisses. Along his neck, beneath and up over his chin, each kiss drawing me nearer my goal.his lips. My lips edged closer until I could feel the heat of his ragged breath, then curling my fingers firmly into his hair I pressed my lips lightly over his.

"No Maggie." he moaned as he tried to turn his head but my fingers in his hair held him there.


"You want it Wade and I do too." I whispered. I pressed my lips to his once more, this time offering a gossamer light peck.against his. This time he didn't respond, but neither did he struggle. I kissed him again, every bit as lightly as the first.then a second kiss.a third.a fourth. By this time the fingers of my left hand were massaging sensuously through his hair, against his scalp and as my lips alighted on his for a sixth time I felt sure he'd started to respond. It was almost intangible at first, little more than a slight parting of his lips.

I pressed on giving him several more light pecks before moving my lips more firmly against his where, still putting the fingers of my hand in his hair to good use, I held him there as I probed his lips with the tip of my tongue, enjoying the fleshy feel of his lips, inwardly willing him to open up for me. I heard him moan and for a moment wasn't sure if it were a moan of objection or one of pleasure. Moments later I received the answer when his hand moved from my breast to slide to the back of my neck, pulling me towards him, crushing my lips firmly over his as his mouth finally opened allowing access to my tongue.

It was the moment I'd been waiting for. The moment when all his tension was released. I slid my right hand up over his body placing my palm and fingers against the side of his face as he finally responded to the kiss.

My tongue probed his, gently at first, seeking out the warmth of his mouth but now he fought back, his fingers holding firm against the back of my neck as he pressed my tongue back and his deep into my mouth. We were both moaning aloud now, our situation temporarily forgotten as our heads turned from side to side, our lips mashing together, our tongues eager to duel.

I could our breaths coming in ragged short bursts. "Ohhh Wade!" I murmured, as my hands pulled his lips firmly onto mine. He pushed me back until we were looking into one another's eyes. I could see his lust burning in that deep blue hue just as I was sure he would see the same in mine. He grabbed at my neck and once more pulled me into a fiery, passionate kiss. Our tongues probed and fought, our heads bobbed and twisted, our breath no more than gasps as we each fought for air.

I pressed my body hard against his, the tell tale feel of his stiff member digging into my crotch. He responded, his hands sliding down my back, onto the cheeks of my arse where he pulled me hard against the towelling.against his swollen cock. Another passionate, searing kiss ensued, our lips kissing, our tongues probing, our heads twisting and turning.

It was as if we were both teenagers, our first time.our first such kiss. We stayed like that for several minutes, enjoying the closeness of one another's bodies until finally he pushed me away once more. This time the room appeared to be filled with the sounds of us trying to catch our breath. I couldn't believe how aroused he'd gotten me, yet in truth I shouldn't have been surprised.

I think I knew then I had wanted him right from the day I had seen him in the kitchen.dressing where that same night I had used my vibrator.

Aware of how out of breath I was I looked him up and down. His well formed abs, his strong, smooth chest, while down below, still hidden, his more than sufficient manhood. "Ohh Wade! You have no idea what you do for me." I gasped. His lips turned to a smile. "Believe me Mags. You have no idea the effect you've had on me these past weeks." He reached out and grabbing at my waist, pulled me into yet another intense kiss, his hand sliding up to my neck, pulling me close, crushing his lips over mine once more.

We were both moaning aloud now though it would be fairer to say our moans were more like animal grunts as we continued to devour one another's lips. Again he eased me back but this time I pulled him to me. I couldn't get enough of him.his lips. I was enjoying the way he kissed, for his expertise belied his youth. I grabbed at his hair, gripping it tight between my fingers as I sucked hard on his tongue, enjoying its slippery texture as he prodded and probed. I imagined it to be his cock, the cock that right then was pressing firmly into my belly.

He eased me away, his body every bit as flushed and breathless as mine. "Ohhh Mags I want you so bad. I haven't been able to get you out of my mind since that afternoon." Hearing his words I let out a groan .A few weeks ago the very idea this young, good looking guy had any real interest in me was nothing more than a fantasy on my part, merely the overactive imaginings of an older woman, now here he was telling me everything I had wanted to hear.

His words sent a shiver coursing through my body. I reached out and using both hands released the towel from his hips letting it drop to the floor. He stepped back, a little surprised by my actions, which allowed me to admire what I had just revealed, a thick, lengthy, veiny cock with the most perfect domed head and sumptuous balls I'd ever seen.

I stepped forward, tracing a finger upwards along his manhood. "I want you too Wade." I whispered as I fisted my fingers around his thick shaft. He groaned as I began moving my hand slowly up its length. "You know we can't do this Maggie. Not now. Not with Mike only downstairs." "I know," I said as I stepped a little closer while moving my hand back down his shaft.

"He could come up at any time." "Yes. You're right." I answered, my hand moving back up along his stiff dick. "We'd best stop this now then." he told me, his hands reaching out for my waist. "Absolutely!" I replied, stepping close to press my body against his. Holding me tight and with the towel now on the floor the wetness of his body seeped into my clothes. It was yet another foolish action but I was too far gone.

Far too aroused to care about such incidentals. Our lips met, initially a flurry of light, rapid pecks. It didn't last. We both needed more. The passion building was far too intense. Our lips opened wide where our tongues began dancing, both inside and outside of one another's mouths. We embraced with a searing, passionate, sloppy French kiss and as I felt his hand slide up behind my neck, his fingers stroking. teasing I knew I wanted him all.

His lips.his tongue.his mouth.his saliva.I wanted every part of him. "Maggie!" We both heard it at the same time, Mike calling out my name from downstairs.

"Ohh Shit!" I moaned as I spun away from his arms, aware I had to get out of the bathroom and fast. I pressed my lips quickly to Wades then not even having time to check my appearance I stepped towards the door.

Opening it and closing it quickly behind me I made my way to the landing. "I'm just coming!" I called out from the landing, where as my hands brushed down my clothing I realised too late, both my skirt, and more importantly my top, were still damp from my encounter with Wade.