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Live Sex Milf sucking a big dick on webcam
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Christmas came and went and with it the usual aggravation of visiting relatives and receiving relatives day in and day out. By Saturday, not only was I exhausted but Ashley had distanced herself from me which made me edgy. At around four o'clock my aunt and uncle along with their three children, who had me convinced were the spawn of Satan himself, were finally pushed out the door. My parents wearily trudged back into the kitchen to clean up what looked like a disaster zone.

Ashley and I picked up the living room where wrapping paper had been strewn around by the devil children. When we finished I collected the gifts I had been given and headed for my room. One thing that could be said for my aunt and uncle was that they were generous. I received about two hundred dollars worth of gift cards, a computer game, and two DVDs so I couldn't really complain.

I dumped my swag into a good sized pile along with the other gifts I had gotten throughout the week, onto my bed and started going through them. They had been the last relatives we had to see so I was quite relieved to just lie down and not have to talk to anyone. I lay on my bed and mindlessly picked through the gifts, sorting them into some kind of order as Ashley flounced into the room. I barely noticed her until she sat on the bed next to me, her perfume almost overwhelming my senses.

She was wearing jeans and a spaghetti-strap tube top, her hair was down and neatly tucked behind her ears and shoulders. "Whatcha doing?" she asked aimlessly picking through my stuff messing up the order I had put them in. "Nothing. What do you want?" "Tim," she sighed pinching the bridge of her nose, "I thought you would have gotten it by now." "Gotten what?" I responded innocently.

I knew exactly what she was talking about but I wanted to string it out as long as possible and make her lose interest. I really didn't have the energy for anything that she wanted to do. "Don't play with me Tim! You're supposed to do what I say anyways." She actually looked like she was getting angry over this. "Or what, honestly what's to keep me from completely ignoring you, hm? What would happen if you lost your outlet? All your pent up desires, your emotions, your needs, would they just build up until you explode?

What would that feel like, sister?" While I was speaking I traced small patterns on her arm with the back of my finger, barely touching her skin. "Oh and I think you'll find that your little friend, the one you threatened me with the other day has gone missing, who knows where it went.

Oh yes and all your other toys I'm afraid, have disappeared as well. You should keep better track of them." The look on her face was priceless, a look of absolute horror and disbelief.

"You…you wouldn't?" she slowly got up and sort of backed up towards the door. "You might find something under your bed though." I called as she hurried out the door to her room. I got up slowly and wandered out after her. I wanted to see this for myself, the panic on her face as she left my room generated an almost sexual sensation that I wanted to hold onto. I quietly opened her door and closed it behind me and leaned back against it.

She was rushing around her room looking in all of the hiding places I had painstakingly found and cleaned out while she was away with her friends a couple nights ago. I was surprised that she hadn't noticed until I told her, she must have been saving herself or something. At the moment she was tearing through her dresser which had, until recently held three, from what I could determine, of her favorites or most used devices.

Pieces of clothing were flying across the room in such a way that I had to control myself not to laugh at.

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A black silk thong flew past and I caught it before it could hit the floor. I thought it strange that I had never noticed she wore thongs, I had only seen her in panties or nothing at all.

I leisurely twirled it around my finger and continued to watch Ashley hopelessly search. "I'm gonna kill you." She hissed, stepping out of her closet where previously there had been four of her toys.

"Did you look under your bed yet?" I asked. She narrowed her eyes at me and slunk over to her bed and looked underneath. "Oh how kind of you." Her voice dripping sarcasm, she held in her hand a tiny vibrator maybe two inches long.

When I came across it I was absolutely stumped at why a girl like her would have such a small device. "At least it works right?" I said. It shouldn't, I had removed the little plate that carried the electrical charge from the battery. It had taken a bit of doing but it was a grateful distraction from a monotonous week. A small flicker of hope flashed across her eyes as she twisted the bottom hoping for the little device to come to life.

It didn't and her face fell. "You won't get away with this Tim." She said, the rage in her voice becoming more and more apparent.

"Won't I?" I responded innocently. She stood up and in a flash her face was no more than an inch from mine, her large breasts pushing into my chest. I was startled by her speed but quickly recovered, newly acquired confidence from last Friday's events flooding through me.

She looked down into my eyes with such utter hate that I was afraid for a second that she would hit me. "You!" was all she managed to growl. "What does it feel like Ashley," I whispered into her face, "to have everything taken away and to only have me. Does it turn you on? Does it disgust you? What do you think of your brother now; do you realize how you have changed me?" I stopped babbling after that, I really didn't care; they weren't questions I wanted an answer to.

I was just screwing with her head. She only seemed to get angrier anyways. I grinned wickedly and raised my right hand with the silk thong still dangling from my finger. Her brown eyes flicked over and as they did I jammed my left index and middle fingers into her pussy as far as her jeans would let me with such force that she was pushed onto the tips of her toes. She moaned loudly as they sunk in to the first knuckle, her legs buckled and she collapsed to her knees.

As my fingers withdrew they came away slightly damp, I smiled and wiped them on her cheek as she knelt there trying to catch her breath. I patted her head and left her room chuckling. Closing her door behind me I made my way back to my room and got on my computer.

I opened up AIM and was immediately greeted with the message: OBane: so how'd it go? TDonovan: perfectly. You should have seen her face. I replied. OBane: great! TDonovan: thanks for the idea. I never would have thought of something like that. OBane: np. Btw I can't wait to see you tomorrow ;) remember7:30 my house. TDonovan: don't worry I can't forget about something like that lol OBane: good, gtg…I'll be waiting TDonovan: cya Lucky for me I finally had a chance to see Oriana tomorrow night when my parents took Ashley to one of her hockey games at least an hour drive away.

Now all I had to do was survive until then. "Aw isn't that sweet." came my sister's voice from directly behind me. My computer is up against the far wall and my back is to the door but I still cursed myself for not seeing this coming. I believe it was only natural to be a little surprised.

"Holy fucking sh…!" was all I managed before she wrenched my head around, pulling me out of my chair and throwing me to the floor in one swift motion. I was pleasantly surprised that my neck wasn't broken even if it felt as though it was. She still had my head clasped between her hands as she crushed out mouths together and forced her tongue down my throat. She lay on top of me pressing herself against me, seemingly trying to form herself to my smaller frame.

I struggled for a while but gave up when she showed now sign of being dislodged. I lay still and let her explore the inside of my mouth with her tongue, my hands at my sides. She opened her eyes and looked at me confusion written on her face. "Why did you sto…?" she said before I shifted my weight and pushed with all my strength to flip her over and off of me. Her eyes widened as she was rolled over and I followed up taking over her usual position, atop the waist. "Now I see why you like sitting here." I said looking around as if surveying my domain.

"Perhaps I'll stay here all day and just do nothing." I said, stressing the word nothing. She started to struggle but I grasped her wrists and pinned them to the floor with all my weight. "I've never been in this position before, I hope you're happy." She said, the range of emotions playing across her face telling me that I shouldn't let my guard down even if she had stopped fighting for the moment.


"I am and you have, remember? That first night, you thought you could tie me up and leave me in that condition. Showed you though. And now look what's become of it." I said laughing. She smiled slightly almost as if she didn't want to admit such a thing. A sudden thought struck me out nowhere and I just couldn't help myself but to ask her even if it would just piss her off more.

"Are you jealous?" I asked smirking, leaning down, close to her face. "What?" "Are you jealous?" I repeated slowly punctuating each word with a kiss on her stunned mouth. "T-that's not what this is about!" she stammered, color bleeding into her cheeks. "Oh my god, you are!" I laughed out loud as I stood up releasing her wrists and sitting on my bed.

She just lay where she was only moving to cross her arms under her breasts and turn her head away from me. "This is absolutely priceless." I said wiping tears away from my eyes from laughing so hard. "Ha ha, so fucking funny you little prick!" she hissed in the direction of the wall. "What can you possibly be jealous about? Who you are!


What you've done!" I said, starting to lose my humorous demeanor when she didn't look at me after what I just said. "I can see it, that's all. You two being happy right into the fucking grave!" I could too it felt as if Oriana and I were by definition perfect for each other. And even though we had thought about sex as proven by last week's events, I never let it motivate my decisions in any way shape or form and really neither had she.

"What!?" "Why can't I be happy like that? Why can't I see my own future?" She said sniffling a little. 'A typical teenage statement' I thought to myself, wondering if that's what this was about. "Come on, you're Ashley freakin' Donovan! You can get any guy you want!" "Exactly! All they really want to do is fuck me!

And it has gotten to be that… that's only what I want too." She said quietly, sounding more angry than sad. "Well honestly Ash I don't know what you expect me to do about it." I said softly, scratching my head looking at her prostrate form.

Slowly she turned her head to face me. I was stunned, tears streaked her perfect face, her eyes were all red and her lips quivered as though she was about to break down any second. Not since we were young had I seen her like this, in fact the last time I had even seen her cry was when her arm was dislocated during a hockey game about four years ago. "Change me! Make me different!" she sobbed and somehow launched herself at me from that position, catapulting us over my bed and back onto the floor as she hit me.

The breath was knocked from my lungs and my head hurt from where it had hit the wall but she seemed fine. She had pushed her head into my chest and was sobbing gently, her hands grabbing fistfuls of my shirt and pulling them to her face as if trying to hide herself. My legs were now extended under the bed as she curled up into the fetal position on my lap.

I hesitated but eventually put my arms around her and gently stroked her hair with one hand and rested my chin on her head. I felt so guilty, about everything that had happened about everything I had done. When I looked back at it I could barely comprehend what had happened between us.

Never once had I stopped to consider her or myself, for that matter or the impact it would really have on our lives. It felt as if my whole tiny world had been turned on its head. However it seemed simple what I had to do now. "What do you want me to do Ashley?" I asked softly, kissing the top of her head. "I don't know!" she moaned her voice muffled by my shirt, each word punctuated with a sniffle. "When you do, make sure to tell me and I'll do it.

Do you understand that?" I said prying her face away from my chest so I could look into her eyes. She nodded, before tears welled up in her eyes again and she broke down once more.

She pressed her face back into my chest and started crying. We remained that way for a long time; my legs became numb and I'm sure the front of my shirt was a mess but I didn't care. Finally she regained control of herself and stopped crying long enough to pull her face away from my chest and look me in the eyes.

"Thank you." She said, tears staining her face. I smiled and wiped her face with a clean portion of my shirt. She moved so she was no longer sitting on me but sitting next to me, and then rested her head against my shoulder.

I stretched my legs trying to revive the circulation as I looked at the clock on my nightstand. It was five thirty; we'd spent a good hour and a half sitting there.

Dinner wasn't a problem as we had had a large lunch with the relatives, but I was still surprised that our parents hadn't at least checked in on us. A sigh blew into my ear as Ashley brought herself unsteadily to her feet.

I followed, holding her arm so she didn't topple over. She turned so she was facing me then drew me into a hug that I thought would break my spine.

She held me like that for a long moment before pulling away and heading back to her room and a pillow that would probably receive the same treatment my shirt had seen. When she was gone I shook my head, utterly bemused at what had just occurred. The rest of the evening passed without Ashley emerging from her room.

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I became worried towards the time when my parents went to bed and she still hadn't shown herself. I had been watching television and decided to check on her, making my way to her closed door I knocked twice and received no answer. Tentatively I opened the door and peered inside. She was laying on her bed in her pajamas with her headphones screwed into her ears; a magazine lay on her lap as she idly twirled her hair with one hand.

She looked up when I opened the door and gave me a little wave, a smile on her face. I returned the gesture and closed the door.

Women, I will never understand what goes on in their minds, of that I was certain. The next day I slept in trying to recover the energy I had spent socializing with the relatives this week. I woke up around ten and spent most of the day lounging about. Ashley finally emerged from her room to consume and enormous lunch and then disappeared again.

When the time came for them to leave she came out once more shouldering her huge bag of equipment and holding her stick in her hand. My parents were already in the car so we were alone. "Wish me luck." She said and touched her cheek with the blade.

I grinned and gave her a peck on the cheek. She smiled back at me and headed out the door, it was seven o'clock and right about now Oriana's mother would be leaving for work. I parked myself on the couch and waited, my stomach doing back flips as I agonized until it came time to leave.

When seven twenty rolled around I couldn't wait anymore and practically sprinted to my car, almost forgetting my coat. It was the most agonizingly long five minute drive I had ever experienced. Thoughts of my sister crept into my head suddenly as I pulled into her driveway and parked next to Oriana's beat up Volvo.

I started having doubts as I rang the doorbell. Of course all of those thoughts were ejected from my mind by the sight that greeted my eyes as the door opened. She was wearing what must have been a 4XL, black t-shirt and nothing else as far as I could tell.

The twin mounds of her near perfectly round breasts protruded from her shirt a great deal when she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples stood out even farther as if trying to breach the fabric. "Hi." I said tearing my eyes away from her chest. "Hello," she responded a mischievous grin quirking the corners of her mouth, "come on in." I didn't need to be told twice and slid in past her as she closed the door.

I had just barely removed my coat before her arms snaked around my neck and brought us mouth to mouth. Heaven. I nearly collapsed in her arms but managed to keep my feet. Slowly as if afraid to do so, her tongue snuck into my mouth and proceeded to dance with mine.

She snuggled in closer to me, trying to meld our bodies together. Her tits squashed into my chest, her nipples I assumed, were painfully hard judging from how they poked into me. Her eyes were closed, her features softening reveling in the moment.

Finally she broke away, her arms still around my neck, a pleased smile playing on her lips. She stood for a moment looking into my eyes when she started blushing profusely and shuffling her feet. I grinned and scooped an arm under her legs and lifted her into the air my other arm supporting her across her back in a bridal style carry. She squeaked when she became airborne but otherwise showed no signs of discomfort.

"Destination milady?" I said in a stereotypical British accent. "Downstairs if you please, James." She laughed, trying and failing to replicate the accent. I chuckled and carried her to the basement door.

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Without having to ask she removed one of her hands from around my neck and opened the door for me. Going down the stairs wasn't as difficult as I had feared considering how light she was. I had been here on several occasions, it was a large open space dominated by an entertainment system, a pool table, and a futon that had been opened out into a bed.

Unfortunately, however much fun it would have been, the pool table was an antique and not the sturdiest thing in the world so I didn't even bother thinking about that possibility. I lay her down on the futon and she pulled me down with her, I had to twist so I didn't land on top of her.

She used the impact of me landing to roll herself gracefully on top of me where she proceeded to plant her face on mine again.

I let my hands creep down her back too her ass where I squeezed both of her marvelous cheeks and pull her down into my denim covered crotch in the same movement, my fingers sinking deep into the fleshy spheres. She giggled into my mouth, her bright blue eyes sparkling like twin jewels. No amount of clothing could possibly hope to hide the raging hard-on I had going.

It had managed to point itself upwards and she at once started to grind up and down it in a clothed parody of what was to come. Finally she broke away and sat up, her creamy white legs straddling my hips.

With a sly grin on her face she gripped the hem of my shirt and worked it up over my head, all the while pushing herself down onto my caged cock. I looked away from her face to where she sat on my dick, the bottom of her shirt had risen up on her thighs and I could see her pussy already looking soaked, moving on my now damp groin. I ran my fingers up her smooth thighs to her shirt where I slowly began to lift it up to the point where I had to sit up a bit to reach. I raised my knees up behind her back in a sort of cradle and completely removed the giant shirt.

She shivered slightly as the fabric cleared her sensitive nipples. I lay back again and regarded my prize, a perfectly sculpted image of the feminine form in all of its glory poised atop my waist. The light from the sliding overhead lights illuminating her in just the right places and casting shadows in others, culminating in an image so breathtakingly vivid, it could only have been duplicated in a dream.

I cursed myself for not taking the time to appreciate her body the last time it was presented to me. "Holy shit!" I breathed. "What?" "I said, Holy shit. You are beautiful." I repeated still in awe of the sight.

"You haven't already noticed that?" She said desperately trying to retain the straight face she needed to seem serious as her cheeks turned a bright shade of red. I grinned and poked her in the stomach causing her to lose control of her struggling features and break into laughter. "Seriously Oriana you're perfect." I said my voice serious as serious can be.

"I don't know, I always thought my tits were too big." She said looking down at her voluptuous breasts. She cupped them in both hands and started pushing them around as if trying to adjust them to how she would have wanted them to have been.

The image of her doing so sent a jolt through my nervous system that traveled to the only place that could possible appreciate such an activity. It felt as if my cock twitched with enough force to cause whiplash and Oriana certainly noticed sitting full on top of it. "My my did I do that?" she asked, a wicked grin splitting her face.

She continued pushing her tits around stopping every now and again to roll her nipples between her thumb and forefingers.

She also started moaning in an overdramatic fashion that I was sure was purely for my benefit. It worked of course and I could feel my cock throbbing in response and I was all too happy to just lay back and watch her. But apparently my cock throbbing against her bare pussy and the attention she was giving to her sensitive tits was more than she could handle, she stopped moving suddenly and for a second I thought something was wrong.

She squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip, a smile still on her face; she removed one of her hands from her tits and placed it on my chest for support the other continued to play over both her nipples. I looked down and as I did a tiny amount of clear liquid spurted out of her pussy onto my belt buckle. She sighed contentedly and sat up straight. "Oh this is going to be interesting." I said grinning.

She blushed again and smiled meekly back at me. I reached up and pulled her close to me causing her bare tits to push into my bare chest in a feeling I will never forget and then rolled us over so I was on top of her, supporting my weight with my hands and knees.

We briefly kissed again then I started my slow trip downwards, kissing her body lightly, starting with her neck to her tits which a paid special attention to. I took time to take each nipple into my mouth and rolling my tongue over the sensitive and still rock hard tips. She moaned again this time not just for my benefit, as I continued down over her flat stomach skirting her pussy, but only barely and continuing down both inner thighs then back up again.

She had seemed quite disappointed when I skipped over her pussy for a second time. "You missed a spot." She stated quietly. "Did I?" I responded, "And where might that be?" "Quit messing with me Tim!" She whined. "Would this be it?" I asked continuing along with my game. I leaned down and kissed the topmost point of her pussy.

Quick as lightning she brought her legs up behind my head and crushed my face into her cunt. "Ohhhhh yesss!" She moaned loudly.

The movement brought my head lower and my nose was pushed a good distance into her, somehow it smelled faintly fruity. She eased up slightly so as not to suffocate me with her girlhood, of that I was thankful; I had had as much as I could take of being suffocated and or knocked out. I recovered and started slowly teasing the perimeter of her pussy with my tongue.

I paused when I came to the tiny nub of her clit and smiled to myself knowing just what would happen when I touched it. When I stopped she looked down at me a questioning look on her pretty face. I grinned wickedly at her and stuck out my tongue so she could see what I was about to do, I touched the tip of my tongue to the little piece of flesh and received the reaction I wanted.

She groaned and arched her back driving her clit into my mouth and bumping it into my teeth, along with the impact came a tiny flood of juices that shot into my mouth and dribbled down my chin. I tried not to lose any more of the fluid but a tiny bit escaped my attention.

After she had finished she fell back and her legs fell away from behind my head, her breathing had become ragged and she seemed to be gasping for air. When I extricated myself from her pussy she leaned up and crushed her mouth to mine and jammed her tongue inside. Obviously Oriana had been introduced to how she tasted by my sister and she wasn't about to let an opportunity to do so again escape her grasp.

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I placed a hand on her sternum and pushed her back and held her down at arms length. "It's mine now; don't be trying to take it away from me." I said grinning. She made one more vain attempt to reach out and grasp my head to pull me to her but her arms weren't long enough and she let them fall to her sides a defeated look on her face. "Fine, but at least give me that." She said pointing at the bulge in my jeans. "Not right now, maybe after, then you can taste both of us hmm, sound better?" I said taking on the tone of a parent trying to reason with a stubborn child.

She narrowed her eyes at me and nodded slowly. "At least let me take it out." She pleaded. I nodded and took my hand off her chest. Her small hands shot to my belt buckle and fumbled around for a bit. Clearly my sister hadn't shared her ability to de-pant men in under a second with her protégé. Eventually, with the sound that children of past generations dreaded, my belt was cast off and my jeans stripped from me and before I could stop her she had me in her mouth.

The feeling was intense as her hot mouth completely enveloped about three quarters of my shaft. It was with some reluctance that I pulled her head off of it and bopped her on the nose with one finger as if she were a dog. "What did I just tell you?" I said laughing a little at her expression. Her bright blue eyes were glued on my cock and with effort she dragged them to my own eyes but then back again.

"Oh please, please Tim!" she moaned. Then the corners of her mouth quirked slightly and she brought her blues back to mine and gave me THE eyes and repeated a drawn out please in a little girl voice. Any guy who has ever encountered a woman who really wants something from you probably knows what I'm talking about.

I was tempted to just let her have at it, the look basically crushing my fortitude, but I took a deep breath and braced myself.

'Clever girl,' I thought 'but not this time' I mustered all of my courage and looked straight into her gleaming eyes. "No." It would be an understatement to say she was stunned, clearly that tactic had never failed for her and I know I only just barely resisted.

However she recovered quickly. "Fine, you win." She said, "At least fuck me, do something please. Cum deep inside of me." The last part she said with a huskiness in her voice that surprised me. I nodded, acting defeated, she lay back with a triumphant grin on her face and I moved so that the tip of my cock was poised at the opening of her inviting slit. Slowly I pushed the head of my cock into her, parting her pussy lips and then stopped.

The confused look appeared again and once more I had a little scheme to torture her in mind. Slowly I pulled completely out of her and then waited a moment before pushing the head back in once more. She still didn't quite comprehend what I was doing so I continued sliding the head of my dick in and out of her slowly and deliberately. Finally it dawned on her what I was up to and she attempted to shove herself fully onto my cock, I countered by placing my hands under her ass and lifting her up slightly so she couldn't push herself at me so easily.

I was an awkward position and I knew I couldn't hold it for long so I pushed in and out of her slightly faster before the desired reaction finally surfaced.

She was twitching, deprived of the complete sensation of being penetrated and it was driving her crazy. "Stop teasing me, ohhhhhh my god this is killing me! Fuck me, f-fuck me ohhh please!" She cried out, a pleading look in her eyes. I was only too happy to oblige and I let go of her, dropping her pussy onto my cock, it slid in to the hilt. We both gasped and she was rocked by a huge series of orgasms that had built up from my little game.

She started shuddering violently and for a second I thought she was having a seizure. Her eyes rolled up into her head and went limp for a moment. But eventually her eyes fluttered open and she shook her head.

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"Wow!" she exclaimed, gasping for air. My cock was thoroughly soaked and slid in and out of her with ease. I thrust in and out at a steady pace for a while before she noticed how tired I was getting. She pushed me over with little effort and proceeded to take the lead. She had to lie on top of me because every time she came (which was often) she seemed to lose control of her muscles and couldn't hold herself upright.

Her body was sliding up and down my torso even though my cock stayed firmly entrenched in her pussy. This continued for some time before I felt that familiar sensation start welling up.

"Shit…Oriana!" I grunted, trying to get her attention. She was too absorbed in what she was doing to hear however, by now her head was laying on my chest with only her hips moving and she was breathing heavily. Without further adieu my cock erupted inside of her with such force that I half expected her to shoot off across the room.

For what felt like a solid minute (but probably less) my cock pumped jet after jet of cum deep into her, she twitched slightly with every new onrush of fluid. When it finally stopped she squirmed for a moment before going completely still, only the slight rise and fall of her back being any indication that she was alive. "Christ." She breathed, finally turning her head to regard me with half closed eyes and a wan smile on her lips. I smiled back and closed my own eyes; I was exhausted it felt as though my legs were made of lead and my arms, rubber, I couldn't explain why they felt different.

I knew for sure that I wasn't going anywhere fast. I realized, chuckling to myself that the reason I had never felt this tired before was because Ashley had done just about all of the work.

Oriana rolled off me and the next thing I felt was her tongue running up my still semi-hard dick. She sighed and scrambled back on top of me, laying on me like I was a blanket on the beach.

"Too much you, not enough me." She stated simply. "Aren't you the picky little girl." I said, laughing feebly. She didn't respond and I noticed her breathing had slowed down; I craned my neck and saw that her eyes were closed.

She'd fallen asleep, I couldn't blame her and I put an arm over her back and closed my eyes as well. "Tim. Tim. Tim!" I dragged my eye lids open with great difficulty and clamped them shut again as light stabbed into my eyes. "Ah, what?" I asked groggily. "You said your family would be back around eleven right?" she asked. "Yeah." I said, not understanding where she was going with this.

I finally managed to open my eyes and look around. Oriana was standing over me wearing a t-shirt and jeans, I was still laying on the futon, naked. "Then you have like twenty minutes to get back home." She said looking a little sheepish. "What!?" I exclaimed sitting bolt upright, "why didn't you wake me up sooner?" I leapt off the futon and she tossed me my clothes. It had been nearly three hours since I had arrived at Oriana's house, weather we had spent the majority of that time awake or asleep, I didn't know.

"I only got up five minutes ago. When I was getting dressed I noticed what time it was and woke you up." She said shuffling her feet, evidently embarrassed. Now fully dressed, I calmed down slightly. "I'm sorry that I can't stay." I apologized, kissing her on the mouth. "No big deal. Get going, I don't want you to get in trouble and not be able to see me at all." She said kissing me back. I headed for the stairs with a last pained look back at her and ran for my car grabbing my coat but not bothering to put it on.

The reason why I was so intent on not being caught and why I didn't just simply stay over Oriana's house was that my parents didn't want their innocent little boy engaging in any explicit activities. I grinned at that particular thought as I got into my car and wondered what would happen if they even had an inkling of what was going on.

I started cautiously driving home and about two minutes later I finally noticed that I reeked of sex, I swore out loud and sped up a little. I took the turn to sharply and skidded to a halt in the driveway and bolted into the house. I tossed my jacket aside and sprinted for the shower, I only calmed down when I was standing under the jets of hot water.

I cleaned myself thoroughly, trying not to miss any place that would carry the scent of what I had done. After a while I was satisfied and got out, I dried off and wrapped a towel around my waist, opened the door and stepped out, straight into Ashley. It was like running into a brick wall with big tits and I just bounced off back into the bathroom, almost falling on the slick floor.

Her hair was all scraggly and even from where I was, I could smell the sweat still on her. She smiled slightly and stepped inside closing the door behind her and pushing me further into the room. She leaned past me and started the shower up again. "You still smell like her. I would do a better job if I were you." She said and started taking off her clothes. I sighed and made to leave the room but she reached out and grabbed my arm.

"You don't want mom finding out do you?" she said, a wry smile plucking at her lips. "Oh come on Ashley I'm tired I don't have the energy for this." I whined.

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She looked at me sidelong as she undid her sports bra, unleashing her large breasts, they dropped and jiggled for a moment and I found my eyes drawn to them like the guy magnets they were. "Aw little Timmy is all tuckered out from his little romp with the girlfriend." I glared at her but said nothing. She laughed and slid her panties to the floor, she was turned away from me giving me the view of a lifetime and I came up with the perfect comeback albeit a little cruel.

I reached out and poked one of her incredible ass cheeks with a finger and tutted. "Say Ash has your ass gotten bigger? You might want to lay off the snacks a bit." I didn't really mean it of course, I could stare at her ass for days and have no complaints what so ever.

Ashley was incredibly sensitive about her weight even though she called herself fat all the time, but if anyone else called her that, they were either very dumb or very fast, I couldn't help myself though I really didn't want to 'do' anything right now.

She stiffened and slowly rounded on me, her face was the picturesque image of rage. I kept my cool though looking her straight in the eye, grinning like the idiot I was. Suddenly her hand was clamped over my mouth her fingers digging into where my jaw connected to the rest of my skull threatening to pop it out of place.

"Tim. We just lost our game. I'm tired, I'm sweaty, and I've been deprived of my toys and your cock for WAY too long. And I dislocated some chick's shoulder in the second period and had to sit out the rest of the game. You should really watch what you say to me." Her eyes practically smoldered with barely contained anger. I knew I only had one chance to prevent her from seriously hurting me.

"I…thought you…wanted to be different?" I managed. Her features instantly softened slightly and she let go of my face.

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"Out." She snarled. I quickly scurried from the room and across the hall to my bedroom. I took a deep breath and got into bed after putting on a pair of boxers. Right before I fell asleep I realized I had school tomorrow. Two weeks flew by without serious incident, Oriana and I hooked up once during this time; after spending the whole day together cruising around we ended up entwined together in the back of my car.

Fortunately I now kept an aerosol can handy for afterwards and if Ashley noticed she didn't mention it. Nothing happened between my sister and me; in fact she seemed even more distant than usual and car rides to school became intensely quiet and uncomfortable. Finally after another week dragged past I became fed up one day and stormed into her room when our parents were at the store. "Look," I said pointing a finger at her from the doorway, she was sprawled on her bed looking at the ceiling, "you're gonna tell me what the hell is wrong with you.

I'm sick and tired of this cold, distant bitch of sister I have to live with!" she looked at me over her tits for a second when I said 'bitch of a sister' but other than that made no movements. She was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of house pants. I walked over and stood over her prone form; she just stared into my eyes and didn't look away which sort of creeped me out.

I couldn't place the look in her eyes but it didn't make me feel good as a brother at all. "Ashley what's the matter?" I asked, softly this time. She continued looking at me when her lip started to quiver and I thought she was going to cry again.

I felt like absolute shit, bursting into her room and then yelling at her like that. I sat down on the bed next to her and took her hand in mine and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "I haven't gotten off since it was that time since the three of us, did you know that. You took my stuff, you've stolen Oriana from me, I haven't even seen her since that time and now she gets all your attention. And I have to restrain myself from kicking down your door and just raping you.

" I let go of her hand, didn't feel so bad anymore; in fact I thought it was hysterical how depressed she was getting over this. "You are a piece of work you are." I said chuckling a little. "It's not funny Tim!" she growled. "Yes it is. What do you expect me to do about it?" "I want you to fuck me Tim! For crying out loud I'm dying here!" she grabbed me and pulled me on top of her, burying my face between her cotton covered tits.

"Why don't you just find another boyfriend or something?" I asked my voice muffled by her breasts. She pulled my head tighter to shut me up I suppose. "I cant do that anymore, besides I only want you Tim, only you." She gasped. Not that I didn't appreciate the sentiment I just found it somewhat awkward a thought nowadays. I mean you would think being a teenage guy you would want all the pussy you could get but that wasn't how I felt. Despite myself, my cock was rock hard the second my face hit her tits.

She hooked her feet behind my ass and pulled my crotch to hers, she moaned loudly and shuddered. It was only a split second but I saw my chance when her grip weakened, I threw all my weight to one side.

We were thrown off the bed and I landed on top again, my weight driving the breath from her lungs. She let go of me as she tried to breathe and I sprinted for the door. I skidded to a halt however, well short of the door and stepped back a bit. "Sarah!?" I gasped "What the fuck are you doing here?" "Is that anyway to talk to your ex girlfriend Timothy?" she purred, stepping into the room and closing the door behind her.

She was a little less than an inch shorter than Ashley, who by now had recovered and was standing a few feet behind me, a sick grin on her face. She had blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and a face that looked like it belonged on a five year old. Her tits were much smaller than my sister's but still large enough so they didn't look out of place on her tall frame.

She had a slim waist and a firm tight ass that was covered in a pair of way too tight jeans (you know the kind) and a muscle shirt-esque tank top that showed off her toned biceps with not a hint of fat on them and was also way too tight.

Oh did I mention she was on the hockey team with my sister (I think you can tell why our relationship failed). "Yeah actually it is, considering all the shit you put me through! Again why are you here Sarah?" I said my anger rising to a point I hadn't reached in some time. She didn't respond, instead that all too familiar sadistic smile crept onto her face revealing sharp looking canines (I had always suspected she filed them) and she nodded at me, or I thought she did.

The next thing I knew she was right in front of me and pushing me hard, I staggered and the backs of my knees hit something and I toppled backwards. It was only later as I lay gasping on the floor that I realized they had table topped me, I didn't have the chance to do anything about it because the next thing I saw was the crotch of Sarah's jeans blocking out the light as it descended on my face. I felt Ashley moving and then her hands were on my belt and in less than a second true to form, my pants were gone.

Sarah moved slightly so I could see her and leaned down, that damned grin still on her cherubic face. "Tim," she whispered, "we have unfinished business to attend to, you and I.

Your poor deprived sister here, is just along for the ride." She started laughing, that kind of sick, demented laughter that you hear from female villains in movies, I cringed as something warm and wet closed around my cock and Sarah shifted again and darkness returned. More?