Spying on my cousin when she plays in Chaturbate

Spying on my cousin when she plays in Chaturbate
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Part 8 . "I've tried, Verity. Honestly," Avan Volka said. His niece hissed, "So, you're telling me you can't do it?" "I.I've tried Verity. I've fucked your little brother's mouth over and over every day and he still wants more." "It's what you wanted. It's what you begged for, and now you're telling me it was a mistake?" "No.

No, it wasn't a mistake. I love fucking him that way. That first day, I fucked Caci eight times, but I.I just can't satisfy him.

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I don't think any man can." The girl's slender fingers pulled on strands of her golden hair as she mused for a few seconds. "So, what do you want me to do about it?" "A break. Please! Just.a day or two. Let me recharge." "What about the family orgy on Thursday?" "I don't think I can do that." "First you beg me to fuck my little brother's mouth.

Now you're begging me to NOT fuck my little brother's mouth. I'll think about it but you better be ready for Thursday just in case." "I.I've been meaning to talk to you about that." "Oh?" his pretty niece drawled with an expression of challenge.

"The.The priest said he didn't think it was appropriate for a boy of Caci's age to watch his father fuck his little sister, or watch any of the rest of what you have planned for that matter." "The priest, huh. Did he tell you that before or after he fucked me in front of his own wife?" Her stare was defiant.

"So, it's okay for you to fuck my little brother in the mouth several times a day but it's suddenly inappropriate to do it in front of the rest of the family. Like I said, be ready to attend the orgy and fuck my little brother and cream his cocksucking throat and do it all in front of all of us!" When Verity Volka's mind was made up, there was no sense arguing with her. And since she controlled the family money, any amount of disagreement could be quite costly. Avan knocked on his brother's bedroom door and hoped he would gain a sympathetic ear, but when he entered the bedroom, Yuri was on top of his youngest daughter Cambria and he was slowly putting the bone to her.

Between his brother's slow-thrusts and his nieces creamy nakedness, he realized there was too much distraction to find any help. As he left, he wondered again how his brother could have so quickly gone from being an upstanding citizen in Kassan to a man who had screwed his own daughter in public, knocked her up, married her, and was now humping her several times a day.

He waited until the next day before pleading again with Verity to give him a break but the girl laughed, "You be at the orgy tomorrow because I've got another idea." . When Avan arrived at the pool, he saw that Verity had paid for temporary canopies at each end of the oval pool, one to provide shade for two hired Asian girls in French maid outfits to prepare food and the other covering a long table for eating.

Two silver vats contained soft drinks and several padded mats covered the entire concrete surface under the wooden awning near the back door. Yuri and Cambria were coiled in a lounger with their hands roaming each other's body. "We'll begin as soon as our first, special guest arrives," Verity announced. Avan was dismayed that anyone would be joining and even more concerned with who that first guest might be.

A few minutes later, sounds from the back door drew his attention. Omar! She couldn't be serious! Surely she wasn't going to have that salacious Omar Topete, the family attorney, watch her direct an incestuous family orgy! She ambled to her father's lounger and said, "Omar is a horny old goat. I should know since I'm the one he fucks to pay the rent.

He loves to watch fathers fuck their daughters, so daddy, you and Cambria get down on that mat and give him a show!" "But Verity," her father protested, "it's.it's not right for us to fuck in front of the boy. Even the priest said that." She glared for a few seconds. "You sound just like your brother! Look, my perverted father, Caci has been mouthfucked more times that he can even count so he knows enough about sex. Now do it!


Get down there and fuck my sister!" "Verity! This has gone too far and I'm not going to stand for---" The girl laughed and put her nose to his. "And, just what are you going to do about it?" "I'm your father!" he insisted. "My father, huh? You mean the one who hasn't worked for months?

The one who fucks his kids? The one I support? Tell me, just where do you think you and Cambria will live?" "You.wouldn't." "Either I rule or you leave!" The man was silent in defeat. "In fact, to prove that I rule." She turned around and bent over while pulling her bikini bottoms to her knees.

"Kiss my ass!" Yuri's face instantly transformed to shock. "Y.You can't mean---" "Yes I mean it!" she scowled. "Kiss my ass!" She yanked his head until his face was against her buttocks and she once again demanded he kiss it.

Resigned to his fate, Yuri Volka kissed the roundness of his daughter's left butt cheek while Omar howled and applauded. Gawd how he loved such decadence! But the pretty girl with the aqua eyes wasn't finished.


"That isn't really kissing my ass, now is it?" She bent over more. "Kiss it! Kiss my ass hole daddy! Ten times! Kiss it!!" Despite his momentary protestations, the man eventually yielded and he put his mouth on his daughter's puckered brown hole and he kissed it ten times. She danced away in glee and laughter while the Asian maids grimaced and shook their heads.


"Now, show everyone what a degenerate you've become. Get down there and fuck my little sister!" She told Omar he could get as close to the action as he wanted as long as he didn't touch the fuckers and he didn't take off his own clothes. Omar Topete was a graying man who was both overweight and oversexed and had no problem admitting he was a vile lech.

He loved watching father's mount their young daughters and he knelt close as Yuri entered his youngest and began to breed her. It seemed less than a minute before the two were humping as if no one was watching. And why not?

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After all, the very first time Yuri had fucked his daughter was in public with hundreds of lusting Incestians watching. Omar was nearly salivating as he watched the man molest his own offspring and he encouraged Yuri to "give it to her" and "fuck her" and "pump her full of daddy jizz!" And so, in front of three family members and three visitors, Yuri Volka fucked his youngest daughter and he howled like a wild animal as he thrust into her smaller body and emptied his balls deep inside of her.

For several minutes, Yuri's haunches rose and fell slowly as his balls oozed the last of his sperm into her. Omar swigged alcohol and begged Verity to keep things going. She smiled with agreement and pointed to her uncle. "Okay pervert. Time for you to fuck my little brother in the mouth! Do it now!" Avan's body twisted with anxiety. "But.Verity.I've never.you know.in front of people---" "Do it!" she demanded as she drew near to him.

"Don't make me wait or you will be kissing my ass like my father did.

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You don't want that, do you?" "No. No!" he blurted. "Caci, get down there and start sucking his dick," she demanded.

The boy slid off his pool chair, knelt before his uncle, and pushed his face into the snug fabric that covered his uncle's cock. Avan's resistance ebbed and his bikini swimwear was soon to his knees and the boy was eagerly taking his uncle's stiff shaft all of the way down his throat while breathing warm Caci-breath into his uncle's pubes.

After several minutes, Verity blared, "Fuck him, uncle Avan! Fuck my cocksucking little brother!" Avan moved Caci to the mat and they lay in their familiar side-by-side position and he entered his nephew's mouth and he eased his erection into the boy's throat and he began to slowly have sexual intercourse with the pretty boy.

Soon, he was lost in the plush depths of Caci's throatpussy and he was fucking the boy like he had dozens of times in their darkened back bedroom. Omar knelt and was breathing hard and giving obscene instructions for Avan to "fuck the queer" and "fuck that cocksucker" and "spunk that faggot's throat!" Cambria had never seen her brother with dick in his mouth.

She knelt next to Omar and throughout the mouthfucking ordeal, she cooed in Caci's ear about her fascination with him being so queer and how sexy it was to watch their uncle screwing him. Caci had been unaffected by watching his father fuck his sister and he was even less affected now that others were watching him getting fucked in the mouth by his own uncle.

Instead, he clung to his uncle's loins and cooed with lust as that hard cock thrust and thrust inside of him. Avan captivated the boy's head but it was the boy's throat that captivated Avan even more. He fucked harder and faster and minutes later, he buried his bone deep inside his nephew's throat and blasted the boy with repeated jettisons of rich, fertile, incestuous man seed. Caci loved the feel of his uncle's stiff bone inseminating him and he pulled his uncle in tighter while nearly wrapping his body around his lover.

Even after Avan was fully spent, they lay together, conjugated by his oozing penis still deep inside of his pretty, young nephew---entwined and caressing each other until he eventually withdrew. Verity called out to the Asian maids and told them to bring snacks and drinks. She turned to the others. "Better nourish yourselves a little now because we've only just started!" During the break, Cambria quipped that maybe her sister should tell Caci to kiss her ass.

Both of them laughed and agreed the boy would probably do it. Not long after, Caci was down behind his sister with his face very close to Verity's ass. Cambria burst into a giggle and when Verity saw what was happening, she flashed her hand behind her back and slapped Caci's face and said, "Get away from me you cocksucking little freak!" Avan appealed on the boy's behalf. "Verity, don't be mad. He doesn't really understand things.

I'm sure when you two joked about.that.he thought you were telling him to do it." Omar petitioned for her to have Caci do it but she sneered and said, "I have a better idea. Why don't you fuck his mouth? You'll fuck anything so I'm sure he won't be your first cocksucker." Avan's face gaped with alarm and he pleaded with his niece to not let the boy be screwed by anyone but him but Verity would have none of that.

"For the past two days, you've told me you can't keep up with my brother's need for cock. You wanted a break. Remember? Well, here's the only break I'm giving you. Omar is going to start fucking your sweetheart gurlfriend for you everyday if he wants to. Do it, Omar. Fuck him!" The salacious Incestian attorney could scarcely control his eagerness. He went to the boy and sat next to him and caressed the boy's face---the face that looked very much like his sisters.

He put two fat fingers to the boys puffy lips and pressed them in and told the boy to suck although Caci was sucking even before those words were said. Omar grunted with lust and told the boy how pretty he was and especially, how pretty his mouth was.

"You ever seen yourself an Incestian dick before, pretty boy?" he asked. "Of course he has," Cambria said. "He sucked off that nasty old judge at least a dozen times." Omar laughed, "Well honey, judge Nikolai isn't Incestian. Nope. Born in Talamira and came here to study our unique emergency immigration law so he could take advantage of desperate families like yours with pretty little boys like Caci." He turned his attention back to the boy.

"Now tell me Caci, you ever seen Incestian dick?" The boy's eyes never strayed from the bulge in the attorney's shorts as he softly said, "No." "Well, it's your lucky day then." He pulled off his shorts and displayed the outline of a thick erection that strained the stretch fabric of his tight briefs.

He pushed forward toward the boy, grabbed the boy's head, and pulled Caci's face into the front of his briefs. "Smell that cocksucker! You get that smell in your head and you all gonna want that dick every day!" In time, he pulled down his briefs and displayed an uncircumcised erection that was dark and ugly to everyone but Caci.

It looked less like a penis and more like some sex rod or sperm tube or something that was just sexual, sexual, sexual. "Suck it boy! Suck it!" Caci had never seen such a cock. The extended foreskin was foreign to him although it was less noticeable now that the shaft was so hard and the head only partially covered. It was ugly but it was beautiful. Caci was afraid of it yet he wanted to surrender to it; surrender and suck and please it. He melded his mouth to the Incestian penis and pushed until he felt it slip between his lips and the head lodge just inside.

He suckled for several seconds while the bawdy man's hips jerked involuntarily with his touch. "Ahhh, now that's a faggot!" Omar gushed. "Pretty little mouth on a pretty little cocksucker and I'm going to enjoy the hell out it!" He began to slowly move his cock and after several minutes, managed to fit it into the boy's throat. He fucked slowly for a while before ordering the boy to lay on his back. "This is how you fuck gurly cocksuckers!" He went to the boy and lay on top of him in a reverse manner while Avan pleaded that Caci had never been fucked that way and the Incestian's thick cock could damage the boy and Omar was just too huge to lay on top of small boys.

"Damage him?" the fat attorney said as he pushed his penis into the boy's mouth. "I'll tell you how it will damage him. He might wana be fucked like this all the time!" Caci could scarcely be seen under the big man's slow-thrusting body. The big man had his dick all the way down the boy's throat and he could feel the boy's tongue encouraging him, wanting him, wanting to be fucked by him!

And he was just the man to do it especially with this boy, this pretty boy who looked like his sisters, was one helluva cute twat-throat. In a matter of moments, he was breeding the boy, humping him, having sexual intercourse in a young boy's mouth while the boy's father watched.

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Fucking the boy like he would a grown woman. He was drooling and speaking abominable things and thrusting and the boy lay under him and his small hands went to the backs of the big man's thighs and he pulled on his new Incestian lover and he cooed with sensual pleasure while the Incestian pervert utterly defiled the tender, light-skinned boy from Kassan.

Yuri hid his eyes from watching his son being screwed like a common street whore but Verity demanded everyone watch or she would bring Gustav to the orgy. The big man was hammering the boy, ramming hard and fast and panting and sweating and calling the boy every demeaning name one could imagine. And just as the attorney's thrusts were at their greatest, he shoved his dick in hard and emitted one dose of ejaculate and pulled back and shoved in again and delivered another dose and again, and again until he had dumped twice as much sperm into the small boy than any man before.

Eventually he rolled off the boy and his ugly cock popped out and was still mostly erect. Verity went to him and began using her fingers to keep him hard. "Told ya he's a horny bastard," she said. Then, she got on all fours and told the fat man to fuck her with their faces just inches from her father and the two of them engaged in sexual intercourse right in front of him while commanding him to watch and the fat Incestian pervert extolled how he was fucking Yuri's daughter and how she was a tight little whore and calling her a slut and a bitch and fuck-toy.

When he reached orgasm for the second time in fifteen minutes, he growled at Yuri and described how he was pumping his pretty little daughter full of rich Incestian sperm. When they finished, she demanded her father to fuck Cambria again then for her uncle Avan to fuck her little brother again. When Avan pulled his penis from his nephew's mouth, Yuri pleaded with Verity that it was enough. "Nope," she countered. "Daddy, I have something to tell you.

I have a boyfriend. In fact, I have two of them." "Well, I … I don't suppose that's so bad." "You might not think so when I tell you that both of them have been fucking me everyday for a week and that both of them are----black!" Yuri agonized. Interracial breeding was not something that was done back in Kassan.

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"Verity---" "Shut up, daddy. They're both here and they're both going to take many turns fucking me and all of you are going to watch!" If Yuri was disturbed by her announcement of interracial sex, then it's no wonder that what happened next left him speechless. The back door suddenly bounced open and… and… Two huge black dogs bounded onto the mats. Everyone except Verity sat with their mouths wide open in shock while the young girl was already on all fours and the biggest of the two dogs sniffed her from behind and displayed a seven-inch hard-on.

He mounted the girl and latched onto her waist and his dick found the mark and in front of group of frozen onlookers, the dog humped the creamy-skinned girl fast and hard while his jowls slobbered saliva all over the back of her head.

His eyes glazed and his humping became irregular and it was clear he was pumping dog sperm deep into the girl. The next dog followed and also fucked hard and fast and filled the girl with dog spunk. He was replaced by the first dog again and so it continued for nearly a half hour before one dog was sated and lay on the mat, followed five minutes later by the other.

In all, Verity Volka had been dog fucked twenty-two times right in front of her father, her sister, her brother, her uncle, the Incestian pervert, and two Asian maids. She fell to the mats, her lovely body covered in dog goo. While taking dog jizz was the grand finale, the dark rooms of the Volka's home was filled with the sounds of sensuality, incest, dog sex, father-daughter sex, and a forty-something uncle fucking the mouth of his very young and very pretty nephew.

Omar Topete began fucking Caci's mouth several times a week while still fucking Verity for rent money. Verity's carnality was limited only by her imagination and she soon earned a reputation as the girl from Kassan with the unquenchable lust for unthinkable acts of perversion.