Thick cock for slutty snatch

Thick cock for slutty snatch
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Lynn is 27 year old small petite woman, she has long blonde hair and is 5' 5" tall in heels. She is a reciptionist at the dental office. I'm the last appointment for the day, Lynn is the only one left in the office.

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Lynn is at the front door unlocking it so I can leave, when I grab her arm. Lynn grabs my other arm " No please. sobbing Don't hurt me. I'm yours, please. Sobbing, I'm here for you. You can have me." She is the perfect young woman self-sacrificing slut. I let go of her arm, grabbing her sides, eliciting a small moan.

I then kiss her, my mouth with hers, she moans a little more and reciprocates. She has her eyes closed and is taking it in. Our lips lock open mouth as our tongues roll around each others. I lick her lips as my spit drops into her mouth which she swallows quickly without tasting. She is a real natural whore. When we broke away I look at her with her shiny face, innocent smile and suggestive eyes, this time looking back at me.

My painful cock is yearning for her twenty seven year old body. All of her holes are probably virgin or under used, waiting for me. I take my shirt off, the little bitch is shocked and pulls away, preparing to back away as I advance intently.

She knows the time is near and she only remembers my burning desire and she has a horrified look in her eyes. I lunge at her grabbing her arms as she shakes her head " Nooo!" With her in my grasp I spin round to face the front wall and throw her against it. She is sputtering and is scraping her feet and hands against the wall with her back leaning against it, just hoping that it might give way so she can get away from me.

I take in the sight, I lick my dry lips, Lynn sees the bulge in my pants, trying not to believe that it is the shape of an over sized cock. Her lips are wavering as she looks at me pleading and fearful. It is a beautiful sight. I must admit I did feel sorry for her, such a beautiful, nice and sweet young woman, met by chance. She'd never, ever thought that this would happen to her.

Unluckily for her, the opportunity presented for me to go in and tear her apart with my cock. With her back up against the wall I advance with my hands out. She is squirming against the wall when I grab her around her hips. " Please.don't do this. Don't.don't rape me. I don't want to have sex." I crack a smile and didn't say anything before removing her clothes in a business like manner. I grab the collar of her top and rip it over her head as she lets out soft scream.

She is wearing a supportive cup, blue bra although her breasts are a little too large for it and they are bulging out. Her nipples are poking out hard through it. I look at her face as I palm my right hand gently against her lustrous belly and begin smoothing it around. I feel her getting aroused, hating it but getting aroused. Her young body is preparing for sexual intercourse. I see her nipples grow and hard further out of her bra and her thighs are rubbing together.

She feel so good, just to have a taught belly for me to enjoy. I thumb in and around her belly button, as she lets out moans of resistance. It is my turn to reveal my own now. With my other hand I undid the opening in my trousers, tearing to make a bigger hole so that I can be unrestricted. I thrust against her leg in the process with my dick still in my pants.

She feels its hardness and size against her sensitive skin and yelps. I finally have my manhood fully revealed 9 X 4" of hardened, veiny white cock, a Neanderthal's bush of gray pubic hair and my crusty scrotum free in the air. Being that I'm already almost right against her, my cock presses against her tummy.

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My sticky cock skin shocking her creamy belly. Her eyes widen as she sees my true nuclear weapon and she shook her head frantically. " No! No!

I can't! Please. Please." I hold her still as I warm myself up by masturbating against her belly, my cock head rubbing her up and down.

A small amount of pre cum seeping onto her. She begins to struggle hard now and screaming out, trying to kick at me or wriggle her way out. I'm caught unaware of her desperation and she escapes my grip. However as she turns to run, I grab her shoulder sliding my finger into her bra strap where I jerk her back to me.

She shrieks again. Now I'm pissed off and she knows it! When I had the little bitch in front of me SLAP! I smack her face with my hand. SLAP! I backhanded her back the other way. I let go of her at which she fell to the floor in a heap. She is leaning over and crying, her tender checks bright red.

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She is coughing hard and spitting. I grab her by the hand and pull her up slamming her against the wall again. Lynn is exhausted, " N-n-noo. No more sobbing I'll do it." Lynn is now begging me to rape her. " You fucking little bitch." Without further adieu I grab the thin bridge of her bra and rip it off.

She didn't have time to cover herself before I had her slightly tanned, milkable tits in my hand, squeezing them hard. I love the feeling of her body. I kneaded her light chocolate bullet nipples between my thumb and forefingers and leaned down sucking and licking them hard.

She struggles a little but can only moan a little more. I then reach down forcing my fingers down into her skirt and panties. I look at her face as I feel her pussy roughly. Her soft pubic down is a well covered patch above her snatch. The boundaries of her hair has perfect limits. I reach down lower feeling her soaked panties from her horny juice. I tried to feel up to her slit, but my hands can't bend up there, but I knew she is wetting herself further as I push hard so she will moisturize herself.

She has a terrified and embarrassed expression of pain when I smiled at her. " You dirty slut. Your tight pussy's been juicing itself up. " You want this don't you? You want it don't you?!" she tearfully shook her head with a pretty frown. I pull my left hand out of her skirt and proceeded to undo it. My right hand is planted between both her tits, feeling and squeezing hard as I please. Her skirt drops to the floor with ease, sliding down her smooth legs. I look down jubilantly at her panties; a visible wet patch was formed.

The figure of her lower body is the most perfect sight I have seen recently. Well fitted satin sky-blue panties with flower thread work at the edges are the focus, going up is her succulent smooth belly button and down are her delectable thighs.

" Are you ready baby?" I laughed at her as I guided my cock between her inner thighs, and she jumped in revulsion. I rubbed myself into her supple skin as she whimpered. "Slide your shoes off slut." She did as she was told, kicking her stylish leather items off her feet. I then grabbed the rim of her panties and slid them down. Her head kicked back in despair as she let out a final cry, her hair now disheveled from its once consistent form.

We both knew it was time, when she stepped out of her panties. I looked down to see her newly displayed sixteen year old virgin cunt. Her soft brown down was at the perfect natural trim, and easily displayed her naked pussy.

She tried one last time "Noooo! Don't! P-please. Don't." she ended with a pathetic bout of crying. I reach behind her left leg with my right hand and hoisting it up.

I position my cock and now see her partly spread vagina. It is shiny and well juiced up, so are her inner thighs. It is one of the tightest vagina's that I had seen. Her outer skin is stretched tight and the pink is also. I see her hymen a little inside, just waiting to be popped.

Her pussy lips and labia aren't flapped, tight waiting for penetration. Her vaginal passage is barely visible, or open because of its narrowness. Her tiny clit I see, standing firm, pink and fleshy, ready to be flushed by a cock.


It makes me shudder with pleasure when I realize how much I will hurt her and the pain she will feel in her vagina. The young boys that would have fucked her with their twigs would have trouble getting in, let alone my fully grown male saber. She is a full foot shorter than me so I have to hold her up by her left leg which is hanging over my arm, and grab her other side above the waist. It won't matter soon, because my full penile pressure will be holding her.

With my bulbous knob I searched in around her inner thighs and her entrance. She had her eyes and mouth closed, but breathing heavily. After rubbing it around her vaginal entrance to 'dig' into position, I thrust forward. My dick slides off, it won't fit. I'm pissed, but she stays silent. I lift her left leg up further to give me more access. Her vagina is a little more open now as I again dig my cock into position. I had a good hold and thrust it up hard.

Oooh yes! She squeals out in pain as I begin to impale her. Her vagina is wrapped hard against my cock head and I struggle to push through. I'm using all of my strength to force her open while she is now moaning and crying. I look down at the penetration and see just how stretched she is, it must have hurt bad.

I'd reached her hymen after barely getting my knob through.


Yes, the cherry is tight and ripe. I slowly thrust in and out, in and out. Each time I hit the hymen I feel her body shuddering in pain.

Finally I force my cock past and it snaps with a 'pop' as Lynn screams, her eyes wide with torment. She begins to bleed now. I keep pushing further and feel her vaginal blood smothering my cock.

As I push deeper, her blood runs out faster, down her thighs. " Please 'sob'. It won't go any further. It won't fit 'sob'. Please take it out.

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It hurts so much 'sob." " Is that right baby? I'm sure it hurts. And I think that I can make it go a bit further don't you think?" I thrust into her deeper and hard, my cock is only halfway and is gaining new ground inside her. " No don't please! Ow!! Ooowwww. ooooww!" she is not only bleeding from her hymen but by being forced open. I look down and see streams of her vaginal blood slowly sliding down her legs, there are some drops on the floor. I struggled and raped my way inside of her until I was all 8.5" in.

I had her pinned to the wall just with my raw cock power, but still was holding up her left leg. Her head was turned to the side, not wanting to face me as I raped her harder and harder. This was the ultimate release of my life, my spiritual healing. I could feel all my life's troubles removed and being replaced by bliss as I defiled my beautiful Amanda. She moaned like a slut as I piled into her as hard as could. I could feel my cock really working.

She was wrapped so tight around it and was juicing up big time, needing all of it to handle the friction inside her vagina. My final few rams were memorable, my girl was crying loudly and sighing. I pressed hard against her body, ramming even into her cervix and bruising it. I pictured her small body and knew how deep I was inside her when I couldn't hold it anymore and my brutal cock exploded its payload deep inside her vagina.

She knew it was near over and wailed each time I thrust another load in her. By the time I'd cummed everything in her my cock was still all the way in her when I kissed her pretty face and rested against her sweaty body. As I slowly withdrew my cock from her like a needle I could feel the cum slipping out of her vagina and dribbling down between her inner thighs and legs, mixed with the blood. When I was all the way out and had no hold of her, she slid down the wall, her sweaty body leaving a trail.

She was crying with shame, trying to cover her face. She closed her legs and sobbed with her head down in her hands, blood and cum were still leaking out of her swollen red vagina and staining her pure white skin and my floor.

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"You're not done yet little girl!" Despite having unloaded a cup full of cum and my cock having now shrunk, I'm still insatiably horny. With tears flooding her eyes she looks up at me in disbelief. She stood relieved, but still unsure of what is to happen next or what is expected of her.

" How about we go to the back room now baby?" she glances up silently. " Come on, lets go now." I held out my hand which she slowly took and I led her to the back room, she walked very slowly as it is clear she is still in some pain from her first time. The room is large, there is a small bed on one wall. The rest of the room has boxes in it. I left the door open behind us. " Alright Lynn, go over to the bed, and lie down on it." She did what she is told. Her movements are graceful as she walked apathetically over to the bed, invitingly her back facing me.

The curves of her body from the back are worthy, perfect dimensions everywhere, shoulder line, contoured ass to flowing legs. She then resignedly climbs on the bed and lays down on her back, looking up at the ceiling sadly. I hungrily glided over to the bed, got on the end and observed her gorgeous naked form. Her picture perfect face, and the rest of her body, especially her nice small tits and horny nipples are mine for the taking again.

"Spread you legs wide." She spread them slightly, with only a slight bend in her knees.

" I said wide!" my patience is waning. " I'm sorry. It really hurts. I can't spread them much further." She tries anyway, and is able to get a decent spread and knee bend to the sides, revealing her abused pussy.

Her luscious inner thighs are still stained with some cum and blood and her vagina is red and swollen, I see inside and bleeding there is still apparent in her moist hole. She is still extremely tight though and I wonder how I'd got it in, no wonder she hurt. Her young pussy still looks enticing, stretched very little and punished, but still almost virgin.

I then begin, rubbing my cock helmet against her warm inner thighs and the swollen outside of her vagina. I breathed heavily while she let out raucous little whimpers. Her vaginal fluids begin to flow again at the arousal and her perfectly set nipples begin to harden erect. I did this for 5 minutes, getting her horny body wet. " Now baby, I want you to masturbate for me. Now!" she turns her head up and stretched her neck away, trying to be as far removed as possible as she moved her left hand down towards her vagina to be a naughty slut.

Her delicate fingers touched the tip of my cock which is still rubbing as she works her way there. Her vagina is now a sweet pink and dripping. With one finger she begins rubbing and working her clit, then with the other, tipped it inside herself, thrusting it around. Lynn moans like the young whore she is as she works herself into dripping, her fluids now seeping down her legs and making a pool on the bed.

My cock is monstrous and idle, and about to explode after watching her for 2 minutes. I grab her hand, held it away and shoved my cock in hard. " Ahhh! Awww. Ooww. owww!" she cries out as I then give her a full fucking. Digging my entire body weight onto her small form as I slam into her again and again while holding her small firm and supple tits and squeezing out her feelings between her playful nipples.

Her tender vagina begins to bleed again as I tore through and punched her cervix again. Now the beautiful bitch is struggling as I hammered into her like a beast. " Please! Oooww! Ooww! Stop! Take it out!

I'm too sore!" I cum deep inside her again after raping her for another 5 hard minutes. She feels it as I pull my long cock out of her, blood and viscous white cum flowing out after between her legs which she tried to close after rolling over on her side.