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Wicked teen bitches lick pussies and assholes of each other
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The Orgy at Enigma House By: Friskee_cpl ([email protected]) Kay sat nervously in the boardroom as the panel of five interviewers filed in. Comprising of three ladies and two men, the group settled down around her on the oval table. Interviews, especially job interviews, were not a favourite of Kay's but she had no real reason to be nervous about this interview.

She had the job in the bag. She looked her interviewers over, decoding them by what they wore and how they looked. Were they married? All but one, the skinny middle aged lady that wore glasses and a straight pleated skirt, had a wedding ring around her finger. Were they fashionable? No. None of them were. They were all dressed as you would expect from a not-for-profit organisation.

The unmarried lady seemed to be the boss of the group as she was the first to speak. "Thank you for coming in Kay," she began "Let's start with the introduction shall we?" Kay nodded and waited.

"Well I'm Mary Carter and I'm the day manager of Enigma House, to my left is Harry Norbett who is the manager of accommodation services for the western district," Harry nodded, "Then we have Lynn Applefield who is our personal services manager, George Hoffman our community representative and Deidre Ferguson from the local council." They all nodded in unison. "Pleased to meet you," Kay said.

The rest of the interview was like any other she'd been to.

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They fired the usual questions at her about her experience and qualifications and it wasn't until the end of the twenty minutes that the position became interesting. Up until this point the idea of having to spend five nights a week looking after a group of young misfits in a crisis home was losing its appeal.

"Before you make your decision," Harry Norbett said, "We think it's important that you know what happened to our previous supervisor." "We have decided to tell you because you would have found out soon enough," Lynn Applefield added in.

"The residents aren't well known for their disgression." "Our last supervisor was discovered having a relationship with one of the residents," Harry said. Kay nodded and looked at Harry Norbett who raised her eyebrows at her. "That is not only appalling from a moral viewpoint, but also totally objectionable from a professional one," Kay had them, she could tell from their smiles.

"How did this possibly come about?" Kay asked. "Mrs Carter found them," Lynn Applefield said, "She came in late one night and found them in the couples room." Harry coughed and said "Kay, we will be taking back to the board a recommendation that you be employed as the Night Supervisor at Enigma House beginning in two weeks, that's if you're still interested that is," Harry nonchalantly restacked his paper work.

If there was one thing that interested Kay, it wasn't the job. It was the possibilities that being in a house full of young, horny men and women brought. It was the possibility of wild sex that interested Kay. The job was just a diversion. "I'll take it," she said as she rubbed the fake wedding ring on her finger. ----- In one hour, at 7.00pm, her first 12-hour shift began. A roster of four days on, four days off were perfect for Kay.

She pulled the old gold ring she'd bought from a garage sale and slipped it over her finger. The board, for some reason, had wanted a married person for the position but had not wanted to see a marriage certificate or even meet the partner. A gold ring was all that they needed.

The house was larger than expected and located in a pleasant street complete with white picket fences, clipped lawns and barking dogs. The only difference between this house and the rest was the sturdy security system that was in place.

Kay looked up at the security camera and smiled. She had been asked to arrive a half an hour earlier for a look around before starting work but had decided to come even earlier to show her enthusiasm.

She pressed the buzzer and waited.and waited.and waited. She could hear voices and people running so she pressed the buzzer again. This time she was successful. "Hello, is that you Kay?" A familiar voice came through the intercom. Kay just nodded at the camera. "I'll get one of the boys to let you in." Kay waited and heard the thud of footsteps down the hall.

A silhouette of a man appeared behind the glass panels before the door opened. "Hi," the young man said, "I'm Tim." Kay looked him up and down before shaking his hand. He was wearing nothing more than a pair of footballl shorts and a white, loose fitting singlet. He looked flustered and snuck a look back up the hall before ushering her in.

"I'll see if Mary can see you at the moment," he said before he walked ahead of her down the hall. Kay checked out his nicely toned body and wide range of tattoos. They passed two bedrooms on either side of the hall before they came out into a large living area with a kitchen and dining area to the left and bathrooms and toilets in another section of the building set discreetly to the right.

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The living area had a L-shaped lounge, a red ottoman with a Playstation on it and a large TV. Behind the kitchen was another set of rooms which Kay surmised, quite correctly, were the offices. Sitting on the lounge was another shirtless lad starting a Playstation game and sucking on a can of coke. "She shouldn't be long," Tim said as he sat down. "This is Rick," he said nodding at the bleached blonde lad with the Playstation. "Rick the Prick to his mates." Rick looked up and gave her the once over.

A quick glance at Tim and a raised eyebrow was all it took for Kay to know they fancied her. She wandered over to check out the kitchen and sneak a look into the offices. Mary was nowhere to be seen so Kay went back to checking out the kitchen. Within minutes she heard the click of stilettos on tiles and Mary, dressed in an extremly conservative outfit of a pleated skirt, blouse and jacket, strode into the room.

"You're a little bit earlier than I expected," she said as she walked across the room. "I thought I'd get you to show me the operation before I start." Mary put her hand out for Kay to shake and Kay noticed how her hands felt like they'd just been washed. When Mary spun around kay could detect the familiar air of someone who had just had a shower. "Let me show you around the house shall I?" Mary asked, and without waiting for an answer, she led Kay back up the hall. "These rooms on the left are for the male residents.

We have seven at the moment," she motioned towards the first door on the right. "That room is for the female residents of which we have only one at the moment." The door to the right was open slightly. "This room we allocate to any couple that we need beds for." Kay looked into the room and saw a double bed, all ruffled up, in the middle of the room. They turned and went back into the lounge room and to Kay's surprise, another lad was sitting on the red ottoman in the middle of the room.

He looked around after Tim and Rick nodded in our direction. "That is Jake," Mary said. Jake stood up and walked over. He was a strong, stocky lad of about 18 and also heavily tattooed on his arms and shoulder. He strode over and grabbed Kay by the hand. "How ya goin'," he said. "I'm Jake." "Jake the Snake," Rick the Prick called out. "Fuck off Ricko." Jake laughed as he shook Kay's hand.

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Kay noticed immediately that he too had that just showered feel, and smell, to him. Mary was in the kitchen putting the kettle on and Jake called over to her. "I'll have a coffee." "Coffee what?" replied Mary. "Coffee pleeeease," Jake whined sarcastically. Kay wandered over to the kitchen to help out and when Mary leant forward to get the mugs out from under the bench, she saw another side of Mary Carter.

A tattoo, of some ornate Celtic design, was displayed on the small of her back between her top and her skirt. Mary Carter was not all that she seemed.

------- The first few weeks of Kay Cooper's time at Enigma House were uneventful. She slipped into the routine of looking after a group of troubled youngsters all too easily.

On average there were four lads staying there and as yet no girls or couples had arrived. On one of her days off though, Kay received a phone call from Mary asking her to work the day shift because she wasn't well.

Kay had nothing on that day so she agreed to hold the fort. She arrived at 8.00am and said farewell to Steve, the other night supervisor, and went about cleaning the the lounge area and tidying the bedrooms. All the residents were out, either at work or training, and she had the house to herself. As she tidied up the lounge room she came across a mobile phone lodged down the back of the lounge. She opened it up and saw that there were three missed messages. Although she really shouldn't have looked, Kay couldn't help herself and justified it by convincing herself she was trying to identify the owner.

The first message read 'Sorry no fun today, not real well.' It was from Mary. Kay wasn't exactly sure what that meant. Was she having it off with some of the residents but was clever enough to not put any detail in the message? But 'No fun' however, could really mean anything. 'What are we going to do now?' Read the second message from Rick. Again nothing specific. The third message was even simpler 'You there J?' was all Rick sent. There were three possibilities as to who J was, Jake, Jono or Jack.

Neither of them were offensive. They were all meant to be at Technical College today and not back at the house until late in the afternoon. She made herself a coffee and fired up the computer. The internet access was monitored so she couldn't look at her favourite adult sites so she made do with the newspapers.

At 11.30 the buzzer rang and she looked up to see Jake the Snake leaning on the wall. He had a ridiculously large smile on his face and he was adjusting his groin as he stood waiting for the door to open. "Hello I'm a bit horny here." Jake said into the mic. "Let me in guys." Poor old Jake, although he is good looking he is incredibly dumb.

She now knew what Mary was up to and what she meant by 'No Fun'. Kay didn't respond immediately because she was checking the booking sheet just to check that no one was due in before 4.30. She hit the button to let him in and went into the kitchen.

Jake bolted down the hall with his right hand on his groin and slid out into the lounge room. He was smiling until he saw the empty room and Kay waving his phone at him. "What's happening Jake?" she said as he tried to hide the massive bulge in his pants. "Oh fuck, what are you doing here?" he jumped onto the lounge and buried his crotch into the back of it. "Where is everyone?" "Everyone is where they're meant to be," Kay said. "Fuck, am I in trouble?" "Well that depends," Kay held up the phone, "If you tell me what's going on I might be a bit leniant, if you don't I'll report you to your supervisor as being away from college without permission." "But Mary writes us a note." "Who is us, Jake." Jake looked down at the floor.

"Jake, who is us?" "Will they get in trouble?" "Not for today because they remembered their phones and got the message from Mary." He looked up at the phone. "Rick and Tim." "Any others?" "Sometimes, but I don't know who they are." "And what happens here?" "What do you reckon?" he looked at her like she was an idiot. "I think I know but you will have to tell me." "Mary," he hesitated as he readjusted his dick.

"She likes a bit of. you know." "Tell me." "She just likes to fuck," Jake said as he hopped off the lounge, "Take a look at the pics on the phone." He walked over to Kay who sat up on the kitchen bench. "I can do that," she said holding the phone away from him. She opened the images folder and lo and behold came across images of Mary being fucked by the boys, anal, DP, facials, she did it all with a massive smile on her face.

"Any videos?" Kay asked. "No, my card isn't big enough." Kay spread her legs slightly to accommodate the growing wetness between her legs. Jake was still half hard and he grabbed at his dick again as he came closer. "Well the situation now is this," Kay said as she put the phone back down. "You and everyone else is in deep shit. All of you could be arseholed from here immediately." Jake looked down and out and horrified at the possibility of being kicked out.

"But Jake, like Mary, I'm only human," Jake looked up. Dumb or not, he wasn't stupid. "This could become our little secret, couldn't it?" "I suppose it could." "Now all you need do is show me why they call you Jake the Snake." Kay lifted her skirt higher and spread her legs wider as Jake unzipped his shorts. "Are you ready for it?" "Just get the fucking thing out." Kay felt her breath quickening. Jake pulled out one of the biggest cocks Kay had ever seen.

It was at least 10 inches long and nicely proportioned thickness wise. He pulled it a few times and it stood nice and proud. Kay rolled the skirt up around her waist and Jake took two steps closer. She leant back and Jake reached forward and grabbed a hold of her panties. He eased them off her and down her legs. She lowered her arse back down onto the cold kitchen benchtop. "Before you go sticking that massive thing in me I think you'd better taste what the kitchen has to offer." Kay spread her legs and revealed to Jake her glistening trimmed pussy.

She parted her lips and rubbed her clit as Jake leant forward. Jake no doubt traded on the size of his dick when it came to women because he certainly lacked finesse. He went at her like a starved labrador would to a bowl of gravy. "Slow down big fella," Kay said as she held his head back.

"When we say 'eat me' we're speaking metaphorically." Jake looked up all confused. "I mean we don't mean for you to.oh fuck it, just lick me slowly." Jake went back to licking her cunt nice and slowly.

He sucked on her clit and flicked up and down her pussy lips just as she liked it. He began fucking her hole with her tongue just before Kay lifted up his head and said. "Now you can shove that cock of yours in there." Jake wasted no time in moving forward and pulling her across the bench towards himself. He kicked his shorts off and rested his cock up against her slippery labia.

Kay leant forward on her elbows so that she could watch it slide in. A translucent glob of pre-cum oozed out of his cock and she licked her lips in anticipation of, hopefully soon, tasting a complete mouthful. "Fuck that is so big," she said. Jake pushed is cock slowly into her as she spread her legs wider to accommodate the massive organ. She closed her eyes and dropped her head back as he pushed it in until she could feel it pounding her cervix.

She had rarely felt this full with a man's cock before and it was soon after, when Jake really began hammering her, did she cum for the first time at Enigma House. "Oh for fuck's sake," she whimpered, "Oh fuck this is good, fuck me, fuck me." Jake was rubbing her clit as he plunged into her noisy wet cunt. "Do you like that slut? Do you like lying here in all your clothes being fucked?" Kay just lay there in orgasmic bliss, her shoulder length light brown hair spread untidily across the Caeserstone.

Her top was still done up, her skirt still on, her shoes pointed at the ceiling. "Give me that dick," she moaned "Give it to me like you do Mary." "You want it even harder?" he pulled his dick out.

"Get off the bench then." Kay sat up and slid off the bench, Jake roughly spun her around and leant her over the counter. "I'll take you like the fucking dog you are," he spat on his cock and pushed her skirt up her back. He slid his cock easily into her wet snatch and when she looked back at him he slapped her on the arse.

"Slap your little slut's arse," she said, "and then lets see if you can fit that cock in my arse." He pushed her back down on the bench forcing her face down onto the hard surface. "I'll fuck every fucking hole in your body." His pace quickened and he began fingering her arsehole as he plugged her. Urging him on Kay said "That's right get it ready, spit on it." Jake pulled his glistening and smooth cock out of her cunt and aimed it at her arsehole. Kay reached under with her left hand and rubbed her clit as he pushed into her.

The pain was close to excrutiating, for a short moment, but once it was in and he began pounding away another eruption of delight flowed through her body. "Oh God," she cried out, "that is fucking intense." They continued on for a while with Jake expertly swapping from cunt to anus.

Jake seemed to prefer her pussy and as he drilled into her with wild abandon Kay grabbed his balls and massaged them. "You gonna cum in my mouth soon," she said to him. "I haven't tasted your cock yet." "Better be quick then," he said as he pulled his cock out.

Kay slid off the bench and squatted down on the tiles. His cock quickly entered her mouth. "Oh fuck," Jake moaned, as he very quickly shot a stream of cum into Kay's open mouth.

"For fuck's sake," he said as she caught every drop of man muck that spewed from his dick. His knees shook as he was whacked by the power of his orgasm.

Kay held the cum on her tongue before letting the load slip down her throat. "You are one nasty bitch," Jake said as he squeezed another drop out of his cock. Kay licked the drop off his knob and said, "You ain't seen anything yet, now this is what you're going to do." -------- Two weeks later Kay was sitting at the computer at about 11 o'clock one night when the buzzer went off again. She looked up to see Rick standing there waiting to get in. The other two residents Tim, and a temporary resident called Neil, were both in bed so she hit the buzzer and let him.

The guidelines of the house insist that on entering that they immediately see the supervisor who checks them for illicit drugs etc. Rick however took his time coming up the hall and heard a door close before he came into the lounge room.

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"What took you?" Kay asked as he sauntered into the room. Rick looked back down the hall and stumbled on his words. "Umm it was one of the others." "Who?" "Um Jono," he was guessing who would be in the house.

Kay knew he was lying and was determined to find out why. But first she would let him continue to fuck up. "OK," she said smiling at him. "That's fine. Do you want anything to eat?" "Nah I'm right. I'm just gonna hit the sack." Kay went back into the office and checked the front security camera.

She knew she could rewind the file and take a closer look but didn't know how. She heard a door close again as Rick went about his business and she finally, after about 15 minutes of reading help files, worked out how to rewind the video.

She went back to the moment before he hit the button and she saw nothing incriminating at all. No bags in his hands, nothing. That was until he entered the building and quickly glanced back onto the street. Suddenly a figure dashed into the entry way. Unmistakeably a female figure, her head down trying to hide. Kay's mind and groin went into overdrive. Rick had smuggled a girl into the house, this was not allowed, so Kay knew she had yet another male member just where she wanted him.

She snuck up the hall towards the room that Rick shared but on the way heard movement in the married couples room. She slowly opened the door enough to see in the reflection in the mirror of a young bottle blonde, with a tattoo on her right arse cheek of a butterfly, naked and bouncing on his cock. She had small boobs that Rick was massaging and she was thoroughly enjoying the shag.

Low moans of pleasure snuck out as she tried to keep the volume down. Kay felt the twinge of excitement in her groin and as she was no stranger to the touch of another woman she decided to act. The young girl had reached around and had begun playing with her own arsehole as Rick's cock plowed into her pussy. Kay stepped into the room and leant against the wall. "Enjoying that love?" she asked. The young girl leapt off his cock like it was on fire and landed on the bed. Rick's slippery prick poked proudly in the air before he tried to cover it with his hand.

The two had nothing to cover themselves with as they hadn't even pulled the sheets back. "Well Rick I can see why they call you the prick," Kay said as she looked at the massive organ he was trying to hide. Rick looked at his partner and shrugged, "Seems to go OK," he said. She giggled and took her hands off her small boobs. "You do know the rules regarding bringing people into the house?" Kay asked.

Rick nodded. "You know you could be removed immediately?" Again he nodded. "Is this the manager you were talking about?" the young girl asked. Rick looked at her as if to say 'shut up' but she kept on going.

"Because if it is, we're screwed?" Rick pushed his head back into the pillow and sighed, "No it's not her." "Oh," was all she could say. "Why oh?" Kay asked. "Because she doesn't like to share." "Is that what happened to the last night manager?" Rick nodded and said, "Mary told the board and then Julie was gone." "What's your name?" Kay asked the girl.

"Emma." "Well Emma, you seem like you know what's been going on here?" "Shut up Emma, don't tell the bitch anything," Rick was trying to be the tough guy.

Kay walked around to her side of the bed and sat down next to her. Emma didn't seem fazed and didn't move. Rick rolled onto his side away from them. Kay knew a skanky slut when she saw one, hell she'd looked in the mirror often enough.

"Tell me what you know Emma and I promise you nothing will come of your participation here." Emma looked at Rick and took her hand off her pussy, which Kay noted to her delight, was shaved clean.

"He talks about someone who gets fucked by all the boys here and is a real slut." "Is it one of the staff members?" "Yeah, he won't tell me her name but I think it's that Mary." "Is that true Rick?" She leant over and rubbed him on the arse.

"What the." he said as he spun over, his semi flacid cock held tightly in his hand. He looked at Kay and just nodded, "Yeah its Mary, but if she finds out about us I'll be gone." "Well Rick you see," Kay put her hand on Emma's leg and judging by Emma's lack of a withdrawal she slid it up towards her slippery pussy.

"Emma here seems like a lovely girl and, if I'm a good judge of character, is up for almost anything." Kay spread her legs slightly as Kay rubbed against her cunt. Rick looked down in disbelief as Kay opened Emma's pussy. "You as well?" he gasped. Kay slid two fingers into Emma's slit as she moaned in pleasure. "Probably more so, but unlike Mary I like to encourage physical activity." Rick began pulling on his cock instead of hiding it.

"Now keep the noise down Rick and we can have some fun OK." Rick nodded and looked at Emma. "You are up for anything aren't you?" Emma responded by tucking her hands under her knees and pulling her legs back and spreading her legs. Her silky smooth cunt splayed open and Kay herself moaned in delight. She watched Rick pumping his cock in his hand and she stood up and began getting undressed.

"I think that Emma needs something in her mouth," Kay said as she pulled her singlet top off over her head. "Might just watch you first," Rick said as he knelt up. Kay undid her bra and dropped it to the floor. "Nice nipples," Rick said. She unzipped her skirt and let it cascade down before she peeled her panties off. "Not bad for an oldie," Rick said laughing. "Well if you want to fuck this oldie I suggest you mind your manners," Kay said sternly.

"And 38 is not old." "Yeah shut up Rick, you fucking moron," Emma said. Kay knelt on the bed and rubbed her pussy to gain some relief. Short jolts of excitement pulsed through her. She hadn't licked a pussy for years and this one was certainly a great one to start back on. Kay crawled over to Emma's pussy and rubbed her slit.

Rick moved towards Emma's face and slipped his cock into her open mouth. He kneaded her boobs and pulled on Emma's nipples as she enjoyed the attention that Kay gave as she gently ran her tongue up and down Emma's delightful puss. Emma responded by quivering gently and moaning softly. In relative silence the three of them licked and sucked cocks and cunts until their collective tongues became fatigued.

"Fuck, you two are so fucking horny." Rick whispered. Kay wanted a nice cock in her pussy so she looked up at Rick and said, "Time to fuck the boss of this here establishment." "You aren't the boss but I'll fuck you anyway," he laughed. He slid his wet cock out of Emma's mouth and crawled down the bed. He gave Kay's arse a slap as he moved in behind her.

His cock was at full force and he rubbed his swollen knob up against her labia and then took little time in sliding it in to the hilt. "Oh fuck yeah," whimpered Kay as his cock slammed into her cervix. Emma moved away from the pillows and crawled around so that she had a perfect view of his cock sliding into Kay's cunt.

She rested her head in the small of Kay's back and slipped her right hand under Kay and simultaneously rubbed Kay's clit and massaged Rick's cock. Rick, noticing the opportunity, pulled his slippery cock out of Kay and offered it to Emma. "Lick her pussy juice off it," he said to her, but Emma needed no encouragement, she sucked as much of his salty cock into her mouth as she could. A dribble of saliva dropped down onto Kay's arse and slid slowly down into her pussy.

Rick went back to fucking her open and wet hole and Emma began fingering Kay's arsehole at the same time as rubbing her clit. When Emma pushed in a third finger, it was all too much for Kay and a wave of sheer ecstacy coursed through her body. She pushed her head into the mattress and let out a slow, long groan as her pussy gripped Rick's long cock and squeezed it gently. Her cunt was gushing with juice and Rick once again offered it to a willing Emma.

Kay rolled onto her back and rubbed her still tingling and pulsating pussy. "Your turn," she said to Emma who immediately spun around to offer herself to Rick's member.

Kay shuffled under Emma and nibbled at her boobs before moving down directly under Emma's silky smooth snatch. Emma moved herself so that she could munch on Kay's pussy. This was Emma's first time at eating a pussy but she had decided to simply do to Kay, what she would have liked done to her. Kay had no complaints about what Emma was dishing out. Her tongue felt fantastic against her lips and clit. Rick dropped his dick down for Kay to suck before he pushed it into Emma's quim.

Emma momentarily stopped licking Kay as she relished the feeling of being so filled with cock. Rick wasted no time in quickening the pace and he grabbed Emma's small hips and began pumping as hard as he could. Kay began licking Emma's clit as Rick ploughed into her. Her clit was hardening the more she licked it and the harder he fucked her.

She had trouble keeping up the work on Kay's open and glistening snatch. When Kay slid a few fingers into Emma's cunt alongside his cock, Emma exploded as her first ever orgasm hit her for six. Emma had never had an orgasm before and until now had been faking it.

Now that she knew what was missing she was hooked on fucking, with others, forever. Kay grabbed a hold of Rick's balls as he slowed down after witnessing Emma squirm and shake in delight.

Kay also ran her tongue along the underside of his cock when he pulled out. This was becoming too much for Rick and when Kay said "Cum in my mouth," he did just that. "Jesus H Christ," he said as the first shot hit Emma's pussy and dripped down towards Kay's probing tongue. "That's a boy." Kay began to say before she copped a spray of jizz in her mouth. Another thick glob of man goo hit Emma's pussy and Kay licked it off quickly.

A second wave of cum was let loose over Kay's face as Rick relaxed and went with the flow. It shot up her nose and into her eyes and Emma rubbed her shaved pussy over Kay's face. "Lick me clean," Emma said as she ground down into Kay's mouth. Rick forced his cock in between the two of them and Kay greedily sucked his cock some more. He slid it back into Emma just for good measure. Kay slid out from under Emma's cunt and moved up to her face.

They began kissing as Rick began his second assault on Emma's pussy for the night. Emma hungrily licked the cum off Kay's face and they kissed and tongued each other until clean. Kay decided to leave the two of them together and go back to the office. She couldn't afford for someone to turn up unannounced. Without speaking she gathered up her clothes and put them all back on. She had an idea about what to do next and she knew that Rick and Emma would certainly participate. "Rick," she whispered "next Saturday you and all of the rest of you boys will be staying here for the night, is that understood?" "Why?" Rick asked "Saturday is pub night." "Not that Saturday," Kay said sternly, "That Saturday I want you, Emma and at least eight other men here for a bit of a party." "A party?" Emma asked.

"Yes Emma," Kay said to her "And you can have as many cocks shoved into that little pussy as you can handle." Emma began shaking in orgasm just at the thought of it. "But Rick," Kay grabbed his cock, "If you ever want to be able to bring in as many sluts as you like and fuck them here, this is what I want you to do." ------ By the Friday, Kay had the night organised. She'd called Jake in and had downloaded all of the pics of Mary that he had taken. Mary was a bit sloppy when it came to privacy, he also brought in a thumbdrive with a massive selection of pics and videos of Mary being fucked by the boys.

To thank him, Kay sucked him off in the toilets. When everyone was gone Kay set up a slideshow on the massive LCD and could barely resist the temptation to start a day early. Rick and Jake excelled themselves when it came to bringing in a few more lads.

When the night came around there were 10 lads of varying shapes, ages and nationalities. Nearly all of them, apparently, had already fucked Mary. There were Maoris, Europeans and some arabic looking lads. Emma had turned up with Rick and two other guys and was looking extremely hot.

She was efficiently dressed in a black mini with a simple singlet top that hid her small boobs from the world. She sat between two lads who took little time in mauling her.

The slideshow was being shown on the screen as Emma rubbed the mounds in the pants of the two. Now all they had to do was to get the guest of honour, Mary, to turn up. That was easier than she thought. She went into the office with Jake, grabbed the phone and dialled Mary's mobile number. On queue Jake began yelling out fake abuse. "You fucking arseholes can get fucked," he screamed out in the direction of the handpiece.

Mary answered the phone after a few rings and she was met with the sound of Jake's abuse and Kay sounding concerned.


"Sorry to call you on a Saturday night Mary, but I have a problem here with Jake." "I can hear him." "He's turned up drunk and asking for you," Kay began whispering "and he's being rather crude." "I'm really fucking horny," he yelled out, "Where is she?" Playing the part he pulled his cock out of his pants and began pumping it. Kay smiled and called him over.

There was nothing but silence on the phone as Kay grabbed his bulging cock. A drip of precum oozed out and Kay leant forward and licked it off. "I'm going to explode soon!" Kay was only wearing a simple black dress that plunged nicely down into her cleavage so she popped out her boobs for Jake to feel.

"Is that the sort of things he's been saying?" Mary asked tentatively. "He says he." Kay dragged it out. "He says he's been having sex with you." Silence again. "I'll be there in fifteen minutes." Kay smiled and turned back to Jake. "Now, you know the rules Jake, no fucking until Mary gets here." "A blow job isn't sex." Kay leant back in the seat and spread her legs. She wasn't wearing any knickers and when she lifted her skirt her pussy was open and wet.

"Nor is licking me out," she said. "But we won't be doing that just yet either." "Oh come on," Jake said as she squeezed another dribble out of his knob. He hooked it over his finger and offered it to Kay.

"I'm sure that you'll survive," she licked the strand of precum off his finger, "even with lover's balls." She stood up and straightened herself up. "Now bring that out to the lounge and let's get this thing organised." She grabbed him by the cock and walked him out to the lounge room.

She wasn't surprised by what she saw when she opened the door, it was just a bit early. Emma had already started the proceedings. She was bent over the back of the lounge with one of the Maori boys fucking her and two other lads either getting a hand or blowjob at the front. Kay just chuckled as she wandered over.

Most of the others already had their dicks out and they could have just kept on going but kay had a plan and she was going to stick to it. Her pussy was already soaking and the sight of all these cocks out was making it hard to control herself. "Emma," Kay said as she moved between the two guys "I thought I told you to wait until Mary is here." "Are you kidding me?" Emma looked up at her and smiled.

Kay shook her head. Emma groaned and looked back over her shoulder, "Sorry mate but you'll have to wait." She pulled her top back down and straightened her skirt as the lad slid his shiny cock out of her pussy. "Now everyone listen in." Kay took control. "Just so that we all know the rules of tonight's activities I will go over them again." She did a quick head count and counted a total of 12.

"Five of you will go into the office and get undressed, the other five," she pointed to five guys, "will go into the bathroom with Emma and get undressed." "Yee haa," Emma said. "Just don't cum until you are out here, OK," she said to the lads. "Then when I come to get you we all get down to action." "What about Jake and Rick?" someone asked. "They'll be out her to get to work on Mary." Kay walked back into the group of super horny men.

"The most important thing to remember lads is that you have to do as we, the women, say." She looked at her watch and then at Tim's hard cock. "Seeing as you were one of the first guys I met here Tim, you will be the first to fuck me tonight." Tim just nodded and then moaned as she grabbed his semi-hard cock.

"We only have a few minutes so everyone go into the rooms and get ready." They obediently split up and Emma had her skirt off before she was even around the corner. Rick and Jake sat on the lounge facing the TV and Kay hit play on the DVD player.

"You boys know the drill," but she repeated it none the less "I will get her to sit between you and then I will hit play. If she ups and runs, let her go.

I think she will protest at first but then she won't be able to stop herself." "She won't run." Jake said as he shook his cock. "Once you are started I'll bring in everyone else." Kay looked around the room and decided to do a quick tidy up. "Cover yourselves with the blankets," she pointed at their cocks, "we don't want to scare her." The boys pulled a blanket over themselves and watched the images scroll across the screen.

Kay was in the kitchen when she heard the buttons on the security pad being pressed. Mary must have put the lead down because it had only been about 10 minutes since she'd called. Kay quickly turned the TV off with the remote and had dimmed the lights slightly just as Mary entered the lounge. "Good evening Mary," Kay said.

Mary looked carefully around the room. "Evening," she said as she re-adjusted the folder she was carrying under her arm. Kay recognised a few of the forms that Mary was holding, one was a dismissal form. The two boys snickered at each other. "It would seem that I may need to fill out two of these forms," Mary said as she pulled the dismissal form out from the pile.

Kay looked at what Mary was wearing. She had on a floral knee length skirt and a simple tank top. Her glasses were at the tip of her nose and her hair was pulled back into a rough pony tail. "Unfortunately Mary," Kay began, "these boys have been making some fairly wild accusations about what's been going on here." "These two boys are compulsive liars." "But pictures, so they say, never lie," Kay walked over to Mary and reached for the documents.

"What pictures?" Mary asked nervously. Kay took hold of the folder and sat them down on the table.

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She placed her hand on the small of Mary's back and gently pushed her forward towards the boys. "Take a seat Mary," she said, "we have a little slide show for you to watch." The boys moved slightly apart and Jake patted the lounge. "You'll get a good view just here," he said. Kay stood behind the lounge and aimed the remote at the screen.

She'd left the DVD running and she wasn't sure what image would appear first. "I hope you're ready for this," Kay said moments before the image of Mary's face, covered in cum with three cocks in view, blazed across the screen.

Mary tilted her head and moaned "Oh my god." The next shot was Mary with a mouthful of cum, then one of her with a cock in her arse and one in her mouth. Mary was still looking at her lap until Jake lifted her head up to the screen to an image of her being double penetrated in the lounge room where she sat.


"What do you want?" Mary asked as she watched another image, one of her deep throating a cock, appear on the screen. "Nothing more than a share in what you've been up to." Mary looked up at Kay and then at the two lads.

"You mean you don't want anything," she looked at an image of herself rubbing her cum filled cunt, "like money." "Not at all," Kay nodded at the boys and they pulled the blankets away, revealing their semi hard cocks. "I just want a piece of the action." Mary instinctively licked her lips as she watched the boys begin pulling their cocks to full attention. "I always knew you two couldn't keep a secret," Mary said. "She forced it out of us," Rick said with a smile. "She's almost hornier than you," Jake said to Mary.

"Is that possible?" Mary said with a nervous laugh. "We'll soon find out," Kay said before she quickly pulled her dress off over her head and threw it onto the table.

Mary looked up and down Kay's naked torso and a look of blind jealousy, mixed with arousal, crossed her face. "Now you can get undressed," Rick said to Mary as he mauled her left boob. "What is this woman doing," Mary said before she stood up and turned towards the boys. "Get undressed slut," Kay said With a flourish she removed her skirt, panties, top and bra before kicking off her shoes.

Kay looked at the tattoo on the small of her back and another of a rose on her left shoulder blade. "One each then," Mary said with her hands on her hips. "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe." "Actually you can have both of them for now," Kay said. Mary walked over to the boys and sat down between them, this time with her legs spread over theirs.

Her pussy wet and open. She reached over and grabbed a cock in each hand. Kay walked over to the bathroom and opened the door, Emma was pressed up against the wall with one of the lads burried up to the hilt in her pussy. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and all the other guys sported nice big hard-ons.

Kay nearly dropped to her knees to start sucking cock, but took control of herself and the situation. "Carry her out like that," she looked the rest of them over, "the rest of you follow me." Kay grabbed a cock in each hand and walked out into lounge. Jake had a few fingers in Mary's twat and she had her head back, with her eyes closed in delight, on the lounge. Emma's groans of pleasure snapped Mary back to reality and she automatically tried to cover herself up.

"What the fuck now?" she said in shock. "Well judging by what I've seen and heard," Kay pulled on the lad's cocks, "those two are barely enough and you'd soon need a few more." "And who is this little slut." "This is Emma and she, you could say, is the apprentice." Emma was still impaled on the boy's cock and she turned her head towards Mary.

"Pleased to meet you," she said. "So now we have," Mary did a quick head count, "Seven on three." "Not exactly," Kay said before she walked over to the office door. The other five were naked and all cocks were only semi-hard.

"We have twelve on three." Mary sat up and looked over with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. "Why is this happening? Have I died and gone to heaven?" Mary asked. "Heaven baby," said one of the lads, 'Heaven." "Heaven on earth," another said. The boy holding Emma moved over to the lounge and gently lowered her down opposite Mary. "You need to taste this tight little pussy before we fill it with cum," he said.

Emma parted her legs and rubbed her clit as Mary again licked her lips and said. "I know exactly how to treat young sluts like you." Rick pushed Mary off the lounge and forced her down onto her knees, "Crawl over like the dog you are," he said before slapping her on the backside. Jake leant over and gave her other cheek a hard slap leaving a nice red hand mark on her left cheek.

Mary knew she was in for the night of her life and she willingly crawled the three metres across the floor to Emma's sweet shaven snatch. "What a beautiful slut," someone said as Emma slid forward to the edge of the lounge. "Someone give me a cock to suck," she said. Two lads leapt up on either side of her and stood on the lounge. She moved forward to the first one just as Mary reached her. Kay felt hands on her arse and she was now ready for action. She squatted down and pulled the first cock, that being Tim's, towards her open and willing mouth.

It tasted fantastic as her tongue swirled around the tip gathering the oozing pre-cum from the engorged tip. Another cock presented itself to her left, and shortly after, another to her right.

With three cocks to suck she was ecstatic and was then even more so when she felt fingers massaging her arse and then sliding down to her incredibly wet pussy.

Mary pulled her hair back behind her head to give all the lads a view of her licking up and down Emma's swollen slit. Emma was watching the cocks shove their way into her mouth and even she was amazed that at times she could fit the two cockheads into her mouth at once.

Mary's tongue felt devine as it slid up and down her pussy, much better than any man had licked her. After her first encounter with Kay, Emma had realised that women simply did it better. Rick pushed the ottoman across the floor towards Kay and moved in behind Mary.

His cock could have been called angry it was so red and engorged. He again slapped her on the right cheeks just milli seconds before he shoved his cock into her sopping cunt. Mary groaned into Emma's snatch before the thrusts from an enthusiastic Rick prevented her from doing the job properly. Jake sat down next to Emma and grabbed the back of Mary's head, "Come and suck this you slut," he said pulling her over. He ran his hand up Emma's leg and rubbed her pussy before he moved the guy who was having his cock sucked down between her legs.

"Fuck this tight little pussy mate before I ruin it for everyone," he laughed. Mary obediently moved over and instantly sucked Jake's mammoth cock into her mouth. Emma didn't even flinch as her third cock of the night slid into her pussy. She was loving the sights around her, in front of her Kay was still being surrounded by cocks of all shapes and sizes as the remaining eight lads looked for action.

To her right, Mary was licking up the base of Jake's cock as Rick plowed into her. She saw a glob of pre-cum ooze out of Jake's slit so she leant over and lifted it off with her finger. She held it up for the lad who was fucking her to see before she ran her tongue around her finger and sucked the salty goodness into her mouth.

"You'll be eating more cum than that tonight," he said as he pushed hard into her. He grabbed her left nipple as the other guy shoved his cock back into her mouth. He then used his other hand to massage her clit as he plunged into her wetness. He could feel her nipple harden as her body became alive with orgasmic anticipation.

Jake could tell by her moaning that she was near so he took hold of her right nipple and began to gently squeeze it. "You love being fucked by all these cocks, don't you slut?" he said, "You want them to fill your cunt and mouth with cum don't you?" She moaned in delight as he continued, "Cocks fucking your pussy all night, with loads of cum spraying everywhere." He grabbed her whole boob and squeezed it, "You love cock, don't you slut?" She pulled the cock from her mouth and looked at him.

"I fucking love cock," she said as a cascade of orgasmic ecstacy flooded down her body. "Oh fuck, oh fuck," she groaned as the guy fucking her increased his pace. Tim had not forgotten his promise of being the first of the night to fuck Kay so he grabbed her hand when she finished sucking his cock and pulled her up. "Now it's your turn slut," he said to her as he turned her towards the ottoman, "Kneel on that." Kay dutifully, and slowly, knelt down on the cushioned cover.

Her tight arse poked into the air and wiggled as Tim lined up her moist slit. Rick looked over his shoulder and seeing what was happening, pulled his cock out of Mary and stood up.

Mary rubbed her wet snatch as she eyeballed another lad who immediately took his place. Rick stood in front of Kay and lifted her head up towards his glistening cock. Tim slid his cock into her pussy just before Rick began to have Mary's juice licked off his cock.

Kay was in heaven as a couple of other lads began to massage her pendulous breast. Another cock presented to her left and she sucked on that for a moment before Rick pulled her back towards his thick tool. Tim was busily pumping away but Kay's neck was beginning to get sore as she tried to hold her head up. As if he knew, one of the lads playing with her tits grabbed her hair and gently pulled her head back. This allowed Rick to almost slide his entire cock down her throat. Mary wanted to watch the action she could hear going on behind her so she moved away from Jake's long prong and stood up.

She felt a bit dizzy as she looked around the room and saw all the naked bodies fucking and sucking. She knew Rick well enough to know that he wouldn't last much longer. She crawled over to him and sliding her hand up his inner thigh, grabbed onto his balls and gently massaged them. He pushed his cock into Kay's mouth and shot a mammoth load into her mouth. It was a load so big that Kay had no chance of being able to swallow much of it at all. She felt the first hot stream splash onto the back of her throat before she moved back and tried to swallow but there was too much and she let the remainder pour out of her mouth onto Mary's waiting tongue.

"Oh fuck yeah. Lick that up," Rick said as he pulled his cock out and let a string of cum land on Mary's face.

Kay took his cock back into her mouth, caught some more cum and dribbled it down into Mary's mouth. They kissed and swapped cum as Rick pumped the remainder of his load between their mouths. This was all too much for Tim and he whipped his cock out of Kay's cunt and moved around to her mouth.

He held Kay's head back as he sprayed thick white goo across her face and down onto Mary. "Go you good thing," someone said. Another cock filled Kay's pussy as she and Mary ate cum and when Rick and Tim moved away two more cocks took their place. These two cocks shared thrusts into Kay's mouth as Mary stood up and took in the situation.

Emma was sucking two cocks as her pussy was filled with dick and so was Kay. Mary thought it was only fitting to up the ante a little. Three lads were watching her just standing there so she called them over. "Your turn boys," she said. "Fuck yeah," two of them said in unison. "You two seem keen," Mary said, "so you get to be the first to fuck my arse." Kay looked up when she heard that.

'The hell with Mary being the first to have her arse fucked,' she thought to herself. She looked back over her shoulder to the lad driving his cock into her pussy and said "Fuck me in the arse." The lad looked up at her and smiled before he pulled his slick, shiny cock out of her cunt and dribbled a stream of spit down onto her sphincter and across his knob.

He placed his well greased cock up against her arsehole and slowly slid it in. "Oh fuck yeah," Kay said, "fuck my arse." Mary heard Kay taunting her and she knew what she had to do. "You can sit down here," she said to one of them as she deliberately moved directly in front of Kay. "And you can have first crack at my crack," she said to the other, smiling, lad. Kay knew what was going on and she was beat. With the cocks in her mouth and her arse filled with one, she was in no position to do anything but watch the show.

Mary straddle the guy on the lounge and slid the cock into her cunt. She spat on her fingers and rubbed it around her arsehole. The other guy did the same and then moved forward to her arse. His hard cock slid easily into her hole and for a short gloriuos moment both the cocks were fully inserted into her. "I'm so full of cock," she said for the benefit of Kay and Emma. "Not yet your not," Tim said as he pointed to the maori guy. "Go fuck her mouth." The Maori guy leapt up on the sofa and grabbed Mary by the back of the head and proceeded to literally fuck her mouth.

He held her head back and was simply pumping his cock into her, and she loved it. She moaned and groaned under the sheer weight of three cocks and an explosive orgasm.

Seeing the empty space opposite the Maori, Tim hopped up as well and the two of them shared Mary's slutty mouth. Mary was in fuck heaven as the four cocks pumped into her. Kay, however, was not about to be outdone. If Mary could do it, so could she. Kay looked up at the young lad thrusting into her arse, and although she was really enjoying it she knew she'd enjoy two cocks even more.

"Just hang on," she said to him as she moved forward. "I want another cock in my pussy." Jake moved forward and Kay stood up to let him lie on the ottoman. She took hold of two cocks as she stood there watching the fucking going on around her. Mary was moaning gently as the two cocks filled her arse and cunt and another two took turns in her mouth. Emma was still happily lying back on the lounge sucking on one cock as another filled her pussy.

Rick hopped up next to her and she now had two cocks to suck. The scene was now ready for Kay and she mounted Jake on the Ottoman and slid his long cock into her slippery hole.

She had no idea, and cared very little, about who held her hips but when he slid his cock into her arse she very nearly passed out in orgasmic ecstacy. "Oh fuck, oh fuck," she repeated in descending volume as the two cocks drilled into her nether regions.

The other two guys went about shoving their cocks into her mouth and at one time she even managed to get both knobs into her mouth. This left one lad standing around, quite literally, like a spare cock at an orgy. Emma was the only one not being serviced by four cocks so he sauntered over to her and stood watching as he pulled on his cock. Emma hadn't tried anal and she wasn't about to start.

The idea of anal simply didn't appeal, but something else did. She sat up and moved the guy fucking her away. "Let's do something different," she said. "I want two in my pussy." Mary looked over when she said that and said. "You fuck her good boys, fuck her nice and hard." Rick sat on the lounge but Emma had different ideas. "That's as big as two of these Rick, I'll never fit another in," she said. "You can go after these two," she pointed to two of the other guys.

"But I could open you up nice and wide like I always do and then you could easily fit them in," Rick offered but Emma just smiled. "Let me lube them up first," she said as she squatted down and pulled them towards her open mouth. The two lads wasted no time in having their cocks sucked and slobbered upon by a young slut ready to be fucked. Emma had them nice and hard before she selected one and pushed him down onto the lounge.

She wanted to watch Kay and Mary being fucked hard so she slid down onto the cock with her back to him. She opened her legs wide and spat on her fingers before rubbing it into her slit. Rick and the other guy hopped up onto the lounge and waited to have their cocks sucked.

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Rick squeezed her nipples just as the second cock pushed into her tight wet cunt. "Oh fuck," Emma cried as she flung her head back in delight. "That is so fucking good." Rick grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her mouth, "Wait until you feel mine in there," he said.

Emma was as filled with cock as she'd ever been before and her tight teen body was glowing red as it was pounded by cocks. The two cocks were sawing into her cunt when Rick reached down and rubbed her clit.

A slow moan came deep from within her as orgasm heaven flowed through her. The sensation of her cunt flooding with juice and the contractions were too much for the boy on top and he pulled his cock out and sprayed a massive load up over her belly and onto her tits. He stood there wanking his dick as globs dripped down onto her shaved, shiny pussy.

Emma wiped the cum up off her belly before sliding it into her mouth. The guy underneath quickened up his pace and he brought his hand around and began to rub Emma's swollen clit as she bounced nicely up and down. She let go of the cock in her mouth, and Rick's in her right hand, and leant forward to improve the angle of the cock in her.

Rick caught on and moved around to the front of her and she easily began to lick and suck his cock. Taking note of Emma and her performance was Mary. Mary was pleased to see such a young slut that was almost willing to do anything. She'd seen some sluts come into Enigma House in her time but Emma was something special. She all of a sudden had the urge to lick Emma's nice shaven cunt so she popped the cock out of her mouth, moved the guy fucking her arse and slipped off the slippery cock in her pussy.

Four guys were suddenly womanless so they sat forlornly on the lounge and pulled their cocks. Mary took Rick's hand and moved him over to the lounge and sat him down. The other guy was happily having his cock sucked by Emma before Mary moved him away as well. Intrigued, Kay stopped for a moment and watched. Emma lay back again and opened her legs as far as humanly possible.

Mary knelt down and ran her tongue up Emma's leg before sliding her tongue over the boy's ball bag. He groaned as she sucked them into her mouth and let them drop out again. She slid up his shaft and sucked Emma's protruding clit into her mouth. Emma once again rolled her head back and moaned as another cascade of pleasure poured down her body.

"Oh fuck man," the lad underneath said, "I'm gunna come." "Keep it in her pussy," Mary said, "Cum inside her." She watched his balls contracting as he emptied them into Emma's young twat. "Now young lady," she smiled at Emma, "Slide off him." Emma lifted herself up and shuffled to the side.

The still firm cock of the young lad flopped noisily down but Mary ignored it and headed straight for the white substance oozing from Emma' slit. "Yeah lick her clean Mary cause we all wanna fuck her," the Maori guy said. But Mary went that little bit further and she slid three fingers into Emma, then four, then her thumb.

The guys all watched entranced as Emma took Mary's entire fist into her snatch. "For fuck's sake," someone said amongst the hoots and hollers of the crowd. Emma nearly passed out when Mary began thrusting into her and if it hadn't been for the cock that was shoved into her mouth she probably would have. One of the boys had mounted her on the couch and was fucking her mouth as Mary ploughed her hand in and out of her. The guys fucking Kay had stopped and the one fucking her arse moved over to watch Mary.

He saw that no one was fucking her so he knelt behind her and slid into Mary's wet hole.


The guy fucking Emma's mouth pulled his cock out and began spraying a thick load of cum into her open mouth. She didn't swallow any of it and left it to drizzle down onto her boobs. A long white tendril of junk hung down from her nose to her chin and she stuck her tongue out and sucked it into her mouth. Mary pulled her hand out of Emma's pussy and licked and sucked her fingers before sliding them back into Emma's willing hole. Kay knew that the lads were all reaching boiling point and soon enough all of them will have cum into or over the three of them.

She certainly didn't want to miss out on having her fair share of sticky goodness. She hopped off the lad she was fucking and crawled over next to Mary. Another lad was now fucking Emma's face and Kay looked on in awe as cum and spit dribbled down off Emma's chin onto her chest.

Kay grabbed the nearest cock and began to suck it like it was the last cock on earth. Spit hung from her lips as the guy face fucking her looked to the ceiling and then held his cock in his hand and sprayed Kay's face with a sizeable load of cum. It hit her in the mouth and across the nose and some even landed on Mary's back.

Kay took control of the cock and sucked off a nice mouthful before opening her mouth and showing it to all the lads. One other lad was wanking away nearby and this was too much for him and he stepped forward and added a good spray of Jizz into Kay's smiling, open and cum filled mouth. Some of it ran out of her mouth but she pushed it back in before she turned towards Mary. Mary looked up at Kay and like a nestling opened her mouth. Kay held Mary's head back before she slowly dribbled the mouthful of cum into Mary's mouth.

Another chorus of yahoos spread through the room as Kay and Mary kissed and swapped cum. Mary pulled her hand out of Emma's quim and spat a huge glob of cum onto her hand before sliding it back in again. Rick had slid the ottoman back over near the action and then grabbed Kay and got her to kneel down on it. Rick pushed it further towards Mary's face so that Mary was on the left side of Emma's cunt and Kay was on the right.

"Lick that clit," Rick said, "Suck up that cum." Kay obediently went to work lapping up the juices as Rick slid his mammoth cock into her snatch. The guy fucking Mary's arse pulled out and moved over to Emma's red, well fucked cunt and shot a string of goo over her clit, Mary and Kay's face and Mary's hand. Rick followed suit and whipped his cock out and aimed it at the slippery mess that was all over the three of them.

The guy being sucked by Emma emptied his cock across her face and she tried in vain to keep it out of her eyes. The sting of cum forced her to wipe her eyes and her face looked like a poorly glazed doughnut. This circuit of fuck, suck and cum continued and Mary and Kay took various cocks in their arses and pussies, all the time fisting, fingering and licking Emma's pussy.

After litres of splooge was emptied out of the ball sacks of the lads, only about six of the guys were still hard and able to fuck. Kay sat up on the ottoman and felt some cum ooze out of her snatch. In the heat of the fucking she hadn't even noticed that someone had cum inside her. She saw Rick, Jake and Tim sitting in the kitchen sucking on a beer and she stood up and went over to them.

Mary was now on the couch being fucked in the cunt and arse by the Maori guy and someone else. Emma was mounted on some guy on the lounge and having two cocks taking turns in her mouth. "Come with me," Kay said to them. She led them into the couples room and closed the door.

"Ok boys this is where part two of tonight comes into play," Kay grabbed a bag and pulled out some clothes and a towel. The boys also grabbed some bags out from under the bed and pulled out some clothes. "You three sneak out the back, if Mary sees you remember that you are going out to get some drinks." Kay wiped off any cum she could feel, threw on a dress and shoes and quickly fixed her hair.

The lads slipped unnoticed out the backdoor and clambered over the back fence. Kay looked out the bedroom door and saw that the boys hadn't closed the door to the lounge where Emma now had two guys fucking her pussy and Mary was still being double penetrated. Kay slowly closed the door to the lounge, snuck up the hall and let herself out the front door. Across the road was a blue Ford and when Kay waved to it three people got out of the vehicle.

The figures sauntered across the road and when they got to the light from the house Mary recognised them. Two were from her original interview, one was Harry Norbett, the Manager of Accommodation services, another was George Hoffman and the third was another plumpish middle aged woman that Kay didn't know. "Kay this is Julie Rathbone," Julie went over and kissed Kay on the cheek.

"Pleased to meet you Kay." "To make this look authentic," Harry said "all the lads inside that are residents will be dismissed." Kay nodded. "Let's do it then." George pulled a video camera out of a bag and flipped open the screen. "I'll stay here as agreed," Kay said. They all nodded. The three of them marched into the house and barged into the back room. Cries of 'what the fuck' and 'what's going on' could be heard outside as the intruders busted up the orgy.

Kay snuck up to the door and watched as Mary lay on the floor covered in cum and sweat as a stream of boys grabbed whatever clothes they could out of the rooms and headed out the door.

Kay sat in the Ford for another hour or so and waited for a sign. Soon Mary stumbled out of the building and with her hair down across her face she climbed into her car and jerkily took off down the street.

Kay smiled and with a trot exited the car and took off up the path and into the house. Emma was still naked and sitting on the lounge. All the boys had left and now only the five of them were left. Harry looked at Kay and nodded down to Emma. "So this is the young lady you told me about?" he asked. Kay nodded. Harry passed Kay an envelope and shook her hand. "You did exceptionally well getting rid of Mary," he said.

"And what's more you've managed to find someone who likes to share her skills. It is unfortunate that we can't keep you on." Kay shrugged. "Did you like what happened here tonight?" Harry asked Emma. "Yes sir," Emma said as she flicked her hair back and smiled up at him. "Good," Harry said as he unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out.

"Now that that greedy bitch has gone we can all have some fun." Emma smiled and sucked his old cock into her mouth. George also walked over to Emma and slipped his cock out as well.

Suddenly Rick, Tim and Jake leapt over the fence and strode into the room. "Hello again Julie," Rick said, "Welcome back." Julie began to unbutton her top as the boys surrounded her. Kay looked into the envelope and flicked through the fifty $100 notes, smiled and said, "Welcome to Enigma House boys," She pulled her dress over her head, "Prepare to fuck."