Porn star escort gay black muscle and actor sex on boy movie I

Porn star escort gay black muscle and actor sex on boy movie I
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I consider myself an average guy. Not average in everything but when things are rounded up, average. For instance, I'm a few inches taller than the average guy and a few inches smaller when it comes to endowment. I used to be a very good athlete, but not a physically gifted (i.e. large muscled) guy.


I've been married twice, once to a woman I couldn't please at all and now to a woman I can please most anytime and place& 50/50 there too&hellip.average.

I have a very nice, comfortable home life although I travel way too much for my wife's liking. Sex has always been great but in the past year things have taken a downturn due to a physical issue my wife has.

While she enjoys the intimacy I bring through my hands, cuddling, kissing and oral, she doesn't have enjoyable intercourse with me due to this ailment, as in her walls are drying up and medication hasn't helped much yet.

Even a finger penetration causes pain. I've always been sexually active…mostly with myself, since about 19. I remember discovering my first Playboys earlier but a college friend loaned me some Penthouse and Gallery magazines.

It was here that I found my true sexual calling. I remember I was going to be home for a few hours alone. I was going to do laundry so I took my twin sheet off the bed and laid it out in the family room and got naked. I slowly stroked as I read through the first Penthouse (didn't get to the stories yet…) and was fascinated. They were all large breasted women and quite lovely. I put down the Penthouse and grabbed the Gallery.

I still remember the cover and the pictures inside. It was my birthday issue in 1979. She was dyed blonde, thin and very small breasted. I turned to the photo shoot inside and gawked at the layout. Seeing a full frontal was all I could do from cumming on the spot.

I put the magazine aside so I could look at it further and almost immediately shot my first cum shot over my shoulder, the second one landed on my chin and chest. I thought I dies and went to heaven. I was a sucker for small breasts from then on. I could never seem to find a small breasted girl in real life. Always seemed to get interest from larger breasted gals and, while everyone is attractive in their own way, I was always pulled in that direction. I'd meet the occasional lady, professional or otherwise with a smaller bust size and was like a deer caught in headlights&hellip.figuratively and sometimes literally.

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I'd do about anything to be with someone like that. Fortunately for me, my current wife fits this bill quite nicely. Through the years I've also been quite adventurous. I only had one good relationship where sexual play was erotic and exotic, mostly relationship sex was fun and tame. I did have a lot of time outside of relationships and had some good clean fun that is too long to list here. Experimented in all sorts of play.

Which is where things lead up to in my story. During my travels I've been looking to play, safely, for some time. As mentioned, I'm not well endowed, far from it, which precludes me from a number of opportunities other than those from a professional woman and/or kink. I don't mind a bit of kink and have always had leanings towards a cuckold/submissive type. I've just never been in a relationship where it was even comfortable to seriously discuss adding another guy/couple let alone something like this.

But I put all sorts of ads out there from time to time in my travels. From giving backrubs and oral to a woman, to someone watching me masturbate, to clean-up, etc. I've even sucked the occasional guy to get a facial.

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But most of this was a few years ago. I started traveling again only recently and, with the lack of attention at home, I had truly ramped up my internet searches, reading of adult stories and looking at porn. I was hooked again on my orgasm and/or providing them when I could. This fall weekend found me on an extended trip away from home but back to where I grew up and still have many friends and acquaintances.

I met a few of them for an afternoon of eating, drinking and watching football. I didn't drink much but enjoyed the afternoon with the gang. As we were winding down one of my best friends suggested meeting for dinner or after dinner pending what his family was doing.

I went back to my hotel and freshened up and waited. About 8 I got a call suggesting to meet about 9 pm at a Mexican restaurant for a few drinks.

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I said sure and headed out to get dinner there first and hung out at the bar. My friend, Craig, showed up and we commenced to drinking and chatting the night away.

Craig's just under 6 feet tall and probably weighs about 200 and he's a couple years above my age of 53. I'd also consider him a fairly attractive guy that always seems to interest the ladies. We've played ball through the years and gotten closer as friends after that through various endeavors. I've stayed with him, his wife and kids a few times when I've been in town.

So we are just chilling with a couple beers as he flirts with our young bartender who is a cute gal of about 25 but certainly in a whole different realm than what I/we might actually get lucky with. And that's what started the conversation.

I asked if he ever managed to pick up a woman bartender before. I knew he was a hound, even in this and previous marriages but I never took offense or interfered. To each his or her own. He replied he had, but it's been awhile. Then, without prompting, he came out and told me that he and his wife had an open arrangement. In fact, he wouldn't marry her until she fully understood and agreed that he just wouldn't be satisfied with one woman.

Again, I wasn't surprised at him but I did think of his wife almost immediately, thinking of her taking a second cock sometime. I mentioned I hadn't heard that but was cool with it and asked some of the obvious questions about how often, etc. We were just chatting away, a little less loud due to our location about sex and women when he pulls out his phone and shows me this older picture of a woman. She wasn't old…at least in the picture, but the picture was obviously not recent due to its lack of clarity.

There was a hot, thin, brunette in a black teddy on all fours on a bed…and you could see a hint of her small breasts. I had an instance hard on. "This is the gal I swing with, although she's older and a bit heavier now" he mutters. "Wow, she is hot and I could see why you would be interested." I replied. He lamented, "Yeah, I was hoping to meet up with her tonight but her husband wants to play to.


Cassie (Craig's wife) has had a long day and we still have the kids. She won't play if her husband can't, when he's interested. And it's not like he can stop by the house so Cassie can blow him." Slightly tipsy, but what falls under too much information most times, I retorted, "Heck, I'd blow him just to have a chance at her.

And I might clean her up afterwards…" While true, I didn't know that I should admitting this to Craig. "Really?" he said.

"You've done that before?" Well, I left myself open to that so I answered honestly, not knowing why, "Yes, years back I've done that. I'm not really hung so it was something to have a bit of fun. I enjoyed it and could do it again, but it's not like I just meet guys, it's always been with a man/woman couple.

We can keep this between us, right?" "Sure, no problem. I just never expected that," he answered. We jumped to another subject for a while and I noticed that he was texting still. I hadn't really noticed or had an issue with it earlier but now I remember he was doing that before, and now I assume he was still communicating with her. I wondered if the subject came up at all.

Talk continued and he had asked where I was staying (Marriott chain hotel) and plans (nothing going on until I fly out in the morning). He talked a bit about how they explored an open relationship and asked me if I ever posted when I traveled (yes, at times) and did I on this trip (no, was just with the guys might have if we hadn't gone out for drinks).

He asked what kind of posts so I shared some of the less kinky things. His phone buzzed again with a message and he laughed. He said, "This is for you." I looked and it was a couple of small, sagging breasts in an oversized bra, like it was being removed. I just replied "Yummy" and I think he typed that as a response. We shared an appetizer and another drink and it was starting to get late for the restaurant. It was fairly empty but and last call we being made known.

Shortly after that this tall guy of about 40-45 comes in and walks up to the bar and slaps Craig on the back. "Craig, what ya doing here?" the guy asks. "John, just having a few pops with an old friend, what's up with you." "Nothing much, just driving by and thought I saw your truck so I peaked in and found you here." He replied. Introductions were made and John it "appeared" knew Craig from his kids sports leagues or something.

They chatted about that a bit. John then suggested if we weren't doing anything to come on over if we like. Maybe shoot a game of pool. I was invited as well. We both agreed and I jumped into Craig's truck and we headed to John's home. We shot the breeze a bit once we got there. Just another suburban home with a small rec/family room, this one just had a pool table.

John excused himself to get us a couple beers to check in with his wife. I hadn't played in a while but was okay but knew the rules, etc. and seemed to fit into the conversation well even if they talked about Craig's kids teams a bit. I found it a bit odd that the location of the home probably wasn't in the same area as Craig's home/kids but I figured I was over analyzing a bit.

John came back with a few cold ones and we started playing pool, I don't know what you call it but you had to just sink in the five balls of your series (I had 6-10).

We had just started on game two when I noticed a woman with a beer in her hand. Well, that's not completely true. I noticed a small breasted woman in lingerie and didn't notice the beer until later. Melonie stood about 5'5' and was maybe 150, some would say curvy, some chunky, I just say just right. Probably a slight belly and definitely thicker hips, but I knew this was the woman I'd seen in the pictures, the old one and the new one.

WOW. I was introduced after she first gave her husband then Craig a sensual kiss and hug. Then I was introduced. I wondered if I was dreaming. She walked over and said, "I hear you want some of this&hellip." "Yes, please" was my response. "Then you'll have to wait your turn…and help my husband out. He's such a pussy, he just wants a little some strange head while watching me get fucked. You do that for us?" She cooed.

Craig started to try to explain and John was a bit surprised since I think they were supposed to see if I was still good with this but I interrupted with a "sure, I can help if Craig keeps his mouth shut." She quickly added "If he doesn't, he doesn't get this anymore." He just nodded.

I was still dumbfounded. I hadn't expected this. But I knew, if I thought about it maybe it wouldn't happen. John snorted, "Well let's get this going before I get too tired." and we followed him into the living room.

There, where we had pass-through some minutes before, was a mattress pad and sheet, some towels and condoms/lube. Melonie spoke first, "Well, I'd actually like to see that John is going to get his before we go further." John, not being a prude, immediately unbutton his pants and dropped them and his boxers at the same time and sat down in a big lounge chair.

His semi-erect cock was curved slightly to the left and nestled just outside of a thatch of black pubic hair. He didn't look too large yet but it also looked thin, especially compared to his thick legs. In for a penny, in for a pound, I just walked in front of him and kneeled down, picked up his firming member with my left hand and put my mouth on it.

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Once I did this, the worst was seemingly over. John let out a light, low moan. "Goody, I'm gonna get fucked" Melonie exclaimed. I could start to hear noises behind me but that was all in the background as my senses were still concentrating on what was happening in front of me…or better in my mouth. He firmed up really quick to maybe 6-6.5 inches of relatively thin width. Although I was thicker, I always envied a longer cock.

It's what originally led me down this path, to sucking someone years back, to maybe being a cuckold in fantasies. I did the "usual" that I recalled from my past experiences. I sucked slowly, I sucked long.

I licked and flicked the head and sometimes tried tonging his balls. As usual, other than the original taste and some pre-cum later on, sucking cock is more of a power thing from my end. No taste, just how I feel about doing this. On occasion I could feel the thumping in the background as Craig was plowing (I guess) into his prey or was it the other way around.

Maybe 10-15 minutes passed and I could feel John starting to grind and fight what I knew to be a pending orgasm. I grabbed a hold of the base of his cock and position over the top of it and sucked harder. I'm not one who ever licked to do this all the time or often and really it was about getting the release that I liked.

I thought about asking for a facial but his hand seemed to indicate he didn't want my head to move…until&hellip.he pushed down as he started to thrust and cum. I tried to put him as far back in my throat as possible and just try to swallow. He isn't going to stop cumming just because I stopped pressure so I concentrated on catching it all.

He wasn't quiet and I sensed an audience when we finished. I turned by body and head, still with his cock in my mouth, to see Craig and Melonie had stopped to watch. I left John slip out. "That was nice. Thanks!" John added. Let's sit back and watch them a bit. We did. I, still clothed, just found a spot on the couch and watched them continue. Craig was pounding her hard in the missionary position.

Then he pulled out and I saw his cock for the first time. Condom covered, it was about the same 6-6.5 inch size as John's just about as thick as mine. Melonie turned over and got into the classic doggie position and Craig re-entered her. I thought you could hear his body slapping into her ass outside the home it was so forceful. She looked over and up at me and asked, "I hear you like my breasts, want to play with them?" I answered by actions.

I moved off the couch and first reached for them, first the right one then the left one. I loved it. Small, sagging, some nipple, definite erection on my end. She asked me to remove her top so we coordinated an effort to do so while still being pounded from behind.

Then I crawled on my back to be underneath her so I could suckle one breast at a time. I loved doing the right one since I could still see the left one dangling down above my forehead. I sucked for quite some time, alternating, scooting back and forth. It was just after getting to her left breast for the third time did she finally arch her back and shake violently, in the throes of orgasmic delight. I looked back and could see Craigs' two hanging balls there.

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Part of me wanted to reach out to touch them and coax them into an orgasm but that was too weird. Part of me also wanted to lick her pussy when he fucked her.

That was also too weird. It was my friend and I didn't know I wanted to go there. I reached up and massaged both breasts as Craig renewed his fucking. From the speed of everything either her orgasm helped him reach his or he was just waiting for hers. Either way after just a couple minutes he tried pounding his cock through her so hard that she moved up a number of inches so I was looking at his belly button when he came and not her breasts.

He pulled out and I heard a pop. I could also see a very full cum wad in the condom and wondered, what if&hellip.he wasn't wearing it. Craig moved and I was just finishing the light massage on Melonie's tits when John got behind her and started fucking.

Not condom either (nor was that expected). Melonie asked if I would like to pull my cock on and get it sucked, like we could 69.

I understood what she wanted and wiggled my pants and underpants down to reveal my 4.5 inch size. I knew I was hard and somewhat humiliated but I couldn't change the fact or size. I moved down to watch John's thin cock fill her pussy while she started in on my cock. She said I tasted good and I noted I'd been hard for some time and surprised I didn't just cum in my pants.

She said, don't worry about it and just cum when you like. I didn't mind or care. I was close to what I've wanted to do in some time. I tried to figure out how to best lick her and not be in the way. John's balls was short hangers like mine but still I needed to work around them.

I tried a few times and then felt John pull out. I paused.


"Hold on a sec, I see an opportunity" John called out. After another minute I could see then feel a little lubricant being applied to Melonie's ass. Sweet.

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I can then get a good taste. I saw John slowly put on a condom and lube that up and not so gently squeeze into Melonie's ass. Being he was thin certainly helped. Once in, I reached up again and hit pay dirt. A very wet, sloppy pussy that was lovely to taste. I knew my neck was going to get sore so I asked and got a pillow (probably from Craig) and found a home. I've always had trouble with my own erection and orgasm when licking a woman and this time was no different. Melonie still sucked me off and on but it was clear she was concentrating on the pleasure as well.

She came again in a few minutes. John did not waiver. Although Melonie was out of breath and now resting on top of me and I was just looking at her moist pussy that just twitched off and on in no coherent pattern, John just pounded away at her ass like Craig did her pussy earlier. This went on for a good 15-20 minutes and Melonie seemed to be recovering.

I wanted to jerk off from the view but didn't have any room. As room appeared John let out an "oh my" exclamation and pulled fully out of Melonie's ass, tossed off the condom and plunged balls deep into her pussy. A few more strokes later and I could see the tell-tale signs of his orgasm.

His balls tightened and he thrusted forward and held it there.

I could imaging the feeling of his cock pulsing inside her pussy like he did in my mouth earlier. Then I heard it. It came from her. "Do you want to clean me up?" I reached up and forward and licked the underside of his balls and he slowly withdrew. As I did I traced the underside of his withering cock with my tongue.

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He popped out and the head of his cock rested on my nose for a moment before I tilted back and tock it in my mouth. Just for a couple moments then I let go. I turned and looked at her pussy. For the first time I wondered what it would look like hairy. I loved hairy pussy. But, that didn't matter for the moment.

I could see the beginnings of sperm starting to leak from her lips. I took a short breath and dove in. I covered her slit and let my tongue dance around to savor the taste. I could really smell the musky odor of her sex and his semen.

I might have tasted more there but I decided my tongue needed to plunge deeper into her. Try to fuck her with my tongue and get the true, full experience.

For her part, Melonie was gasping. I wasn't sure why but realized the eroticism of this must be doing double time on her sex organ, her mind. I reached around and grabbed her hips and she started grinding into me. I was slightly suffocating but still relishing the experience. And I was hard as a rock. I continued for a number of minutes until Melonie came. It was hard. She was vocal. I couldn't make out any words as her thighs clenched around my ears and face.

But I was satisfied and so was she. Shortly thereafter she begged me to stop, saying it was too sensitive. I complied. She rolled off me and off the mattress in mostly a flop and just shook a little now and then. I composed myself a bit and sat up, now able to breathe fresh air again.

And still hard. She looked at me and thanked me. She also noted she was too tired for more but noted I hadn't cum yet. "Can I jack off on your breasts?" I asked, sheepishly. "Sure, I haven't had that in a long time." I disregarded the other two and didn't care what they thought of me at that moment. I wanted to nut and to do so on these breasts would be satisfaction enough. She moved all the way off the mattress and I sat astride of her and just started pounding away at my cock.

Within moments every ounce of cum I had stored up poured out in rope after rope on her chest. I had arched my back and was shaking. Melonie touched me then my cum, massaging into her breasts as I fell off to the side. I joined the others who had already dressed and we thanked our hosts.

Melonie was still lying on the floor but cuddled up with a sheet. We let ourselves out. There was a small amount of tension on the way back.

Neither of us spoke until we reached my parked car at the restaurant where I had left it. "That was an interesting night" was my ice breaker when we got there and we shared a nervous but satisfied laugh.