Hoch reife Blondine verführt ihren Sohn nicht

Hoch reife Blondine verführt ihren Sohn nicht
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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt21 For once you guys are going to get a chapter that starts at the top of the page. I am going to address a few questions that have come up over the last several months, posed by my readers.

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get to them, but events in my life have changed the dynamics around the house. I think you guys can understand. I have been asked what Kaykos' education was. Kayko had a bachelor's degree in business management from Keio University of Tokyo. After we were married she never pursued her career because our daughter was born only 9 months later. I have also been asked why Saki was chosen to stay in our bed and not Erin. At the time, Kayko and I had discussed it though it is not mentioned in the story.

It was a collective opinion that Saki would be our new bedmate. Besides, Kayko told me that she (Saki) had confided in her that she wanted to be my play thing. With that in mind, Kayko 'suggested' that Saki would be the one. Now that Kayko, Mark, and Shiori are gone, both Erin and Saki share my bed. But that is a different story that I might tell at a later time.

Not everything that happens in the house is in the stories. I have tried to keep the story to the most important events, but sometimes I continue with a particular set of events just to maintain the continuity. So I hope I am not boring you guys. Continue to ask your questions, I will do my best to answer them. Oh yea, one more question for one of my readers who has not been able to piece the time line together. This story, Twin Japanese Nieces, is what took place in 2012.

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The 4th of July. Usually I get the 4th of July off from work every year, so I am able to spend some time with my family. (You see, my boss is not completely heartless) So sleeping in is a real rarity for me, but it is something that I always manage to do on the 4th. Today, however, was going to be different. My day was already planned out for me and I did not even know it.

I was awakened by the unmistakable sensation of being ridden someone. As nice as it is, I was a little disappointed that I was not allowed to sleep in. But when I opened my eyes and saw my little pet bouncing up and down on my dick, I could not help but smile at her. She had a smile on her face that gave me the impression that she was very proud of herself, and rightfully she should be.

Saki has been working very hard with Kayko; strengthening her muscles and developing her control so she could please me in the same fashion as my wife. Now, as I looked up at the happy young girl who was wearing only a T-shirt, I was not mad at all. "Good morning Uncle Mike," she said as she slid up and down my shaft. "Good morning sweetie," I said sleepily, still trying to get fully awake.

"And just what are you doing this morning?" Saki put all of her weight on my groin and sat up straight, taking my full length inside her. "Aunt Kayko told me to wake you up. Did I do it right?" I reached up and grasp her by her hips, holding her in place as I sat up.

"Oh yes sweetie, you did very good." Saki smiled at me really big before she leaned forward and threw her arms around me. "I love you so much Uncle Mike. You feel so good inside me." "So you like that do you?" I asked playfully while I scooted both of us to the edge of the bed. "Oh yes!" she exclaimed as she wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her ankles behind my back. "I feel so full. I want to stay like this all the time!" Saki began squeezing me with her pussy as I spun to the side and put my feet on the floor.

She was getting very good at gripping me. Like I said, Kayko had been doing an excellent job of teaching her. I stood up and walked across the room to my closet, wearing my pet like she was my robe.

Saki just hung on to my neck for the ride, not really caring what I was doing, only enjoying the fact that she had me inside her. "So why did your aunt have you wake me up?" I asked as I picked out a nice golf shirt and a pair of shorts.

Saki brushed the shorts away and said, "No, not those. Wear your nice khaki pants with that shirt." Wow! Not only was she a pet, but she was becoming my fashion coordinator as well!

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"Ok," I said as I rehung the shorts and pulled out a nice pair of Dockers. "How about these?" Saki looked over her shoulder and gave a nod of approval. "That's nice." she said before she looked up into my eyes again. "Aunt Kayko says you are supposed to go to the store for something. She will tell you what it is when you get down stairs." With that said Saki released her legs and pulled herself off my dick, allowing it to spring free from the confines of her tight body when she dropped to the floor.

"Aren't you going to join me back on the bed?" I asked as a bit of bewilderment raced through my head. "I would love to Uncle Mike," Saki said while reaching between her legs to cup her pussy.

"But aunt Kayko told me to be back in 5 minutes. We have a lot of things to do." And without another word she turned and left the room. I think I broke my toes when my jaw dropped. I have never known any of the girls to turn down a single second of sack time with me. Don't get me wrong, I am no badass when it comes to sack time.

It's just that the girls don't get to see me too often. So when I am home, it's almost like a non-stop fuck fest. And don't think I am complaining.

If you guys had the beautiful women in your home that I have, you would virtually fuck yourselves to death too! But this situation did leave me rather curious. After a quick shower I dressed and headed down stairs. I had expected to find the kitchen in full swing and everyone dancing around each other while trying to perform various tasks. But to my surprise all of the kids were sitting on the couch and Kayko was sitting on the coffee table directly in front of them.

She seemed to be giving them instructions as I walked down the stairs. When she saw me she stopped in mid-sentence and stood up. "Mike," she said as she glanced once at the kids before looking directly at me. "David called from the office this morning and he needs you to pick up a package at the post office right away." David is my boss.

Usually I don't quibble with him because he has kept me in work for the last 20 years without a single issue, but for a request like this, on the 4th of July? What was he thinking? "I'll go and get it tomorrow." I replied. I absolutely did not feel like driving the hour and a half into the city to pick up something in the post office box when it could easily wait till tomorrow.

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"He said it was very urgent," Kayko added with a bit of a worried look on her face. "He says it has to be picked up today." Fuck a damn duck. I know David quite well, and he usually does not make requests like this without good reason. I took in a deep breath and shrugged my shoulders. "All right," I said, trying to hide the fact that I was more than just a little pissed off.

"Saki said you need me to go to the store as well?" "Yes," Kayko replied while leaving the living room and heading for the kitchen counter. "I need you to pick up these few things on the way back." and she handed me a short list.

Milk, eggs, some tortilla chips and some dip. At the bottom was the information about the package. There was nothing major on the list, only a few of the staples and some junk food. I guess the kids wanted some tortillas to go along with the food I planned on grilling. "Anything else?" I asked while smiling at my wife. "Just you." she said as she stepped up to me and planted a nice open mouthed kiss on my lips while grabbing my ass.

"Hurry back." I have never been mad at Kayko. Not even when she drove over my golf clubs with the car. Granted, I was not exactly thrilled, but it was not something to get mad about. Besides, it was only a material thing. The emotional wellbeing of my wife and the kids is far more important than a set of golf clubs.

In any case it really didn't matter; I couldn't hit them anyway so it actually worked out in my favor. But this grocery list and the trip into the city seemed like trivial matters. As I cranked up my car I wondered just what was up. The kids had set almost motionless in the living room while Kayko and I had talked.

That was more of a rarity than anything. Someone almost always had something going. And for my pet to not see me off at the door? Something was afoot. And now they would have a little more than three hours to do whatever it was they had in mind. I headed off down the road stewing about the mornings events.

I guess I would just play along with their little scheme. After all, it was the only way for me to find out what was in store for me. An hour and 15 minutes later I walked into the post office. I had made it there in record time due to almost no traffic on the roads.

Why couldn't a standard work day be like this? I opened the P.O. Box and looked in. There was a large, flat box in the bottom with a letter attached to the side. The information on the address label matched what Kayko had given me so I scooped it up and headed back to the car. It didn't feel like much, maybe a thick hard back book or a document bundle.

Maybe it was a new client profile. But when I considered that I was supposed to be on a holiday, spending time with my family, and not running errands for the office, I bailed on trying to figure out what it was. In the car I tossed it into the back seat. I really do hope it was important.

The store took all of five minutes. I think you guys know what I am talking about when I say that I did not go shopping, I went buying. You can grab a gallon of milk and put it in your cart at a regular walking pace without having to slow down. Tortillas are tortillas, and the dip is usually right with them.

You can get those a regular walking pace too. The only thing you have to be cool about is the eggs. Aside from opening the carton to make sure they are not broken, you can't just sling them around. So that was the only slow portion of the trip. I was in and out of the grocery store in 8 minutes.

That is how it is done. Now I was on my way home to spend some much deserved down time with my wife and kids. Next time this happens I think I'll drag someone along with me just to be a pain in the ass. Once I turned down my street, and the house came into view, that is when I understood the mornings' events. There were several vans parked in my driveway and cars parked nose to tail down both of the shoulders for the length of my property.

Kayko was throwing a party at our house. As I pulled in to my driveway the printing on the sides of the vans read Catering Service. I guess I was not going to have to cook after all. Mark was standing out in the driveway near the house until he saw me coming. Once he laid eyes on me he bolted for the door. 'Oops,' I thought, I just spooked the century from his post. By the time I was stopped and getting out of the car, he was back. He was dressed nice too, wearing his dress shoes, some good pants and a golf shirt.

"Hi dad," he said as I approached him. "You're back awfully quick." "Yea," I said with a raised eyebrow as I looked around at all of the cars and the catering vans.

"So who are all of these people?" "I don't know," he replied as he glanced around too. "I'm just supposed to tell them where to park and open the door for everyone." Phase two of Kaykos' plan had worked on me just as well as phase one had; the trip into the city.

Sometimes I feel a little foolish around my wife. It seems I am easily led into her plans. I don't know what it was about her, maybe it was due to the fact that I trusted her implicitly. Whatever the case was, I now had a house full of people and had walked neatly into her little ploy. I grabbed the package out of the back of my car and headed in the house.

It was time unveil her whole plan. Inside the house, as I was taking my shoes off in the foyer, I was met by Shiori. She was dressed in her traditional white kimono with a black sachet around her waist. She had her hair pulled back into one big ponytail and had on her house slippers. She looked great. "Hi Uncle Mike," she sheepishly said with a small bow.

"Your guests are waiting for you." "My guests?" I queried as I looked over her head to see the living room full of people. Shiori gestured with her hand before stepping to the side to allow me to pass.

As I stepped out of the entrance hall it quickly became apparent that my whole office was there. All of the secretaries, the other salesmen, and the administrative staff were all mingling around. The kitchen was being set up by the caterers who had brought enough food for an army, and the bar was fully stocked with enough alcohol to pollute half a nation. If I had a look of confusion on my face it was well placed.

What were all of them doing at my house? I greeted and shook hands with everyone as I worked my way across the room to where David was pouring himself a rather stout drink at the bar. "David," I said as I approached him with the package. My boss turned around and instantly smiled when he saw me.

"Mike," he said as he set his drink down on the bar. "Glad to see you." He reached out and shook my hand as he continued. "I see you picked up the package." Handing him the box I glanced around the room before addressing him directly.

"It's good to see you too David, but what is going on here." An even bigger smile came across his face accompanied with a little chuckle. "I see Kayko was able to keep you in the dark." He laughed at the apparent success of the ruse as he picked his drink back up. "I think we need to hire your wife as head of our security. She certainly did a good job on you." I was not exactly amused.

I still had absolutely no idea what this was all about, and more questions kept coming up than I was getting answers. "What is all of this about?" I asked, cutting directly to the chase.

"Why this is about you," he said. Then he turned to the room and cleared his throat. Speaking loudly he said, "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please." In a matter of just a few seconds the room was quiet. "I want to thank you all for coming here today, even though it is a holiday.

But I have some good news to tell all of you." Everyone in the room moved in a little closer, listening intently as my boss continued with his speech. "We have had a rather successful year so far, and a large portion of that success is due to Mike." Applause broke out across the room as my colleges recognized my hard work.

There were a few whistles and a few cheers before the applause dwindled before the room was silent again. "Because of Mike and his efforts, we have managed to increase our sales by more than 14% for the first quarter, and are on track to increase that total by another 8% this last quarter. So in all, Mike here is responsible for more than $30,000,000.00 in revenues generated in the last 2 quarters alone." The applause this time was even louder.

It was at this moment that I spotted Kayko, Saki, and Erin. All three of them were standing at the far end of the kitchen counter dressed in kimonos like Shioris'. All three of them were smiling and clapping along with the rest of my office.

As my boss talked about hard work and dedication to the 'cause', I gazed into Kaykos' eyes. I could see the pride in her face as she listened to the accomplishments of her husband. Saki and Erin sported similar looks as my boss rambled about the job I do. All I could think of, at that moment, was my Kayko and how much I loved her. I really didn't care too much about the rest of it; I just did my job for my wife and kids. They are the reason I do what I do. "…and so," David said as he brought his hand down on my shoulder, bringing me back into the here and now, "I want to make a presentation to our number one sales and marketing shark." A chuckle emanated from the crowd as David again set his drink down and picked up the box I had brought from the post office.

Once he had the box open he produced a nice wooden plaque that had a large brass engraved plate on it. Pulling his reading glasses from his shirt pocket he perched them on his nose before he began reading the inscription.

"In recognition of outstanding performance and dedication to company goals, International Marketing and Business Solutions (I made that up so don't look for it) name Mike the Marketing and Sales executive of the year." This time the applause was really loud.


There were many whistles and whoops and hollers as David handed me the plaque and shook my hand. I have to admit that I felt a bit humbled. I didn't think that I really deserved this award; I was just doing my job. Granted the work I did was for my company, but my real motivation was standing across the room with tears in her eyes and looking on me with an expression of pride few ever get to experience.

I glanced down at the plaque. It was nice looking. I guess it would look good on my wall in my office. I really was at a loss for words when David patted me on the shoulder again. "Now let's hear from Mike," he said as the applause faded.

"Thank you all," I began after I swallowed hard. "I appreciate this honor and your gratitude. I find it hard to believe that I would receive such an honor seeing as how I spend less time in the office than anyone else." A small roll of laughter spread across the room. "And it's nice to know that I can do my work in the field while all of you catch the excess work I create back at the office." That joke was for me but another roll of laughter still broke out across the room.

"But in all seriousness," I said as I glanced around the room. "I could not have done this without the help and support of all of you. You guys are really the ones who deserve this. But there is one person who does deserve more credit than me," I said as I turned my head to look at Kayko. She has been my support and the drive behind my efforts while I am out and about doing my job.

She is the love of my life and the real reason that I do what I do. My wife, Kayko." And I gestured in her direction. The whole room broke out in thunderous applause, including me. Kayko began crying and smiling at the same time, bringing a trembling hand up to her mouth as my office cheered for her.

She did deserve all of the credit and so much more. I mouthed the words 'I love you' to her as the clapping continued. She gave me a little wave of her hand before she looked back over the room and bowed to them.

(Damn it. I'm crying while I am typing this) I now knew the sense of pride that Kayko had displayed for me. The lump in my throat and my heart pounding in my ears only reinforced how much love and respect I had for her. As I gazed upon her, while she basked in the warm glow of admiration, I knew that she would never forget this day for the rest of her life.

When the applause finally faded Kayko spoke up. "Thank you all," she said with a bit of a quiver to her voice. "But my husband is too kind. Now, if you are all ready, lunch is served." That was typical of Kayko, deflecting a compliment and getting back to the business at hand. She did it with the kids, and with me. I think it was part of the house hold administrator position she had in the house that made her do things like that.

Whatever it was, she was effective and efficient in everything she did. As the guests began filing past her to the huge buffet that was set up on the dining table, many of them shook her hand and made comments.

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She deserved whatever praise they gave her. As for me, I was more than happy to have included her in this celebration. "Mike," David said from behind me as he patted me on the back to get my attention. I turned to face him to find him reaching into his inside jacket pocket. "The board of directors has authorized me to give you this," he said as he pulled an envelope from inside his jacket.

"It's just a little thank you from them.

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And I am to tell you that they want to make you a full partner." As I took the envelope from his hand my jaw dropped at the news. "A full partner?" I stammered.

Leaning in next to my ear he continued. "Just think about it Mike." David said as he patted me on the back again. "You don't have to give an answer right away.

Take the wife and kids on a little holiday and mull it over before you jump in to a decision. When you are ready, they will be too." He smiled at me and shook my hand again.

"Now I am going to go and get some of that delicious smelling food." And with that he started toward the kitchen. Holy shit on a rope! They are offering me full partnership in the company! This would be the giant leap forward in my career that I was always looking for. But it would definitely come at a price. I would have to give up traveling around the world for the confines of an office.

No more of working on my own in my day to day tasks, I would have to become integrated with the team at the home office. I would get to spend every evening at home with Kayko and the kids; that would not be bad. But I would have to give up the job that I am not only good at, but a job that I truly love doing.


This was going to be a gigantic decision. And it was definitely a decision I was not going to make by myself. As I fumbled with the envelope Kayko appeared at my side. "Are you ok honey?" she asked as she looked up into my eyes.

Her beautiful face was welcome to me, and reassuring. "Yea, I just have a few things to think about." I replied as I smiled down at her. Kayko looked at my hands as I pulled the first slip out of the envelope. WOW! It was a bonus check from the board of directors for a cool $250,000.00. I almost wet my pants! My usual yearly bonus was not even a third of that! I stood there staring at the check with my mouth hanging open in a state of disbelief. "What is it honey?" Kayko asked as she tried to see what it was.

I slowly handed her the check. Her eyes got as big as dinner plates and her mouth dropped open as well when she saw the numbers on the check. She looked up into my face with the look of utter shock in her eyes. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed before her look of shock turned to one of complete joy and she threw her arms around my neck.

"I am so proud of you!" she said into my ear as she began crying her eyes out again. "You have worked so hard, and given up so much!" She said in between sniffs and gasps for air. "I love you so much!" In a flash she was covering my face, lips, neck, and ears with kisses of joy. I could feel her trembling in my arms as I held her close and basked in the love that was pouring out of her.

Here she was, thanking and congratulating me when, all along, it was because of her. She was the reason I was so successful.

I pulled her away from me a little so I could speak directly to her. "You know, when I said that you were the reason behind my success, I meant it." I said while looking directly into her beautiful brown eyes. Kayko smiled up at me as she wiped the tears from her cheeks. "Thanks Mike," she said as she sniffed a few more times. "But I didn't do anything." "Yes you did sweetie," I said, taking on a more serious tone.

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"You have done more for me and my career than I could ever hope to give you the credit for." Kayko looked into my eyes and listened intently as I continued to speak to her in a quiet voice.

"Look at the house; the kids; everything! You have made all of this possible, YOU!" I could tell she was dumbfounded and at a loss for words as she looked at me with a note of admiration about her face.

"I can never ever repay you for what you have done for me. You gave up your life and career to make a poor chump like me successful. There is no way I can ever thank you enough." Kayko straightened herself and took a small step back from me, causing me to release my grip on her.

When she had composed herself she said very plainly, "I did it because I love you." And she extended her hand with the check. "No," I said as I looked first at her hand, and then back into her eyes. "You keep it. You've earned it." Kayko looked at me and then looked at the check. In a very slow and deliberate motion she slowly folded the check and placed it back into my hand. When she had done so she looked up at me and smiled. "I am you wife," she said, taking a posture of extreme pride and admiration.

"I don't need a check. I have you." She then bowed to me and excused herself, turning around to scoot off into the crowd in the kitchen. (I cannot express to you the love and admiration I had for my wife.

I could probably write an entire novel based only on her actions and the high esteem she holds for me. She was that one true gem that you find only once in a life time; and she only made my life better because of her selflessness.

I miss her so much!) It was right then that my little pet and Erin showed up on the scene. "What did you get Uncle Mike?" Saki asked. "Yea dad," chimed in Erin at almost the same time, "What did you get?" "It's just a little bonus," I said as I tucked the check back into the envelope.

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It was then that I noticed that there was something else in the envelope. Pulling out the folded bunch of papers I opened it. On the top was a letter from the board of directors. It reiterated the job well done and an expression of gratitude for having made so much money for the company. Behind it was a packet of travel plans. They were sending all of us, including the twins to the Virgin Islands for 2 weeks with explicit directions for me to turn my phone off.

I looked at the two girls standing in front of me. The look of anticipation they were sporting was priceless. "And," I said as I tucked the plans back into the envelope, "It looks like we are going to the Caribbean for a few weeks' vacation." The high pitched shrill that came from the two girls made everyone in the house look at us.

I am sure they got quite an eye full as the two jumped up and down in front of me like a pair of Mexican jumping beans. As I looked at the crowd I was greeted with smiles and nods of heads. Apparently everyone from the office knew about it except for me. I calmed the two girls down by saying, "Why don't you guys go and tell Mark and Shiori?" I don't think a magician could have made them disappear any faster.

Poof; and they were gone. The exuberance of youth is really something. It had been quite a while since we have been able to spend any real time together. In fact, since the twins arrived here in the US, this would be the first time they got to spend more than three days with me.

So I could really understand their excitement. I closed the envelope and headed to my office to put it away. I might have been the guest of honor, but it was still my home and I had host duties to perform. Just as I got to my office I happened to glance into the den directly across the hall. Another surprise stared me in the face like a castaway looking at an approaching tidal wave.

In the middle of the room was an absolutely beautiful full sized pool table that has a red velvet top and leather basket in the corners. The sides and undercarriage appeared to be made of oak, and on the back wall of the house was a wooden rack loaded with pool cues and a wooden rack. 'Wow', I thought to myself, that's beautiful! I walked in to the room and looked at my new pool table. There was a great big bow in the middle with a card attached to it.

I picked up the card and immediately recognized the hand writing. It was David's. The card read, "From all of us at the office, we just wanted to thank you." At the bottom and on the sides were the signatures of everyone from the office.

Apparently Kayko had been talking to them while I was away. She knew I always wanted a pool table, but I never bought one because I was never home long enough to use it.

Now, that problem was solved. I guess my boss figured I would take the partnership so the table would be put to good use. I carried the card with me as I went into my office and sat down at my desk. I could hear the people talking in the house, but I just needed a little alone time to contemplate things and stew about possible futures.

As I sat there, Saki came in to the room and stopped right beside me. "Are you ok Uncle Mike?" she asked in a rather timid voice. I looked up at my pet. She was beautiful in her blue kimono with her hair pulled back, looking very Japanese. I smiled at her and reached out, placing my hand on her shoulder. "Yes sweetie, I'm fine." I said in a very reassuring tone.

"Uncle Mike just has a lot on his mind." Saki glanced around a bit before her eyes locked with mine again. "Would you like a beer?" I hadn't really thought about it, but since I got home I had not had anything.

Looking back into her bright face I said, "Sure honey, I'd love a beer." Instantly she spun around and headed for the door. I set the envelope and the card down on my desk and leaned back in my chair.

Today was really turning out to be something. A big bonus check, a vacation in the Caribbean, and a pool table; what else was going to happen? Moments later Saki came back in carrying my beer. She had a nice smile on her face and was carrying the beer with one hand under the bottom while the other gripped it around its girth. "Here you go," she said as she again stopped right next to my chair and handed me the cold drink. "Thank you sweetie," I said as I took the beer from her and took a big pull.

As I set the beer down on my desk I noticed that Saki had not gone anywhere. She just stood there watching my every move like she was expecting some kind of magic trick or something.

I glanced up at the door to make sure no one was there before I reached out with my left hand and slid it up the inside of her left leg. Almost instantly Saki shuttered and spread her feet apart.

The inside of her thigh was hot, and the farther up my hand went, I encountered more and more moisture. When my hand finally reached her naked bald pussy I found out that my pet was soaking wet.

Her lips were all slimy and it felt like her cum was running down the insides of her legs. "Whoa," I said as I pushed a finger into her. "Somebody is ready." Saki let out a sigh and a bunch of her weight came down on my hand, pushing my finger deep into her.

"Please Uncle Mike," she almost moaned, "I need something." I was a bit worried that one of my guests might come in and catch us. That would be very difficult to explain. I pulled my finger out of her and quickly brought it up to my mouth and sucked her cum off. "Go and get your egg." I said before giving her a little pat on the hip.

Saki vanished. No sooner had she rounded the corner at the door when one of my co-workers came in. It was Tom, one of the other marketing executives.

"So this is where all the magic happens," he stated as he walked in and looked around the room. I know he didn't realize just how accurate that statement was. If he had come in just a few seconds earlier he would have seen some real magic, the disappearing finger trick. "Yea," I said as I pushed myself away from my desk, "If you could call it that." I walked over to the door with him and headed back out into the room. The guests were fanned out everywhere, and everyone was eating.

I shook hands and mingled with everyone on my way through to the kitchen when Saki showed back up. She came right up to me and grasped my hand, palming the remote for her egg to me in the process.

I leaned down and gave her a kiss on the head while I switched the egg on. Instantly a smile came across her face as she hugged herself to my side. "You really have some nice kids," one of the secretaries said to me as she looked down at the beaming girl.

"Thanks," I replied as I slipped the remote into my pocket. "This is my niece, Saki. She is the daughter of Kaykos' brother." and I put my arm around her shoulders and presented her.

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"Nice to meet you," Janet said with a smile. Saki looked up at her before she bowed politely. Janet raised an eyebrow before she looked at me. "Did you teach her that?" "No," I replied as I looked at Janet who was sporting a puzzled look. "She learned that in Japan.

It is a simple show of respect." I leaned down next to Sakis' ear and whispered to her. "Go tell Erin to get her egg." Saki gave me a little nod before she looked around the room and headed off. Her whole demeanor seemed to change with the egg buzzing away inside her. Her walk was less frantic, and she seemed more relaxed. I chatted with Janet and several other people before I made it to the table with the food.

It's a good thing the party was catered because most of the food was gone. 30 or so people can really pack it down. As I put the last scoop of beans on my plate Erin stepped up to me. "Hi sweetie," I said before leaning down to give her a kiss on the forehead. "Did Saki find you?" "Yes she did," she replied, and she slipped her remote into my hand. I flipped the switch to the on position and watched Erin jump a little before a big smile came across her face.

"Thanks dad." The party continued for several more hours, slowly and steadily dwindling in size, before the last few guests left just after 3. Almost all of the booze was gone, and the caterers were just finishing their clean up when I finally got to talk to Kayko. "Thank you honey," I said as I gave her a big hug. "How did you manage this?" "I was contacted by David while you were on your last trip to Europe," she said as she took a seat on one of the bar stools and crossed her legs.

"They have been planning this for a few weeks now but wanted to hold the party some place special. I suggested here because of the kids." I glanced into the living room to see all four of them picking up napkins and any other loose mislaid items.

I looked back at Kayko who had a smile on her face. "Sorry about sending you on the goose hunt this morning but we needed to get you out of the house so they could set up the pool table." She meant to say 'goose chase', but I was not about to split hairs about a slight grammar issue. "Thank you anyway," I reiterated. "It was a nice party." The last few crates were loaded by the caterers before they headed down the road.

Once again we had the house to ourselves. I watched Kayko as she rounded up the kids and sent them upstairs to change. She was the model of efficiency and the supreme coordinator of the house. As the kids disappeared at the top of the stairs she turned to look at me.

With a very slow and deliberate motion she pulled the sachet at her waist, allowing her kimono to open to reveal her naked form underneath. "You have a new pool table in the den," she said as she allowed the garment to drop to the floor, leaving her standing in the middle of the room completely naked. "Wanna play?" "Hell Yea!" End PT21