Flirty lesbian babes are stretching and fisting anals

Flirty lesbian babes are stretching and fisting anals
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A brief disclaimer. I am new to writing. My structure and abuse of the English language is probably revolting and I'm no professor.

-I don't plan to nor have I ever played one on tv. In fact I'm as close to being an 'author' as scribbling "lunch meat" on the magnetic note thing that always falls off the fridge. I am reposting this story because of a formatting issue. I have also done some hack-editing.

This is a rather lengthy work of fiction. If you're looking for a story that gets right to the flesh of the matter it's not the story you're after. I wrote this about people and not necessarily about the act itself.

It's meant to be entertaining. For fun try playing some of the music that's mentioned as u read. I'd like to thank all of the authors that have inspired me to write this story in one way or another. Please feel free to comment with your thoughts.

Hell, let me know if maybe you got off along the way ;) -TheHollow White pt.I It was a Thursday afternoon. In her cubicle, Nicole Hichs expertly tapped away at an email. She worked for an insurance firm that dealt in the hotel business. Her official title was, Coordinator, Corporate Annuity Logistics and Hospitalities On-site. The job meant a lot of travel but the money was good. She didn't mind the travel because it meant being out of town for only about a week each month.

She especially didn't mind when it meant traveling to an exotic locale. Those trips were pretty few and far between however. "Gee what a title." She said under her breath, typing it in. ".It's like they wrote words on confetti, threw it up in the air and called us whatever landed face up. Finished! That takes care of that San Diego mess. Kay, you ever wonder why they couldn't think of anything better than coordinator, corporate blah blah blah.?

" "Hmm? You say summ'n, Nix?" Kaylyn replied, turning around from the opposite cube. Kaylyn was one of Nicole's four best friends. All five had grown up together and to them Nicole was 'Nikki'. Over time they came to just calling her 'Nix'. They also called her other names like, 'Hicky-Nik' and 'Tricky-Nik' and so on.

For drunken girls nights they had, 'Tipsy-Hick' and of course the dreaded 'Sicky-Nik'. She had the perfect name to mess with and the girls never seemed to get bored of doing just that. Most of the time it was still just Nikki though. After high school, the five attended college together.

They laughed together, cried together, partied through the eighties and hair-band concerts together. They pretty much went through it all. Now in their mid to late thirties, they were still inseparable.

Nicole and Kaylyn were probably the most inseparable of all and were even hired on at the firm as a pair. ".Our titles and why the suck." "Oh! Well the 'Brit' told me, the more our clients are confused about what we do, the better our job security." Kaylyn smirked cynically as she stood on her tip toes peering over the forest of cubicles surrounding them. Nikki rolled her eyes. "You know, the only reason he said that is because he didn't know the answer. .And if he wasn't going freaking senile he'd…" "Nikki!" Kaylyn interrupted.

"He's comin over here." "Oh yay." Nikki mumbled. "Nicole!" A balding white haired barrel of a man wearing wrinkled khakis and a bad wool sweater rounded the corner. "Hey Backlund!" They faked in unison. Looking down at her and ignoring their greeting, he continued.

"You Miss Hichs, have to make a hop to the tropics." "What?? I didn't receive anything on our clients in the trop." "I know you didn't! It's a new one. .Another Radisson. Real short notice. Seems they've got the bid on a shindig for some Argentinian delegates.

We need someone down there by Monday." "Monday?? But I don't have any account prep for it." "Porter's already on it. You'll have it tonight." "Okay. Let's see.," She thought aloud. ".That'll give me tomorrow and Saturday and maybe. Oh crap! I can't! My son's flying in for the week!" "Nikki, you've wrapped up San Diego and, with all of the new accounts coming in you're all I've got!" "But Tom, he just finished his first full year of college and it's his birth." She stopped and turned toward Kaylyn with her hands to her head.

"It's his birthday next week!" "Nice one, MOM." Kaylyn chimed. "KayKay." She pleaded. Kaylyn shook her head. "I can't. They're sending me to St. Petersburg next week remember?" The old Brit breathed heavily, peering over his glasses. His nose hair whistling. "Get him a sitter or tie him to a tree, Nikki. Hell, take him with you if you have to!" "But isn't it policy that we don't bring". He turned and huffed toward his office. ".Then write him up as a bloody consultant or something!

Just make sure your butt is on a plane Sunday!" Nikki and Kaylyn stood looking at each other. Kaylyn motioned with her hands and silently mouthed "where??" "Oh. yeah. Hey Tom, where is it again?" Nikki called across the room. "I just told you! Kingston, dammit!" "Sweeeeeet! That spells Jamaica!" Whispered Kaylyn. ".But yeah TOTALLY senial." "Sweet indeeeeed!" Nikki excitedly collected her things.

"I'm takin off. Hey, is everybody still on for tonight?" "Yup!" Kaylyn chirped. "Most of us anyway. I just have to finish up a few things and change and I'll be there. "Awesome! Love you, KayKay. Oh!

I gotta call our new 'Consultant' too! "Ahh yes. Ms. Nicole Hichs, Consultant Coordinator!" Kaylyn mused as Nikki headed for the door. ".Now that I can live with!" The door squeaked as Nikki entered the Pink Lagoon or, 'Pink Lagoo-' as the sign normally reads. It was a dive but, it was the group's usual haunt and they had a favorite secluded table out on the edge of the patio.

Walking through the bar and out the side door, she headed directly for it and found Kim and Leigh with a drink waiting for her. "Nixy-Lips!" "Well that's a new one, Kim-Chi." Nikki laughed, setting her purse on the table. At her usual twenty words-per-second, Kim immediately shot back, "Kim-Chi wasn't. Okay hug time!" "Hey Leezy!" Nikki purred, as she embraced them both.

"Hey Nikki baby." Leigh replied, smiling warmly. "You guys hear from Kay?" Nikki asked, taking a seat on one of the stool chairs. "Yeah I just got off the phone with her," Leigh softly replied. "She said she had to pick up her friend Jennifer and they're on their way." "Who the hell is Jennifer?" Kim said, quick and sharp.

"Yeah, do we know her?" Nikki asked. Leigh shook her head, drawing on the straw in her drink. "I don't think so. Kay met her not too long ago. I think their kids are in daycare together or something.

She told me but, I can't remember exactly." "So is she a bitch? Or is she okay or what?" Kim snapped. "I'm not sure," Leigh smiled. "I haven't met her but if Kay's bringin her she must at least seem nice." "Whatever." Kim shrugged.

"I just can't wait for lil Special-Kay to get here and crack me up." "Yeah." Leigh agreed. ".Did you mean 'special' like the cereal?" "No, special like short bus 'special'." Nikki sat grinning at her two friends through her sunglasses. It always amused her to listen to the contrast between them. There was a lot of contrast in their appearance also. Like Nikki, they were both a bit blessed up top but, aside from sharing similar bust lines they were pretty dissimilar.

Kim was an American born Asian or, as she liked to say, 'Americasian'. She was a little thicker than skinny and around 5 foot 6ish with straight black hair, usually up. Leigh on the other hand, was taller at around 5' 8' with a more slender body. She was white with sandy strawberry curls that fell just below her shoulders.

".So Nix, you get to go to Jamaica?" Kim asked, lifting her glass to sip. "Yeah! Best part is I get to bring Chase with me! I called him on the way over. He's super excited. He's flying in this weekend and we're gonna turn around and fly out the same day!" "Kay told us they kinda dropped it on ya last minute. It's really neat that you don't have to cancel spendin the week with him." "Totally.

I figure Jamaica is a good enough alternative to spending a week around here. Heck, if I can get everything done in a hurry we can kill the rest of the time doing like, touristy stuff or whatever." "Wish MY mom gave ME a birthday in Jamaica." Kim poked, up-ending what was left of her drink.

"What DOES your mom do for your birthday? Anything special?" Leigh asked sweetly. "Spring rolls." Nikki raised her hand and called across the patio. "Kaylyn!" "KayKay!" Leigh and Kim squealed together. Kaylyn was just plain cute. Small at around 5 foot 2, she had long dark hair with two thick, bleached blonde streaks on one side. She liked to call them her 'racing stripes'.

She had dark brown eyes, a silky smooth tan and, a slightly up-turned nose. For her size, she was busty. This was accentuated by how tiny her waist was in relation to both her chest and hips. The girls would sometimes refer to her as their little 'mini-model' or, 'Baby (Ariana) Grande'. To which, she'd usually take on some ridiculous over the top voice and reply, ".Best booty in the biz, bitches!" It was funny because it was true.

She had fun with her good looks and took every opportunity to live it up and dress to kill. Tonight was no exception.

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She wore a white form-fitting midriff button-up top. Further down, she wore a pair of EXTREMELY low-cut white bellbottom jeans that rode down almost to her pubic bone. Clicking along in white open-toe stilettos, she was a boy killer. Sporting oversized white Gucci shades, her hair was in a high pony. It was bundled with thick white ties all the way down to her lower back where it lapped at a white nylon belt.

She topped it off with a large white ceramic belt buckle that read, "Shut Up n Eat" in fancy black letters. "Lookin good, baby girl!" Nikki called, as Kaylyn strutted across the patio.

A small white Canvas purse was over her shoulder. In her hand she daintily held a Pina Colada in an oversized martini glass. In the other she carried a laptop briefcase.

Watching her approach, Kim leaned toward Leigh, "I think Rick Morranis shrunk one of P-Diddy's lawyers." "Not another one!" "Hey Hotties!" Kaylyn perked, arriving at the table. "Where's your friend?" Asked Kim. "She was still waitin to get her drink so I ditched her! Hee!" "Oh c'mon Kay, really? That's mean." Said Leigh. "Of course I didn't. I told her where to find us. It was like pulling teeth to get her to come out though.

She's kinda straight laced. I thought since we had a seat to fill anyway, who better to loosen her up?" "You are so shameless by the way," Nikki Laughed. "Only you would order a drink as an accessory." "We loved the king sized glass though." Kim chuckled. "I thought you might like that. Speaking of, anybody want this? I hate coconut." "Shameless!" From behind her came a girl in blue jeans and a dark green fitted tee with a smart midriff sweater. She was a pretty dish-water blonde.

Standing about Leigh's height, she was thin and smaller chested with broad hips and strong gymnast-type legs. "Ladies and Kim, this is Jennifer." "Hey!" Kim laughed, as the others introduced themselves. ".Our little girls go to daycare together." Kaylyn added, as they took their seats.

"Awe." Leigh cooed. "Pictures!" Nikki perked. More drinks arrived and the two paged through their phones showing off their precious little ones and telling stories of them learning to walk and talk and become all around little monsters. The night went on and the drinks kept coming. The group carried on laughing and giggling as the talk went from babies to work to crazy college days. Naturally, as is always the case, the subject drifted to sex and the laughing and giggling continued.

Only louder. ."Okay so I've got a question for everybody." Kim said quickly. "What's your favorite position? Oh and Nikki doesn't get to answer cuz she probably doesn't remember." "Hey!

What's that supposed to mean?" Nikki laughed. "She means you've been sleeping alone for so long, your cherry's grown back!" Kaylyn pounced. Nikki went sheepish, "Okay so it's been awhile." "Awhile?" Leigh pushed. Nikki clutched the table with both hands and summoned her best pretend crying voice. "It's been a very VERY long time." Drawing their laughter.

"Nikki baby, you must be aching! I bet you're just gushing with like, twisted fantasies n stuff." Kaylyn prodded. "Not too much." She smiled. "I just try to focus on other things-when I can that is." "Why ignore it though?" Kim interjected. "Why is it women can't be all sex hungry and twisted? Men have all sorts of dirty little perverted fantasies." "I'm perverted!" Kaylyn rang. "We know, sweetie but seriously." Kim continued, turning toward Leigh and Nikki, ".They've got the naughty librarian, the French maid, the little school girl." "The naughty school teacher," Leigh added, licking her lips and nodding.

Jennifer leaned toward Kaylyn and whispered,".And the naughty little sister." "OH YEAH! You guys! Wait! Stop, you guys totally have to hear this!" Kaylyn bounced excitedly. Nikki and Kim stopped and whipped their phones out ready to capture what was sure to be another hilarious Kaylyn episode.

"Ready? Action!" Kim chuckled, tapping her phone. "Tell em Jennifer." Kaylyn said. Jennifer turned red putting her hands to her face. "C'mon, either you tell em or I'm gonna." Kaylyn pushed. "Okay okay, so my husband called out his sister's name in bed one night and now I kinda let him call me her name once in a while." "That's not exactly what I heard that one day!" Kaylyn snickered.

Jennifer's mouth dropped. "Yes it was!" "Nuh huh." Kaylyn persisted. The other three leaned forward grinning. Kaylyn turned toward them and talked with her hands. "So I show up at her house, right? We were gonna hit the outlet mall nearby and I was gonna pick her up.

So I notice her husband's car was still in the driveway-which is weird. I go to the door and it was unlocked. Even weirder. So now I'm all scared and thinkin some ax murderer like chopped em both up or something. But when I walk in I hear this noise coming from upstairs. So I go over to the stairs to listen and I hear, 'Oh yeah, fuck me, Danny! Fuck your little sister! Oh yeah! Give it to me, big brother! Give it to Angie! Fuck her Danny!" She suddenly made her voice lower, grinding her hips.

"Oh Angie I'm gonna cum! Do it Danny! Cum in your baby sister! Oh God! Angie I'm Cumming! Oh Angie! YES!! Cum Inside Her!!!" By now Jennifer's head was on the table and they were all laughing hysterically. Most of them were wiping away tears and trying desperately to catch their breath. Mortified but still laughing, Jennifer stood up a bit tipsy. "I think I'm gonna need one of those little shot thingies." Their laughter was re-ignited as she turned for the bar entrance.

Upon catching their breath for a second time, Kim spoke up. "Did you guys see what I saw when she was showing us those pictures on her phone earlier?" "What?" They all asked looking at her. "Are you guys THAT dim? You honestly didn't see em?" "Well, spit it out!" "One of em had Ang and her boyfriend in it!

"No way!" Nikki and Leigh said together in shock. "That's Angie's uptight sister-in-law!!" They gasped and looked at Kaylyn. She was frozen with her mouth hanging open. Eyes wide. Angela, was the group's absent member. The get together landed on a day she was out of town. It wasn't uncommon and their schedules often made it difficult to get all five of them in one place at any one time. "Are you sure?" Leigh asked "Where is she again?" Asked Nikki. "She took her boyfriend to a casino up north I think." Kim replied.

"Are you sure it was her you saw?" Leigh asked again. "Well, we're gonna find out. I just sent her that video." Kim laughed. "Tell me you didn't." Begged Nikki. "Yeah, we shouldn't even tell her." Leigh whined. "But it's Ang! We'd have to tell her at some point." Kim countered. Kim's phone beeped. They all glanced at Kaylyn still sitting frozen with her mouth agape.

Kim picked up the phone and started reading. "Well? What'd she say?" Nikki asked, on the edge off her seat.

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"Yeah." Leigh added. Kim started smiling as she read through the whole message. "Well??" Leigh was chewing nervously on a straw. "Kim!" Nikki snapped. Kim giggled, and read the message aloud.

"She says: 'OMG! I'm trying my hardest not to flip out right now! I don't even want to know how or why my brother's wife is there with you. More importantly I don't wanna know why I suddenly dislike her less after all that but, I swear I'm gonna delete your little video and pretend you never sent it to me!' " They all paused grinning at each other. "Kim, write her back and ask her if it got her wet though." Kaylyn giggled.

"Tell her she's gotta be completely honest too." Added Leigh. Kim started tapping out the message. "Okay I'm sending it." A waitress came and delivered more drinks.

As she walked away, Kim's phone beeped again. She tapped it and laughed as she held it up for them all to read. "SOAKING WET!!!

Im sitting here panting like some horny little girl, hitting play over and over! Its just wrong! I mean my legs are even shaking! I think im gonna go throw up now." They all erupted laughing. "That is so messed up." Nikki laughed "I think it's kinda sweet in a way." Said Leigh "Yeah." Kaylyn added.

".I mean it's not like THAT messed up." "No??" Nikki stammered, as Jennifer stumbled back to the table. "You alright there, Pollyanna?" Kim teased. Jennifer swayed while sitting down. "Tip top!" "Go on, Kay." Said Leigh. "Well, I read this article online about how all men secretly desire the women in their family." "Didn't that that crazy Freud guy say that?" "Well, it was based on that but, this was some new study they did in Europe.

.And he wasn't crazy, Kim. They say people are just too embarrassed to admit he was right. And this study kinda proved it. They say even today almost all men deep down, whether they know it or not, want their mothers and sisters.


It's like a maternal bond thing, you know? The power of 'Mommy love' is what really gets em and, it's their mothers and usually older sisters because their big sisters play a maternal role also. Little sisters act maternal to their older brothers too sometimes but, with them it's usually like an alpha male animal thing and they wanna dominate her and claim her as his. Not that he doesn't wanna claim the others too I suppose." "So Jennifer, does your hubby want Ang cuz he wants to claim her?

Or is it because she's motherly?" Kim prodded. "Probably a little of both??" Jennifer giggled nervously. "But this goes both ways right? Leigh asked, with her head on her hand. "Yeah. They say it's easier to find in men cuz women are better liars but, yeah the same is true for women.

.Like girls wanting to prove their womanhood to their fathers. Or like claiming their brothers and stuff." "What about mothers?" Nikki was riveted. "That was the really juicy part.

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They say because of the maternal bond, we never want to let go and we want to provide everything for our sons forever. Including claiming them sexually and having their babies because we see all other women as threats." "They say it's true whether we know it or not?" Kim asked. "Yeah, they say most people are in some kind of denial but some people know it and accept it for what it is and move on.

.But overall, the ones that see it as a natural thing are better off." "That makes sense." Said Leigh. "Honestly? People doing their family members? Isn't that like hillbilly incest though?" Kim sneered.

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"Well yeah it's incest I guess but, they didn't mean it like literally. Besides even if it was literal, incest is just a word somebody came up with anyway. If two people wanna be together I don't really see a problem with it. I mean it's THEIR business right?

"Said Kaylyn. "Yeah Kay, but then you gotta start talkin like birth defects and all that other stuff." Nikki countered.

"Actually, they said that's a buncha B.S. too. And that the actual percentage of complications is super small." said Kaylyn. "Hmm. Learn somethin new every day I guess." Nikki shrugged. "To me, Nikki's little trip to Jamaica is startin to sound pretty hot." Leigh poked.

"Yeah! Better watch out!" Kaylyn giggled "Don't drop the soap!" Kim piled on. "Oh please." Nikki laughed. "When is he getting in by the way?" Asked Kim. "Sunday morning. I'm gonna meet him at the airport and we'll hop on a flight right from there." "Got any recent pics?" Leigh asked. "Yea." Nikki nodded passing her phone around.

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She had a feeling what was about to come next. "Holy God, Nikki!

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He's fuckin gorgeous!" Leigh blurted. "Oh my damn!" Kaylyn purred, snatching the phone from Leigh. "You're sure you wanna take him with to old crappy Jamaica?" Nikki rolled her eyes. ".I could let him stay with me n call ME 'Mommy'." Kaylyn offered playfully. "Yeah, that boy can call me Mama anytime." Said Kim, as she handed the phone back. "Oh stop it you guys!" Nikki sneered, as Kaylyn jumped up and scooted into the bar. "Look at that picture again and admit it, Nikki.

.Mama likes doesn't she." Kim poked. "You guys are so bad. .Yes he's a very handsome young man.

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There." ".And you wanna jump on him." "Oh my god, Kim! Stop! Just then the Jukebox kicked on with the song, 'Buttons' by the Pussy Cat Dolls. Kaylyn returned with her arms up and moving her body to the song. She pointed at Nikki and started dancing on her.

Kaylyn lip-synced the song word for word as the others joined in dancing in their seats while forcing Nikki to sing the "I'm a sexy mama" part of the song until they were all laughing so hard that Leigh fell out of her chair.

The song over, they gathered themselves back up and caught their breath. "I hate to be a buzzkill, ladies but I'd better get home. I have to get started on that new account tomorrow… Kay, will you double check the arrangements for us at the Radisson? "Porter already set it up." Still out of breath Kaylyn reached down and picked up her briefcase. Unzipping it, she pulled out a folder and two plane tickets and handed them to Nikki. "He gave me the account prep and tickets right before I left the office.

Said he set you up with a room there at the Radisson with two bedrooms. I guess it has a kitchen too!" But Kay, it's Porter. He never does anything well when he's in a hurry. "Okay worry-wort, I'll look into it. Actually, I can just check it from here and I'll call ya." Kaylyn opened her laptop and powered it up. "Love you, KayKay." Nikki purred, as she gathered her things. She said her goodbyes and walked for the door of the bar.

"Bye, Nikki-Six!" "Nice butt, Nixy-Hips!" "Love you, Nippy-Licks! Jennifer swayed drunkenly in her seat and leaned to the others. "You guys seem really Nick-Namey." Kim laughed. "Yeah we pretty much call everyone somethin different and more interesting.

.Kinda like your husband." It was a beautiful night. Upon hearing the song You Can't Hurry Love by The Supremes, Nikki reached down and turned up the radio. Her hair blew in the wind as her little white Jeep bounded through the countryside. It was kind of a long drive home but, on nights like these she enjoyed it. Especially being so fond of her Jeep. She had wanted one since childhood. She smiled remembering how she would watch The Dukes of Hazzard with her brothers and imagine she was Daisy Duke driving a white Wrangler just like the one on tv.

Years later, she saw one in a dealer's lot on her way to work. She had to have it and bought it on the spot. Lucky for her, it wasn't just her vehicle that was reminiscent of the tv character.

Over the years she had received more than a few comments that she could actually pass for a Daisy Duke. She didn't think she was quite as good looking but, thoroughly enjoyed the compliments. In reality, Nikki was much better looking than Daisy Duke. Though she was roughly the same size, Nikki had her out-classed in almost every area. She had a much better shape. Particularly in the bust line. Simply put, Nikki was a knock-out.


Together, her long dark hair and deep blue eyes were mesmerizing enough but they were just the very tip of the iceberg. Needless to say, most men are perfectly pleased to observe any good looking female. Women on the other hand, can be extremely discriminating. As far as women are concerned, most 'pretty' women can be appreciated for being easy to look at but, 'beautiful' women are threatening and are almost universally hated. Nikki didn't fall into such categories.

She was gorgeous. The type of gorgeous that made everyone stop and stare. So much so that when spotted, even women would break conversation or stop in mid-sentence. Naturally, it was incredibly uncomfortable for her.

For better or worse, Nikki was never quite sure for which reason people were staring. Though she received her share of compliments, they weren't as forthcoming as one might imagine. In fact, not much of anything was forthcoming. Exceptions considered, men were normally too intimidated to approach her so she didn't get asked out very often.

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Women were also intimidated and didn't seem to offer much in the area of friendly conversation. Altogether, it didn't really bother her as much as it did when she was younger.

She kind of enjoyed being single, and wearing sweatshirts and jeans sometimes seemed to knock the staring thing down a few notches. As she turned into her driveway, she got a call from Kaylyn assuring her that she had double checked the reservations at the Radisson and everything was just as it was supposed to be. Nikki parked the Jeep and turned off the ignition.

Walking into the house and shutting the door behind her, she caught sight of herself in the mirror just inside the entry way. She stopped and turned to the side. She grinned a little. "Still a bit of a daisy."