Let me suck your big hard cock in my fishnets

Let me suck your big hard cock in my fishnets
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Whata Week6 I know I went against my readers to include the boys, but that is how the story goes. Sorry =::( But I promise you they won't have anything to do with Alex. I never planned them to. So again. Those who wish to continue the story go ahead. It's coming to a really good ending. Enjoy=) After yesterday's little group sex, I had to explain to Zach, Micah, Tia and Maria about getting pregnant and after about a 3 hour explanation and a few hours of questions, they got the hint and so they're going to be asking me when it's safe and Zach and Micah know better than to go against me when I use my serious face.

They know I can be worst than dad at my best and so does Rob too. I told him again and again not to talk to my boys about sex, because if my dad overhears he's going to kill somebody and I don't want to be a widow before I could even be classified as one.

But one thing they did understand was that oral was safe and they're going to be doing that for a long time. Lets see. It's. Thursday. Nothing happens on Thursdays. I went to Rob's practice, I would have had swimming but I'm done. The rest goes to the others who aren't graduating. Rob kept me smiling because he knows how much I used to hate just watching him practice, except when they do their work outs shirtless because it's hot.

He stripped for me in front of everybody though, making me laugh my ass off in the stands. Coach made him do about every workout punishment possible after chasing him across the field.


Coach is still young, about 28-29. I waited outside the locker room and this Rob came out when he was suppose to, he gave me a huge sloppy kiss when he got out.

"Had fun?" he asks me walking me out the front doors. "Not as funny as when I was just your friend, but arousing" I added. "Oh, did you get wet?" he asks laughing and hugging me, putting his full weight onto my shoulders.

"I probably pissed myself when coach yelled 'You fucking fag!'" I laughed. "I bet you he liked it too" Rob laughs letting me go to dig in his pocket for his keys.

"I wouldn't be surprised either" I says rolling my eyes, because Coach Harrison has been said to stare at his players a lot. Rob beeps the car and he opens my door for me, "I swear I love this car." he told me shutting my door and he moves to the other side with a short run, getting in quick and starting it up. "Oh, listen to her purr" he coos and I laugh. "Then you can marry it" "Uh uh" he says quickly turning his attention to me and grabbing thigh, "I like how you purr more" he says and his hand starts sliding up my leg and his smile was now a grin.

"I scratch too" I told him and he knew it was hollow threat, I half wanted to have sex. The other half was to take a shower.

I was sweating a little too. He kisses me quick, slurping up my tongue before pulling out the driveway, his hand still between my inner thighs. "Hey uh, piglet?" he asks.

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"Yeah pig" I ask back and he broke into a bigger smile. "You remember Chris right?" "Yes, I think I fucked him a few times" I joked and he yanks on my hair again playfully. But really though, he is one of the few guys on the football team I dated. "He's having a party tonight" he says slowly looking at me sideways and my jaw already dropped. "Hell n-" "It's not going to be anything, he said it was just going to be a little drinking." "It's not the drinking I'm talking about" I tell him (not that I have something against drinking it's just that when I'm drunk it's.

Terrible ;) But the problem was Chris' parties. They always end with a mega orgy, couples switching around and fucking different people. Simone went to one but she didn't do anything. If she knows about her Std and doesn't tell anyone she can get sued. Dirty skank. Problem is that Rob is mine. If I even see another girl rub her nasty naked body onto him I'd lose it.

I know how to hurt people, possibly kill. I know all the arteries in the body and I can just kick them there and it'll cause an open wound with excessive bleeding.

What the fuck am I thinking?! Would I kill for Rob.? Stupid question.


Stupid question. Stupid question. Stupid question. Stupid question. Stupid question. Stupid question. Stupid question. Stupid question. Fuck YEAH! "It's only going to be hanging out, it's just about 8 of us." he says and he already took the turn away from our neighborhood onto Chris'.

"Rob!" I yell at him. "It's not going to be anything." he laughs, "You think I'll someone else touch my fiancee?" he asks laughing. "I don't know, maybe" I joke and he kisses me quick making the car swerve dangerously to the left, but he fixes it quick laughing.

"You better not bust up this car." I laugh at him. " Please" he laughed, "I'm not even drunk yet." "And if you do become drunk I'm going to whip your ass. I need you sober just in case someone else gets drunk." "No body is going to mess with you" he laughs, "They know you can whop their asses and I swear I won't let them do anything to you." I sigh, unconvinced. Chris has invited me countless times to his parties and the one I went to I had to dump him.

One of his orgies were going on and he was trying to pressure me into doing it with him. Actually he was drunk and trying to pressure me.

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I had to put him out because he tried to forcibly pull down my pants. He apparently doesn't remember any of this and I tried to move on like nothing happened, because technically it didn't. Other guys tried to do worst to me. Rob pulled up in front of Chris' house and you could hear the music about 2 miles away and it was clearly more than 8 people. I know the police is going to be showing up sooner or later.

"Rob this is stupid." I sigh. "We haven't been to a party this whole school year." he says taking opening his door and coming around to open my door, but I open it myself just to prove how annoyed I am. He simply rolled his eyes and slipped his arm across my shoulders, leading me to what will be the second to worst night of my week. "Oh shit, the prizes are here" was the first thing Chris said when we walked in- door already open, and not to my surprise, everybody was already drunk and half undressed.

Might as well do it now. Chris has brown hair, a little thin facial hair line going from his temples to his chin. He has blue eyes and in terms, hot. The only problem is his sex crazed mind, something I grew used to on Rob, but at least Rob doesn't have sex orgies over his house. well after what I saw his mom did I don't think his parents would care (I still have to talk to her about that).

"If you don't get the fuck out my face I'll cut your dick off" I growled at him since he felt it funny to start checking my butt and chest, but he only laughed, clearly drunk.

Otherwise my threat wouldn't have been that hollow. "As long as you touch it" he says humping my leg and sticking his tongue out as he fucking grind my leg and panting like a dog as he did.

I wanted to smack him, but Rob pushed him off way before I could do anything. "Fuck off man" he growled and Rob's threat wasn't that hollow. "Alright alright" Chris says raising his hands in defeat and backing off, "Alex is off limits" he announces moving towards another girl to grind. " Who's definition of 'hanging out' were you referring to?" I ask Rob with a slight growl. "Come on, lets just get something to drink." he says leading me towards the kitchen.

"Rob, everyone's half dressed!" I yelled at him. "So was John's party" he laughed. "Rob, I'm about to kick your ass" I threaten and he just laughs. He lifts my chin and plants a kiss. "It's going.*kiss*. to be.*kiss*.

alright." he says between kisses and I sigh, because my gut told me it wasn't going to be that simple. By time we got back out, everyone was drunk except for the designated drivers and regardless of my objections Rob got drunk too. How I see it, there are seven types of drunks. Stupid drunks, party drunks, sex drunks, happy drunks, abusive drunks, smart drunks (Rare), and my drunk (Horrible).

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I stuck with the drivers, since it looks like I'm going to be the one driving me and Rob home. Plus the drunks were getting more naked, I was keeping tabs on Rob now who was going around touching girls butts (The common mixture of a stupid, happy and sex drunk). I'm going to have to kick his ass later and probably the girls who thought it funny to smack his ass back. At least most weren't drunk enough to not feel the glare stabbing in their backs.

One thing about the designated drivers is that they are mostly nerds or people who don't want to be here in the first place. Nerds choose to be the driver because they'll have rights into saying they've been here, some are just here to hit it off with a drunk girl while they're vulnerable.

I on the other hand was not and I was being hit on by both the sober and the drunk. mostly Chris. "Come and dance with me" Chris says, voice slurred, pulling on my arm and he only had briefs on, his nasty boner pointing right at me. "Chris, get the fuck" I growl, "I'm not drunk so you know what I'm about to do, don't you?" I ask and he takes one step back laughing.

"Come on," he whines, "Ju.*cough, cough*.st" he chokes, "One dance" "Go ask Cryst." I start but I see her in the corner of my against the wall, naked, with Mitch, about to get fucked no doubt. "Just fuck off" I sigh. "Rob.tis dancin' with other peoples" he says and my head snaps onto Rob, grinding Brittany- half naked! "Robbie!" I yell and he breaks into countless bursts of laughter, getting away from her.

He tried to walk over, but he was so fucked up he couldn't do that. I shake my head in complete embarrassment, forgetting that when he's drunk. I'm his damn favorite harassment toy. "Ba-be" he laughs basically falling on me when he made it over here and he stunk of alcohol, which is both hot and not to my liking. He smacks my butt and hugs me, laughing his ass off from whatever thought was crossing his drunken mind.

"Rob, off" I ordered and he unattached himself from me, "Sit" and he slams his butt hard on the floor. One thing I learned the last time he was drunk, was that he loved to be treated like a dog. He gets a big laugh out of it. He pulls on my skirt and before I could stop him he pulls it off, getting mostly every one of the boys' eyes.

"Rob dammit!" I yell trying to pull it back up, but he was already licking me through my underwear. About half the boys' cocks grew an inch and I couldn't stop from getting wet.

He bites my clit and I push him off, everyone's attention on us was really freaking me out. I smacked him across the face, not hard, I've hit him harder before, but enough to get the message through. "Stop it" I ordered and he whimpered like a dog before laughing his ass off. I am never letting him drink again. I pull up my skirt and I hear about 20 sighs of disappointment, but then about 30 gasps as Rob stood up.

His boner was thick and long, catching all the girls breathes and I scold under my breathe. What was it that Rob's mom said? That I'm the only one who can satisfy or get him hard?

Well shit, I just helped with that, didn't I? Rob was crowded in seconds and he was laughing at this, I for one was already knocking girls aside. When I got to Rob, his pants were down and girls were literally fighting over who's going to suck him. I ended it with a punch square to the noses to every girl involved, they shut up then. "Any bitch who wants to try step up!" I yelled and only one did. Natasha Wilkins. A Deebo looking ass bitch as big as an ogre.

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She was clearly drunk since she was staggering and clearly drunk if she thinks Rob would even fuck her. even though now I think Rob would fuck anyone.

"Move" she orders burping, "I need a cock like that." "Bitch you about to get a foot. Go eat yourself some damn children and get the hell out of here." I'm not the least bit scared. I whopped her ass earlier in the year because she thought I couldn't take her.

She thought wrong again. She swung at me and I ducked. You always duck on the first swing and after that you take control of the fight. Sadly this wasn't much of a fight, I punched her once and she was down, too drunk to take a blow like that. When I was down there I grabbed Rob by the arm, he didn't budge. I glared at him and he just smiled like a little kid before lifting his waist to me.

I groaned and grabbed his throbbing monster, he stood right up and followed me like a dog, his hand up my skirt, rubbing me. All eyes were on us. I was so fucking blown when Rob told me he lost his keys. I had the urge to smack him again, but how he was touching me I'd guess he'd like it. I took him to one of Chris' spare rooms, about two being occupied by people fucking.

The problem with that was when we did get into a spare room, Rob had an idea. He slipped his thumbs on the straps of both my skirt and underwear and pulled them both down at the same time before I could even protest. He wraps his arms around my waist and picks me up into a bear hug, kissing me hard. His breathe stunk of beer. "I love you soooooooooooo much" he says, voice even more slurred. "Put me down" I order, but it didn't work this time, he tosses me on the bed and starts to take off my shirt.

"I love you" he whispers, over and over as he worked over my body and in truth I was half scared to do anything. He has close to no control over his strength when drunk.

The most control I ever have over him is to use his shitty brain to my advantage. "Rob, you'll hurt the baby." I lie, the baby not even developed yet, but he shouldn't know the difference at this rate. He stopped. "Baby?" he asks as if he didn't know what I was talking about, but then his face lit up.

"This my baby isn't it?" he asks, his hand falling onto my flat belly. But now, like being treated like a dog he becomes a dog. Now the word baby is in his head. "Yes and we don't want to hurt it with your monster" I tell him slowly and he only laughs. "Your my baby" he says kissing me and my plan seriously fails as he slips the head of his cock in.

I wasn't wet and his cock wasn't slurped up. Which could only mean one conclusion. I screamed like hell! It was raw and dry, painful and rash-making. Rob loved it. He starts to move, slowly and with much luck I become wet, making it a little more better. But now he knows it and he was inching it in more savoring every inch with a "oh" and "ah".

He bends down and starts fiddling with my breast and pushing them together to suck them both like the baby his character is portraying, I had to let out a moan. He shoves it all the way in. "Oh" he laughs, "It kicked" and it was seriously only his cock pushing up through my belly, but I know he was serious about it kicking.

"This my baby" he says wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me up so I was sitting on his cock. He lifts me up till only the head was in and rubbed his head deep into my belly, before making out with it, his tongue going into my belly button.

I swear if he wasn't drunk and acting like a baby himself I'd be smacking him senseless, but in truth, it felt really good. I grab hold of his hair and he scrapes his teeth on the sides of my belly button before letting me drop on him. I held my scream, mostly Rob's drunken kiss held my lips closed. This is actually a turn on. We never did have sex when he was drunk and it's never crossed my mind.

"I love you" he said again, licking my face, back to the dog. He is never drinking again. He puts me on my back and starts fucking and to my utter surprise as hard and fast as a dog! I'm not sure, but I think it's this position that's making it feel better. I moaned with every thrust and orgasmed on every five. His tongue was lopping outside his mouth and he was holding me down by my breasts.

He was playing the perfect role as a dog and he was treating me seriously like his bitch. When he went harder I started to whimper, like that of a bitch, and he nuzzled my face. I'm sure if he wasn't drunk and had control of his strength he'd slow down or something, but that's if he wasn't.

He went just as fast and just as hard, if not faster or harder. I've by far given up. My body went slack, no longer trying to even control him.

He won. again. One thing you need to remember about drunk sex is that it's longer and with that, more painful. I'd call this rape if I seriously didn't want it in the beginning.

He switched me into doggy-style and he damn well enjoyed it. During that I think I passed out for a little while, only to wake up with me on top of him, now in my pussy, ramming me hard. It at least had to be about three hours and I was just sore. When I turned to the door I saw at least six passed out naked guys holding their dicks, obviously masturbating from me and Rob.

At least none of them joined. I hope. I looked over and saw three guys on the floor, including Chris, naked of course, and their dicks were smeared with sperm.

My hand hesitantly moved back to my ass and I felt it oozing cum, way too much than what Rob could squirt on his own. In seconds I was crying.

I put all my weight onto Rob's cock and he stopped.

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I slapped him as hard as I can. "YOU FUCKING PRICK!!!" I yell at him tears streaming my face and he starts to whimper, puppy dog eyes and looking like he's about to burst into tears, but I was too furious to care.

I jumped off his cock and kicked the guy with my underwear in his mouth in the gut before snatching it out his mouth. Rob grabbed my hand and I snatched away, smacking him again. I fount my other clothes scattered all over, in the hands of boys and I got them all, slipping on whatever didn't have sperm on which was basically only my shirt and one of my shoes. The rest I threw away. I snatched up some other girl's pants that were clean and left, crying as hard as I ever have.

Because I know after this. I'm done with Rob.

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When I got home my body was relieved. Complete safety, till I spotted my dad's head over the couch. I had to walk over, it's 4 a.m and I need to give him an explanation, one I hope I can pull out my butt without him seeing the cum. But when I got close enough, what I saw on the TV took everything I could ever hope for as mercy was gone.

At first I thought it was porn, but then the scenery caught my eye. It was me and Rob in the Biology room! My heart sank, my mind was running from my body, leaving it alone to take the beating knowing there is nothing it can think up to get me out of the hell I'm about to suffer. My dad stood up, face red, angry, grim, ruthless, merciless, and murderous.

I just stood there, my legs buckling, scared out of my mind. He reaches out and grabs my hair, yanking on it as hard as he could as he led me down the hall, my screams reaching every corner of the house. He opened the basement door, hit my head against the frame utterly shutting me up and tossed me down, the second my head hit the first stair. I blacked out.