Czech brunette in nylons takes it rough from behind

Czech brunette in nylons takes it rough from behind
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Cindy came home crying. She had had a particularly bad day because her boyfriend Jeff had broken off with her, or rather, she had caught him in a lie about not going out with another girl. It wasn't that Cindy minded him having other girls, it was just the lying.

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She couldn't stand the deception, and Jeff was mostly interested in himself anyway, never paying attention to Cindy's wants. Maybe it was for the best, but still, it was her last year of high school and all the boys her age seemed so childish. She hoped the college boys would be more mature, maybe enough so she could call them college men, but somehow she doubted it. Maybe an older man was what she needed.

Her eyes were still red from crying when Jamey got home from work. Sara had to work late on Wednesdays and Brad had gone out to play basketball with some friends, so the house was empty when Cindy got home. She was dabbing at her eyes on the sofa when Jamey walked in, loosening his tie. "What's wrong, baby?" he asked, flinging the tie loose and removing his jacket.

"Another tough day with Jeff?" "Oh, Daddy," she said. "He's such a jerk. All he cares about is himself." "There, that's okay," Jamey said, sitting down beside his daughter and putting an arm around her shoulder. "All men are jerks sometimes." Cindy cried softly onto her father's shoulder for a few minutes while he stroked her silky strawberry blonde hair. "Not you, Daddy," she said.

"You're never a jerk. Always kind and loving and warm." She cuddled closer to him and he felt her breast brush against his chest, sending a spasm of electricity through his body. "Yes, even me, I'm afraid," he said, as he slipped his hand from her shoulder to under her arm, feeling the edge of her other breast just under his fingertips. "But you wouldn't ever lie to me, would you?

I mean that's more important than fooling around isn't it--lying about it?" She pulled back a little to look up into Jamey's strong gray eyes, and his hand trailed down her back, feeling the outline of her bra. "Don't worry, honey. I won't lie to you. I love you way too much. But you're young and beautiful and smart and it won't be long before you have another boyfriend." "Do you really think I'm beautiful?" she said, "or is that just a Dad thing?" "Well, stand up and let's have a look," he said.

Cindy bounced up and spun around for her father's inspection. Her curly hair fanned out softly as she spun, and then she straightened it back into place and smoothed her tight top across her firm, high breasts. So much like her mother's, Jamey thought. Deliciously firm, tasty, and sensitive to his touch. She wriggled her hips a little, sending flutters down her short skirt and raising it seductively as she turned and swished her butt at him, her long legs flashing brightly.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked, batting her eyes playfully. "Oh, yes, honey, you are very definitely beautiful. Come and sit with me." He beckoned with his open arms and Cindy plopped down in his lap, putting her arms around his neck.

"I just wish the guys I met were more like, well, like you," she said snuggling her head into the hollow of his throat and pressing both breasts against her father's chest. Jamey looked at his daughter as she lay against him, and felt her butt wriggle more firmly into his lap. He felt the beginnings of an erection and was sure she felt it too. She leaned away from him and looked deeply into his eyes. "I just want someone like you," she said, more softly this time, her lips parted and her eyes nearly closed.

Their lips were only inches apart and her breasts were beating a drum pattern against his chest. Jamey kissed her lightly on the lips.

"I love you honey," he said, and his words were soaked with the passion that was trembling within him.

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She kissed him back, then leaned in for another, deeper kiss, her tongue flicking from between her lips. A flood of feeling pulsed out of Jamey and he groped for his daughter's tongue, probing the depths of her mouth, feeling his arousal growing as she ground her hips against his groin and he held her in his arms on his lap. Jamey reached for his daughter's breasts, feeling the warm sponginess of them through her tight fitting top and skimpy bra.

Even through the bra, he could feel her nipples harden as he caressed her. His erection pressed against her butt as his hand massaged her firm tits and his tongue snaked deep within her mouth. Cindy moaned in ecstasy as her father's kisses and touch excited her like none of her other lovers ever had, not that she'd had that many. She recalled the first fumbling attempt by a boy when they were both fifteen, how frustrating it had been.

Later there had been others, but still at eighteen, she hadn't experienced much more than hurried sex in back seats. Now her father's touch was sending thrills through her like she had never felt before, and she wanted all of him inside her. She leaned back, gasping for air and moaning with pleasure. Jamey took the opportunity to slip her blouse over her head, exposing her tiny bra, which barely contained her beautiful, delicious tits. She straightened up enough to reach behind her and undo the clasp, then held the bra in place in front of her briefly before letting it fall to the floor.

Jamey lost no time in pressing his face into the valley between her breasts, then sucked one of her tits into his mouth, his tongue rolling around the hard button of the taut nipple. Cindy ran her fingers through his hair, pulling him into her breast.

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He lapped at the luscious globe, savoring the sensations his slurping was causing in his nubile daughter. He sucked harder, trying to get all of her beautiful tit into his mouth, but there was just a little too much.


"Mmmm, you taste wonderful, darling. So much like your mother." "Oh, yes.


suck my titties, Daddy. That feels so fucking good. I love your mouth there." "Umm hmmm. And how about down here," Jamey said, as he reached between his daughter's legs and rubbed vigorously at her love mound.

She spread her legs on his lap, letting his fingers slide between her tender young thighs and sobbing with desire as he caressed her pussy through her panties. Jamey was glad she wasn't wearing any pantyhose and he had unrestricted access to her hot box under her short skirt. "Ohhh. Ummm. Yes, give it to me. Rub my clit. Oh, I love your hand." Jamey was reaching the stage of arousal where he had to have some release.

He stood Cindy up and began rapidly stripping off his own clothes, and watching intently as she slid her tiny skirt down over her well rounded hips.

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Then she was standing before him with only her creamy pink panties on, a wet spot growing where his hand had been caressing her cunt.

She smiled coyly as he stood with only his underpants on also. "My, what a lovely bulge you have," she said, shaking her small tits at him and rubbing her panty-covered ass. "The better to fuck you with, my dear," he said back, taken in by the tease.

"Oh, my. Do I get to have that big cock all the way inside me? Mmm. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful Daddy." Jamey's excitement rose as he heard his daughter talking dirty to him, and he quickly pulled his shorts off, his hard-on springing out at attention. He gripped her small panties and eased them away from her lovely blond bush, licking his lips in anticipation. He pulled her toward him, the smell of her delicious cunt assailing him and driving him into a frenzy of lust.

He laid back on the couch and pulled her on top of him. Cindy spread her legs and straddled her father's face, as his tongue began licking the slit of her pussy. He tasted the first sweet flow of her juices and grabbed her ass cheeks to bring his mouth deeper inside her tight pink cunt. She groaned as he stuck his tongue deep into his daughter's hot pussy, licking the love juice hungrily.

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He moved to grasp her clit, and rode the tiny nub with his tongue, sucking it into his mouth and nibbling gently on the protruding love bud. Cindy began to shake, her legs trembling with passion as the feelings flooded her. She collapsed on top of Jamey, and her head brushed against his bulging cock.

Cindy grabbed her father's hot cock, wrapping her fingers around his pulsing shaft and began working her hand up and down, the way she had seen her brother doing sometimes when he watched one of his porn videos and he had the sound up loud enough for her to hear.

She often tried to peep into his room at those times, and sometimes was lucky enough to find he had left his door open a crack so she could watch him as he watched the people fucking on screen. Now she squeezed her father's cock, and was delighted to find a drop of precum oozing out the tip. She licked this off, tasting its salty sweetness in her mouth. It set a new fire burning in her womb, and she gulped the head into her mouth, abandoning herself to the wild feelings rushing inside her.

Jamey let out a muffled cry as his daughter took his cock into her mouth then buried his face back into her steaming pussy. His dick was throbbing to the feel of her lips sucking around his pulsing member, and he bucked his hips to force more of it into her hot, willing mouth.

He felt the pressure rising in his balls, and eased off. "Whoa, honey. If you keep that up, I'm gonna cum right in your sweet little mouth." "Oh, please do, Daddy. I want to taste your cum." "Not yet. First I want to fuck you, then you can suck the cum out of me." Jamey eased himself up and turned to face his daughter, positioning her a little higher on the couch.

As she wriggled under him, her tits brushing against his balls, he thought he would cum right then, but he grasped the base of his cock to stave off the impending ejaculation. He stared down into her lovely eyes, so much like her mother's, with her reddish-blonde hair spayed out beside her beautiful, lust-filled face. He covered her mouth with his lips, probing into her with his tongue. "You taste good, now," she said. "I can taste my pussy in your mouth.

Do you like the taste of it." "Oh yes, darling. It's delicious. And I can taste my cock in your mouth. It tastes wonderful on your tongue." "I love eating you, Daddy, and I can't wait for you to cum in my mouth so I can taste all of you." That was enough for Jamey.

He had to possess her and he began rubbing his throbbing cock against her hot slit, lubricating it with his daughter's pussy moisture. She squirmed in pleasure as he pressed the head into her narrow opening, then cried out as he forced it deep inside her cunt. They lay still for a moment as her pussy adjusted to fit around the huge man tool that was now buried inside her. Then they began to move together, at first in a slow rhythm, the pleasure increasing with every stroke.

Cindy looked down at the prick sliding in and out of her wet pussy, her eyes glazing with lust. She was over the edge and Jamey knew she would do anything he asked. His mind flashed to some possibilities, but right now he was caught up in his own lustful gorging, and again felt the familiar tingling deep inside his balls.

As the pressure mounted and the tingle moved up the base of his spine, he pulled out, moving quickly up her body.

"Okay, now take it baby. Daddy's gonna cum for you, right in your lovely little mouth. Suck me off. Taste my cum." He was practically shouting now in his lust filled frenzy, and Cindy raised her head up enough to take his prick as he plunged it deep inside her mouth, the orgasm already starting.

His cock swelled even more as the first spurt began to fill his daughter's mouth. She gasped as the hot sperm began to spurt into her open mouth, almost choking on the full, thick load.

She had to pull away before he was finished, and he shot his last drops on her chin and then as his hard-on began to deflate, her tits.

"Yum. Oh, that's so yummy, Daddy. I never tasted cum before. You had too much for me, but it's delicious. Like nothing I've ever tasted" She reached to get the last drops that had spilled on her chin, sucking them off her fingers seductively.

"Ummm. I want every drop." Jamey looked down at her beautiful tits heaving from their passionate fucking, and saw the few drops sprinkled there. On impulse he bent down and sucked her tits into his mouth, licking his own cum off her delightful titties. He held the cum in his mouth, then moved up to kiss his daughter. "Here, this is some you missed. My own cum licked from your tits.

Suck it out of my mouth." Cindy pushed her writhing tongue into Jamey's mouth, sucking all the cum from his mouth, moaning with added pleasure at this added treat. "Thank you, Daddy. You fucked me so good. My pussy feels alive, and your cum is the best treat ever.

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I can't wait for another taste." Continues.Darklord