Horas adicionales a la mucama

Horas adicionales a la mucama
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Unlike most women, I happen to love football season, but usually have enough respect for you that I stay clear during the games. One Sunday, I had to break my rule. Green Bay was playing Denver, and I had to see that game.

I waited as long as I could, until close to the end of the first quarter, figuring I would not be intruding too much, and slipped into the den quietly. I placed a fresh beer in front of you and curled up on the couch, prepared to get involved with the game. I was not surprized in the least when you did not even appear to notice my presence, but just reached for that fresh drink.


Cool, I figured I could get away with just quietly watching the game. Commercial break. no reaction. The game was pretty intense, with Green Bay in possession of the ball, 4 points up, at the end of the quarter. You stun me on a crucial 3rd down play by grabbing me and pulling me towards you, settling me in close to you.

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As the first plays of the second quarter unfold in front of us, you begin caressing and exploring my tits. You absently pulled my shirt and bra off, and continue playing, never taking your eyes from the screen.

I help you along by wiggling out of my shorts and panties, and kick them off to the side. Your hands start roaming further down my body, stroking and teasing as they move towards my waiting pussy.

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You move your left hand back to my tit, pinching the nipple, as you cup my hot mound with your right hand. I open my legs automatically, craving your wandering fingers at my now moist slit. You stroke my pussy lips with your fingertips, teasing me.

I moan with pleasure as you continue to play with my tit while inserting a finger into my hot, wet, pussy. In and out, flicking across my clit, and gently twisting my nipple, you have brought me to the edge of a major orgasm without taking your eyes from the screen! Your cock is growing huge at the small of my back, begging to be released from its pants-prison.

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Knowing how excited you have me, you slow your pace down. you don't want me cumming yet. We tease each other all during the second quarter, staying involved with the game the entire time. Finally, it is half-time. You wiggle out from behind me, standing and stretching. No longer watching the screen, you take off your shirt then your shorts and underwear, smiling at me with a delightfully evil grin. Stepping out of them, and closer to me, your huge cock is at rigid attention right in front of me.

I can't resist taking that fully engorged monster into my hands and mouth as you moan. I wrap my hands around it, feeling it throb and grow larger by the moment.

Smiling back at you, I lick just the tip of your dick tenderly with my hot tongue, then wrap my soft lips around it. Sliding your pole in and out of my mouth, I glance up at your face and notice your head tossed back, eyes closed in rapture. I move one hand down around your balls and tease them while I continue to mouth-fuck your rod. Your moaning stops suddenly and I am somewhat surprized when you pull me to my feet, turning me away from you. "I have an idea here. you be the center, and I will be your quarterback.", you say as you bend me over the arm of the couch.

Smiling to myself, I spread my legs wide, and assume my best center's position. I feel your hand caressing the crack of my ass, and move towards my waiting pussy.

You work your fingers into it as you stroke my ass. Urging me to bend over as far as I can, I delight to feel the head of your cock at my slit.


"Fifty-three. twenty-two. Hut Hut." and you thrust deeply into me, holding onto my hips with your hands. rocking me.

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fucking me hard and deep. I am so wet I am dripping down my legs and onto your shorts. You catch some of these hot juices and rub them over my my little rosebud.

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We have never played like this before. Your stroking stops as you take a finger well lubricated with my pussy juice and gently insert it into my ass. You start stroking me at both holes in unison. the sensations are driving me wild, and you know it. Your cock is growing even larger in me. pumping as deep as it can go.

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filling me completely. You remove the finger from my ass, grab me tight around the hips, and grind even deeper as you fill me with a huge load of hot cum.

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Rocking slower now, you make sure you give me every drop you can, holding me all the while. As you pull out of me, you grab your t-shirt, and wipe my dripping ass and pussy dry. "I never knew you liked to play football. why didn't you tell me?" You asked with an innocent look. "Looks like you have some promise as a center!"