Viele Domina Mätressen Machen Männer Sklaven

Viele Domina Mätressen Machen Männer Sklaven
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Mrs. Franklin had to have been born in hell. Everybody in the school hated her, and most of the teachers did too. The worst thing was that I failed the class twice and was struck with her for another year. Little did I know what was coming for me that year. I started off failing the first two tests, and when the third came and I failed it too I knew the year was looking good. Mrs. Franklin stopped me on the way out the door after the third test.

"Kyle, you've failed all the tests do you want this class again?" "Not really, I just don't get the stuff" "Then stay after for help, but that is little help to you now" "Is there any way I can make it up" asking in that pleading voice used so often in hopes of evoking sympathy. "Well there is one thing but I doubt you'll want to do it" "I'll do anything to pass this class" "Well then, I have had a sexual fantasy that I've wanted to do for a while" "Wait one sec, you want me to have sex with you" I screamed out hoping misunderstood because Mrs.

Franklin was close to 65 and looked more like a man than a woman. "No, I want to fuck you" "I'm sorry Mrs. Franklin I don't understand what u want me to do" "I'll show you" she remarked as she turned on her heels and walked to her desk. She removed her keys from her purse and opened a drawer.

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I was shocked when instead of a condom she pulled out a black strap on. This was not small strap on, it was a big black one 11 inches in length and quite wide. "I want to fuck your ass with this" "But that would hurt and it seems kind of gay, plus you're my teacher" "So you don't want to pass" "No I do but…" "Either you let me fuck you or you fail" "Can't I do something else, wash the blackboards, something like that" "No either you take this up your ass or you're doomed to fail" "I really need this class but I never thought I would do this" When these words left my mouth Mrs.

Franklin pulled her skirt down and removed her top, followed by her bra. I was left staring at a 65 year old woman in a thong and with boobs sagging. Never before had I been so disgusted but at the same time I felt my cock sticking up in my pants. Mrs. Franklin noticed my arousal and beckoned with her finger to come closer. "Never thought you'd be horny for me did you" "Mrs. Franklin I want to be your slave, punish me for how bad I've been" Mrs. Franklin pulled her thong aside, revealing a bush of hair and her pussy.

I didn't even need her to tell me to lick it, I knelt down and shoved m face into her bush. I swirled my tongue around until I found the clit and her old pussy juices.

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I licked hard and slow, I fingered her and licked my fingers to taste her juices in my mouth. Mrs.


Franklin started to moan and nothing ever made me feel so good. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, lick it you little bitch" "Mrs.

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Franklin can I be your bitch for ever" "Kyle, I'll fuck you if you like it" "Can u put your strap on now, and make me gag?" Mrs. Franklin stepped back, and slowly slid her toy up her thighs until it was mounted right above her wet pussy. When she finished tying the stings I grabbed the black cock and shoved it in my mouth. I started off slow licking it with my tongue and going up and down on it, but for Mrs. Franklin I wasn't doing a good enough job, so she placed her hands on my head and forced the strap on all the way down my throat.

I gagged and felt vomit flying up my throat, until it exploded all over the strap on and Mrs. Franklin's body. "Eat that shit up, Kyle" "Yes Ma'am" I licked the strap on and Mrs.

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Franklin's wrinkly body until all of the vomit was gone. I was about to continue sucking the cock until Mrs. Franklin stood up and made me bend over so my virgin asshole could be entered.

I screamed when the tip entered my ass but at the same time it was the best thing I had ever felt. Mrs. Franklin took no time and rammed the strap on all the way in.

She rammed my ass harder than I thought she could and I was afraid I would need my ass stitched up. "FUCK ME MRS. FRANKLIN" I screamed "I'll make your asshole feel so good" ":Fuck me mistress" I grabbed my hard cock and started to beat it, hoping to cum so I could eat it. But then I felt the fragile hands gripping my balls and squeezing them so hard. Then the hands moved to my cock and the pain was the best I had ever felt in my life.

I knew I was going to cum and I screamed out "Mrs. Franklin I'm cumming make me eat my own cum." "My slaves always eat their cum" I squirted all over the desk, my semen was al over papers and pens.

Mrs. Franklin pulled out of my ass and shoved my head straight down onto the desk "Lick your juices, bitch" "it tastes so good" "My strap on tastes even better" I turned around and took the cock in my mouth, all of the sweet pussy juices had mixed with shit from my ass, but I licked it and licked it "Now I need to use the bathroom" Mrs.

Franklin said "okay I'll wait here:" I said as I continued fucking my ass with my fingers.

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"No you're going to be my toilet" "How do I do that" "Put your mouth in my ass and the poo comes right out" I placed my mouth on her ass and tasted her shit coming out into my mouth. When my mouth was full I pulled away and moved the poo around in my mouth. "Now you need something to wash it down with" and before I knew it her pussy was on my face and urine was flowing out all over my face.


I couldn't hold it anymore and threw up and over the floor. Urine and fecal matter was every where and I knew I was going to have to clean it up so I started licking the floor. Mrs.

Franklin stood over me laughing and massaging in the strap on and her pussy. "Kyle you've been a good slave, so you can stop, but I need you to come back some other time so I can fuck your ass again" "Mrs. Franklin, I'm yours for the rest of your life, what ever you want I do it" "Good, this is the start of the best time of your life" From that day on I met Mrs.

Franklin every Friday night. She continued to use toys, but she stopped making me her toilet. We would watch porn together and I would pleasure her. Mrs. Franklin died two years ago, but I know she died a happy woman. I continue to use her wide selection of toys she left me, but nothing ever feels as good s the first time that black strap on touched my prostate.