Discreet gay latin porn We have Mikey and Eric with us again in the

Discreet gay latin porn We have Mikey and Eric with us again in the
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Mayling and her husband wanted to experiment with some sexual activity. Not sure how to go about it they started to surf the internet and found a couple of sites with swinger groups.

They had had a good sex life up to this time but they thought there just might be more. They finally found a group of five couples that sounded interesting. The group consisted of an Asia couple a black couple a mixed couple (he was black and she white) and two white couples.

The women were mixed in size and shape and age. The black men were big, over 6 feet, and the black woman had a very large butt. The Asia couple was short and she was small in all sizes. The men were all good looking and seem to be in good shape.


There was one woman that was a 40DD and worked out at gym. Then the other was a very slender model looking woman but had a certain hardness to her. The first meeting was to be at a hotel for diner and drinks. This was to see if they all were okay with each other. Three of the group had been swinging already and were hot and horny couples. Mayling wanted to put on a good first appearance so she wore a black cocktail dress that was slit up the side to her hip exposing her thigh high stocking top when she walked.

She wore 4" heels and black patterned stockings. As the dress fit so tight she wore no panties. The top was open down the back and the front had a built in bra. The other women were dress in slacks, very tight fitting, and tops without bras so the nipples, which were hard form the start, easily showed.

One wore a very short skirt, school girl, and white blouse. The men wore either slacks or jeans, dress type, which were tight. Mayling could see in a couple of the men the large bulge in their pants and she was a little apprehensive of getting fucked by a cock that big.

Mayling sat looking at the other couples around the table in the bar and as they drank she noticed the women move between different men.

Her husband moved over and sat next to the white woman that had the black husband and he sat next to Mayling. She soon felt a hand on her thigh and then felt it move under the slit in her dress and touching the bare flesh at the top of her stocking. She looked at him and smiled and put her hand on his thigh and the tips of her fingers could feel the massive erection in his pants. Her fingers slowly moved over until she had her hand resting on a pulsing hardon. He smiled at her and she felt the cock jump under her hand.

It was big and she was getting wet with horny anticipation. Then she felt his hand move more between her legs and up until she felt it graze the edge of your wet pussy. As her pussy felt his finger he leaned in and kissed her ear and then the side of her neck. The same had been going on around the table and so the group went to a suite that had been rented for the time. It was a nice living room and 4 bedrooms. ***** As they entered the room Mayling was pulled off to one side and kissed hard and deep.

The tongue was forced between her lips and deep into your mouth. She felt the hands move down her back and cup her butt cheeks and squeeze as she was pulled against his thigh.

She was lifted up and her pussy was rubbing his leg. Then she was set on floor and she felt the hands unzip her dress and his lips move to her neck then down as her dress fell to the floor his lips move to her tit and then down so his tongue was teasing her nipple. She had no bra or panties so she was naked except for the stockings and heels.

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As he kissed and sucked her nipple she twisted her fingers in his hair. His hands moved down and squeezed her bare ass cheeks and then pulled them apart. She looked around the room and saw one other couple doing about the same but it seems the others had all got to the bedroom, including her husband. Then she felt the fingers along her wet pussy and felt them pulling her lips open.

He was sucking and licking her nipple and tit and then moved down over her belly. He then picked her up and carried her to a big sofa. While doing this his fingers had pushed into her and she felt 2 fingers deep inside her. He laid her on the sofa and then held her legs up over his shoulders as he spread her wide and then started to lick her pussy. She closed her eyes in ecstasy as his tongue whipped her lips and clit. She felt him put 2 fingers in her and then 3 as he stretched her very tight little pussy.

He stopped as she was about to orgasm. She looked up questioningly wondering what and then she saw his undressing. As he dropped his shorts his massive 2inch diameter and full 8 inch cock sprang up and bobbed up and down. She was a little afraid, thinking that is never going to fit. He moved in and took her legs by the ankle and spread her wide, wider, wider until she thought she would be ripped open.

Then he rubbed the mushroom head of his big black cock up and down over her lips. She felt the head rubbing her clit and she was getting hot, hotter and hotter. Oh god she wanted him no matter how big he was. Then she felt the head pressing against her lips and then spreading them. She felt her pussy being stretched wider and wider and oh god so wide.

She moaned and screamed as he pushed hard and the massive cock slipped into her wet tight pussy. She felt the shaft move across the pussy lips and the head forcing her vagina to expand like never before. She felt the head go deeper into her and deeper and then she felt the tip as it hit her cervix. He pushed harder and now it seemed his cock was pushing past the cervix. Her body tightened and she moaned and then screamed as the cock went to maximum depth.

Deeper than any cock had ever been and there was a pleasurable pain. She could feel his big balls against her anus. Then he slowly pulled back and her body quivered. Then he slammed back hard and deep and started to fuck her like a wild man. The massive cock was moving in and out of her pussy like a piston and then he fell on her crushing her little tits with his hairy chest.

He had been driving into her for several minutes and the he arched his back and drove in with mad thrust. She felt as if his cock would come up her throat.

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Then he exploded shooting a massive stream of warm sticky cum deep into her, filling her to over flowing, pulse after pulse as she felt his cock throbbing. She arched her back as best she could and felt her body shake and convulse as a massive orgasm raced through her and then she squirted, sending the warm liquid spilling all over his cock and her belly. Then he stood up, his cock still hard and he grabbed her by the hair.

"Now little lady you can clean my cock so I can go fuck someone else" and he forced her to lick his wet cock clean of her juices and his cum. ***** He grabbed her head and fucked her mouth fast.

"mmm nice mouth, ahh yes you are going to do real nicely." Pulling his cock out and then lifting her up. She stood in the room in naked except for her thigh high stockings and heels. She saw another couple with the man eating the woman's pussy and then there was another couple and he was fucking her doggy fashion. The man took her by the wrist and pulled her to a bedroom and threw her on her back on the bed.

He then proceeded to tie her ankles and wrists to the corner of the bed. She was now spread out wide. He took a ball gag from the bag of toys and looked at her, "well let's see if we need to use this. If you behave we will not but then if you complain, well hehehe I will just gag you." Next in walked 3 women, 2 were naked and the third was wearing crotch-less panties and a bra with nipple cutouts. They all had shaved pussy One woman was older, one about same age and the other seemed very young, mmm almost too young but what could she do, it was not her party.

The old woman told the middle one to eat Mayling's pussy and to it right. She started with the toes and licked and sucked her way up. Mayling could feel the tongue caressing her feet and toes and then move up her leg and then felt it as it licked the inside of her thigh.

She wanted to protest as she was not sure she wanted a WOMAN doing that to her but the feeling was good VERY good and she arched her butt up as the tongue touched the edge of her now wet pussy lips. She was still wet with the cum but soon her pussy was wet with her own juices as the sexual sensations ran through her.

The feel of the tongue as it went round and round the lips was driving her wild and then when the woman found her clit she moaned and begged for more. The woman then probed Mayling's pussy with her tongue and then slipped a finger in between the lips as she sucked on the little clit. The older woman was watching and then said "so being eaten by a woman is not so bad, well then you need to do the same." She then pushed pulled the young girl to kneel beside Mayling's head and the squat down so her pussy was just above Mayling's mouth.

"Now woman eat her pussy, lick her lips and make her wet and hot." The girl moved lower and soon Mayling was rubbing her pussy lips with her tongue. The taste of the girl's pussy was sexy and salty and then as her own pussy was sucked hard she arched her neck and buried her whole face into the girl's pussy and sucked it hard.

The girl moaned and reached down and took Mayling's tits in her hands and squeezed them hard and then took the nipples between thumb and finger and rolled pulled. Soon all three were twisting moaning and bucking as the pussies were eaten and finger fucked.

Tits were squeezed and nipples pinched. The old woman had gotten behind the pussy eater and was using a strap on to fuck her. A man had entered the room and was now standing over Mayling facing the girl and he had grabbed her by hair and was fucking her mouth. Mayling just could not resist it and reached up to play with his balls.

Soon Mayling was reaching orgasm as the woman had started to use a dildo the reached her G spot and she could not help it but she squirted as she orgasmed, spraying the woman's face and hand.

The young girl was so turned on by the action she had orgasm and so did the man shooting a load of cum into her mouth. They all got up and looked at Mayling. The man looked at her body, "looks like someone needs a shower." He then called another man and they took her shoes and stocking off then led her into a very large bathroom.

The room had a very large whirlpool tub and a large shower with several shower head.


One had a hose and at the end of the hose was what looked like a dildo cock. She could not imagine what they were going to do but the 2 men pulled her into the shower along with the girl. Then the water was turned on all 3 shower head and the warm water covered her.

The men directed the girl to washer Mayling's body and she started. The feel of the girls hands, full of lather, moving all over her body started to make her feel turned on. The men just watched and she could see they were enjoying the action as their cock were hard. One of the men was stroking his cock. The girl washed her tits and paid special attention to her nipples. Then she washed the pussy and legs and then the butt where she paid special attention to the butt crack and the tight anus.

Mayling felt the girl's finger as it caressed the tight anus and she wiggled as she was not sure what to expect. Then one of them men took the dildo cock and turned on the water. A stream of water shot form the end of the rubber cock. He smiled and grabbed the girl. She spread her legs and he pushed the cock into her pussy. "Now we clean out you both so we can fill you with fresh cum. Now it's your turn." With that he pulled Mayling to him and then rubbed the cock against her lips and pushed up.

She felt the rubber cock slip between her pussy lips and she felt the stream of water fill her. She felt her vagina fill with water and then she felt is leaking out. He pulled the cock out and the water seemed to just gush out.

He then turned off the water and pushed the cock into her again and pushed it deep and then fucked her fast turning her on. As she started to shake from the passion he turned on the water and a forceful stream shot into her.

Her body quivered and shook and then she squirted again. He pulled the cock out and she emptied out. She was shaking and started to exit but was grabbed and turned around.

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"Oh we are not done little lady we need to clean you out all around. " With that he turned her around and bent her over as the girl pulled the butt cheeks apart she slipped a lathered finger into Mayling's very tight anus. She had never had anal before and so was not sure. Still the finger did not hurt and as she was also fingering the clit and pussy. Then she felt a second finger being pushed into her ass.

She was sort of enjoying it and then felt the girl pull her fingers out and felt the end of some toy being pushed into her. She could not see but it went into her ass deeper and then she felt the warm water as it flooded her ass and filled her. She could not believe it but getting an enema was not so bad. The hose was expandable and soon it was stretching her ass wider and wider. Then it was pulled out and the water exploded out. "MMMM now you are clean in both holes so now time for more fucking." The girl dried her off in a very seductive way caressing her tits and butt cheeks.

Then took her back into the main room where all the members were as well as her husband who was naked with a hard on.


He was sitting on the sofa with the black woman holding his cock in a tight grip. The oldest man spoke, "now for a real show by our newest members".

With that Mayling was pulled to the center of the room and her husband was lead over by his cock. *************** First Mayling was collared with a wide thick dog collar and leash. Then she was made to watch as her husband was given first a blowjob by one woman and then as he lay on the floor another woman squatted on his face and he was made to eat her pussy. She noticed he seemed to be really enjoying the action and watching it was turning her on.

Then another woman showed up with a strapon and rolled him over and fucked him in the ass. Now she was watching him as he ate one woman and got blowjob from another and was ass fucked by the third. Her pussy was getting wet just watching and then the man holding the leash reached around and grabbed her by the tit. Squeezing it hard and then pinching her nipple. She winced and then moaned as the sensations that ran through her body. He then reached down and put two fingers into her pussy and lifted up forcing her stand on tip toe.

He was rubbing her clit with his thumb and he bounced her up and down. Soon the sight of her husband and then the feel of the hand caused her to get really turned on. Her body wanted more and her pussy started to squeeze the fingers that were buried deep in her. She begged for more and then she let go and squirted all over his hand.

"Oh you horny sexy little bitch now you want to play do you. " He pulled her around and forced her to her knees doggie position over another man and he pushed his cock into her.

It was a nice size and the feel of the head spreading her pussy wide and filling her vagina with hard cock made her moan and shake with pleasure. Then she saw her husband being lead to her with his cock hard.

At first she thought they were going to make her suck his cock but instead he was lead behind her. She felt a finger, that had been lubed, probe her anus and then she felt the head of a cock as it pushed against her little anus and then she felt the little cock head slip into her. She felt it go deeper and deeper as now she could feel the cock in both holes. She moved down on the cock in her pussy as her husband drove into her ass with new enthusiasm.

She was being fuck in both holes and she was loving it. Soon she was moaning and her body was shaking with wave after wave of pleasure racing through her. She had orgasm after orgasm as the men continued to fuck her holes and then another grabbed her by the hair and pushed his hard cock into her mouth. She gagged and chocked and the cock was pushed deep into her throat. Then it happened, all the men started to cum, and she was filled in ass, pussy and mouth.

The cum oozed out of her ass as her husband pumped in and out and the man under her bucked up and filled her pussy which oozed out all over him and then the cock in her mouth pulsed and shot warm sticky cum down her throat. It was all too much and she squirted again giving the man on the floor a real bath. Her body shook with the waves of pleasure racing through her. Then it was over and one of the women was leading her to the bathroom again along with the rest of the group.

They put her in the shower and started to lather up her body and then got out the hose / cock and flushed out her ass and pussy. She watched as the other women were also flushed out and then the men. They all got into the big whirlpool tub and lay back as the water shot over the bodies. She was between two of the men and they were playing with her tits and one was moving between tit and pussy and then kissing her.

She saw her husband on the other side and a woman was sitting in his lap. One of the men got out and went into the other room.

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Soon he returned and announced. "Okay tonight we are going to take our new members to a couple of the special clubs we know and I have the customs laid out for everyone. This story was written as a request of Mayling and done in 2 days so if you are a troll so be it but then I doubt anyone ever aske you to write a story for them.

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Oh and Mayling is a beautiful woman.