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Blonde Anal Free Threesome Porn Video
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Jason and Emily May 20 2014 Jason was the typical stereotype "geek" in high school but I found him beautiful. he had crystal blue eyes, long curly shoulder length jet black hair,weighed in around 195-210 and was 6'3.

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In my eyes he was beautiful The one day during science our teacher gave us an assignment. Normally our assignments are in school but this time it was an out of school project. I picked Jason to be my partner and we deicded to meet after school by the front doors to go to his house to work on the project. Three o'clock rolls by and the bell rings I head down the stairs of my high school and start walking towards the main the door.

Where I see Jason waiting for me he was wearing a white and pink stripe Polo Tshirt, tan color skinny jeans and black convers. As I walked towards him I couldn't help but realize that I was stairing right at his dick.

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His pants were so tight that his penis just bulged out and I just couldn't help but look. "Emily are you ready to go?" Jason said looking down at me smiling "Umm sure, yeah let's go" turning red because there is no way he didn't notice me staring at his dick.

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I walked in front of him on the way to his house so he could get a perfect view of my jiggling ass. I was 5'1 weighing around 125-130, long dark brown hair shoulder blade length With perky 38 C cup tits, that I just loved showing off. It was about a five minute walk to Jason's house as we were coming up the drive way Jason says "my parents aren't going to be home until ten if you are okay with that?" As he started to unlock the door "Yes I'm fine with that it would be easier to work with no distractions anyways right?" I said back taking my shoes off "Yes I suppose you are right" Jason shoes said smiling at me "My bedroom is upstairs and on the left make yourself comfortable" Jason said as we walked into the kitchen I walked into Jason's room and the first thing I noticed were his Lord of the rings, star wars and weird animation posters hanging evenly on his wall.

His bedroom was large and very clean.


His bed was made, the floor was spotless, gaming shelfs closes to his tv Anda book shelf filled with The hobbit, lord of things, science books and a bunch of other things. I sat on the floor and opened up my back pack as Jason came in "Sorry for the mess I wasn't planning on having people over" he said giving me a glass of water "This is what you call messy?

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My gosh" I said laughing We worked for about an hour and a half until Jason said something that completely caught me off guard "Hey can you suck my dick?" my eyes almost bugged right out of my head as I looked at him "Did you just ask me to suck your dick?" confirming that I just heard him right "Yes.

Please you are absolutely beautiful Emily. and I couldn't help but notice today that you couldn't keep your eyes off my dick" he said chuckling to himself following a half smile I just nodded my head and got on my knees and crawled over to him where he was sitting on the bed. I slowly started to take off his pants pulling them down and around his ankles.

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Jason cupped my face and brought my head up and kissed me. he was so gental yet so passionate. I smiled and went back down to work I felt his dick through his batman boxers. I gasped I never thought he would be this big but he certainly was not small.

I slowly pulled hia boxers down and around his ankles, his dick sprang up Look that it was around 8 inches.


I couldn't believe my eyes he was hung like a horse! "Your dick is so big Jason" I said as I traced my fingers around his shaft. He shivered and said to me in the most Sexiest voice a boy has ever said to me "just wait until it's inside of you Emily. It's going to make you scream my name" I could feel myself getting wet already so I went to work.

I started playing with his balls lightly squeezing them and kissing the shaft of his dick. I could feel him getting tense So I started to tease him by Licking the head of his dick. Putting my lips around the head of his dick, lightly and slowly sucking "Holy shit Emily you're so fucking hot!" He moaned I licked up and down his meat stick before finally putting my hole entire mouth around his dick.

He moaned and grabbed my hair making me go all the way down on him.

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I bobbed my head up and down treating his dick like it was my very own popsicle. "holy fuck Emily yes just like! Oh baby you're going to make me cum!" Jason Said in between deep breaths.


I picked up speed going up and down, faster and faster before I put his dick all the way in to my mouth. hitting the back of my throat I started to gag Jason let go of my hair so I could come up for some air.

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I looked up at him and gave him a sexy little smile and said "how about you and I just fuck?" I didn't have to say anything else Jason with in seconds had my shirt off and my bra off exposing my 38 C tits to him. His eyes widened and he brought me up onto his bed. He began to suckle my tits swirling his tongue around my tits making me moan Outloud.

I helped him take off my pants and underwear I pulled him in and kissed him.

He began to rub my bare pussy "Mmm you are already soaked and ready my for dick" he said Licking his lips "Jason I've been ready for your dick for a very long time" I said winking at Him he slowly made his way down to my pussy kissing my body spreading my pussy lips he began to suck on my clit.

"Holy fuck Jason yes! Eat my pussy" I moaned out clawing his shoulders. He say up on his knees and pushed the head into my tight pussy In and out. "How does it feel to be teased?" He said with a devilish grin "Jason FUCK ME SHOVE YOUR DICK IN ME" I screamed out not being able to deal with him teasing me and with that he shoved all 8 inches of his man hood deep inside of me.

he wasted no time he started fucking me hard and fast Jason grabbed a hold of my bouncing tits and began massaging them.

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"fuck Jason yes! FUCK ME OH MY FUCK YESSS" I screamed out as he thrusted in and out of me faster "You fucking like that don't you? Holy fuck you are a tight bitch, fantasizing about my dick" he said to me pinning down my arms "Jason I do fantasize about your dick, all the time holy fuck I'm going to cum Jason!" I screamed out Jason pulled out and plunged his middle finger into my wet cunt hitting the gspot.

I looked up and Jason was jacking him self off watching me getting closer and closer to my climax. And with one final finger flick I began to scream and shiver "FUCK YES JASON FUCKK" you could hear my voice echo through out his entire house "I'm going to CUM BABY HOLY FUCK IM GOING TO CUM" Jason shot his load all Over my stomach and face yelling out "HOLY FUCKKK" all you could hear was Jason and I trying to catch our breath.

I looked up at him and smiled and said "So wanna be partners tomorrow as well?" " Emily It would be an honour to be your science partner again. But next time I have some new experiments to do" he said with a wink. And before I could ask him for around two later on. we heard his parents pull up. We scrambled for our clothes and packed up our project and he showed me the way out.

Let's just say we got a C- on the project but I would for sure give us a, A+ in bed