Sunny leone black guy xxx sex stories porn downloads

Sunny leone black guy xxx sex stories porn downloads
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Here is another one of my early erotic story attempts, warts and all. It is a story of incest so if this is something you're not inclined to enjoy, do yourself a favor and read something else, otherwise I hope you enjoy it. I like girls, any and all girls.

I like 'em any age, color or size, but mostly I like brunets with nice round butts and soft curvy bodies, and, as it just so happens, my neighbor fits that bill exactly! We lived in adjacent apartments for many years. Our patios were separated by a fence, but they backed to a canal and so were very private.

I liked to look over the fence when I knew she was on her patio because when the weather was warm she liked to wear bikini tops with skirts, shorts or, if I was very lucky, just panties while she sunned herself. As I grew up my neighbor Monica grew more and more friendly, and she really seemed to enjoy our cross fence conversations.

One very warm day I heard music playing and knew I had a good chance of checking out Monica's body. I looked over the fence and there she was wearing white lacey panties and bra. "Hi Monica" I said cheerily, "hot, isn't it".

She had a bottle of vodka and a carton of OJ next to her. Her legs were spread wide and she had a bunch of curly pubs poking out from her crotch. She looked up, smiled a big smile, and said "hey you, hop on over here and keep me company will ya"?

"Sure" I said, "I'll be right back". I ducked inside my place and changed into some light cotton shorts, no boxers, then I went back out and I hopped over the fence in one smooth leap. I pulled off my shirt and set it on the chair and faced her, my legs spread so I knew she would be able to look up my shorts. I am nicely hung, just over 8 inches, and thick. Half the girls who see me naked go no further than hand jobs, afraid I might hurt them, so I have to admit I have gravitated to older, more experienced women like Monica.

I saw Monica's eyes checking me out moving down my body until she saw my cock and I saw her smile get slightly bigger. "You sure are growing up" she said slyly. "And out", I replied. "I can see that too" she said softly. "Want a drink"? "Sorry, I don't drink" She looked at her drink and said, "Probably a good idea, wouldn't want to get hooked like me".

"I will take a soda if you got one". "Oh sure", she said and then stood up. She walked inside, a little unsteady, her round ass barely covered by her panties. I felt my cock begin to stir, this was definitely looking up for some action. She came back out with a cola and handed it to me. "Can I get you anything else"? "Perhaps", I smiled. She adjusted her lounge chair so she would face me directly and sat down.

I could see the outline of her pussy and her dark pubs. My cock was getting some serious pudge and I decided to push things along. I stood up and dropped my shorts. "I hate tan lines", I said as I looked for a reaction.

She smiled and said "Me too. Be a dear and help me take these things off". I sat next to her, my cock quickly growing to full length.

I took hold of her panties and slowly slid them down as she lifted her hips. She unhooked her bra and handed it to me. "Put this anywhere you like". I put it to my nose and smelled her perfume then set it on the chair next to her panties. "Want to rub some suntan oil on me"? She asked. "Actually I just want to fuck you". "Wow, you're very forward&hellip. I like it. OK I'm game. It's been a long time since I had such a nice looking cock".

I love the taste of pussy so I just went straight for the honey pot. As I put my face into her crotch I breathed in that lovely smell. My tongue found her pussy soft and wet. "Mmmmm…" she said. "God that feels so good. You like to eat pussy don't you"? ""I love it; I could do this all day". "I'd love to take you up on that, but my daughter will be home soon so we have to make this quick.

I continued to eat her pussy. The smell of her sex, with the hint of urine was working to bring me to the brink. I had eaten my share of pussy, but Monica was a long standing fantasy of mine and that made holding off my cum very challenging. When I couldn't take it anymore, I began kissing up her body.

Tonguing her bellybutton, moving up to suck her B cup tits, then we were face to face, our tongues probing each other's mouths. Then, "You gonna fuck me that that big cock"? "Do you want it"? "Hell yeah"! She said. "I want every fucking inch". With that, I slid right in. My cock seemed to know exactly where to go, in and out, again and again our bodies in synch moving together, now grinding, now slapping.

Through clenched teeth she growled, "Mmmmm&hellip. Ungh ungh ungh&hellip. My god that feels fucking awesome. Cum in me baby, I need your cum in me!

Don't fucking stop"! It wasn't long before I blew my wad. It was an earth moving cum. After I pulled out, my cum covered cock hardly softened even after 5 minutes.

It was then I heard the front door open. I looked toward the door and saw Monica's daughter Beth walk in. I liked Beth because she was like a younger version of her mom. Beth was a shy girl. I never heard of her dating and she spent her after school time in the library or with her dad. "Beth's home", Monica said with a chuckle. I rolled so she would get a good look at me.

My dirty mind thought it would be cool to have two generations to compare. Beth saw what was going on, locked her gaze upon my member, then she darted to her room. Monica tapped me on the shoulder and said " I guess that's it for now.

I'll be home day after tomorrow if you want more". She kissed me and I hopped back over to my patio and had a good jerk thinking of both Monica and Beth. I saw how Beth looked at me, I knew I would have them both, but I would be shocked at how I would have them. When the day arrived I could see Monica again I walked around with wood all day.

Even my favorite French teacher noticed. Her round ass had been the focus of many of my fantasies and while I saw her giving my crotch a lot of attention letting my cock head peek out from the leg of my shorts, but my thoughts kept returning to Monica's fine ass.

When I got home the music was playing again. I peeked over and there she was topless with bikini briefs. "Want some company"? I asked. "Come on over" she replied. "I really need some cock today" I hopped over and stripped, practically in one movement, my cock jutting out hard and straight. "Hungry"? "Mmmmm… I love sausage". She reached for my cock and took it to her mouth. It felt incredible. I found myself fucking her face, in and out, in and out, to the point of gagging her then I backed off a bit, after all, I wanted her to enjoy it as well.

I saw the alcohol next to the lounge chair and I could smell it on her breath. It hung heavy in the air. If that's what it took for her to feel good I wasn't going to argue, but she didn't need to worry about me wanting her. I looked down and saw her fingers working on her pussy, one, two, three and four fingers plunging in and out. Monica began moaning, then she let go my cock. "I need you to fuck me", she said breathlessly. I gladly positioned myself between her legs and began fucking her for all she was worth.

Soon sweat was dripping from my nose, and her body was glowing and moist. Monica's pussy was wet and she was making all kinds of wonderful noises.


Soon her body began to tense. Her back arched and I felt her pussy being to milk my cock. I couldn't hold back anymore, and I exploded inside her. "My god, you are a fucking stud. I have never felt so much cum in my belly". She had her legs wrapped around me and didn't let go, then after a few minutes of soft kisses she put her legs down and relaxed.

"Do we have to worry about Beth today"? I asked hopefully. "Nah, she's with the ass hole". "Who"? I asked. "Her dad" "Oh, no love there I see, does he know how you feel"? "I don't fucking care. He's an ass and if he dropped dead today I wouldn't care. That ass left me because he said I was too fat. He's always bad mouthing Beth because now he says she is too fat. He's had a string of skinny blond bimbos since our divorce and when he has Beth he just ignores her.

No wonder she has no self esteem". "Wow, harsh" I said. "Remind me not to get on your bad side" Monica smiled and said "It's all true, besides, just keep fucking me with that huge cock of yours and you have nothing to worry about" "I think that can be arranged" I said and began to rub her soft belly. Monica continued to drink that afternoon, and just when I was getting ready to dive in again, the phone rang.

It was Beth, Monica said, and as I watched her, her face became very concerned. "Are you OK Sweetie? Ok, I'll be right there. Everything will be OK". She hung up and looked at me, "Bills dead." My mouth hung open at that and I was at a loss for words. Monica laughed a nervous laugh "Spooky, I wished him dead and he dropped dead.

Sounds like his heart, huh. who knew he even had one? Beth seems OK, but I need to go pick her up and bring her home". As she stood I saw she was way too drunk. "I'll take you; you're too drunk to drive. You'll be no good to anyone in jail". "That's sweet of you. Are you sure you want to do this, it might be kind of awkward" "No problem, besides, I might get lucky later" "You just might" she said with a grin.

As we started driving Monica let out a yell "Yeah"! Then she turned to me and said, "I had to let that out, I really hated the bastard, but I never could let on my true feelings to Beth. I didn't want her hating her dad". When we got to the hospital we found Beth in a small room with a skinny blond who, it turned out, was the exs girlfriend.

Beth was quietly reading, showing no emotion, while the girlfriend seemed angry. "What do you want me to do, I'm just his girlfriend. If he's gone I'm out of here". Wow, this is surreal I thought. Beth looked up as we entered. She smiled as she saw her mom, but then she recognized me and the smile disappeared and she looked down and away. She quickly gathered her things and said "Let's go". We walked to the car, Monica with her arm around Beth, both their asses swaying together, with just the right amount of jiggle.

When we got in the car, Beth whispered. "What's he doing here"? "Hello to you too Beth" I said with a hint of sarcasm. Monica explained, "I have been drinking, I needed a ride, Tom offered drive, and so here I am".

The smell of alcohol was strong on her breath and backed up her story. Monica continued, "Honey, how are you feeling? I know this must be a big shock and I want you to know I will do what I can to make it better for you. Bill was insured, the divorce settlement required it, and so you don't have to worry about your future".

Beth turned to Monica and with a tired smile said, "Mom, dad was a jerk and I'm as glad as you are that he's dead. That girlfriend of his was pissing me off and I just needed to get the hell out of there". Monica just stared, shocked at what her daughter just said. Then with a chuckle she said, "OK, then we are in complete agreement, he got what he deserved".

When we got home Beth went to her room and Monica poured herself a tall drink. I sat on the sofa and patted the spot next to me.

Monica smiled and sat down, put her head on my shoulder and her hand in my lap, rubbing my cock. "I need to thank you for all you did tonight". At that she began to kiss me softly on the lips, and then her kisses moved down my neck to my chest. She began to undo my pants and soon we were naked on her sofa and her lips were wrapped around my thick cock.

I loved how she made me feel, and I couldn't help but think about Beth down the hall, her soft body in whatever she wore to bed. Was she fingering her pussy, thinking about me and my hard cock, fantasizing about being fucked? I looked over by the hall and saw her face reflected in a picture on the wall. She was watching! I looked right at her reflection and I spoke. "Do you like my cock baby"? She kept staring. "You have the sweetest ass baby, and I'm going to taste that ass I'm going dig my tongue deep, how does that sound to you"?

Monica just kept moaning "Mmmmmm", but Beth knew I was talking to her. I had Monica sit in my lap facing me. I had set her down on my cock and began fingering her ass as she fucked me, never taking my eyes off Beth.

Soon Beth moved to the corner of the room so she could look right at us. I moved Monica up and down so Beth could see my cock in all its glory, covered with her mom's juices. When I couldn't stand it anymore I said loudly "I'm cumming for you baby, my god I'm cumming for you"!

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When I was spent, Beth slipped out of sight, and Monica collapsed on my chest and was soon sound asleep. My cock slipped out from her well fucked pussy, my cum pooling on the fabric of her sofa. I picked her up and carried her to her bed and lay her down.

I went to the kitchen, got her some water and some aspirin to put on her night stand for the hangover to come. I went back to the kitchen and got a glass of ice water, hoping Beth would show up. I wanted her, but I wasn't sure if the night of her father's death was the right time. I hadn't finished my water when she appeared in the doorway to the kitchen. "You two have fun"?

Beth was wearing a night shirt with a big kitten on the front. I saw the nipples of her pert B cup size tits poking through the fabric, no bra of course. "Couldn't you tell", I teased? "Yeah, you two were a bit noisy, and a bit dramatic" she said as she walked over to get a glass. I looked at her ass, her panty lines showing through her night shirt the red stripes showing through the thin fabric. I wanted to lick that ass right now and my cock started to grow in anticipation.

"I wanted to be sure you heard me", I said. "And as you came over for a closer look, I'd say you did" Beth smiled and looked away, "I just couldn't resist, I've always thought you were good looking". "I'm glad you did"? I said. "I think your mom is hot, and you look just like your mom" "Really? I think I'm fat, hell my dad thought I was fat". "Do you think your mom is fat"? I asked. "Yeah" she said "I think so, well… maybe not fat, but definitely chunky".

I laughed, "Well she definitely gets me chunky", and I looked down at my half hard cock. Laughing softly, her eyes taking in the view of my man hood, she asked, "Are you in love with her"? "In love with your mother? Nah. I like her.

She's a nice lady and definitely fun to be with, and I care about her and all, but I'm not about to marry her, She's a little old for me". "But you fuck her" she said. "Friends with benefits" I said. "You drove her to get me tonight, why"? "She needed a ride, she was drunk, and I knew I would get to see you", and with that I fixed my eyes on hers to let her know I was serious. I put down my glass and walked up close to her, my now fully erect cock bouncing with each step.

I took the glass from her hand and put it on the counter. I then bent in close and our lips brushed. She closed her eyes and began to kiss back. I put my hand on the small of her back and moved it down over the curve of her ass and gently but firmly grabbed a cheek.

Beth shuddered. I pulled back and she looked into my eyes, and said "I've wanted you for so long, but I never thought you'd want someone like me". "Oh I've wanted you, I just never knew you wanted me too" Beth giggled, "Now that I see you up close, I'm not sure I can take you". "Nonsense, your mom has no trouble, and I'm sure you won't either". With that I bent down and picked her up in my arms. Beth gasped, "Put me down, I'm too heavy"! "No you're not", I said "light as a feather".

My erect cock brushed against her night shirt and bobbed against her ass. I began to kiss her as I carried her to her bed. After I set her down I began to remove her shirt. She then said" When I was watching you with my mom, you said you wanted to tongue my ass, were you talking to me or my mom"? I smiled and said "Roll over and I'll show you". Beth rolled to her belly and I got a close look at her ass.

I pulled her striped panties down and spread her cheeks. She had a nice tight pucker hole. Soft wispy hair around her anus that beckoned me to taste her, and I did.

Slowly I started by her pussy, moving up and around her anus. "Mmmmm" she moaned, "God that feels good, but…" and with that I buried my tongue deep in her ass and she squealed and pushed her ass up to my face. "That's what I wanted" she purred. I wanted to cum right then, the smell of her wet pussy and her creamy ass was overwhelming. I began to stroke my cock, and when she saw that she reached over and pushed my hand aside "I'll take care of that" she said, and I adjusted so she could take it in her mouth, which she did eagerly.

Knowing she was tasting my cock and that I had just fucked her mom with it was really turning me on. After I had her ass clean as could be, I stood up and said, "Roll over, it's time to fuck".

She did as she was told, lifting her knees up and I could see her juices flowing down her thighs. I mounted her and my cock slid effortlessly into her pussy. She let out a gasp as I entered and was soon moaning with each thrust. I looked at her as I moved in and out, her eyes closed, a smile on her lips We moved as one, thrust meeting thrust, tongues probing each other's mouths, hands groping, young lust at its best.

"I'm cumming she whispered breathlessly", her body tensing, her legs gripping me, squeezing me. I began cumming with her, hips thrusting, pumping cum deep into her eager pussy.

Spent, I collapsed next to her. "Thank you", she said. "I think this is the best day of my life". "That good, really" I asked? "Yeah" she answered. "The old man died and I get his insurance money, and I just got screwed by one of the nicest cocks around, but you better get out of here in case mom wakes up, she might get jealous".

"Yeah, you're probably right. I'll see you in class tomorrow" I said. And with a kiss I left. Next afternoon I heard a knock at my door, it was Monica. "I need to talk to you" "What about" I asked concerned she knew? "I think you know". Busted I thought, and I hoped I didn't just ruin a good thing. Monica pulled out Beth's striped panties from the night before, looked at them, then brought them to her nose, "I can still smell your cum" and as she said that she smiled her wicked smile.

Then she licked the crotch, "Mmmmm, I love how you taste" My jaw dropped, Monica's sexuality continued to amaze me. "I was thinking, I've been meaning to stop drinking, but I need a new habit to replace the old. I was thinking sex with you every day might be the ticket, only it seems I might need some help".

I just continued to stare, excited at where she seemed to be going with this.

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"I'm listening" I said. "Beth seemed to enjoy you" she said as she admired the dirty panties, "she seemed extra cheery this morning. At first I thought it was just her father's death, but when I went to do the laundry I noticed what you left in her panties. I was wet right then and there" then fixing me with a mock serious glare she added "and a little jealous. I have to admit I got off being watched by Beth, and apparently she got off watching us.

"She did enjoy it", I said, "a lot" and smiled. Monica said, "Get your books, you're spending the night with us.

Your mom will think you went to school when she gets home in the morning and we can spend all day tomorrow fucking". I grabbed my stuff and she grabbed my cock and led me next door. "When Beth gets home, let me do the talking, I love to tease" "Tell me about it", I said.

Monica smiled, "you ain't seen nothin' yet honey". By the time Beth got home I was going crazy. Monica kept me on the edge of cumming, never letting me cross over. Then Beth walked in and saw us sitting together. "Hey you two", she said but did a double take when she saw my hard on. "Did I interrupt anything"? "We were just talking about you" Monica said slyly, "Join us", and she patted the cushion next to me.

Beth sat and Monica started, "Beth, I've decided to stop drinking but I need your help". "Sure mom", Beth answered all happy, "I am so glad, I'll do anything" "I was hoping you'd say that.

You see I'll need to replace my drinking with something else addicting, but less harmful. As you know Tom and I have been fucking, and his big cock is the best I've ever had, but I'm afraid I won't be enough for him.

Just yesterday he came four times" At this Beth stiffened up, and said with caution "really"? Monica smiled and said "yeah, he jacked off in the morning, he fucked me twice in the afternoon", and then she said slowly for effect "then he fucked you after I went to bed".

"Passed out" I added. "Shut up", she said with mock seriousness. "Seriously Beth, He is more than I can handle and if I am to keep him around when I need a fix, I think I'll need your help".

It was Beth's turn to play serious. "Of course mom, I'll do my best. Should we start now"? "Let's pour out all my alcohol. It's over at the sink". We all walked to the sink and laughing Beth and Monica poured all the bottles out. While they did that, I stripped, anxious to see where this was going. I put my arms around them both, they turned to me and I kissed Beth first, then Monica. Beth's cherry lip gloss mixed with her moms lip stick. I was in heaven! Monica's hand reached around and cupped my balls from behind, then her hand moved up the crack of my ass and her finger pushed into my anus, moving in and out, I almost passed out from the excitement.

"I want to watch you fuck Beth", Monica said. Beth's hands rubbed my chest, and then moved to my cock. "Only if I get to watch you too" Beth said. "I'm counting on that" Monica answered. Monica then led us to the sofa.

As I removed Beth's shirt, Monica was helping her with her pants, sliding them to her ankles and off. Beth sat, her legs spread wide. I buried my face in her pussy. The smell and taste driving me crazy, so wet I decided I needed to fuck now.

I straightened up and moved closer to her hips. Monica grabbed my face and began kissing me like no tomorrow. I realized she was tasting Beth's pussy juice. I moved my cock to Beth's pussy and slipped in. Beth began to cum immediately, her pussy clenching my cock as it spasmed.

"God yeah", she yelled! "Fuck me hard"! Monica said, don't come in her, I want to taste you. She was cupping my balls and looking closely as I moved in and out of Beth.

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As Beth's orgasm subsided mine began to build. "I'm gonna cum too" I said. "Pull out, pull out" Monica insisted. The first spurt went into Beth, but the rest were sucked out of my cock by Monica's greedy mouth.

Monica looked at me as she as she took all my cum. She was licking all her daughters juices from my cock and she obviously loved every drop.

When she finished I pointed at Beth's pussy and said, "I left some in there, maybe you should clean that out". "Maybe I should" and she looked at Beth for protest and when she got none, she began to lick her daughter's pussy. I began to kiss Beth and listened to Monica's slurping tongue.

Before long Beth was moaning again, our tongues intertwined, she began to orgasm again, her skin turning beet red, and little squeals coming from her mouth, then subsiding to panting and her body relaxed. I then moved behind Monica, my cock rock hard again, I slid into her pussy doggy style. Beth got up on her knees and moved next to me. "You like my moms ass"? "Oh yeah" I said, "reminds me of yours". "You're just saying that" she said with a little flirt.

"Besides, hers is bigger". "Hey whose ass are you calling big"? "Yours, but relax, I know he likes 'em big, and I'm looking forward to licking his cum off yours". "Oh…" she said "that sounds promising. You heard her boy, fuck me hard, she wants to lick your cum off my ass". My god this was getting intense. Mother and daughter wanted my cock and now each others pussys. Beth cupped my balls like her mother did and started rubbing her mothers ass.

Then she began to play with her anus, "That's it baby, ooo mama likes having her ass played with. Mmmm, finger my ass, don't tease". Beth pushed in her middle finger to the second knuckle. Monica moaned and began to shake. "Fuck her", Beth said, "Fuck that fat ass, Give her all your cum".

I exploded, my rhythm thrown off as I jerked to completion. I pulled out and Beth began kissing Monica's butt cheeks, her tongue darting into the dark corners of her mother's ass, and plowing onto the furrow of her pussy, sucking out all my cum like mother's milk.

Monica began shaking again as her daughter brought her ecstasy. Then we all collapsed in a sweaty mass on the floor. We spent all that night and all the next day exploring each other's bodies. Beth was an eager student and Monica was an eager teacher. Turned out Monica and her sister had enjoyed many threesomes with their boyfriends while growing up, and now she wanted to share that experience with her daughter.

As the next day wound down Monica said to Beth, "You know, I'm not sure we will be able to satisfy him by ourselves either, I think we might need more help". "Who did you have in mind", Beth asked with a wicked smile. Monica turned to me and asked, "so, what's your mom doing this weekend"? This is a continuation of a story I wrote in the mother daughter section. It's here because this part is a mother son experience. This is a long story, but I like the slow build, like foreplay. I hope you like it too.

Enjoy! My sexy neighbor Monica and her daughter, Beth, had just finished a long night and all morning fuck session with me. At the end of it Monica had asked me what my mother was doing that next weekend, as if she wanted to bring my mom in on the action.

"Normally she'd be working, but it just so happens we are taking a trip to the river for a little mother son bonding", I said. "Too bad", Monica said. "I was hoping to get to know her better". I laughed, "Good luck with that! Hell, I've hardly seen her since my dad left six years ago. She works two full time jobs and part time gigs on the weekends". "Yeah, I kinda figured something like that. Well maybe you can get her to slow down this weekend, you know… relax", she said with a mischievous smile.

I laughed again, "I know what you're thinking, but two things are wrong with that. One she's my mother and two, I don't think she's had sex even once since the divorce"! Now Monica laughed "Deary, think about what you just did with us", pointing to Beth and herself. Beth laughed softly, "We both know what a dirty boy you are, so you're not fooling either one of us! I have the feeling you'd try anything involving sex, even another guy." My whole body turned beet red when she said that and she laughed louder and exclaimed "You HAVE done another guy haven't you"?

I started grabbing my clothes and headed to the shower, "I gotta go, we're leaving this afternoon and I'm sure mom needs some help packing". Monica called after me and said, "And another thing Tom, she had you so you KNOW she's had sex before, and probably still does.

Just think about it stud, we'll be here when you get back, and if you need help seducing her, we are just the two to get the job done", Then Monica turned to Beth, brushed one of her nipples and added, "Aren't we honey"? Beth smiled lovingly at her mom, "Oh yeah, no one can deny us"! I showered quickly paying extra attention to my hardening cock. I kept thinking how lucky I was and how hot Monica and Beth were.

As I toweled off they both came into the bathroom and admiring my body and Beth said, "You better get out of here right now or I might not get out at all". Monica chimed in, "From the look of things I think he's thinking about his mom". ""Or his boy friend", Beth laughed.

I had to laugh to, "All right, you've had your fun, but if you keep this up I'll find another cougar and her daughter to play with". "Really", Monica asked? "Where"? "Aghhh" I yelled, "I'm outta here, I'll see you … Monday"? "It's a date", they both purred.

I gave each a deep soul kiss, and then Monica opened the front door, checking that no one could see me leave. I quickly stepped to my place next door, put the key in the lock and stepped inside. My mom was in the kitchen, fixing sandwiches. "Hi honey, how was school"? She was still in her night shirt, plain white and a little frayed. Normally she would be at work, but she was finally taking some time off so we could have the whole weekend to ourselves. "Hi Mom, school was good…looks like you slept in today"!

"Yeah, it was nice I got seven hours today, instead of my usual five", she said with a smile, then added "I'm already packed and after I finish making our gourmet dinner of Ham sandwiches and potato chips I'm going to shower and then we'll leave.

Pack what you need and be ready". "OK", I said. "A couple of shorts and a couple of tanks and I'm good" "Tooth brush and deodorant", mom asked smiling? "Of course", I said "I might find some hottie I want to make out with". I went to my room and packed a couple cotton shorts, some boxers and a couple of tank tops. I went to the one bathroom to get my tooth brush and other sundries and heard my mom showering. I couldn't see her but she was humming, something I hadn't heard her do in years.

The smell of her soap and shampoo hung in the humid air and I began to think about what Monica said. "No" I thought, "nope, not gonna happen". Sex with Monica and Beth was one thing, but sex with my mom was something else entirely. I put my bag in the car and rolled down the windows. It was over one hundred degrees, and our car hadn't had a functioning air conditioner in years! I went back inside to change for the two hour ride.

I was about to put on my briefs and cut off jeans, when I began to think, maybe something else just might be more fun. Maybe Monica was right, and besides just because she was my mom didn't mean I couldn't tease her a little bit.

I put away the cut offs and got my extra thin and frayed cotton shorts. These had fit me in junior high, and I kept them around when I went "cougar hunting". No underwear plus the thin fabric left nothing to the imagination and they always got me plenty of attention, some welcome and some not so much, but always attention.

I put them on over some boxers, this was my mom after all and I didn't want to scare her, just shock her. "Ready Tom", I heard her call?

"Yeah mom, I'm coming", and I walked out to the kitchen where she handed me a cooler while she took two big bags and then asked "Ready"? "Yep". "Ok, put that in the car and I'll lock up". As I walked out I saw Monica and Beth peeking out of their front window and I saw Beth reach around and cup Monica's breasts, they both smiled at me. Monica then pointed at my shorts and gave me a thumbs up. I winked in return and they both started laughing then disappeared behind the drapes.

I Put the cooler in the car and climbed into the front passenger seat. I took off my tank top and I adjusted my shorts so my bulge was obvious, but not obscene. Mom got in the car and quickly looked me over, "Ready honey"? "For the tenth time… yes". I said with some mock exasperation. "I have not asked that ten times, nine maybe, but not ten". I laughed, "Let's get this show on the road, daylights a wastin'" We were off.

As we made small talk I looked my mom over. She was 40, the same age as Monica, with very short brown hair, but unlike Monica she was very slim, hardly any curves. Less than A cup breasts and boyish hips, but her ass did stick out nicely. She was wearing a frayed and thin yellow tank top, no bra, and old frayed green shorts.

She had big thick nipples that sometimes were the only indication she was female but like I said before I like girls of every age shape size and color. After a short time my long night caught up to me and I reclined my seat and fell asleep. I found myself having an erotic dream about Monica and Beth. They were kissing long slow and deep kisses. I watched their tongues probing each other, curling and thrusting like a pornographic sword fight.

As I watched I felt someone's lips envelope my erection and begin moving up and down. I looked down into my mother's face, Monica was watching us approvingly. Then I heard my mother clear her throat. I looked down and she was looking up at me going "ahem…ahem&hellip." I awoke and slowly my surrounding came into focus, and as I looked around my mother asked, "Anyone I know"?

"Hunh", I asked? Mom motioned to my crotch with her eyes and then I realized I felt a breeze on my cock. I looked down and I was showing one heck of a bulge and about three inches had crept out from the leg of my shorts.

"Oops", I said as I tucked myself back inside. "You didn't answer", my mom said, "Anyone I know"? "That would be telling", I said slyly. "Uh huh", she said "If it's just a dream and it's not real, then technically it's not telling". "Technically", I replied with a smile, and then didn't say anything else, wanting to keep her guessing. "Well"? "Memories and dreams are two different things", I said, and I don't tell.

"OK OK" she said, "I give. Hand me a coke from the cooler will you"? I unbuckled and turned around and contorted so I knew my cock would slip out of my shorts again.

I took my time, feeling a breeze on the tip of my cock, hoping mom was noticing. When I sat back down she seemed redder, but it was hot so I couldn't tell. "Want anything else"?

Ryan Keely Fucked Her Hot Stepson

She looked at me for a moment, thinking, and then said "Yeah, come to think of it, get me a couple cookies from the bag please". I turned around again, and lingered as long as I could, giving her ample opportunity to look long and hard at the man hood she had helped create.

"Here you go", I said as I handed a handful of Oreos to her. She thanked me and I noticed how red her face and chest was. She had sweat staining the front of her yellow tank and down the sides.

Her nipples seemed more erect than a minute ago, but the breeze from the window and her sweaty chest could have been the cause of that as much as seeing my cock. I settled back down, and closed my eyes, and tried to sleep. I couldn't help but think about what Monica had suggested. I was battling myself, this was my mom after all. I again came to the conclusion nothing would happen, but I would have a little fun at her expense anyway.

So I lay there thinking about what her nipples probably looked like, letting my cock grow half hard, but holding back. Giving my mother all the opportunity I could to look upon me.

I opened my eyes when we drove onto the gravel drive of our rental cabin, looking around I saw my mother smiling.

She said "we have arrived, nothing but sleep and relaxation for two days. No TV either", she said looking at me with fake sympathy. "Why would I want to watch a TV when I can watch my mother lay around all day", I said with a wink.

Laughing she said, "Yeah right, whatever it is you want, buttering me up won't get you what we can't afford". I stepped out of the car and stretched, mom did the same, and when she did I saw her whole tank was stained with sweat, and her nipples shown dark under the fabric.

"You really should get the A/C fixed", I said, "Might make that drive a little more comfortable". "But then you wouldn't have an excuse to take off your shirt and flex your Pecs", she replied.

"Oh I can always find a reason for that", I said with a grin, "Always". I told my mom I would bring everything in if she wanted to look around. "Thanks dear, I knew I was raising a gentleman" I laughed at that and began taking our things inside.

Mom watched me for a few seconds then wandered down to the river. I put her bag in the one bedroom and brought my stuff to the bathroom. I put away the groceries and put a couple beers in the freezer so mom would have some cold ones quickly, the rest went into the fridge. Afterward I wandered down to the river where I found mom on a small dock that belonged to the rental. After I had stood next to her a few seconds she said "You don't know how much I have needed this".

"You'd be surprised at how much I know", I said seriously. "You're lonely, you work too much, and you need to take better care of yourself, not just me". "I wouldn't say I'm lonely, after all I do have you…" she started to say but I cut her off. "You see me a couple of hours all week, that's hardly any kind of relationship", I said a little harsher than I intended, then I quickly added, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that to sound so mean".

I saw her eyes begin to water and she said softly "No, I deserved that… and that's one of the main reasons we're here, I want to reconnect with my son". Then she turned to me and said "Now let's go eat those gourmet sandwiches I made and start connecting". "Did you remember to make mine with mustard", I teased? With mock exasperation she replied "Of course, I know what my son likes". I smiled at that because I was sure she didn't have a clue about many of the things I liked.

We brought the sandwiches outside and sat on a love seat on the porch enjoying the sun and heat. We made some awkward small talk, the weather, the view, my school, etc. When we had finished mom stood up and took my plate and said, "Want something else to drink"?

"Sure, thanks", I answered and watched her ass as she walked back inside. When she came out she had the two beers I had put in the freezer and I said, "Oh, sorry mom… I don't drink". "Really" she asked? "Wow… or are you just saying that because I'm your mom"? "No, really… I don't drink. It deadens my feelings, and if there's one thing important to me, it's feeling", I said with a grin.

"Huh…" mom said "OK then, another Coke" and she walked back in and I had another chance to admire her small ass. When she returned she handed me my Coke and a hand full of cookies. "I guess I have been gone too much" and I just let her words hang there, knowing she was looking for me to protest that it wasn't true, but it was. We sat quietly for a while enjoying the smell of the nearby river and the plants that surrounded us.

The porch was private, the river being obscured by a tall hedge, and the cabin was the only building nearby. I looked over at mom and in the fading sun the skin on her face and chest glistened with her sweat. Her eyes sparkled as she looked toward the sun and when she looked my way they lit up even more and she asked "What"?

"Nothing, just enjoying the view" I replied. Then she said, "Drugs"? "Drugs… what&hellip. Are you asking if I want any or if I do any" I asked with some surprise? "Do of course, I don't do any myself, hell I can't afford them and… well… it's not like you would be the first teenager to be doing that kind of thing. Look, I'm not trying to insult you, I just want to know, I want to hear it from you so I can believe it" and she looked at me with worry.

I laughed, "Mom, relax, no drugs or alcohol". Then I added "did you find any all those times you went snooping through my room? Hell, you never even found any porn". "OK… I believe you, but… heyyyy, how did you know I looked through your room" she asked incredulously? "I didn't, but I do now" and I laughed. "You little sneak… OK, you got me. That was good, I didn't see that coming, and I'll have to be more careful".

She was quiet for a bit, and I knew she was having trouble with this, and I was having trouble putting her at ease. "You picked a great spot here mom, I think you might have found a regular vacation spot for us". "Really? I'm glad you like it, but I was afraid you might think it was too boring, not enough to do, no action or hot babes your age" smiling conspiratorially as she said that last part. "I know teenage boys are high energy, but I wanted no distractions so we could focus on each other".

At this she turned to me and tucked right foot under her butt and the left she left on the floor. She suddenly looked like a young girl, not my mom. "Mom" I said "I promise you will have my undivided attention the whole weekend. No headphones, no books or magazines, nothing but you" and I patted her knee. "Thanks honey… I needed that" and with that she sighed and her shoulders relaxed. She continued to stare at me for a few moments and then continued "You are growing into quite the young man do you know that"?

"Thanks" I said. "You never tried drugs or alcohol "she asked? Exasperated, I answered "Mom&hellip. OK I admit I tried some, but like I said, I like to feel things and those things aren't good for that, so no I don't do them and haven't since I tried them three years ago… happy"?

"Better, now I know you're normal. Oh, and yes I believe you too". The sun was just setting and mom yawned then she smiled at me and said, "I'm going to bed now. I'm tired and want to enjoy all of tomorrow but you can stay up if you want". "Nah… I think I'll hit the hay too". I followed her inside and enjoyed the view of her ass as she walked, then she turned around and gave me a kiss goodnight.

"See you in the morning" she said and she walked into her room and closed the door. I quickly fell asleep and dreamed many hot dreams that all seemed to include my mother. I awoke with the red glow of dawn coming through the windows. My erection barely contained in my shorts, I used the bathroom and things calmed down. I got out some coffee, I knew mom drank coffee, but she always made it since I was never around when she got up. I followed the directions and when things started looking like I did it right, I got in the shower.

I soaped up my body, enjoying the feeling of my warm soapy hands on my ever hardening and sensitive cock. It wasn't long before I was full staff and really enjoying myself, but I decided to stop. I wanted pussy, and I thought if I waited a little I could have Monica and Beth, besides, being horney made teasing my mom that much more exciting. When I came out of the bathroom I was just wearing cotton shorts again, and no shirt, but this time no boxers either. I intended to get in the water and give mom a real show.

Mom was standing at the door to the porch, her back to me, holding her coffee, looking a little chilled by the morning air. "Thanks for making me coffee, it's delicious". "I just followed the directions. I thought you might like have some right when you woke up instead of waiting". She turned to me, her nipples straining to poke through her too short night shirt, her panties just out of sight. "Can I make you some breakfast"? Her eyes looking me up and down told me she approved of what she saw.

"I would love some breakfast, whatcha makin'" I asked. "Bacon, eggs, pancakes… any requests"? "Hash browns" I asked? "Whatever my big man wants" she said with a flirty smile. I helped her make breakfast, stealing glances when she wasn't looking, and catching a glimpse of her cotton panties when she stretched to get something on a high shelf.

We ate and talked some more, she pressed me about my drug and alcohol experiments until she was satisfied with all my answers. Afterward I said I would clean up the dishes if she wanted to shower.

She agreed and soon I heard the shower running and she was humming a happy song. I gathered up a couple towels, some sunscreen and filled the cooler. When she came out she was in a faded green one piece suit and some old short shorts. "Ready"? "All ready" I replied. "You are so good… most teens wait to be told what to do, but you are on the ball".

"Just helping out" I said. "You were nice enough to plan the trip, the least I can do is help you enjoy it". We went to the dock and laid out the towels. Mom lay down, her skin obviously hadn't see much sun these days. I saw she left her shorts on covering her ass, but I didn't say anything, she probably was just being modest. "I noticed you seem to get a lot of sun" she said. "You use the patio a lot or do you go to the pool"?

"Both, but mostly the patio" as I thought about Monica and our little escapades on her patio. After a short time I was getting hot and I stood up and said "I'm going in, care to join me"? "Not yet, maybe later". "Suit yourself", I replied "I'm hot". I thought I heard her quietly say "Yes you are". So I asked "Did you say something"?

"No… nothing honey". I jumped into the water, my shorts billowed away from my cock and I enjoyed the sensation of my man hood moving freely. "Waters nice, sure you don't want to come in"? "Later, I just want to relax". I swam around for a few minutes, but it was a little boring alone so I got out.

I saw moms skin getting a little red from the sun and offered to put some sunscreen on her. "That would be great" she said. I stood over her, trying not to drip on her, my cock outlined nicely in my shorts.

I kneeled next to her so if she opened her eyes she would get a good look. I began to rub her shoulders and worked down to her back.

I wished she wasn't wearing those damn shorts, but the view still wasn't too bad. I worked down her legs reaching as far as I could until I had to move from where she had the best view. As I began to rub her feet, she sighed and said "Oh that feels so good… you can just keep doing that the rest of the day".

I continued to rub her feet for a few minutes then I lay down next to her. She had an exaggerated frown and said "Oh pooh… that felt so good while it lasted". "Don't worry" I replied "There's more where that came from, I just needed a break". "Goody" she said playfully, "It's like having my own personal masseuse". After a while I rolled over, "Could you get my back"?

"Sure… but with your tan I don't know why". "I don't want my skin to dry out". I lied. I really just wanted to feel her touch me. She began to rub my shoulders "I'll rub it in real good then". She worked down my back, working around my waist.

Her hands felt wonderful strong but soft. She then skipped to my feet and began rubbing them and it felt wonderful.

"You rub my feet, I rub yours". She moved up my legs and I felt my cock stiffen and I knew it was visible to her. She seemed to linger on my thighs and this only heightened my excitement and I was quickly half hard, and thick.

She stopped at this point and lay down again, silent. Did I scare her? I didn't say a word and I was soon soft again. "Be a dear and get me a soda" she asked? I stood and got her one, then squatted down and handed her the can so she would get a good view of my cock and I could see her reaction.

I saw her look, then she got beet red and said "thanks" and quickly went about opening the can, trying to ignore me. I lay back down on my back, and turned to her, "You've had that suit as long as I can remember, in fact I don't think you've bought any new clothes in the last six years". She sighed "I know, but I can't afford new clothes. It's not like we're rich". "What about your ex's support payments" I asked.

"Hell, you could live on that alone better than on what you make". "Enough", she said! "That money's for you.

I'm working to support us and I don't need your father to do that"! She was quiet for a few minutes then she continued "I put your father through grad school. We had our whole life planned, I would support him first, then he would take care of me and any children we had. It worked great for a while, until he graduated, then he began to work all the time and ignored me". "Really…" I said, "That sounds familiar".

"I know… Brat! Anyway, we started trying to have kids, but it turned out I had ovarian cysts and that was messing with my ovulations… sooo… things started to go South in our relationship. Then a miracle happened, and you were conceived. I thought this would get things back on track, but I was wrong. After you were born the doctors had to remove my ovaries and your father didn't want to have anything to do with me.

No sex. It seemed I was no longer woman enough for him! We were pretty wild when we first met, we did things that would freak you out, if you only knew, but with his career he said he had to be more careful".

She definitely had my attention now and I was wondering what kind of things my mom considered "wild". "So he left you, that doesn't explain the 'all work and no play' philosophy you have. You need to relax more, enjoy yourself". "I had to prove to him… and myself I suppose, that I didn't need him, and that I could take care of me and my own".

She had a tired smile as she said this. "You earned that money as much as he did, you earned every penny he pays you, use it" I insisted! "I told you, it's yours for later…" "Who cares about later" I interrupted.

"Look, if you want to just leave what's in there and start using his payments now. There is more than enough for college and I hate to see you working so hard… I miss you mom". Her eyes were watering and she turned away "you're making me cry Tom". "I cried many nights you left me alone while you went to work.

All those weekends alone were tough on me. Luckily I found an outlet other than drugs or alcohol". Now she was sobbing softly. I felt bad that I had brought this on but it needed to be said.

I moved close to her and put my arm around her and buried my face in the back of her neck, the smell of her sunscreen and her deodorant filling my nostrils. I said "I didn't mean to make you cry mom, I know you do what you do out of love, I just wish you would figure out that your… wrong. We lay like that for a long time, I was enjoying the feel of my mother.

It had been years since we cuddled like this. Finally mom broke the silence with a sniff and said "Are you hungry for lunch"? "I could eat, and you"? Another sniff, and she wiped her nose and eyes "Yeah, it's been a long morning".

"The best morning I've had in ages" I said with a sincere smile. "Really" she replied? "Good times usually don't make me cry" she said with a laugh. I gathered up all our things "Here, let me get all that, you just walk with me". "You are quite the gentleman, thank you". Mom put her arm in mine and we walked back to the cabin. Lunch was quickly eaten and we decided to lounge on the porch. I watched mom put sunscreen on her chest, arms and legs all the time wishing I was doing that for her.

Soon we both fell asleep and again my dreams turned to the erotic. When I awoke mom was staring out to the river and I was full wood. I sat up and tucked myself back in my shorts and mom said "you sure have a healthy sexual appetite".

"Yeah, that is definitely true. I probably get it from you". Mom laughed, a good sign! "That could be… speaking of which, are you ready to tell me who you're dreaming about"? "Nope, not yet". "But you are sexually active right" she asked? "Yeah, you could say that". "When was your first", she asked? I hesitated a bit, but decided I should open up some and perhaps she would do the same. "I was twelve". "TWELVE"? "I know, I know I was young…" "With who", mom asked, "anyone I know"?

"Tina Johnson" I said. "The little black girl? Were you her first"? "Yes and no, in that order. She was a year older…" "Ah… an older woman every man's fantasy" she said with a laugh.

"She had boobies" I chuckled, "how could I resist"? "How'd that work out, your first time I mean". "I sure enjoyed myself and she came back for more until her parents moved away". "Yeah, I guess you were a hit". She started to look a little nervous and then asked, "How big was your…" she motioned to my crotch "…you know… then"?

"About six inches" I said with some pride. Mom looked shocked "Lucky girl". "How about you, tell me about your first" I asked. "I guess it's only fair. I was thirteen…" "I told you I got it from you" I interjected. "Hush, I'm talking" she said playfully, yep, she was feeling better. "Little Billy Johnson, and I mean little. He was in and out with one stroke, made a mess on my dress and didn't do a damn thing for me.

His older brother Gary was next though and that sixteen year old did know what he was doing". "He rocked your world huh"? I said with a wicked smile. "Oh yeah, I thought he was a real stud, he seemed so big, if you catch my meaning.

He was just average, but I didn't know that at the time". Mom started to look a bit wistful. She shook off her memories and asked "Do you use protection"? "Depends" I said. "On what" she asked? "On whom I'm with". I paused, unsure if I should continue, but decided to forge ahead, this was becoming a real interesting weekend. "Girls at school who are a bit loose, I always wear a raincoat, but, honestly, I tend to look for cougars, older women who want a boy toy with no complications.

They take care of the protection and I just enjoy myself". "What about STDs" she asked? "AIDs, have you ever experimented with… you know" she was nervous again. "What, I don't get what you're asking" I said confused?

"Have you played around with… well… another boy". Well at this I felt myself turn beet red again. I had done that once and didn't like to talk about it. "Oh sweet heart… you have&hellip. It's OK she added, smiling "experimenting is OK, lots of people do it". I continued to hesitate then went on "It was that Halloween party last year.

Eric Schwartz, that fem kid, was dressed as a woman, and he looked real good. I didn't recognize him at first but he caught me checking him out. When I found out she was a he it, was too late, I was horney and wanted him in the worst way.

We found a quiet room and he blew me. It felt pretty good, but it lacked that little spark I get from a woman. I gave him a hand job in return to be polite but that was the end of that". "Pretty intense" mom said. "Still, be careful if that happens again". She looked me over again and continued "how old do you like your women"? "Any age really. Sixteen to one hundred and six". "Thirteen is your youngest"? "Yeah" I answered. "What's the oldest"?

Again I hesitated then said with growing confidence "seventy six". "Liar" mom laughed, "I don't believe it, what could you possibly see in a woman that old"? I smiled a comfortable smile "I saw a lonely, but warm, soft and willing lover, someone who wanted a little fun in her life.

When she saw me naked and aroused, she lit up like a Christmas tree. It had been years since her husband had died and she still had desires". "… Mrs. Tower" mom asked "was it Mrs. Tower"? "Good guess". "She does look really good for her age" mom said then asked "How many times"? "How many time we had sex that day or total" and I gave mom a wicked smile.

Her mouth opened but she didn't make a sound as that sunk in, she was learning her son had a very active sex life and she was shocked. "Are you still…"? "No… she found a beau about six months ago and we decided to stop while she worked on that relationship.

After all, I don't even have a license I can use to drive her to her doctor for her nitroglycerin prescription". Even mom laughed at that. "Your turn, when was your last lay" I asked? Mom turned red and looked away for a moment and then sheepishly she looked back and said about three years ago. Some young kid came into the store, drunk of course and wanted some beer.

I wasn't going to sell to him, but he started saying he would do anything, acting all flirty. Against my better judgment, and the law, I told him I would hook him up in exchange for a little lovin'. What a mistake THAT was. He lasted a few strokes longer than little Billy Johnson, but not many more and I was just more frustrated than before and covered with his mess" and she gave another tired smile. "No one wants little old me" then she got louder and said "Hell, even old Mrs.

Tower can get a young stud. Me? I'm left with my vibrator". My mom called me a "stud", I liked that but I wondered where she hid the vibrator as I had looked for one before but had never seen it.

"Thanks" I said. "About what" she asked. "You called me a stud, and I take that as a compliment". It was her turn to turn red, "Well you should, you're a good looking young man and apparently very popular". She rolled on her side to look directly at me. "I wasn't always this boring". As she laid her head on her arm she closed her eyes again and was soon asleep. I watched her sleep for a good thirty minutes, wishing we were sharing lounge chairs. I was watching her nipples move with her soft breathing, her legs, lean and pink from the sun and little lines made by her sweat as it flowed down her body.

I reached down and slowly stroked the cock growing in my shorts. When my mom rolled onto her back I decided to go for another swim to cool off. When I returned my cock hung heavy in my shorts, the outline of its veined mass clearly visible through the fabric. I walked up to the porch hoping she would be awake, wanting, no, NEEDING her to see me as a sexual being, available to her if she desired.

I was nervous with anticipation, and fear that I wanted something that I shouldn't. Mom was still asleep when I stepped in front of her. I stood for a moment admiring her, taking in the sight of her sleeping body, the obvious flesh of her pussy only obscured by her shorts, but not hidden.

I walked inside disappointed and afraid of what I might do. I set about making dinner to take my mind off my mother's ever increasing sexiness. When I finished I poured her a cold beer and lit a candle then went outside to wake her, but she was already awake. "Dinners ready" I said. She stretched and let out a little squeal as she did so, then looking at me said "what did I do to deserve such a good son"?

"Good, clean living I guess. Wash up before it gets cold" and I reached out to help her up. "Thanks sweetie" she said as she stood, then "wait… I need a hug". I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close, holding her face to my chest and buried my nose in her hair. A mother's smell is comforting, its one place we always feel safe, secure and loved, so why did I continue to feel a stirring in my loins?

I couldn't help myself, Monica and Beth were right, I am "a dirty boy". I let go of her and we held hands as we walked inside. Mom said "wow, candles, how special. Is there a waiter serving us as well"? "No, you'll have to settle for me" I said with mock disappointment.

"That's OK, I'm sure you'll do a better job than some old waiter, besides how many waiters are this good looking" she said looking in my face holding and squeezing both my hands. We ate our dinner with only a little small talk, the increasing sexual tension had become obvious to both of us. Where was this leading I wondered? To her warm naked embrace I hoped, but I was more nervous than I had ever been. All the women I had been with were sexy and beautiful to me. All were deserving of being treated like the special ladies they were, but this was different, very different.

My mother, her face was familiar, yet it also belonged to someone who was a complete stranger. I decided to just continue down the road I was already travelling on, excited with the possibilities but afraid of the consequences. "How about that swim" I asked hopefully? "I'll come and keep you company, how about that".

"OK, I guess, but eventually you ARE coming in" I said sternly. She smiled and said "we'll see big guy". As we walked mom slipped her hand in mine and when I looked at her she smiled warmly. At the dock she sat on the edge and I jumped in, a cannon ball, and she shrieked as I got her wet. "You brat, you dirty little…" and then she began laughing. "I'm am gonna get you for that, when you least expect it, I'm am gonna get you". I just smiled my mouth just below the water's surface. I popped up and said "Since you're already wet, why not just come on in"?

"All right" she said "you win, I'm coming". I watched her stand then she turned around and I saw her unbutton her shorts and with her thumbs in the waist band she slid them off her slender hips and over her fine ass. As she bent over her ass was pointed right at my face and her suit had ridden up into the crack of her ass. All I wanted to do at that point was pull it out with my teeth.

Then I began to wonder if Beth would want to lick my cum off my mother's ass? Would Monica? I hoped to find out! "There… now everyone can see my boney ass… happy" she asked? I laughed, "First, no one can see you here but me, and second, I think you have a mighty fine derriere, no bones about it".

"Oh now you're a comedian too? Let's add that to you list of talents. Comedian, cook, counselor, you do it all" she said with a warm smile. She slipped into the water quietly and glided up next to me. "The water does feel nice, you were right again" all the time she talked she was looking deep into my eyes as a lover does. She took a deep breath and dropped below the surface, I felt her hands on my shorts and she yanked them down in one smooth motion.

I let out a yelp of surprise but I didn't struggle, intrigued with what was happening. When she popped up she was holding the shorts and said "what will you give me to get them back to you"?

I smiled and said, "I don't need them, I have always liked being naked". My mom just twirled my shorts on her finger, then said "damn… I can't get a rise out of you" and with that she threw my shorts to the shore and climbed out onto the dock, the water running off her back and down between her legs where I desperately wanted to be.

She gathered up her towel and shorts saying with a devilish grin "Coming"? I just smiled back and climbed out in all my naked glory. Her pantsing me caused my cock to begin to wake up. I walked over to my shorts and instead of putting them on I just handed them to my mom and said "you dropped these" and walked back to the cabin, my cock and balls waving heavy in the warm evening breeze. My mom walked behind me up the path, then beside me.

She grabbed my hand again and asked, "Want to watch the sunset with your old mom"? I squeezed her hand and replied "No, but I'd love to watch it with a beautiful woman". Mom smiled at this and walked inside and grabbed a couple cold sodas, while I pulled my shorts back on.

She sat down on the porch loveseat and patted the spot next to her. She began to talk "Are we connecting" she asked? "I think we are and I think you feel it to". "Mom, you know I love you with all my heart, but it's going to take more than a weekend to make up for what's already been done. I know you love me and have done your best to be a good mom, and I do love you for that and appreciate all the effort you have put into taking care of us, but the fact is you haven't been a mom to me.

Good bad or indifferent aren't even choices for the kind of mom you have been because all you have been is absent". Well, of course then the tears began to flow from both of us, and she turned away not sure what to say.

I wrapped my arms around her, my tears dripping on her shoulder and whispered "Relax sweet heart, it's OK, it's OK, I'm not angry with you, just what life has dealt us. I love you and I want you to feel better about yourself, to remake yourself into a person you're happy with".

My mom looked up at me, tears running down her cheeks, a lost and afraid little girl looking for comfort. Your right, I have been totally absent from you and your life. I want to make it up to you, but I just don't know where to begin". I smiled and kissed away her salty tears "My wonderful princess, you've made this great start, this trip is just what we needed". "Yeah, I suppose it is… well, where do we go from here "she asked quietly. "I can't go from absent mom to super mom in one quick swoop, I'm not even sure you will let me be a mom to you… or if you even need a mom".

"I will never stop needing you, but by not being with me, you have ignored your responsibilities as my parent and now the last six years are gone forever, you can't get them back. Now… maybe we need to find a way to bring our lives together again, some special thing we can share together, like a hobby or other activity, something we both enjoy doing, that gets us excited to start a new day… yeah, we need a new start". We both watched the sun set in a blaze of color, my arm around her and her head resting on my chest, both her hands resting innocently on my thigh.

We sat in silence for a while until she asked "Do you think I'm pretty Tom"? "I joked "For an old lady". "No" she complained, sounding hurt, "I'm serious! You find Mrs. Tower attractive, I'm almost half her age and yet I don't seem to turn any heads, not like I used to". Ignoring the fact she was fishing for a compliment I said "You said you were pretty wild back in your younger days". Mom nodded her head slightly and said "Yeah… I did some pretty wild things, some things I'm not proud of and others I really miss" and she became wistful again.

"What happened" I asked, "why the change"? "I don't know… life I guess… work, family… it all gets in the way".

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"Tell me more about your wild days" I asked? "What did you like to do that was so bad or should I say Wild"?


"I don't know that I can talk to you about this, it feels kind of… well… wrong". "I have given you a LOT of personal information, things I have never spoken to anyone about before. I never kiss and tell, but I just did with you because you're my mom and I trust you with my most personal secrets, and its only right and fair that you can do the same with me" I insisted. She looked at me for a long moment and said "You're right, you have, but I am still your mother and I think I need to hold some information back, I just don't feel right about letting everything out.

Are you OK with that? "For now" I replied sounding disappointed. "OK, OK don't pout" she teased "A short time after Little Billy or should I say his big brother Gary introduced me to the pleasure of sex, I had another eye opening experience" and she left that hanging in the air between us for a moment and then continued "I'm sorry, I just can't bring myself to tell you, I'm afraid you might not like what you hear". I gently lifted her face to mine and said softly "I will never think bad things of you.

I have felt your love in many different ways and our sharing this weekend has only strengthened my love. Go ahead I am listening and I promise no judgment". "She smiled at me and said I know I shouldn't worry about you, but it's hard&hellip. Ok, here goes.

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Like I said, just after my first sexual experience Dana, your aunt, and her boyfriend asked me to visit her at her college. While I was there we got drunk and high one night and I told them about losing my virginity.

By the next morning I had learned many more things about sex, things I'm sure your grandparents never dreamed I would ever know in my lifetime". "Did you have a… relationship… with Aunt Dana" I asked? Mom was silent then she said softly "yes… I can't believe I told you that.

I know you're going to hate me, think I'm dirty&hellip." "Stop" I insisted. "I said no judgment and I meant no judgment.

Since you shared that I'll tell you I have also shared two beautiful women, and you don't think bad of me do you"? She looked at me searching my eyes for the truth and said "I believe you… I would never think anything bad about you". I didn't believe what I was about to say but charged ahead as if in a dream watching myself "The two women were a mother and daughter…" and it was my turn to let that float in the air between us in silence.

Her head still resting on my chest she said very softly and with no sign of regret "Like mother, like son I suppose". The sun had completely set now and the full moon was lighting up the horizon. Mom sat up straight, looked at me and said "It's been a long day and I'm drained" she stood and added with a gentle smile "emotionally drained… but I don't regret it". At that she turned and walked inside. I gathered the soda cans and threw them out.

I brushed my teeth and lay down on the sofa for the night. My mother's door remained closed and an eerie silence filled the cabin. As I lay in the dark I began to think of my mother in a m?ge with Aunt Dana and her college boyfriend.

My cock began to stir again, but I resisted the urge to satisfy myself, but then I heard my mother's door open slowly and I saw a figure peeking out. Slowly the door opened all the way, and I moved so that my head rested on the arm of the sofa and I was looking at my mother's silhouette framed by the door and brightly back lit by the full moon shining through her window.

I could see her slim boyish body outlined under her night shirt, her face just a dark space above her body, inscrutable. Then I saw her hands move to her belly and begin to move about her torso.

Lower belly, to upper belly then slowly to her chest.

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Her hands seemed to linger at her breasts and I understood that she was rubbing her nipples. I imagined them fully erect, straining against the material itching to be free. My cock sprang to life and was hard in a quick second, an obvious and menacing bulge, even in the dark, my left hand went behind my head to keep me comfortable while I watched my mother stimulate herself. I could resist the urge no more and my right hand moved to my cock and began to rub it through my shorts with long slow strokes.

I heard my mother's breathing quicken one hand always on a breast and the other exploring the rest of her beautiful self. Then she approached, and I found myself looking up to her face, her lips slightly parted and her chest heaving.

My hand reached down my shorts and grabbed my now throbbing cock freeing it from my shorts, stroking… stroking. I lifted my hips and with my other hand pushed my shorts down and off my feet one at a time. Mom's eyes played up and down my body the way a woman does to a lover and then she spoke to me "This is wrong…" I interrupted her "but mom&hellip." "Shhhhh…" she whispered "hush and listen… don't talk" she continued, "I have been absent from your life, but you found the strength to become more of a man than anyone I have ever known" and as she spoke one hand began to brush my hair and then caress my face.

"I watched you from afar these last six years, too proud to admit I needed help raising you, working so hard I never got close to you, I always thought I had time, but now I know I was so wrong. Time is a thief that flees in the night taking everything we hold near and dear. Now I find you're all grown up without any help from me, young handsome and strong and I'm nothing to you anymore, just a lonely woman lost and missing the son I never gave away, but gave up all the same".

"I'm here for you now…" I started to say, but she hushed me again with a finger on my lips. "I need to talk and I need you need to listen" then she smiled a sweet loving smile.

She squatted next to me, her eyes lingering on parts of my body normally hidden from all but the people we are most intimate with. Her fingers tracing a path to my chest, the sensation of pleasure in my cock building. I wanted her so badly, but I sensed this was not to be. "This weekend was the first time in years I had the chance to really look at you, and I have to say I liked what I saw. Your handsome face, beautiful body, toned and tanned… and that magnificent cock of yours… I saw you had become a sexual being and you were no longer my little boy.

I became afraid I had lost you and would never find you again, but after last night and today I realized you had grown into a fine young man, honest, caring, and strong, physically and emotionally, stronger than I ever was or will be". Then she gave me a mock serious look and continued "Don't think I didn't notice all your sexual teasing, shamelessly flaunting your manhood in front of me, that was driving me crazy" then her look became soft again and she continued "I'll be honest I loved every second of it, but I have been battling myself every waking minute.

You see, I had finally found the perfect man for me…" and as she said this she bent over to me, her breath warm and moist against my lips, I couldn't hold back any longer and I began to climax just as her lips brushed softly against mine, sending sparks to all corners of my body, a stream of my hot cum burst from my cock in spasms to coat my chest and belly again and again until it dripped slowly over my hand that held my cock, she then softly finished "but he cannot be my lover because he is my son".

My mom then stood and walked to the kitchen where she wet a towel, letting the water run until it was warm. She came back to me looking so very sexy, her body close to me but untouchable. She wiped me clean, lingering on my still engorged cock "I always enjoyed giving you baths as a baby, you were always such a sweet baby, but now… "Then mom was quiet and I could see a tear on her cheek.

When she finished she smiled and bent over kissing my forehead, "good night my prince" and then she disappeared into her room. I lay restless for hours, my mind spinning "what just happened" I asked myself? Finally I fell asleep, and I dreamed I was talking to my mother and she was imploring me not to give up on her, to be patient and she would be mine in time.

When I awoke the next morning to the smell of brewing coffee, the dawn was just beginning to push out the night. I stood up, my morning erection heavy in my shorts. I went out to the patio, but mom wasn't there. I walked to the river and she was nowhere to be seen.

As I walked back to the cabin I saw a lounge chair was missing. I figured she was out front watching the sun rise. I went back inside and poured her a cup of coffee, added the milk and sugar she liked and went looking for her.

"Good morning sweetheart" she said from her lounge chair, a blanket covering her. She added "Beautiful sunrise this morning… please sit and join me".

As I approached she stood up and motioned for me to sit where she had been "I need a cuddle" she said. "I poured you a cup, milk and sugar like you like it" I said as I held it out to her. She thanked me, and took the cup from my hands. I sat where she showed me and she waited as I opened my legs to make room for her. The tip of my cock peering out from the leg of my shorts, she turned around and as she straddled the chair preparing to sit, I saw her white panties, her ass exposed because her panties had pushed into the crack of her ass.

I took her hips and guided her down. When she was seated she pushed back into me tightly, and as she spread the blanket over us I began to grow hard. When she felt my cocks head stab her back, she shifted forward and allowed my shaft to shift into a more comfortable position, then she surprised me and pressed back into me. I knew she felt my excitement, and she was letting it happen. "I always loved the dawn" she said. "I feel it means a chance for new beginnings, each dawn a chance to do things over a chance to get things right, like a clean slate… like yesterday never happened".

After a moment she added "I haven't seen many dawns these last six years, it's hard to enjoy them when you cooped up working". My mom rested her head on my chest. She smelled of stale sweat and sunscreen and I loved it.

She seemed to melt into my body and began to gently rub my leg. I pressed my face into her hair, "I love you mom" I whispered, "This IS the start of a new day… of new beginnings if you choose, and like this sunrise this beginning could be a beautiful thing, or it can be just another day like those of the last six years, but you just need to ask yourself, do you want more guaranteed unhappiness and no change or do you want to take a chance at happiness and big changes".

"The kind of change you're talking about scares the hell out of me" she said. "This could destroy any chance of us having a normal loving relationship. What you want… what I want… always seems to screw up relationships. I don't want to take that risk, I CAN'T take that risk. I thought for a minute, my mother had some good points. I was conflicted, a raging battle in my mind between the little boy who wanted his mommy and the ever more powerful man I was becoming who wanted to take her, hold her in my arms, and pleasure her as a lover.

I finally found my voice and as the little boy faded into the back ground of my mind I spoke "How often do you talk to Aunt Dana" I asked? "I know where you're going with this but that was totally different from this " she protested.

"Three times a week… four" I continued? After a moment she replied quietly "Yeah… three or four". I pressed on "You had multiple sexual relationships with your sister, sharing your lovers and each other I bet". I watched her neck and shoulders become flush, so I knew I was right and continued, determined to win her. "Nearly ten years of intimacy, and yet today you have a loving relationship but no sex. When you talk what do you talk about"? "Our jobs, our families, children… you… how unhappy I am" she said with a sigh.

"Do you ever talk about your past or about having sex again"? "No, that part of our lives is over. Your father became career oriented and didn't want anything to jeopardize that, and then Dana hooked up with your uncle who is very old fashioned about sex. Kinky to him means leaving the lights on" and she laughed softly.

Softly, I continued "Sex didn't destroy your relationship with Dana did it"? She didn't answer right away and I didn't press her because we both knew the answer.

In silence we watched the sun rise above the distant horizon. Her body felt wonderful against mine, and I wanted so much for this to last. My cock softened slowly but mom remained pressed against me, her head on my chest. When the sun was fully in the sky and we felt its warm rays mom stood up and put down her coffee cup, folding the blanket and draping it over her arm she said "Come with me" and as she held out her hand she had a warm smile on her face.

I took her hand and stood up then we proceeded inside. As she led me past the kitchen I put her cup down and continued walking behind her, hopeful. She tossed the blanket on the bed and continued to the bath. She bent over the tub and she ran the water until she was satisfied with the temperature. "Climb in sweetie, let's get you cleaned up".

I pulled my shorts down, my cock pulsating to an erection. When I went to sit down she said "hold on, let me wash your legs" and proceeded to dip the wash cloth in the water and soap it up. She ran the cloth gently over my legs and then began to hum a song sweet and familiar, and I began to say the words in my head "Hush little baby, don't say a word&hellip." Suddenly I was a small child again.

I watched my mother, her face peaceful and serene, once again bathing her little boy. "Momma loves her sweet boy" she said almost absentmindedly. She rubbed the cloth up the crack of my ass then over my fully erect cock jutting forward long and proud, her eyes looking intently, devouring every inch, stroking gently. When she took the cloth away her soapy fingers gave me a few more tentative strokes and she said "You are magnificent my love" then she motioned for me to sit and after I did she put her hand on my back to guide me forward.

My mom washed my back, then after guiding me to sit back she also washed my chest… so gentle.


"My mind is a confused mess she finally said. I don't know what to do". "Join me" I said "we'll wash away the past together, and then we can explore our future together". "That future scares the hell out of me" she said as she stood up. I followed her with my eyes and said softly "Me too mom, me too… but I am too far gone, my desires too strong and I see no other way, I want you… I need you". Her smile was gentle towards me as she removed her night shirt, her small breasts gently drooping but her nipples thick and erect.

She removed her panties, her bush thin but unshaven and her pussy lips so thick and inviting. She stepped into the tub sitting opposite me. I took the wash cloth and began to wash her feet and legs, she slid down in the tub, relaxed. I bent forward until I needed to shift forward to wash her belly and back. I kneeled in front of her, my cock pointing at her, veins popping. I washed her breasts gently and ran my soapy fingers over her nipples as she watched my face with so much love in her eyes.

We both moved closer, our legs wrapping around each other and we each began to wash each other's hair, our hands moving slowly, gently, then I spoke "This is a new dawn for us, we will never again be the people we were last week or even yesterday. We have washed away all our yesterdays and only our tomorrows remain, we will work hard to build our lives anew and I promise you I will always be there for you".

"And I for you" my mom whispered, and then she breathlessly said what I have been aching to hear all weekend "Take me Tom, take me as you take a lover". I pulled her close, my arms enveloping her, my cock gently brushing her soft soapy belly, her eyes sleepy with desire, her lips gently parted, we kissed for the first time as lovers do. Softly, gently tugging at each others lips, then our mouths opened and our tongues began to explore, gently at first but then with increasing intensity until our lips broke apart, forehead to forehead, breath ragged I said "Lets rinse off".

"OK". I untangled my legs from her and stood. I reached out and took both her hands and helped her to her feet, she looked into my eyes smiling, and then she turned around, and bent down to open the drain, white soap suds slowly running down her back side. The shower was soon running warm and we stood in its rain, an embrace of passion, my cock slippery against her soft belly, our lips hungrily devouring each other, hands groping and exploring each other's bodies.

Again, we pulled apart, mom shut off the water and I grabbed a soft towel and surrounded her in its dry warmth and gently rubbed her dry. Mom then did the same for me starting playfully at my head, and ending sensuously at my cock, looking me in the eyes as she stroked the length of my shaft with the towel. She smiled and said of my cock "I do good work". I smiled down at her then took the towel from her and tossed it aside. I stepped out of the tub and held her hand as she stepped out to join me.

We walked together to her bed and she said "I should have been sharing this with you all weekend". I swept her up into my arms like a little baby, looked into her eyes and answered, "We will have many years to share your bed, today is just the beginning", and as I bent into kiss her she pulled back playfully and said "you don't snore do you"? "Aghhhh…!" I shouted "you're a tease" and I then gently laid her down on the bed and I lay myself next to her propped up on one elbow.

I reached out a gently stroked her face and said "after this there will be no turning back, I want you to know that I will love you no matter what happens in our future, but I want to be sure that you truly want this as much as I do, and I do want it with all my heart and soul". She looked deep into my eyes, to my very soul, and she spoke "My darling sweet boy… today I want you to take me as your own, to love me as the passionate man you have become.

I am your mother I know, but I want to… no… I need to… become your lover". Mom raised her face to mine and we kissed, long and deep. My tongue was again probing her mouth as her tongue probed mine. My hand caressed her soft belly, grabbed her small breasts, lightly pinching her nipples as she softly moaned.

Soon my hand reached down to her pussy, soft, moist and yielding, my mom's mouth opened and she let out her warm breath to bathe my face in her passion. "Yes, sweet heart, that feels so go…mmmm, ahhhh." She rolled toward into me, one of her feet began to rub my leg and I brought my hand around to her ass and began to squeeze her small round cheeks.

I brought my face to her breasts and began to suckle her nipples, one to the other and back again, rolling the long stems of her nipples on my tongue. Moms hand was rubbing my chest, tracing a line to my belly then down to my waiting cock. For the first time she grabbed my cock with conviction, pulling it firmly, running her fingers down the whole shaft, then gently cupping and massaging my balls "I am ready for you" she whispered "take me now".

I rolled her flat on her back and climbed above her. My mother looked small and helpless beneath me, her legs spread wide with my long and pulsating cock a menacing rod of both pleasure and pain poised to impale her. She looked up at me and in a husky whisper implored me to take her, to make her my lover, then I lowered my hips, and she closed her eyes, a smile of anticipated pleasure on her lips, I entered her, sliding smoothly inside, her pussy opening to accept my cock and then suddenly closing tight and grabbing me with a ferocity I had never felt before.

I looked at her face, a look of mixed pleasure and pain, her body tensed, her hips raised off the bed, a load groan escaped her reddening lips, then, her face flushed, she opened her eyes wide and began to orgasm.

Her lips an O she didn't make any noise, she just became redder, the veins on her neck bulging, her fingernails digging into the flesh of my back until I bled, then with a series of grunts she began panting until spent, she fell back to the bed eyes closed.

As my mom settled down I began a slow rhythm, sliding in and out of the very same channel from which I came into the world and I said to her "I am one lucky guy". Mom looked up at me, running her hands over my chest brushing the fine hair on by body, and I continued "How many men ever get th chance to come full circle, to returned to the place of our birth".

I started kissing her again, luxuriating in the sensations I was feeling, both physical and emotional. Each stroke began to quicken and while I wanted this feeling to last forever I was being drawn inexorably to a conclusion and a beginning.

My mother sensed what was building in me and her intensity also began to build. Her kisses became more and more passionate, her hands grasping me firmly, holding me tightly to her slim body, so tight that I felt I might break her, but she continued to meet me move for move, thrust for thrust until finally, our sweaty bodies intertwined, we began to reach the pinnacle of our passions together, rising, rising, until, like a geyser, we exploded together, moaning together, my cum pouring deep into her grasping pussy, her juices covering my thrusting cock and mixing with my flowing seed, we finally collapsed together, our breathing slowing, our bodies cooling then she rolled over into me, to be held tight in my arms.

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In silence we lay, nothing else in the world but us. The stillness was broken when my mom stirred and propped up on one elbow she looked into my eyes, happier than I have seen her in years and she took my hand a placed it over her heart and said to me "welcome home my son… welcome home my lover".