Naughty Rachele Richey gets Ass Fucked by Dominatrix Cathy Heaven

Naughty Rachele Richey gets Ass Fucked by Dominatrix Cathy Heaven
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(Based on w1dmg's "Adam" series, with permission from the author.) *************************************************** "Well I'm not doing any better," I told Megan.

"Ich sprecha Deutsch, NOT." Megan and I had just started our Sophomore year of college. We had dated a little more than a year now and thought it would be a great idea to take a class together. For the life of me I don't remember how we decided on taking a German Language class, but here we were, over our heads.

It made no sense to me and it was all so maddening. We weren't doing so well and I was worried it was pulling us apart rather than getting us closer together. "I'm getting a tutor," Megan finally said in frustration. "Either join me or you're on your own." "Well thanks," I replied. "I like you too." But I was stubborn and told her I didn't want a tutor. I wanted to show Megan that we could whip this without any extra help.

Two weeks after she'd been seeing a tutor Megan was improving. I wasn't. So one night during the week I decided to break in on Megan's tutoring session and knocked on her dorm room door.

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Megan opened it. "Well hi Adam, come on in." As I entered, there sitting at her desk was Judy, the tall long-haired junior from the wild night party from a couple of months back this summer. Judy lived on a different floor of our dorm.

I greeted her, "Hey Judy." "Adam, how's it going?" she asked.


"Fine, thanks. Megan, I thought you had a tutoring session tonight," I stated as a question, looking at Megan.

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"I do," Megan answered. "Judy's my tutor. She's been studying German since early high school and took this class last year." I just stared at Judy. I guess I hadn't thought of her as smart, just kind of pretty for a bean-pole. She suddenly jumped up a few bars in my girl-ranking.

It's not only about looks you know. "You should let me help you Adam," she offered. "Megan has already improved her grades quite a bit." "Really Adam, she's good," Megan added, "and she makes it fun." To be honest, I was a little afraid to have Judy help me. Now that I knew she was smart along with decent looks, I found myself slightly attracted to her. Feeling like that while Megan was right there with us worried me.


I had made a few slip-ups in the past with other females, cheating on Megan who was supposed to be my girlfriend and already having lost my virginity pledge we had shared, even if she didn't know it.

But I wasn't going to let it happen again now that school had started again, and I'd been vigilant and careful to be true to her. Megan said no sex until marriage and at least from this point on I was going to abide by that. As far as Megan was concerned, and everyone else, well everyone except those few mistakes, we were still virgins. I wanted to keep it that way so I refused firmly and returned to my room.

The next evening I was studying in my room when someone knocked on my door. I opened it right away thinking it was Megan, but there stood Judy. She was very tall, with shoulder length straight brown hair, blue eyes, thin and athletic, and asked, "Hello Adam. May I please come into your room." "Er, uh," I said confused as to why she was here, I was about to say no, but she gently pushed me back to let herself through the door into my tiny dorm room. "I'm here to give you your first German lesson," she stated closing the door behind her.

"But I said I wasn't going to do it, take tutoring lessons from you," I argued. "Your Megan's tutor, not mine." "I can do both of you," she said, and then laughed, "separately or in a threesome." I nervously laughed too.

"Well… since you're here I guess…," my voice trailing off. "That's the spirit!," she cheered and sat at my desk and she opened her book and I sat on the edge of my bed next to her. We went through the basics, most of which I already had down.

But I have to say, she made it hard to concentrate on learning German. With her sitting right in front of me I had plenty of time to get a really good look at her. Her hair was smooth and silky as it brushed her shoulders. It made her look a quite sexy. She had tiny little freckles across her nose and cheeks, and her eyes were the blue of the ocean off a Caribbean port. I imagined her with braces as a kid because her teeth were perfect and pearly white.

I needed a break from German lessons so asked her, "Are you and Steve still dating?" "Steve?" she asked, curling up her brow. "We were never an item." "But you two left together from our party last summer," I pointed out.

"I thought you two hooked up for sure." "We may have 'hooked up' as you say but I was at least a little drunk and that was just a one night thing," Judy explained. "He's definitely not my type, far too boring." "So, what is type?" I boldly asked. "Hmmm, are you available?" she asked back, placing her hand on my knee.

I blushed from her comment, and felt the rush of heat through my body from her touch. "I…I'm…with Megan. You know that…" "Yeah, how's that going for you?" she teased. Moving her hand up my leg a bit she continued, "I understand you're going to be in a bit of a dry spell until you get married." I was sitting on the edge of the bed and she moved her chair so that it was facing me directly. She parted my legs and began to slowly rub her hands up and down the inside of them.

I needed to stop her. I just had to say something. I wasn't about to cheat on Megan again. "I uh I, I mean, I can't cheat on, I, oh God Judy, what are you doing?" "Everyone knows that you and Megan are virgins, Adam," Judy purred, "You know you don't have to wait if you don't want to. I can teach you so much more than just German," she said lustily and then I felt her fingers slide across my crotch and realized I was already very hard.

I'd been so nervous that I hadn't even noticed it until that moment. "You cock already knows it wants me. He's ready for me Adam," she stated, rubbing my hard-on through my jeans. "I can teach you Adam. Let me be your first." "But. I mean. I shouldn't," I blubbered searching for an escape despite my desire to just give in. "You know you want me don't you Adam?" She stood up from her chair and stepped between my legs, gently pushing me backward on the bed. "I can see it in your eyes.

You're a horny little devil and I'm going to be your SUCK-YOU-bis." It was true. I did want her right then. I realized the phrases Judy had been teaching me had seemed to have a lot of alternate meanings and she had really been working up to seduce me all evening.

I'd already given in long ago and this was just the culmination of her seduction. "Tell me you want me. Tell me in German Adam," she taunted like a naughty teacher. Then she pushed me on my back on the bed and Judy was instantly on top of me. She kissed me on the lips, long and hard with a wanton tongue.

"Oh God, Judy, you are so hot," I blurted out. She leaned down next to my ear and scolded me, "Adam, Ich verstehe Sie nicht.

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Ich spreche nur Deutsches." I don't know why it was so hot, but her telling me she only understood me when I spoke German to her REALLY turned me on. My mind raced, "Uh, Ich wünsche Sie.," I answered. Oh shit, I had said it.

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It was going to happen again and not only was there was no turning back, but I had asked for it this time. She kissed me more and I kissed her back. Her short hair teased my cheeks and we made out hot and heavy. "Was wünschen Sie mich tun?" What did I want her to do? I thought and translated it in my head and said, "Entfernen Sie Ihr Hemd." Standing up she pulled her blouse up over her head and undid her bra as well.

They dropped to the floor she revealed her tiny, yet pert and beautiful breasts. They were the smallest breasts I'd ever seen, but with her height they stood very cute and upright on her slim frame. It produced a more unrealistic upturned look, not that full sagging balloon look I'd seen on my other lovers. The areolas were a pale pink in color but the nipples were a shade darker.

The nipples themselves stood out were already full and hard without my even having touched them yet, and they were long and really poked out on her small freckled breasts. She then pushed up my shirt and I pulled it over my head quickly. Judy leaned in and kissed me some more, running her hands all over my chest and brushing those hard poking nipples against me.

Then she backed up and batted her baby blue eyes at me in unspoken questioning. "Oh, er," I realized she was waiting for my next German instruction. "Entfernen Sie Ihr Hosen." Judy stood up again and went back to taking off her clothes.

She unbuttoned her skinny jeans and almost peeled them down her slim form, leaving her panties on this time as she moved to my own waistband. I lifted my hips off the bed and she tugged them down, careful not to catch my pointy cock and left my boxers on.

With my cock visibly tenting my boxers up and her hovering at my feet rubbing my knees and smiling at me I was aching for more now.

Judy then said chipperly, "Dieses ist Spaß!

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Was wurden Sie mögen mich zunächst tun?" I was glad she was having fun because this was an amazing way to practice my German. "Berühren Sie meine… uh…" I need this girl to touch me but I didn't know the word for penis in German. She giggled and said, "Kannten Sie das Wort für Penis auf Deutsch sind der selbe auf englisch?" I struggled with a few of those words, but when I heard her say 'Penis' just with a German accent I understood immediately and restarted my sentence with confidence, "Berühren Sie meine Penis." She smiled and said, "Sehen Sie, Deutscher ist nicht solch eine harte Sprache, zum zu erlernen." She war right; I wasn't having anywhere near the trouble using German under these conditions.

Then her hands reached up to my tented boxers to caress my swollen cock through the thin fabric. "Aber dieses ist eine harte Penis." She rubbed and teased my cock and maneuvered me until I poked out the flap hole in the front.

Finally she was touching my bare hard firm flesh. "Es schaut so geschmackvoll. Mag ich es essen?" Oh yes I wanted her to suck it! "Ja!" I begged. Then her head swiftly devoured my manhood. "Oh God!" I moaned as she bobbed her head up and down and then went all the way down so my cockhead was actually down her throat and her nose was nuzzling my pubic hair.

It was so tight and an altogether new sensation. Oh course I'd heard about deep-throating in porn, but this was my first time having it done to me. I was blown away. She came back up for air and I was forced to kiss her out of sheer desire for this angel. After we kissed some more she stood looking down at me and said, "Ich bin Sie mochte das froh. Warum ziehen Sie nicht können Schlüpfer jetzt hinab?" I didn't get all of that, but her finger tracing her panties clued me in and I understood what she meant.

I placed my hands on her narrow hips and gently eased her panties down. This was another first for me tonight. Her groin was completely shaven smooth as the day she was born. I'd never been with a girl who'd saved her pussy, but then again, as far as Judy knew, I'd never seen a pussy at all, so I think my curiosity was easily understood as I stared in amazement as her revealed girlie parts.

"Sie können es berühren," she said softly with a smile. I reached for her after her invitation and spread her pussy lips and saw her clit shining at me like a star.

I couldn't resist and just dove my head in there to lick it. "Oh, Sie Tier!" she cried out with joy as I sucked and lapped at her most sensitive spot. She squirmed and whined as I ate her out and got my face covered with her flowing sweet nectar. Finally she pushed me back and said, "Lüge zurück. Ich bin zu Ihnen jetzt bereit." I lay back fully up on my bed on my back as Judy instructed while she straddled my still clothed waist with my prick poking out the front of my boxers as it pressed up to her belly.

I sat up to suck on those long nipples on her tiny breasts but she pushed me back down. "Erinnern Sie sich an der Partei," she said, "und an diesem dummen Kinderspiel, das wir spielten?" "Ja erinnere mich ich," I answered to let her know I understood she was asking me about that game of Truth or dare we had played this summer.

"Brooke sagte, dass sie Sie bumsen wollte," she asked recalling when Brooke admitted she wanted to fuck me to all of us during a Truth or dare party game. Little did she know I did just that later that same night, and again on more than one occasion after that last summer.

She had been willing and eager to take my sexual release as a sex friend with quickies late at night after I dropped off Megan from one of our dates.

"Möchten Sie ein Geheimnis kennen?," she had a secret? Did Brooke tell her about my infidelity? "Was. ist Ihr Geheimnis?" I nervously asked her to tell it to me. "Ich wollte Sie auch BUMSEN." She confessed her desire for me also while taking my shaft in her hand as she rubbed it a few times across her moist opening. "Sie won' t ist in der Lage, sich viel länger anzurufen eine Jungfrau." I smiled as she explained her plans for me.

I didn't know the word beforehand, but in context I was sure the word 'Jungfrau' meant 'virgin'. If she only knew she was actually my fourth lover, but then none of my other lovers has talked, so for Megan and the rest of the world at large, I still was a virgin, except for a slowly growing cadre of women who all thought I was their first and Megan's litter sister Abby who actually was.

Then she slipped the head of my dick into her opening, holding it there. "Here incoming goods go," she laughed as the line had funny English sound to it and she dropped herself fully down onto my shaft in one stroke.

I closed my eyes and let out a loud groan of pleasure. Then Judy lifted her body up and dropped it back down again engulfing my shaft completely in her warm love canal. Judy may have had sex before, but she still felt as tight as a virgin. Her lithe body clenched my rod as she continually lifted herself upwards and drove back down impaling herself on me.

After a moment she leaned forward onto her hand as my soulders and began rocking more quickly forward and back as she rode my shaft. I bent my head and latched my lips onto one of her breasts and began sucking hard on her pokey nipple.

That set her wild on me and after a minute she twisted to shift me to her other breast. "Wurde dieses… alles wie… Sie vorgestellt?" she asked between breaths as she continued to fuck me. Of course I'd done more than just imagine what sex would be like, but I played along enjoying every minute of it. "Ich könnte alles nie mich vorgestellt haben gutes dieses," I replied. It was the truth since it felt great. Every woman I'd fucked was different, but every one of them made it terrific and new.

She was my fourth and I now had enough experience to know she was definitely a good and experienced lover. She wasn't rushing things on top me and she kept the rhythm fast enough to maintain our pleasure, but slow enough that neither of us came too quickly.

For several more minutes she just kept fucking me steadily before Judy started getting a little erratic. She was moaning now with each thrust down onto my prick.

She dipped down and kissed me fiercely while her extremely long nipples were poking me hard rubbing across my chest since they were so hard. Suddenly she broke our kiss and tipped her head down and grown down hard on my groin and held it there as her vagina squeezed hard onto my shaft.

She was so silent holding her breath for about ten full seconds as Judy had herself a shuddering orgasm. I decided to take control after she started breathing again, so grabbed her around the waist and rolled her over onto her back with me now between her legs. I'd had enough practice now, and she was light enough, that I was able to keep my hard-on fully lodged inside of her as I completed this maneuver, but she was still in the ending part of her orgasm so she was holding onto me and easy to position.

"Jetzt bin ich dran!," I told her and began fucking in earnest. She was still convulsing a little bit and groaned quietly with each of my thrusts. Playing off a trick I learned from Alice, Megan's mother and my second lover and advanced Sex Ed tutor, I pulled her knees up to her chest and then pushed them outward a little down onto the bed past her ribs.

She was tall and extremely limber so this gave me a great position while opening her up wide to me and lifting her hips upwards slightly, pushing my cock against her G-spot. I held her knees to the bed as handholds as I fucked her as fast and hard as I really let go with my lust. Her tiny breasts rocked up and down as I rammed myself in and out of her gushing pussy as she mutely accepted my pounding.

It only took about a minute before I felt my climax approaching.

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A moment later and I couldn't have stopped if you had put a gun to my head. I blasted my burning cum deep in her cunt, shot after shot down that sticky tunnel, filling her womb with all that I had. When I was completely empty I collapsed on top of her crushing my chest to her still pointed teats while letting her straighten her legs relax back downward.

We just lay there exhausted for a few moments until Judy asked, "Was it everything you had hoped?" She was still breathing quite heavy. "That and more," I responded truthfully. "So the lesson's over?" I laughed. She kissed me on the lips, "Oh, I'm sure you'll need more lessons to keep your 'grades' up." We smiled and kissed again and settled to a peacefully contented sleep in her arms.

I didn't feel guilty yet and I didn't think about it as I blissfully passed out. When I woke up alone I felt the guilt just like I had with all the rest. Judy did leave a note for me, written in German (of course), but I marveled how much easier it was to read when you really wanted to know what it said. I had to look up some words, but got through it quickly. It said to call her anytime I needed help on my German, and not to worry about Megan.

She assured me she would be discrete, as she wasn't looking for a relationship, just a good time, which she said fulfilled both of our needs. I lay back down and smiled. Looks like I have a regular fuck buddy here at college now and at least this one would help me pass my German class.

Then the phone rang with Megan favorite love song that she had programmed in my phone for her ring. "Guten Morgen," I answered. I smiled at her musical laugh and she replied, "Guten Morgen to you too. So you had a good time with Judy last night?" Terror shook me, "You know about that?" She laughed again, "Of course silly. Your grades were dismal and I had to really beg her to stop by and tutor you as well." Oh, well that made sense, "Yea.

She really got me to actually like cramming for German." I smiled thinking about 'cramming' her again and rubbed my morning wood gently remembering last night. "So, what's up?" I knew I was. "Well I was just checking in on how it went mostly, but I also needed to share the news with someone." I waited but she obviously was waiting for me to ask, "What news?" She sounded ready to burst as she practically screamed, "My dad finally got mom pregnant!

They'd been trying for years, so didn't tell anyone until after her first trimester to make sure she didn't miscarry and not get anyone's hopes up.

But she's starting to show now so they announced she's about five months along now." Oh, oh… I did the math and realized that was about when she had seduced me on the grounds of teaching me for her daughter's sake. Damn! I must have potent swimmers! Did I need to worry about impregnating every girl I slept with? I thought everyone used the pill nowadays. First Megan's little sister Abby, who was only about a month from her due date now, and now her mother, Alice too!

I suddenly worried about getting pinned as the father, but obviously Alice had claimed it was her own husband's child. Now I worried about Brooke who I'd slept with a few months ago, and now Judy who I'd just slept with.

Fuck! I didn't think they would be as silent about my participation if they got pregnant. I was now sweating bullets while Megan had never stopped talking once the secret was out. I was glad she didn't ask me anything as she talked a mile a minute. I knew I couldn't keep the worry out my voice for the first couple minutes of my thoughts. Luckily her phone beeped that she had another call coming in and excused herself and hung up on me with a quick, "Love you sweetie.