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Sleeping brother and sister xnxx com
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Before we ever went to a club, we met with them numerous times to share a dinner, pose our lifestyle questions, and glean from their experiences and counsel. They were our first "fucking mentors!" You might want to go back to CMHW 5 and read about Kevin's training and what he was primarily tasked with as a Seal. Once you understand how dangerous Kevin really was you might appreciate his answer when I posed these questions.

"How can you stand seeing someone actually fuck Katie while you are in the room watching? I understand those fantasies really well. Ash and I do that all the time. But watching it happen in real time? Watching some schmuck aggressively take her, then his cum pouring out of her he walks off all smug having just busting his nuts, making her cum wanting HIM not you?

You don't want to stop that? Not sure I could really handle it. And not sure I want to get so numb seeing that and it doesn't really drive me crazy any more!" Kevin didn't smile.


Didn't joke or sarcastically reply. He looked me straight in the eye and said. "I never get numb. I never stop going crazy. Almost every time it happens I want to kill the son of a bitch! Almost every time I actually come up with a plan how I'm gunna do it. But always, while it's goin down, I'm feelin this surge, hot as hell, hotter than anything I've ever experienced having sex with her or anyone else. So I focus on that and usually don't kill the bastard." Sounds kinda funny recounting that reply.

I don't remember it being so much at the time. He went on to explain that the two of them had been playing around with "the hot wife voyeurism thing" for many years.

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They kept finding new ways to use keep their marriage hot. For instance. Kevin designed a home with a huge master bedroom. It came with a tall vaulted ceiling and a type of balcony above their substantive walk-in closet. That balcony was his hideout spot allowing him to look down on their king sized bed. The plan was for the new guy facing the head of the bed while he was fucking Katie and she (when she was on her back) looking up at Kevin.

The two of them had this energy between them where she loved provoking Kevin and making him extremely jealous when she fucked some guy. Who the guy was or was like never made her as hot as watching Kevin go crazy up there. So Katie learned many inventive ways to get really wild with some poor guy in their bed.

All while mostly staying in eye contact with Kevin. So where did they get the guys? Well first they would often shop and find Katie something sexy to wear "for their night out," Then they would pick the bar or club (there plenty of options in the metro Orlando area) arriving in her little sexy car and his truck.

Kevin would go in first, get a drink and hang in some obscure area where he could observe the bar and wait for Katie to enter. She of course would go straight to ordering a drink and wait for the right guy to approach her.

Being sexy as hell, it never took too long to attract them.kinda like flies to a sticky bait.


When she finally selected one that made the grade, the game started. Kevin could only watch and try to behave. She might dance with this guy, do all her sexed up moves on him till he was dying to fuck her, all the while eyeing Kevin on the sidelines. According to Katie, watching him get all worked up and crazy was the best part of the night. When she was through with the "fire-play," she simply gave Kevin "the signal." That meant she was through whispering shit in the guy's ear like.

"My husband has been gone for weeks and I'm horny as hell! Let's get outta here and go to my house." He of course had no choice. He was always going to follow her out the door! So Kevin would take off first and get positioned in his loft waiting for his beautiful "unfaithful" wife to bring some new hot guy home, get all crazy with him in their bedroom, and in THEIR bed!

The scene was always different and inventive depending on the type of prey Katie brought home. She might be a sultry stripper for him, slowly (and painfully for Kevin) removing each article of clothing to some sexy music; or might go dominatrix on him with hand cuffs and blindfolds and floggers if she discovered him to be submissive; or might get drinks, lotsa drinks and just talk forever, torturously delaying the "inevitable prize" for the guy (Kevin hated that); or if the stud was hot as hell, she might start a crazy tearing of each other's clothes off in a fit of lustful passion, then frantic fucking like rabbits!

The only thing that mattered was how it affected Kevin up top watching. Crazy huh? If you care to take those scenarios apart, you'll find them to be multi-layered in various aspects of eroticism.

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I'm not going to go all psycho--analysis on you other than to say what they were doing was pretty deep in erotic psychology. It was also malleable or easily varied from week to week. They never let it get old for either of them. Who's to say whether this is healthy and legitimate sexual play? I'm sure it would "raise the eyebrows" of many former colleagues. However, Kevin and Katy sure thought it was. I've sometimes wondered who got the most out of this play.

Katie did get to fuck some pretty hot guys on a regular basis. But in talking to her, what got to her was always finding new ways to crank up Kevin!

She had a rather demented mind when it came to messin with her Navy Seal! The new guy. I'm sure he always ended up with a night to remember even though he often seemed so ancillary to the whole scene. In fact, Katie would tell ya that the thrill of casual sex with new guys eventually faded to something shallow and unfulfilling. She claimed she would stop it if not for Kevin. He was the center of her erotic fun and fulfillment. Without him, going to bars or clubs had little meaning or appeal.

But together it was a whole different experience. They both, but particularly Kevin, enjoyed the anticipation of the upcoming "weekend fun," the shopping for the right dress, the inherent danger of it all, and the savoring memories of their weekend play for days afterwards.

This "marital erotic core" is pretty much the same conclusion every couple came to at our swing clubs. All of us understand that straight people on the outside looking in usually pre-judged swinging as detrimental to marriages. We on the inside knew the truth was the exact opposite. What Kevin and Katie shared with us, redefined our concept of "sexual play." It might not work for every couple but here's the thing I learned from them.

The more alpha Katie's "prey," the greater the turn on, the greater the intensity alpha Kevin would have watching his woman get fucked. It would drive him crazy like nothing else could. He learned to crave those feelings finding them unable to be duplicated with anything else. including fucking new women for himself. You know the expression. "You don't really appreciate something until you loose it?" Well. There is much of that premise at play here. "Hot Wife-ing" is just pretend, just playing with "loosing her" except for a twist.the fucking she gets is real!

It takes a strong, self confidant, self assured man to "get off" on sharing his women. Most men loose or never even find this kind of sexual attraction because of their various insecurities or their basic fear of losing their women is just too strong.

This is in my opinion advanced sexual psychology. If it was a college course it would an upper level 400, and only if this was in your "major." I'm not trying to sell this type of play to anyone. It is clearly dangerous on a bunch of levels. Worked for Kevin because he was a high testosterone Seal that literally could kick your ass ten ways to Sunday if something went sideways.

It worked for Katie because she was a high level sexy blonde, loved sex more than food, was always the hottest woman at any venue, and subsequently always had a large selection of willing suitors. We just listened, observed, learned. Hell. Who were we to judge? Ash, Alex and I had our own little thing going. She and I understood and loved the hot wife attraction.

Consequently, we found everything they did fascinating, including the exhibitionist games (which was voyeurism for Kevin) they would often play. Like.

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driving down the highway, and as they put it. "with both tops down!" Or finding very inventive ways to expose her in public places with no panties. The ideas they came up with were endless. We took their suggestions and developed our own versions of edgy play. Spontaneous blow jobs in cars, movies, restaurants.

"Almost anywhere sex" radically changed a stale predictive sex life between two old married people! So does sex on a car hood along a busy highway. I could go on. But specifically, we definitely went pretty far down the road in the "Hot Wife" thing.

There were years when outside our club experiences, Ash had up to twenty guys in some kind of active sexual role. Some guys every few months. Some only for trips. A select few every few weeks. And some infrequently but completely spontaneous upon Ash's whim.

Between us, we actually had a type of cuckolding minus the humiliation aspects. I would've gone there but "being dom" wasn't really Ash's thing. (I'll go into that more later.) But the point is these two mentors really affected us, propelling us onward. So. let's get back to Kevin and Katie. Did we fuck? Was it worth risking my life to get in Katie's pants?

Would I even make her very selective grade? This is how it started.


After we had gone to the club they suggested, maybe for a couple months, we met them there surprisingly one night along with their two very striking daughters (early twenties.) The reason the kids came?

Well. As Kevin and Katie put it, "We want both of them to understand sex as we do, casually fun, uncomplicated, and hopefully then they will not choose to get married TOO early to some jerk just because they have the hots for him!" One of the daughters was already dating possibly the most famous DJ in Orlando.

Sex with him was fine for the Kevin and Katie. Falling in love with the jerk was not. As it turned out, the girls found really attractive guys at the club, had fun fucking them, discovered sex with a new sense of "no strings" for the first time and that became an effective antidote. Well back to the story of did we or didn't we. The four of us are all there at the club one Saturday night, sitting in the bar area talking and laughing, having drinks and I'm noticing Kevin and Katie are trying to communicate non verbally.

It was a little bit unnerving. I wasn't sure if it was a debate about if we were up to their "standards" or what. I'm thinking, Ash is definitely his type, but me with Katie. Hmmm They eventually work it out and invite us to follow them home. Game on! Found out later the debate was all about their home. They rarely if ever invited couples there. I'll get to the reason why. After the grand tour (it was a hellava house) Kevin hauls out his stash.

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He had just bought a new supply of pot. Must've been a pound or more as it was packaged in a tube about the size of a huge summer sausage. Ash and I were a bit embarrassed to tell them we had never indulged before which only made getting us high that much more fun for them. Obviously, they kinda got off on corrupting us in more ways than one!

Anyway. It was a different era. Pot was cheap. The room was full of smoke and all of us were soon high as a kite. Then the laughing began. I haven't really said much about Katie but she could've been a comedian.

Simply hilarious with an adorable high squeaky voice that would make any guy hard just listening to her. She and I started a banter and the further it went, the more absurd it became and the more we laughed. Funniest night of my life. The next morning my stomach muscles were sore. Must've been the laughter but maybe the sex.

This woman could fuck as well as she could make you laugh.

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It would be great for my ego to believe the great sex was because of my inherent sex appeal, but Katie was just playing me in front of Kevin, while we are all on a blanket, on the floor, in front of their lovely fireplace.

Why there and not their "bedroom made for sex?" Well we learned they didn't bring couples to the house because it had such strong associations for Kevin with voyeurism and single guys. When he got in that mode he could hardly give attention to another woman as Katie knew all too well.

So couples didn't work. That's why we were in the living room, away from the loft, and that's why so much pot was being smoked. Kevin was very turned on by Ash, had been wanting to fuck her for months and it might've worked. He thought their home was the coolest place to do her.except for those damn associations. Except for Katie! She knew his attraction to Ash was pretty high and rare, and knowing his "little problem," thought it all actually going down at the house was pretty funny.

So her devious little mind said "game on" and devised a plan to torture him. Which was. ignoring Kevin, no eye contact, totally getting into it with me, working me up to some incredible pitch, ordering me to go down on her "throbbing aching cunt," going psycho vocal and screaming all kinds of ego inflating shit to me and demeaning to Kevin, leaving no doubt how many times she was cumming on my expert tongue, and topping it all off with begging me to fuck her hard.

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Explicitly without a condom. (She never ever ever did that!) So during our little fuckfest I'm glancing over at Ash and Kevin expecting him to be ravishing her but instead he is just staring at us, maybe glaring is the better word. Ash meanwhile is trying her best moves playing with his cock, which of course is huge, and he is acting like nothing is happening! Katie, I'm sure noticed this too and it's probably why she kept finding a "higher gear" to go crazy with me.

I mean, have you ever had mind blowing sex, while high as a kite, laughing until you're crying with someone so intensely attractive and so way the hell outta your league? I hadn't. I didn't even think it was possible in this lifetime! So this coitus with Katie was not going to have any interuptus.

She and I are now well into the "wringing wet with sweat stage." And she's getting frustrated trying to make me to cum.

Trying her damnedest and asks me why I haven't. I tell her "I'm cleaning the garage." Well she got that right away. Mind control, premature ejaculation control. And that started another wave of laughter. Gawd she was a funny woman. But when she came down from that fit she whispered something to me too low to catch. I asked her what she said maybe five times. Each time the the response came in the same low whisper. Whispering??

THAT got Kevin's attention! Of course by design. She finally shouts. "Cum inside me now!" Fuck. Magic words. Did it on command. Ok. We all know during that kind of sexual peak there's no way in hell any guy is going to be all that concerned about life preservation. What I hear when I come down from my orgasm is Kevin literally groaning.

Found out later nearly no one had ever cum inside her. It was their only "line." I'm so glad I didn't die that night. I'm not sure why I got out alive. And Ash, I'm sure she never got off. Poor baby. I felt soooo bad for her!! Did we ever do it again with them?

Yes we did.

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Was it as much fun? Maybe more. Next time Katie behaved herself and it was just great sex between us. Teasing Kevin wouldn't have worked again anyway.

He was on to her devious ways and really wanted to make it up to Ash. After that second night.

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they were all about us launching out into our brave new sexual world. And that world "should never be about them or any other couple." They knew that all too well. It was always going to be about Ash and me. For us, Kevin and Katie proved what would happen many times. "When the students are ready, the teachers will appear!" We never saw or played with them again.

Thanks Kevin and Katie! You changed our lives and always remain our friends. Happy hunting!