Real hardcore men fucking dolls gay porn movietures and muscle

Real hardcore men fucking dolls gay porn movietures and muscle
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The Education of Heather Part 5 Heather's back door is opened "That was one of the hottest fuck scenes I have ever seen," said Jason, rising up from behind the camera. "I hope the lens didn't fog up! Mike why don't you go shower, but Heather, I want you to stay on the bed for a few more minutes." Mike rose from the bed and padded off in the direction of the bathroom. Heather stretched out on her back, one arm reaching up behind her head, shaping her wondrous breasts into perfect globes.

Her other hand was draped casually across her belly. A wonderful warm feeling of contentment pervaded her entire body. Her breathing returned to normal as she slowly caressed her abdomen between her navel and pubic hair. "I wonder," she thought, "with all those millions of sperm swimming inside me, will I get pregnant? Wouldn't that piss Steve off royally?

Pregnant by a black stranger." Jason's voice interrupted her thoughts, "Heather, I want you to prop yourself up on you elbows and face the camera. I want a shot of the cum running out of your pussy." He moved the camera closer to the bed and aimed it between her legs.

Heather pushed herself up and gazed down at her pussy. She could tell she was really wet from a combination of her own orgasm and Mike's sperm. "Here it comes," remarked Jason. He zoomed the lens in tight, filling the frame with Heather's swollen, pink labia. A trickle of white semen appeared that soon built to a small flood of thick cum. It oozed from between her pussy lips and puddled on the sheets at the crack of her ass.

"Man, look at all that cum! Heather, he really unloaded in you, girl." Even though she was still quite na? in these matters, Heather was astounded at the amount of fluid soaking into the sheets. She had heard the average male ejaculation consisted of about a teaspoon of fluid, but this was much, much more than a mere teaspoon. It looked like it was enough to fill a shot glass!

Heather collapsed back onto the bed and closed her eyes. She was still experiencing the afterglow of good sex and beginning to feel a little drowsy.

"This must be what it feels like to be horny," she thought as she closed her eyes. Jason turned off the camera and began to dismantle it for the next scene his scene! "At last," he thought, "I finally get to put my cock in that fine white pussy and ass." Looking at the beautiful woman on the bed, his cock began to stiffen, a condition he encouraged by rubbing it through the thin material of his jeans. He turned to Anton and told him where he wanted the lights and the camera.

Together, they spent the next several minutes setting up the equipment and preparing to shoot the scene. Once Jason was satisfied with the set up, he turned to look back at Heather.

Her hair was splayed in a graceful arch around her head. One hand draped across her upper thighs, the other cocked above her head. Her breasts rose and fell with each breath, her nipples remained erect. Her legs were together and bent slightly at the knees, hiding her most intimate parts from view. Her pose was one of casual sexuality that is observed in women who know they are attractive, but do not use their beauty to threaten or cajole.

Jason was loading a new video card in the camera, "Hey Heather," he called softly, "You awake? Ready to start the next scene?" Heather responded slowly, stretching her legs and arching her back as she came out of her cat nap.

She decided she was still horny. "Mm-m-m-m," she moaned opening her eyes to watch Jason, "What are we doing now?" Jason had finished loading the camera, handed it to Anton, and began stripping off his clothes. He snatched his t-shirt over his head in a quick movement and began to unbuckle his belt.

Heather's eyes focused on the obvious bulge at the front of his jeans as his hands manipulated the buckle. The fever in her loins began re-building in anticipation of seeing what his actions would soon reveal. Heather realized she was being turned on watching Jason strip. The old Heather would have covered her nakedness and turned her head if a stranger had stripped in front of her. The new, sexual Heather was intensely aware that her vaginal juices were beginning to flow again.

Jason unzipped his jeans and hooking his thumbs in the material pushed his pants and boxers to the floor. His rigid black cock bobbed up and down with the movement, pointing directly at Heather in invitation. He stepped out of his clothes, got onto the bed, and began to crawl toward her, his arms and legs straddling her body.

Looking down at her beautiful face and inviting mouth, he lowered his head close to hers, "Time for you and me to do some serious fuckin'." He pressed his lips to hers and felt her mouth open immediately in response, inviting his tongue to enter. Their tongues engaged in a slippery wrestling bout that was matched in intensity by the force of the kiss.

Jason moved one leg between Heather's and she quickly opened her legs to him. Without taking his mouth from her lips, he reached down with one hand to aim his cock at the opening to her sperm-lubricated pussy.

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Heather's hand intercepted him and guided his pink-black cockhead between her labia. With one firm stroke, Jason's cock filled her receptive womb. Heather broke the kiss.

"Ah-h-h," she moaned throwing her head back against the pillow, "you feel so good inside me." "Mike said you were the best fuck he had ever had, and he wasn't exaggerating." Jason began small thrusts, withdrawing just a couple of inches of his cock before plunging completely back in. He felt a tightness began to build in his balls and realized he could not continue on his present course if he intended to shoot the scene he had planned.

He pushed his cock fully into Heather and held still. When she realized he was no longer pumping in and out of her pussy, Heather stared up at Jason with a questioning look. "Why did you stop?" she asked. "Because if I don't stop, I'll cum in you before we've done the scene. A minute ago, you asked what we are going to do in this scene. I'm going to fuck your ass!" Heather was immediately concerned and it was reflected in her face.

"Jason, I don't know if I can do that. I've never had anal sex before and you are so big, I think it would hurt a lot if I tried to take you there." Jason pushed his groin tightly against hers, forcing his cock another fraction of an inch deeper into her body. "There are two secrets to good anal sex," he began.

"First, you have to relax as much as possible. When you are relaxed, your ass will actually draw my cock inside you. And second, we have to use plenty of lubrication. I have some stuff I've used before and it's really good, you'll see." Heather was not comfortable with the whole idea of taking his cock in her ass.

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"Jason, I'm just not sure. . ." The note of concern obvious in her voice. "You'll be fine Heather, I promise. Look, I'll take it real slow and easy, and if it gets too uncomfortable for you, I'll stop, ok?" Heather cupped his face in her hands and stared directly into his eyes. "You promise you'll stop?" "I promise," he replied. Jason resumed slowly pumping his cock in and out of her warm, wet pussy. He grinned broadly and kissed her lips. "Besides, if I can't fuck your ass, I can always stick my dick in your pussy and get you pregnant, can't I?

Well, assuming Mike hasn't already done that." Heather grinned and instead of responding verbally, she lifted her face to kiss him, eagerly sucking his tongue into her mouth.

At the same time she moved her hands down his body to grasp his buttocks. Grabbing them firmly in her hands she made a futile effort to pull him deeper into her womb. Jason moved in and out of her eager pussy for several seconds. "Ok, I've got to quit now or I'm gonna cum and spoil the whole scene." He rose up on his arms and looked down at the union of their groins.

With great reluctance, he began to slowly withdraw his cock, a millimeter at a time, savoring the warm, wet, tight grip of her pussy. "God, you feel good," he said. Heather was mesmerized by the sight of his glistening cock as it began to reemerge from the depths of her body. "I love your cock," she murmured almost involuntarily.

Once he had fully withdrawn from her pussy, Jason moved off her. "Turn over and spread your legs," he commanded. Heather rolled to her stomach and opened her legs, her arms forming a cradle for her head.

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She really was nervous about having anal sex. She remembered reading in a magazine that a lot of women found it painful and very uncomfortable, and while Jason wasn't as big as Mike, he was big enough to worry her. Jason stared at the beautiful, nude feminine ass in front of him. His heart began to hammer in his chest from the anticipation. In a voice he hoped would not betray his excitement he said, "I don't want to surprise you here so let me tell you what I'm gonna do." Heather turned her head to look at him.

"I will start slow, putting one finger in, then a second. I'll use my fingers for a couple minutes to get you loosened up before I try to put my cock in, ok? Also, I had a woman tell me it helps if you rub your clit while you are taking a dick in the ass.

She said the combination of sensations was amazing, so don't be shy about using your fingers." Jason reached for a tube of lubricant that was on the nearby nightstand. "Open your legs a little more and raise your hips." Heather lifted her hips and watched as he began to squeeze a clear, viscous material onto his hand. "Anton," Jason called, "are you ready on the camera? I'm going to finger fuck her ass for a little while to get her ready.

You don't need to start taping right away, and remember where I want you to shoot first, ok? We talked about it earlier." "I'm ready whenever you are, "Anton responded.

" I just hope I can keep my eye to the view finder and jack off at the same time! She is really hot!" Heather smiled at the crude compliment and recalling Jason's suggestion, moved her hand down between her legs, her fingers began to lightly caress her clit. Jason laid the tube down and began to smear lubricant all over his middle finger.

Heather watched the whole procedure and suddenly realized how long and thick his finger was. "Raise your hips just a little bit more. That's it, now relax." He started rubbing his hand slowly and sensuously over the cheeks of her ass. "I'm going to spread your ass and slowly insert my finger." Using the thumb and forefinger of his left hand, Jason parted the smooth, rounded globes, and gently touched the tip of his lubricated finger to the tiny, brown orifice.

"Oh!" Heather jumped at his touch. "Stay still, I won't hurt you." Jason reestablished contact with her asshole and began to push his finger into the tightly clenched flesh. "Relax Heather, relax." Heather took several deep breaths and tried to force her muscles to loosen.

Jason's finger slipped in up to the first knuckle.

"Ugh-h-h," Heather pushed her face into the bedding. Jason continued to force his digit deeper into her bowels, until finally it was in as far as he could get it. "Ok, I'm in. I'm just going to leave it there for a minute or two so you can get accustomed to it. Remember, rub your clit see if that helps." Heather renewed her self massage and a glow began to build within her groin. She dropped her hips to the bed and tentatively pushed them back up, initiating a small in-and out movement with Jason's finger.

Realizing what she was doing, Jason held his finger steady and let her arch up against it. "That's nice, Heather. How does it feel?" Heather considered her reply before answering, "It doesn't feel too bad." She continued to use her hips to fuck his finger in and out of her ass.

"Stop for a minute, I'm going to insert another finger." Heather stopped moving her hips and held them up in anticipation. Jason withdrew his finger and applied lubricant to his forefinger and middle fingers. "Ok, here they come." He slowly, but purposefully inserted both digits past the second knuckles. "Uh h-h-h," Heather moaned again, her hand moving faster over her clit. Soon, her hips resumed their slow pumping motion and Jason's fingers were sliding freely in and out of her asshole.

After several more seconds of this action, he knew she was ready. Jason withdrew his fingers, directing her with his hand; he rolled her to her side facing him. "Ok Heather, here's the scene.

We are going to start this one differently than the others. I want you to lie on your side facing the camera. I will be behind you, fucking your pussy. You can talk to the camera and explain that this is the anal sex scene. Don't make your introduction too long," he smiled," because if you do, I am libel to cum in your pussy and I really want to fuck your ass.

Are you ready?" Heather had a slight buzz on as a result of masturbating her clit, but she understood Jason's directions and found that she was eager to try this. "I think I'm ready, but promise me again that you'll go slow, and if I tell you it hurts, you have to stop." "I will not hurt you. Like I said, I am going to start by fucking you on your side, but when you are ready, I want you to get up on your hands and knees so that we can do this doggie style, ok?" She nodded, "I think I can do that." "Ok, Anton!" Jason called.

"Drop your dick and start the camera." Anton moved into place behind the camera and Heather rolled over to face the lens. He waved his hand to position her in the light, "Move down this way. . closer. . just a little more. Ok, that's perfect. Alright Jason, get in position, I'm ready. The camera's rolling." Jason squeezed more lubricant into his hand and coated his dick with the slippery substance.

He then moved behind Heather and pushed his dick between her legs. She raised her top leg and rested it on his thigh, exposing her pussy to the camera and his penetration.

His cock entered her body and moved easily into her womb. As he had done before, Jason began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her wet womanhood. Heather closed her eyes and felt her face flush with pleasure with each stroke of his cock. Jason cupped her breast and began to roll the erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger. "Mm-m-m-m," Heather responded, "that feels good." Anton's viewfinder was filled with the sight of a large, thick, black cock disappearing completely between Heather's swollen labia.

The cock was slick from her mucous and the lube, and the microphone recorded the wet sounds of their movements. Anton panned the camera up to Heather's face, and noted the look of pure contentment on her features. "Damn," he thought, "she really likes black dick!" Heather opened her eyes and focused on the camera lens.

"Hi again, Steve. This is Jason. As you can see, he is already inside me, but this not the first time I have been with him. Remember earlier I told you I had to practice oral sex before I filmed that scene with Anton?" She briefly looked over her shoulder at Jason.

"Jason was the first man I ever took in my mouth. I didn't do a very good job either. I think I only swallowed about half of his sperm, and I thought he was big when he was in my mouth, but he feels even bigger now." Jason stroked steadily in and out of her warm, receptive pussy.

"Mm-m-m-m, he feels good. I love having him inside me." Heather turned her head away from the camera, "Fuck me harder," she whispered. Jason increased the speed of his thrusts. "You feel great," he panted in a stage whisper, "Think I should try to get you pregnant?" Heather smiled at him and began to thrust back against his pumping groin.

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Turing back to the camera, Heather continued, "Um-m-m, that feels really good, but I don't want Jason to cum in my vagina." She batted her eyelashes several times, a wicked grin crossed her face, "I want him to cum in my ass." Staring intently at the camera, Heather asked, "Does that shock you, Steve? We've never had anal sex and I really never thought I would want to do it, but right now.


. . " She paused to let Jason pump himself into her body. ". . it really sounds good to me. Let's see what Jason thinks." Heather moved away from Jason, causing his cock to pop out of her pussy. She quickly repositioned herself on her hands and knees, her ass an open invitation to her black lover. Jason moved into position behind her, his cock throbbing in anticipation.

He reached down to grasp the tube of lubricant and spread some into his hand. Dropping the tube, he massaged the gel onto his dick.

"Are you ready?" He asked. Heather's response was to push her beautiful ass back against his thighs. Jason gripped his cock and using his hand to position his steel-hard cock, wedged the swollen cockhead tightly against her tiny brown hole.

He grasped her hips with his hands and began to push firmly. Several inches of is cock slid easily into her ass. "Um-m-m," Heather said, her breath coming in short, sharp gasps, "Go slow." "Relax," Jason coached, "let your ass take my cock inside." He gripped her hips tightly and maintaining a firm pressure against her ass, forced more of his dick into her bowels.

Seconds later, his thighs were pushed tightly against her buttocks his entire cock was buried in her formerly virgin asshole. Jason had to take several deep breaths to calm himself and prevent his balls from erupting prematurely. Her ass was the tightest he had ever had and any sudden twitch on his part was sure to result in his cum flooding her rectum.

Jason wanted the release, but he also wanted to fuck this woman for as long as he could hold out. "Are you ok?" he asked, holding his groin tightly against her ass. Her eyes were closed and her forehead was wrinkled in concentration. "Uh huh," she nodded, "I'm ok. It feels a little weird. I feel. . ah. . full." "You just relax, let me do the work for a few minutes," he responded. Jason released his grip on her hips, his fingers went directly to her pussy and began to massage her labia and search for her clit.

Heather twitched as he made contact with her sensitive bud. Slowly and methodically, he used his fingers to build her sexual energy.

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He wanted her to climax with his dick in her ass, and after just a few moments of digital stimulation, he knew she was close. Her breathing was labored, a deep moan resonated in her throat, and her inner thigh muscles began to twitch. "Oh Jason," she panted, "Oh God. . don't stop. I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum." With that, she convulsed against him, her body spasming repeatedly. All the while, Jason held his thighs tightly against her round ass, keeping is cock buried completely in her anus.

His fingers continued to slip in and out of her pussy. After a minute or so, Heather looked over her shoulder at Jason, pure lust in her eyes. "I am ready for you to fuck my ass." Jason resisted the urge to plunge roughly into her ass because he knew that would cause pain. Instead, he spread her butt cheeks with his hands and slowly began to withdraw his thick black dick, savoring the sight as it emerged from the depths of her bowels. Jason gazed down at the smooth expanse of Heather's back, her trim shoulders, and narrow waist, pushing his cock back into her body.

Her deliciously round ass cheeks were flattened against his dark groin, the root of his cock visible at the entrance to her asshole. His balls were swollen and primed to spew their sticky white load.

Grabbing her hips with both hands, he again withdrew most of his dick and then thrust it completely back in. He repeated the action over and over, his thrusts becoming stronger with each movement. Heather had never felt so alive. Her senses were highly attuned to the moment, and she could feel her rectum stretch as Jason's dick moved in and out.

She could feel his pubic hair scratch against her ass with each inward thrust. Her hips pushed back against him, matching the speed and ferocity of his thrusts. Her hands clutched at the sheets, her arms stiffly positioned out in front of her chest acting as shock absorbers as Jason pumped deep into her.

Through the intensity of their actions, she sensed his rhythm increase and knew he was approaching his orgasm. At that moment, there was nothing in the world more important to her than to feel his cock erupt in her bowels. She gritted her teeth and pushed against him, matching each of his mighty thrusts. A guttural sound began deep in Jason's lungs and built in volume as it moved out of his body.

"Aggh-h-h-h, here it comes! Agh-h-h-h-h!" Pushing his cock deep into Heather, his balls burst. Sperm gushed into her intestines, spurt after spurt filled her ass. Jason held his groin tight against her ass and struggled to force the last few millimeters of his cock into her asshole. Thoroughly drained and overcome by his exertions, Jason collapsed on to his back, pulling Heather down next to him.

"Oh my God," he began, "That was the best fuck I have ever had! We are definitely going to do that again, and real soon!" Heather snuggled against him, her head on his chest.

Her hand traced a random pattern through the fine sheen of sweat that covered his torso. Her hand moved down to grasp his still swollen cock and she began to gently jack her hand up and down its length. As she stroked, a small drop of cum formed at the slit. Spontaneously, Heather moved down and took his cock in her mouth, sucking the cum into her throat. Her hand continued its motion for several more seconds before she took him out of her mouth. Anton focused the camera on her face as she took the throbbing black cock in her mouth.

She turned back to face Jason. "I think I got it all," she said with a grin on her face. The camera recording every detail. Anton turned off the camera. "Holy shit," he exclaimed, "it's my turn next!" "When you're done, I'm going again," said Mike who had re-entered the bedroom.

Heather snuggled further into Jason's shoulder and smiled at Anton, "You guys will just have to wait awhile. I am really tired, and I need a shower very badly. I have sperm oozing out from everywhere!" Jason had recovered sufficiently to join the conversation. "You're right, Heather we could all use a little break. You go take a shower and we'll tidy up in here," he said gesturing to the rumpled bed clothes.

Heather got up from the bed, picked up her kimono, and walked to the bathroom, oblivious to the raw, lust-filled stares from Mike and Anton.

As she closed the bathroom door, both men turned to Jason who was still stretched out on the bed, an arm flung over his eyes enjoying the last vestiges of a deep and satisfying orgasm.


"Man, that is one fine piece of ass," said Anton to the other two. "I have got to fuck her again before we leave." Mike grunted his approval, "I'd like another shot, too. Do we have time for another round today?" "We have plenty of time. Her husband isn't coming back until Monday. The question is, does she have the strength for another round. Remember, she doesn't have that much experience and we've fucked her pretty.

Jason rose from the bed and twisted from side to side to loosen his back. "Yeah, I think we've got time, but we may have to do group thing. Are you cool with that?" Both men smiled and nodded. "A group grope is fine with me," replied Mike, "as long as I get her ass." Anton chimed in, "I claim her pussy." "You greedy bastards," Jason chided, "I am sure there will be enough holes to go around.

Now listen, let's not push this too hard, ok? She seems to be digging everything so far, and I don't want to scare her off now. Mike, you are dressed, why don't you go pick up some lunch. After we eat and rest for a bit, I'll tell her we have one more scene to do to finish up." Mike laughed as he turned to leave the room, "Yeah, I plan on finishing in a big way, too."