Sickest Hündin jemals Plonger in ihr Arschloch tief

Sickest Hündin jemals Plonger in ihr Arschloch tief
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Sitting in a white room sat a white chair, gathered around the room on the floor were hundreds of red balloons. White and red candles burned along the shelf that was at chair rail level close to 175 candles flickered and lit the room in an erotic illumination. Soft music filled the air; I believe it was Eric Clapton singing a sweet symphony of "You Look Wonderful Tonight". My heels clicked on the parquet floor.

I surveyed the room; it was beautiful and would be absolutely incredible by dark which was about 30 minutes away. I waited for him to get off work, his instructions tonight had been to come to the studio and I would be waiting for him. He worked hard all day, and sometimes I enjoyed spicing up our marriage. I looked at my watch I had about 20 minutes until he showed up.

I went into the bathroom in the back taking my outfit out of the bag. I had purchased a leather dominatrix outfit, complete with a whip and tall leather boos that pulled up to the cheeks of my ass. Once I was leathered up, I looked at myself in the mirror. My tits were tightly bound by the leather and were held up nice and perky. I applied red lipstick to my lips, and brushed out my long dark hair. I looked very sexy, and I knew it.

Walking into the main ballroom, it was lit by the light of 175 candles; another 80's song was playing on the radio that I didn't recognize. I walked to the big window and looked out, I heard footsteps approaching the door outside, and I heard a key in the lock, the door swung open. I kept my back to the door knowing that it was him.

I heard his feet on the floor.

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He stopped perhaps 3 feet behind me, and stopped. I still didn't turn to greet him. He sighed heavily before he spoke, "Baby, turn around, "he said sweetly. I turned and faced him, I watched as his eyes started at my face and made their way down to my breast, all the way down to the tips of my boots. He looked into my eyes. "You're so sexy, "he said. "Thank you, do you want to play now," I asked. He nodded his head and came the other three feet, his put his arms around me, and I pulled away.

"I am in the master tonight, "I said. He raised his eyebrow and looked at me; he smirked and then stood back with his hands down to his side, in submission. I took his arm and told him to take off his shirt, and his jacket and to sit down in the white chair.

He walked back over and sat in the chair. He slipped off his jacket handing it out to me and then unbuttoned his shirt handing it to me. I loved to watch him undress, I did it every night, and his chest was sleek and dark.

His abs was tight and fine for his age, his dark complexion complimented by his long black hair that was past his shoulders. In the kitchen he typically kept it pulled neatly into a pony tail but tonight it was down and gorgeous. Laying his clothes down I walked over to him, in my hand I had a riding crop, I tapped him on the shoulder and then the arm and he sat still waiting for his orders. I could feel myself getting excited, "I want you to stand up and kiss my neck and my lips and nothing more, "I ordered.

He stood and his lips went to my neck kissing the little dip below my chin, moving down my neck I felt his wet hot tongue on my neck, he sucked and then kissed gently down my neck, making his way up to my ears he sucked my lobes and came to mouth. He held my face in his hand as his lips softly brushed against mine. His tongue parted my lips as it explored my mouth. His tongue found mine and they danced for a few minutes. My pussy was throbbing, and my nipples were hard.

"Sit down," I said He did as he was told and sat back in the white chair. I handed him the crop and ben over in front of him. He knew what to do he began to smack my ass with the crop; he swung down hard, the whip cracked on my ass loudly because of the leather.

I reached between my legs and pulled the snaps on the crotch of my outfit. It spring up over my ass. He continued to smack me ass with the whip. I could feel the whelps starting to form. I still didn't want him to stop it was turning me on; I spread my legs further for him. He pushed me over so my hands were touching the floor.

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He made me spread my legs a little further and he cracked the whip, the leather hit my pussy lips and stung like hell. I felt the wetness slipping from little cunt. He continued to hit me; I was close to having an orgasm. "Sit back in that chair," I instructed as I told him I stood up. He again did as he was told. Which was indeed hard for him because he was use to giving orders? "Take your cock out," I said, he unbuckled his belt.


Unbuttoning the button he unzipped his pants, reaching inside his pants he took out his cock. It was hard. It stood against his belly that was covered in black curly hair. I walked over to him and turned away from him, straddling him, my legs spread and my cunt lips were spread, I slipped the head of his hard cock into my dripping wet pussy. He moaned as he entered my hot little pussy. I was in control, I moved my legs up and down in a half squat so I could take just a little more than the head inside me.

I began to move faster.

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His hands rested on my hips as he tried to push me down onto him. I bucked his advances but he was strong he pushed me down and I allowed his entire cock to fill my tight little pussy. He hit my cervix as he shoved me down hard.


An orgasm racked my body, my pussy tightened over his cock as I came. Standing I turned back around and faced him, I squatted facing him again taking just the head of his big dick into my wide open pussy. I slid him inside of me, he held my hips again as I rocked on him.

He reached to my tits and began to pull them out of my leather outfit. He pulled the right one free, and began to suck on my hard little pink nipple. He squeezed hard as I moaned, and came down hard on his dick, he felt so good deep inside my slit.

I moved my hips in a round motion as I fucked him. Hooking my feet around the legs of the chair I had all my weight on him. The balloons floated around the floor of the room when the air kicked on, creating an erotic scene as I fucked him in the chair.

He fucked me harder, and then pushed me off of him. I moved off and he held me above his cock, he moved the head of his dick to the opening of my tight ass. I looked at him to plead him not to it was going to hurt and I knew that. He held his dick in his hand and moved it into my asshole, I tried to move away from him but he had me tight. In one motion he shoved his entire cock into my asshole down to his balls.

I screamed and tried to move myself off of him. He was having none of it; I had lost control if I ever even had it. He began to move his cock harder into my asshole. His cock was hard and felt as though it would tear my ass in half. He grabbed and pinched my hard tits in his hand pulling my nipples far out.

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The pain was intense but not as bad as his dick in my ass. I managed to get off of him; he shoved me down to the floor amongst the red balloons. "Now baby, you move up to that chair and face me, "he said. Sitting in the chair he took my legs and slid the boots off, and put my legs up on his shoulders. He moved his head down between my legs, his tongue caressing my clit. It was hard, and I knew I was soaking with cum.

He licked at my clit and put his finger to the first knuckle inside my hole.

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I was getting close to cumming; he was relentless on my clit. I came, I more than came, I squirted all over his face. My legs tightened around his head, as he continued to lick my smooth little girl like pussy. My plump lips were on each side of his mouth as he continued to lick and suck at my sweet smooth little inner lips.

I squirted him again in the mouth as he drank my cum down. I felt his fingers going back for my asshole. He moved off my pussy and watched as he fingers my ass. "Your ass baby is wide open, the hole is open, and your pussy hole is round and slick, red inside and hot as hell, "he said.

He began to bang his fingers hard into my pussy. He stopped and then inserted a second finger.

My ass hung over the chair and my legs were still up on his shoulders. He moved his fingers in and out of my cunt for a few more seconds. He moved and began to add another finger into my puss. He then added the forth, I moaned as he worked his thumb into me. I had all of his fingers as he began to move his hand around forcing me to take more and more.


I moaned loudly my pussy was full, I wasn't sure I could take anymore. He began to lick at my little clit small circles as he forced more of his hand into my cunt. I could feel my pussy stretching tighter around his hand.

I felt a pop and extreme fullness, I looked down at my cunt, and his hand was in my pussy up to the wrist. My lips were stretched out until they had disappeared, my inner lips were on each side of his wrist, and my clit was stretched out wide, the middle sticking up like a hard little cock.

His tongue flicked at my clit, I was going to cum watching him fist fuck my pussy. I was so full, I realized that he was hitting my bladder and I couldn't take anymore. I didn't even warn him, but I began to piss hitting him in the mouth face and chest.

He looked at me piss dripping from his face.

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He pulled his hand out of my cunt, I watched as it slid out and was left wide open. He shoved his cock into me, and began to fuck me, he moaned as he pulled his cock out, I had expected a big pussy full of cum, instead he began to piss on my clit, I reached down to smack it hard as he pissed on it.

It was so hot I could hardly stand it, the more I smacked my clit and inner little soft lips the more excited I became, I came hard as he shoved his cock back into my pussy.

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He moaned and grabbed my tits hard as he shoved in up to his balls and came deep with my hot folds of skin inside of my cunt. He was breathing hard, as was I. I had failed at being a dominatrix, but, I had been fucked in my fantasy room and I had come endlessly so what difference did it really make if I couldn't be the master, I certainly was the slave.