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Family Surprise Nancy had been together with Paul for nearly four months when she decided it was time to introduce him to her various family members. Her children all knew she was dating again, but none of them had actually met Paul. They were all involved in their own lives and daily dramas, so none of them felt curious about the new man in their mother's life.

However, her three sisters couldn't think of a time when Nancy had been with anyone other than her ex-husband. They were each curious as to how their sibling was doing in the dating world, but distance and taking care of their own families effectively precluded them from making a casual visit to check him out.

Nancy's sister, Ann, was the first to plan a visit to visit her older sister. Ann and her husband, James, lived just outside of town and had been married for almost 15 years. She had been Nancy's confidante throughout their childhood and later, when things reached the breaking point in Nancy's marriage. After Nancy first told her of how her marriage to Ben was deteriorating and his lack of interest in trying to fix their relationship, Ann reacted strongly telling her sister to give her husband an ultimatum; he could try and work with her to save the marriage or she would leave him.

It was months later before Nancy finally followed her sister's advice and ended up moving out and divorcing Ben. In the following years, Ann tried to set up her sister with men she thought were good matches, but very few ended up going beyond one date.

Nancy had always been extroverted and bubbly, but never flirtatious and she had difficulty responding to the men she dated once the conversation had covered all the typical safe topics. For the most part, Nancy's low self-esteem had made her reticent to develop another intimate relationship and the men, sensing her disinterest, left for greener pastures.

These signs of rejection only reinforced her poor self-image and continued social isolation from men. When Nancy first mentioned Paul during a phone call, Ann heard an unusual lilt in her sister's voice that signaled a change in her for the better.

Of course, Nancy didn't share with her sister all the details of her new life with Paul. Her modesty and sense of propriety made that part of her life too private to share with anyone other than Paul. Even after all they had shared and done together, she felt uncomfortable discussing certain details or thoughts about their sex life with him.

It was easier for her to let him do any required planning on their private activities, or to let things develop spontaneously in the heat of their passion.

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A recent example of him leading her to try something she'd never consider doing on her own occurred just a couple days earlier. As Nancy stood in the bathroom drying off from her shower, she voiced her oft-mentioned displeasure with the appearance of her breasts.

"I hate my boobs! They're so small and just sag down without any shape!" she complained. "I know you like me going bra-less, but I don't have nice perky boobs like those other women you dated. Mine just wobble around down there when I walk and I'm embarrassed to go out in public looking like that.

I need to get a boob job." "You don't need a boob job," he said firmly. Paul tried to explain that he loved her boobs because he loved her, not the other way around, but he couldn't change her mind. Changing tactics, her took her shopping that morning and the first stop was a small adult store he visited at various times to update Nancy's growing toy box.

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As soon as they pulled into the parking lot, she began her refusal to enter a "place like that." Paul practically dragged her out of the car and into the store where Nancy quickly tried to hide and remain inconspicuous.

The only other people in the store were two women who worked there. They recognized Paul immediately and came over to chat. Paul introduced them to Nancy who was somewhat surprised by their appearance and the overall appearance of the store inside. She expected some pimply-faced teenage boy in ragged jeans, a t-shirt, and with tattoos and piercing all over his body.

These women were both in their late-20's to early-30's, but their clothing was modest and professional looking. Instead of crude signs announcing the locations of various items or the newest porn film in stock, items were more discreetly displayed on shelves with a small color-coded map of the store placed at convenient locations to help guide customers to the area of their interest. While several of the items looked garish and cheap, there was a good selection of items that were neither poor quality or cheap.

In the back was a fitting room that was no different than what she would expect to find in a large department store. As Nancy continued to gaze around and take in the store, she spotted a couple of the items Paul had bought for her, including the small anal dildo he used a few weeks earlier to introduce that form of pleasure to her. One of the girls engaged Nancy in a short chat as Paul spoke to the other about what he was shopping for. She listened to his description, smiled and went to the clothing section where she quickly found what she was looking for and came back.

"Here you go," she said, handing Nancy a small bra. "I think this will fit you. This is one of my favorite styles. It's very comfortable, gives good support, and is well-made. We carry several colors, but I think the standard black lace is the sexiest-looking." Looking at the bra in her hands, Nancy noticed it wasn't like anything she'd ever worn before.

"What kind of bra is this?" she asked. "It's called a shelf bra," the saleswoman replied. "It's specially designed to lift up your breasts and present them without covering the nipples or upper part of the breast.

If you wear one of these, nearly everyone will be wondering if you're wearing a bra or not. Your nipples will be prominent, however your breasts will remain firmly in place and not move as much as if you were bra-less. Why don't you go inside and try it on?" she said, pointing towards the fitting rooms in the back.

Nancy tried to refuse, but eventually, she was coaxed into the back to try on the bra. After putting it on and looking at herself in the dressing room mirror, she had to admit that her breasts did look much fuller, perkier, and with her nipples extending out over the top to the bra cup, it did look pretty sexy.

She also noticed how the top of her breasts jiggled a bit as she moved around, but she wasn't sure if that was a bad thing or not. When she came out, Paul and the saleswomen were waiting for her with expectant smiles. She almost beamed when she told them she'd take it and then had one of the girls show her where they were kept so she could pick out a couple more. When they returned home, Paul got Nancy to try on the new bra for him and she could see in his face how much he liked it.

He then got her nipples clamps and she watched as he put one on each of her breasts and tightened the set screw just enough to cause her to wince.

Her nipples quickly became numb and to the connecting chain between the two clamps, he then attached a medium sized weight from the small set that came with the clamps. Nancy watched her nipples stretch and extend downward under the weight and with each movement; she felt a constant tug to remind her of the affixed device. Paul directed her to put her t-shirt back on and when she observed herself in the mirror, she could clearly make out the bumps from her nipples under the shirt and the outline of the clamps around them, but the loose fit of the shirt obscured any sign of the linking chain or the weight suspended on it.

He left the clamps on her for a few more minutes before taking them off, As each one was released, Nancy felt the familiar burning and sharp stinging sensation radiating from the tip of her breasts as the blood rushed back into her nipples. Paul spent a few moments with each one, first licking around it and then blowing softly to create a cool breeze that calmed the fire in her teats.

Paul convinced her to put the clamps without tightening them too much and leave them on for the rest of the day. She felt the slight downward tug on her nipples from the weight of the clamps, but it was quickly forgotten. When they went out in public that afternoon, she could sense the stares of men and women, or was that her imagination at work. On a couple occasions, she caught men hurriedly looking away and she was sure they had been checking her out. That realization both embarrassed and excited her at the same time.

By the time she and Paul returned home, she removed her t-shirt and released the clamps. Her nipples remained elongated for several minutes afterwards before returning to their normal size and shape. She was already thinking ahead to the next time she went to work wearing her clamps, only wearing her new bra with them.

So, Ann called two days later to plan out a weekend together, she noticed a subtle change in Nancy's voice. There was an undertone of excitement and self-confidence that Ann had never heard before when Nancy spoke of Paul.

Ann and James were going to visiting friends in the area over the weekend, so they made plans to stop by Friday evening for drinks and dinner with Nancy and boyfriend. Friday evening arrived and Nancy was nervously getting herself ready for her sister's visit. Paul had stayed at her house all day doing some of his office telecommuting and also doing some last minute cleaning and minor repairs around the house.

The doorbell rang and Nancy hurried to answer it with Paul at her side. As the door opened, there was a sudden flash of recognition between Paul, Ann, and James before Nancy could make the introductions. "Oh my God! You're Nancy's boyfriend?" Ann said with a large smile.

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Paul and James shook hands while Nancy asked in bewilderment, "You guys know each other?" Ann replied, "We have some mutual friends and used to run into each other at parties, but it's been almost a year since we've seen Paul." Addressing Paul, she continued, "We all wondered what happened to you." Ann was about the same height as Nancy, but where Nancy's hair had a reddish tint to it and was kept cut above her shoulder, Ann's was almost black and extended in a ponytail to the middle of her back.

Ann was dressed in a short denim skirt that was just above her knees and a stylish white cotton blouse that fit snugly across her breast. Unlike Nancy, Ann's hips were full and nicely curved and while her breasts were also on the small side, the cleavage in her blouse showed them to be much fuller than her older sisters'.

James was nearly as tall as Paul and he was dressed in a pair of casual slacks and a polo shirt. He had a slightly athletic build and his face and arms appeared well-tanned lending him the appearance of someone who spent a lot of time working outdoors.

They moved into the living room and Paul filled them in on the breakup with his fiancé as he poured a glass of wine for everyone. Sitting down next to Nancy on the couch, he put his arm around her and said, "We met a few months ago in the parking lot of a hardware store of all places and she's been a breath of fresh air in my life.

I can't believe you're her sister! She showed me what looked like a recent picture of all of you, but you look completely different from your photo." "Well, that picture's older than you think. As you can tell, I let my hair grow out a lot longer and changed it to dark brown. I've also got a few more wrinkles and a few less pounds than when I was younger." Nancy and Ann began catching each other up on various family matters while Paul and James chatted about what they'd been doing since they'd last met a year ago.

When they'd finished their wine, Nancy called everyone into the dining room and they filled in around the table for the dinner that Paul had prepared. Ann proved to be even livelier than Nancy and the conversation around the table was far from dull. The wine flowed freely and when the dessert was finished, everyone was feeling pretty relaxed and loose.

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Everyone moved back to the living room and Nancy told Paul to keep everyone entertained while she cleaned up the kitchen. Ann quickly joined her and the two sisters resumed their earlier talk. "So, it looks like you and Paul are pretty happy together. Are you two serious about each other?" Ann asked. "I think so, but we're not talking about getting married or anything, yet," Nancy responded.

"I assume you're sleeping with him, aren't you?" Ann inquired with a sly smile. "I'll bet he's a lot different from your ex." Nancy blushed and nodded with a growing smile. "He's been very good to me and I love being with him." "So, how is he in bed?" her sister suddenly asked. "Are you serious? I can't talk about that!" Nancy responded in a shocked voice. "Oh, come on! You can't hold back on me, now!

I can see it in your face. He rocks your world, doesn't he?" Nancy turned away and busied herself with washing plates in the sink without answering. "I mean, look at him. He's tall, well-built, smart, not full of himself, and his smile is sexy as hell!

I'd be jumping his bones every chance I could," Ann continued. "You give me the okay, and I'd have him in bed in a heartbeat!" "Ann, get serious!

What about James?" "What do you mean? He'd be fine with it. Hell, he'd probably want to join in!" Ann said with a laugh. "You're crazy! I can't believe you're talking like that." "Look Nancy, not all of us are prudes about sex like you. James and I have a great sex life together, but we also get together with other people to spice things up." "What are you talking about?" Nancy asked incredulously.

"What do you think I'm talking about? He and I have been in a swinger's group for years and it's been great. We get together with other couples like us, and go where our desires take us. Sometimes we stay together, and sometimes we go our separate ways for the evening, but we always go home together." "I can't believe I'm hearing this! You don't mind him sleeping around with other women?" "Nope. Like I said, we each do our thing for the evening, but we always go home together.

To tell you the truth, some of the best sex we've had has been with each other after a party. Swinging gives us a chance to get out and play without having to keep secrets from each other, and there's no double standard. I allow him the same opportunity as he allows me.

Nothing's forced and we don't confuse sex for love. We're still in love with each other and swinging doesn't change that." Nancy stood in the kitchen looking at her sister in a daze. Ann had always been fun-loving and the biggest hell-raiser of all the kids, but Nancy could never have imagined her in the lifestyle just described.

Before Ann's revelation, Nancy thought her sex life with Paul had been pretty exotic, but clearly she had a lot to learn. The two women rejoined the men in the living room, bringing another bottle of wine with them, but by this time, Paul and James had switched to bourbon. Nancy sat down next to Paul again and snuggled close to him. She was starting to feel a bit insecure after her sister's comments, but Paul's arm around her and the attention he continued to give her throughout the rest of the evening helped reassure her that her wasn't going to leave her for a "newer model." The conversation remained pretty light and as the alcohol kicked in, it became a bit more suggestive and racy.

Ann and Nancy, of course, were the most talkative. Paul and James tended to sit back and observe their women bantering back and forth, recalling each other's most embarrassing moments, past mistakes, and every wrong suffered in their childhood at the hands of one another. James had heard some of the tales before, but it was all new to Paul. It became clear that Nancy had been the most conservative of the group, but aside from sex, she was far from innocent.

She was embarrassed and he was surprised to hear how she had gone skinny-dipping in high school with her boyfriend and several other couples one afternoon following a canoe trip down a river. Ann remembered that Nancy was one of the first to strip down and head into the water when their group had stopped at a point on the river bank to grab some lunch and rest from the summer heat, while Nancy disagreed and said she didn't remove her underwear and went into the water AFTER everyone else had.

"Oh really?" Paul asked. "I practically had to force her into swimming nude in my pool when there was no one around but the two of us!" "That's not exactly fair!" Nancy protested.


"We hardly knew each other and you took me by surprise when you suggested taking my clothes of in the pool. You know as well as I do that I hardly ever wear a swim suit when we're in your pool." Paul laughed and pulled her tight against him. "And you still look sexy as hell every time I see you like that!" "I don't either, but I like that you think I do," she replied with a smile.

"At least you haven't almost ended up in jail for public nudity like your sister," James chimed in. "I wasn't almost thrown in jail," Ann retorted. "And I certainly wasn't nude in public, either." Nancy looked at her sister with an expectant smile on her face, waiting for more details. "I think there's a good story here. Aren't you going to tell us what happened?" Paul asked.

He got up to refresh everyone's drinks noting the women had finished the bottle of wine they brought in, so he went to the kitchen to open another bottle for them.

When he returned, Ann started to respond but was cut-off by James. "I'll tell them what happened." Turning to Paul and Nancy, he related how he and Ann were driving to Maine for a vacation in a family cabin his parents had built when he was a kid.

Feeling antsy, Ann tried to get his attention in the car by unbuttoning her blouse and leaning over to him in the car. Trying to ignore her, James kept his eyes on the road while she cooed to him to "check these out." Not getting the response she wanted, she then removed her bra and held her bare breasts up to him where he couldn't ignore her any longer.

Trying to appease her, James made some nice comments, but Ann wasn't satisfied. She continued to fondle herself and rub between her legs in simulated sex. What she didn't count on was a van carrying a load of people on a church outing driving up alongside her side of the car. "Apparently, some of the people were morally outraged by her behavior and one of them called the highway patrol using their cell phone.

The next thing I know, there were flashing lights in the rear view mirror signaling for me to pull over," he continued. Ann hurriedly pulled her blouse back on, tossing her bra behind her seat. Expecting a speeding ticket, James was surprised to hear the trooper begin questioning his wife about flashing her breasts at passing motorists. After grilling her a few more minutes, he let them go with a stern warning to "drive safely." "I'm just glad it wasn't a female cop," James finished. "We probably would have gotten busted for sure!" By this time, Paul and Nancy were both having a hard time controlling their laughter at the story and Ann's visible discomfort at having it told.

"Well, it never would have happened in the first place if you hadn't been such a stick-in-the-mud when I tried to loosen you up while you were driving" she stated. "So, how did the rest of your trip go?" Paul asked. "Well, 15 minutes after the cop left, we were driving down the road and she had her head in my lap sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow," James answered.

Ann immediately turned red as James finished, "And I have to say, she gives the best head I've ever had!" Before anyone could comment further, Ann responded, "Everything I learned about THAT I learned from my big sister!" leaving Nancy speechless and both men laughing.

Paul said, "I can't help but wonder how you ever made it safely to your cabin with all that going on in the car. If Ann's half as good as Nancy and I'd been driving, we'd have crashed in about 10 seconds." Ignoring the women's protests, James and Paul began comparing notes on the various features and talents of Ann and Nancy.

Deciding that two can play that game, the women began making similar comparisons between their men. The room was soon filled with discussion on breast sizes, cock size, various positions favored by the person under discussion, the relative merits of shaved versus unshaved pussies, and the sexual stamina of their partners.

Each new revelation left others in the room embarrassed, near-speechless, or incredulous. There was another brief break as everyone took time to go to the bathroom and get a new drink. Nancy grabbed Paul to help her prepare some snacks in the kitchen and when they returned to the living room, they found Ann lying on top of James on the sofa. Her skirt was hiked up almost to her waist revealing that she was not wearing any underwear. James was holding and squeezing her ass with both hands while she held one of her breasts to his mouth.

He was sucking furiously on it and Ann was moaning softly in pleasure. Paul and Nancy stood at the entrance to the living room waiting for the bodies to separate, but finally Paul spoke up, "Do we need to put you two in a private room?" Ann rose up from James with a large smile on her face and her blouse unbuttoned and both breasts spilling over the top of her bra. "I don't think so. He just always brings out the horny girl in me and I can't resist attacking him!" Ann sat back and tugged her skirt back down to a more modest level and then adjusted her bra back over her breasts.

She buttoned her shirt, but only halfway which allowed her bra-clad breasts to stand out clearly. James struggled to sit upright next to her and the bulge in his slacks became more evident.

Nancy stared briefly at his crotch before looking away. Watching her sister's brief interest in James' crotch, Ann smiled again and reminded her, "I told you he had the longest cock I've ever seen. I can hardly get it all the way in my mouth!" Nancy turned red, but didn't know how to respond so she just continued to give her sister a shocked look.

In the meantime, Paul was enjoying the view of Ann's breasts visible through the open blouse. Her sheer lacy white bra did little to hide the dark circles of her nipples that were pressing out against the thin fabric, and her breasts formed two nice mounds over the top of the cups that restrained them.

Enjoying the attention, Ann cupped her breasts in her hands and raised them up with the offer, "Don't be shy. You can have these any time you want, but you better check with Nancy first!


I don't want to get caught in the middle of a lover's quarrel!" Nancy quickly turned to Paul in time to see him shaking his head to Ann in polite refusal. Feeling relieved, she took his hand and held it tightly to remind him she was there. Knowing her lack of self-confidence where men were concerned and sensing her discomfort, Paul took her in his arms for a loving embrace. Kissing her lips he leaned down to whisper, "Don't worry.

You're the only woman I'm interested in being with." Nancy responded with a kiss of her own and before they moved apart, Paul noticed they her eyes seemed wet from unformed tears. She quickly blinked and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand as she sat down with Paul on the love seat. When Ann saw that her older sister was upset by the ribald play and flirtation, she quickly apologized and buttoned her shirt up to completely cover her breasts. Ann finally broke the silence. "Look sis, I'm sorry we got carried away like that.

I don't know what came over me. I hope you're not mad or too upset with me. You're still my big sister and I love you very much. The last thing I want to do is cause a problem between you and Paul." Nancy nodded mutely and nestled closer against Paul while she tried to sort through the rush of emotions she was feeling.

On one level, she felt like a big baby for being so squeamish about sex and jealous of her sister's blatant sexual offer to Paul.

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Nancy also felt somewhat ashamed of the thrill she felt while watching her sister and brother-in-law nearly having sex in front of her. Ann came over and held her sister. Kissing her cheek, she replied, "Stop worrying about everything. We'll take off now if you want and stay away until you feel like seeing us again. And the next time, we'll keep everything strictly PG-rated, okay." "You don't need to leave. I planned on you guys spending the night in one of the guest rooms and it's already late.

Just stay here. I'll be okay." Ann looked at Paul who nodded in agreement.

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"Okay, we'll head up to the room now and get out of your hair." Nancy nodded in assent and Ann took James to upstairs to her old bedroom that had become a guest room in the tears since she had moved from home.

Paul guided Nancy back to their bedroom and silently helped her prepare for bed, then joined her under the covers. As she started to drift off to sleep, Nancy was vaguely aware of his comforting arm under her shoulder holding her next to him, and the sound of his heart, slowly beating as her head rested on his chest.

Her last thought before sleep overtook her was how much she loved him.