Teen seductress gts it on with old guy and gives blowjob

Teen seductress gts it on with old guy and gives blowjob
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I started to realize just how nervous I was the third time I picked up the phone and suddenly thought of something else I needed to do sitting the phone back down.

I had procrastinated enough, after all, if anyone was open to what I was nervous about sharing it was my brother and his family. I finally dialed Mary, my sister-in-law's number. I wondered if this was how my brother James felt when he decided to open up to me.

The phone rang several times and I was about to hang up when James rather than Mary finally answered. He picked up as a video call rather than a voice call which did nothing to help my nerves. James said, "Hey sis, how's it going?" I responded with your basic friendly banter which helped calm my nerves a little bit allowing my excitement to become dominant. I asked after Mary, and their kids and he said he thought they were really enjoying themselves.

Speaking of the ladies, I said, are they around, I was hoping to chat with them? The camera shifted a little as James looked past it, after a few seconds he turned his attention back to the camera.

James said they were around but were too focused to talk right now. Something clicked and little things started adding up that I wasn't fully conscious of.

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The fact that James answered with video, his word choices, I was even picking up on a soft, but rhythmic background noise now that I was paying more attention. Once these pieces started coming together my mind started painting a picture. I didn't know what was going on yet, but between the picture in my head and that I was already excited when I called, I was getting incredibly turned on. I asked what they were all up to and James responded with a huge grin happy I had caught on and simply panned the camera down.

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I could see the back of a head with long light brown hair in a ponytail running down her back. There was no mistaking Kim, one of James and Mary's twins. Her head was steadily bobbing up and down in James's lap and the background noise I was picking up on was slurping and sucking as she went down on her dad.

My arousal doubled if not tripled immediately. I fumbled with one hand trying to get my jeans unfastened. My husband was out for a run with our dog and seeing this scene I could not wait for them to get back for some relief. I finally just gave up and grabbed the tv remote. I turned on the TV and shared the video screen from my phone. That let me have two hands free to get my damn jeans open.

I slid my hand into my panties and started fingering myself while I watched my nieces head bob up and down and listened to my brothers grunts and sighs of enjoyment. I cried out as I came on my fingers after just a few minutes.

I heard my brother's voice respond by saying "if you liked that, then you will love this." The camera panned again pointing into the living room. I was very glad I had put the video on the big screen, so I could take in all the details.

Mary had one knee on their couch with her face buried in the pussy of Heather, their youngest daughter who was laying naked against the arm of the couch. Heather was biting her lower lip and watching Dan, the other twin as he thrust into their mother from behind. I couldn't hear them in the living room over the sounds of Kim and James, but I could see Heathers mouth open with what I presume to be moans periodically.

Dan was gripping Mary's hips and was thrusting hard into her. After a few more minutes of this show I was well on my way to my second orgasm when Heathers eyes rolled up into her head, her fingers running through her mother's hair started pulling her face tighter against Heather's pussy, and her body started trembling.

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It looked like she had a nice long orgasm before her grip loosened in Mary's hair. I was just coming down from my second orgasm when Dan's muscles started clenching and he said something to Mary and Heather. Mary responded by dropping down to the floor on her knees. She then wrapped her arm around Dan's ass and pulled him towards his sister.

Mary's body blocked what she was doing for what felt like forever before she shifted a little and I could see her hand sliding up and down Dan's cock.

Heather was fingering her self very quickly while she stared at Dan's cock still biting her lip in anticipation and desire.


Mary's hand slowed as the first rope of cum shot from Dan to hit Heather's neck. Heather's body started trembling again in orgasm as several smaller ropes of cum covered her in a light glaze of cum from breasts to stomach. Mary then leaned around Dan and I assume taking him into her mouth as her head bobbed a few times before Dan essentially stumbled back into a chair while he watched his mother and sister.

Mary returned her attention to a grinning Heather starting at her covered belly and licking and sucking up Heather's body till she got to her neck. Then Mary lifted up and stuck out her tongue allowing cum to drip down into Heather's open mouth below. Then Mary lowered back down and the two of them started making out.

Dan had really started stroking himself watching and I found my own fingers matching his pace. Mary and Heathers hands were all over each other while they made out and I was really getting as into it as Dan seemed to be when my attention was drawn back to James and Kim.

I heard James say, "oh yes my baby," and the camera tipped forward going completely dark. I could hear James grunts and had my third orgasm of the ten-minute call. After a second the camera came back up off the desk it was face down on and turned around. As it panned around, I saw Kim sitting back on her heels eyes half closed in joy with one hand on her chest and the other clenched between her legs. She had on a sports bra and leggings like she was going to the gym.

James' smiling face once again appeared, and he said he needed to go and one of them would call me back as Kim deserved his full attention right now.


I was guessing Kim was going to be able to skip the gym today as her father looked to be ready to give her quite a workout. I said a quick goodbye as the afterglow of multiple orgasms washed over me.

I sat back and had almost forgot the whole reason I called and before my brain completely slipped into mush, I sent a quick text to Mary to see if she and the girls could come over on Saturday if they didn't have plans.

I was so glad that I decided to call rather than send a text in the first place. My husband was certainly going to enjoy this story, so I thought I better get myself ready for round two. It seems like only yesterday that James and I had met up for dinner, just the two of us, and he asked the question that started this whole incest thing for me. Heather was 18 and starting her senior year of high school. I have no idea how or why she did it, but she brought up the idea of incest with her family.

James was a great guy and always listened to the people around him. He was not someone that was quick to judge and instead liked to think things through. So, he and indeed his whole family did the same thing with this idea looking for all the negatives and downsides to having that kind of relationship as well as any positives. In the end they found that outside of society practice, so long as everyone was a willing participant and cared for each other, they couldn't find anything that wasn't true of any physical and emotional relationship.

James was very concerned about the damage a physical relationship could do to his family so wasn't going to rely on just what he and his household had investigated but wanted an outside opinion to validate their findings. That was when he asked me what I thought about all of this. My kneejerk reaction was that yes, that would be crazy and why would he even need to ask. Now my brother is an engineer and is very good at thinking through potential problems and issues, but he wanted me to do my own research and draw my own conclusions.

I tend to be more of an emotional person than an analytical one, so he thought having my thoughts would be a good contrast to the straight data approach he normally uses. My family was always close, and I appreciated that he valued my opinion so much even on such a private and sensitive issue. So, after digging into all of this myself, admittedly with a closed mind at first, I was surprised to find my results were matching his. It seemed like there was great potential for harm, but also for love and trust.

I could hardly believe that I was coming down on the side supporting incest. It was just too hard to get my brain around so naturally I talked to my rock, my husband. It took him far less time to get to grips with it and see that in this case incest didn't seem like such a bad thing. In fact, he saw an opportunity that up to now had only been a fantasize with roleplaying. My husband, David was a bit of a voyeur and fantasized about seeing me with another man, or woman. I also enjoyed being an exhibitionist for him.

It really got me going showing off for him, but neither of us was comfortable with the problems bringing another person into our bed could create. Now with this discussion of incest he saw an opportunity to test our hypothesis and bring someone into our bed that both of us trusted completely.


He floated the idea of me sleeping with James to see how it affected our relationship before they did anything to risk their kids. I was shocked at first, but quickly warmed to the idea. I had never thought of James in that way but had to admit he was a very attractive man. So, we started by talking to both James and Mary about the idea and they jumped at the concept.

Mary even wanted to be there to watch as well although she didn't consider herself much of a voyeur. We worked out details and set a date. When the day arrived, I had grabbed David's favorite black lace bra with matching cheeky panties. Then thought better of it and decided to save them for just him even though he would be there. I grabbed a red satin bra and thong panties. To top it off I borrowed some cloths from Kim and Heather that didn't fit me as well as they fit them, but still looked pretty good.

We didn't tell their parents about it and thought we'd see how they responded to the surprise.

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So, dawned in a denim mini skirt and a crop top t-shirt I met Mary and James at the door. Both immediately recognized the cloths and appreciated the gesture. I led them to our guest room where David was already waiting sitting on a couch in the room.

He nodded to both Mary and James as they came in, but otherwise didn't say anything. With no were else to really sit in the room other than the bed Mary joined him on the couch. It started off awkward between James and I, but I was glad for having David in the room with us.

I was able to focus on performing for him rather than the awkwardness of being with James. We started slow with deeper and deeper kissing while our hands explored one another. James left off kissing me to nibble my neck while his hands caressed my breasts over my cloths. It felt good and I was really warming up to James' touch. I took the opportunity to look over at David. I could see in his eyes a hunger for more and he was getting very aroused. Glancing at Mary she also looked like she was into watching the two of us.

Emboldened by our audience and wanted to show them more I gently disengaged from James slowly going down to my knees in front of him, my hands trailing down his body till I got to his pants. I looked up at him wearing his daughters close as I lowered his zipper and reached in for his quickly hardening member. I searched his eyes for any kind of hesitation and seeing nothing there, but lust smiled back up at him with just as much desire and pulled his cock out into view for all of us.

He was a good size already and wasn't quite fully hard yet. I made sure I was side on to David and Mary, so they could see everything. I licked up his shaft from zipper to head swirling my tongue around his head tasting a small amount of precum. I slowly started bobbing my head taking more and more of him into my mouth. By the time I made it as far down on his cock as I could without gagging, he had stripped off his shirt and gazed down at me with a heat I had only ever experienced with David.

I stood back up slowly licking up his shaft as I did. Once standing he wasted no time lifting Heather's shirt over my head and unfastening Kim's skirt which I pushed to the floor while James unfastened his pants and finished undressing.

James stood there naked with me in my bra and panties. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bed. As I fell back on it, I let go of James and he grabbed the waist band of my panties and pulled them down and off.

I pushed myself fully onto the bed and spread my legs to welcome my brother. James dove face first into my very wet pussy going to work quickly on me. I got a quick glace towards to couch to see David's pants off on the floor and him slowly stroking himself while Mary had her pants unfastened with her hand down the front fingering herself.

That was all I saw before my back arched and my eyes closed when James tongue ran lightly across my clit. James was very good at eating me out and had me orgasming for him in no time. At that point I stopped performing for David and Mary and just wanted my brother inside me. James slid up my body pausing just long enough to try and reach behind me. I arched up to help and he quickly had my bra unfastened. I pulled it off and tossed it to the floor at David's feet.

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James sat back for a second to take in the sight of me naked squirming below him before I pulled his head to my breast which he started kissing and sucking. I moaned as his other hand pinched my other nipple. I was about to beg him to fuck me when I felt him push into me all the way to the hilt.

He paused briefly deep inside of me before slowly pulling out and pushing back into me. I really enjoyed the feeling, but just wanted to get fucked by my brother at this point so I wrapped my legs around him and started encouraging him to go faster, deeper, and harder. Needing no further encouragement, he picked up the pace and had both of us grunting and moaning together. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered that I was performing for an audience so got James to roll us over, so I was sitting astride him.

I sat up and pulled his hands to my breasts. He squeezed and tweaked them as I bounced up and down on his cock. From here I was able to focus on the fact that I was riding my brother and loving it.

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It felt so naughty and hot to be sliding up and down on his cock. I was going down this train of thought setting off another orgasm.

I slammed myself down on him and looked him in the eye as I rode out my orgasm. When it was clear I was coming down and started moving again he put his hands on my hips and lifted me off him.

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He turned me to face the couch and got in behind me doggy style. This had become one of my favorite positions and David knew it. I out a yes as James' hands gripped my hips and he slammed into me over and over again. David had cum on his shirt and legs and was fully hard with his hand in a blur sliding up and down his cock.

Mary had taken one leg out of her pants and had her legs open wide rubbing her clit like there was no tomorrow watching James pound into me. She had a little of David's cum on her bare knee which she either didn't care about or didn't notice.

I was having yet another orgasm when I felt James tighten up and his movements became jerky from the smoother pounding they had been. I cried oh god yes as I felt him explode into me.

Mary had already cum hard watching us but leaned in and hungrily watched my brother fill me with his cum. Understanding what was going on set David off again cum running down over his hand. This brought Mary's attention to her leg.

She reached down and wiped up the cum on her leg with a finger then sucked the finger into her mouth. I probably would have had another orgasm if my body wasn't completely spent. I collapsed onto the bed, James crashing down beside me. We took several minutes with all of us catching our breath before I was able to crawl off the bed and lick my husband clean. When I looked back to the bed Mary must have had a similar thought as James was on his back and she was sucking his cock clean. We all got dressed again and sat down to talk about what happened and how we felt about it.

Mary was surprised to find out hot it made her to watch a brother and sister have sex and was looking forward to seeing it with her kids and their father. In the end we all found that with our family incest wasn't a bad thing and were very open to James and I being together again in the future.