Linda is a dirty whore

Linda is a dirty whore
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Hello everyone. This is my first submission here of what may be many more to come. My name is Lexa, I was 19 and in my second year of college when this story took place. I am 5'5" 34C-25-36 and 115lbs. I have long dirty blonde hair and probably a medium C cup. I started my sexual exploration at a young age with my cousin Renee but that is another story. Since then, I have experienced many things and I love to try out new things. I am a very sexual girl and have been told I may have hyper sexuality disorder or nymphomania, as it is known in females.

I think I'll start this off telling you about the night I got a little more than I bargained for. As a young college girl, I have two best friends who just happen to be kind of like girlfriends as well. We have been sexually active with one another and frequently rely on each other for grooming needs in areas we simply cannot reach.

Except for Charlotte, who is very flexible and is on the school gymnastics team. She needs no grooming help. I run every day and have been climbing more since our school just finished the climbing gym back in the summer.

Robin on the other hand, is a bitch who needs no exercise and still looks amazing.

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If it is raining and she has to run to her car, she complains that it just killed her boobs. I like to think the three of us are impeccably groomed. The three of us almost always go out together with the plans of leaving separately. Sometimes all three of us are not so lucky to find someone and one of the others will offer a piggyback.

I mean really, how many guys turn down a girl if she says her best friend wants to join? There have been nights two of us, or even all three have struck out and all gone home together and had fun.

I identify as Pansexual, while "Robin" and "Charlotte" consider themselves to be Bi-Sexual leaning towards guys. It's nothing for any of us to just walk up and start making out with one of the others.

Robin and I like to do it when we see one of the other of us of talking to a cute guy, or any guy for that matter. To see the smile, look of shock, and then the awkward walk afterwards is a thrill. This story is about one night when I got more than I bargained for and loved every minute of it. Robin, Charlotte, and I had finished our showers and shaving routines for the night and were going through clothes deciding what to wear.

Robin chose some hot pants and a zippered crop. I went with a crop top, and mini skirt, while Charlotte went with low rise jeans and a tight tee. We arrived at the bar, showed our ID's and walked in. Robin and Charlotte went to the dance floor and I went to the bar to grab two Cokes and a Dr. Pepper. Little did I know that would not be the only DP I had that night.

I met up with them on the dance floor and we all danced together for a couple songs. Eventually a couple guys came over and started dancing with us. They were cute and I could see leaving with one of them. After about 10 minutes of grinding and dancing.

The guy leaned down to bury his face in my neck, I heard him inhale real deep and told me my hair smelled great (a huge turn on for me btw.) I expected him to start making out with me and he kissed and "lip" nibbled my neck while grabbing and spreading my ass cheeks apart under my skirt.

I had my arms up and around his neck and loved every second of the attention I was getting. I looked over to see Robin and Charlotte at a table talking. At the end of the song, the guy said he was headed to the bar to get a drink and asked if I needed anything and I flashed the top of my hand showing a stamp indicating I was under the legal drinking age.

He asked "You are 18 though, right?" I reminded him I wouldn't be inside if I wasn't, and off he went and I never saw him again. I went over to talk to my friends and as we were there, a girl from one of my classes who happened to be a server there and came by to see if we needed anything and chat for a couple minutes.

She was a friend and we went to parties with her often. Also, she was helpful, since she had a boyfriend, she would send the really cute guys our way. Tonight though, she offered a bit of advice. She said "You guys should start dressing down a little if you want more guys to approach you. I tried to send a couple guys over earlier and they said "nah, they're out of our league."" I was told by an ex-bf that when he first met me, he was a little intimidated by me at first, and then the more we talked, the more comfortable he became until he asked me out.

So guys, give your ego's a break and take a chance, chances are she is there for the same reason you are and doesn't want to go home alone. If she does, she'll just drink more and go home to throw up in her own bathroom and have to clean it up in the morning.

Besides, the most that she can do is say no.

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If she laughs or anything more than that, she's probably a big bitch and you wouldn't like to be with her anyway. Anyway, listening to her made me think of a pic I saw on reddit here one night about the difference between senior girls and freshmen girls at frat parties.


( We were dressing like the freshmen girl when we could dress like a senior girl and still get laid. We thought about this and Charlotte and I came up with our own little plan.

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Robin was on her own this night and actually knew a guy who said he'd try to make it out. Charlotte and I went to the bathroom to trade tops. I traded my crop top for her tee. So I was wearing my mini skirt and a tight little tee that hugged my body and showed off my boobs pretty damned good if I do say so myself. Charlotte was in her hip hugger jeans and my crop top. I wiped off some of my makeup and re-applied a minimal amount and while Charlotte was adjusting her makeup, my exhibitionist side got the better of me and I reach under my skirt to pull off my thong.

The feeling of not wearing panties is amazing under a skirt or loose fitting shorts; you get a breeze like none other and the incredible feeling of being exposed.

I just had to watch where I sat the rest of the night. After leaving the bathroom and returning to our table, Robin's male companion was there and they were getting pretty close. Charlotte and I grabbed our drinks and went back to dance some more. Within a couple minutes, a guy came up and started dancing with Charlotte and they kind of moved off while chatting and dancing. I was there by myself and was getting ready to approach a couple other girls who were dancing by themselves when a guy walked up and put his hand on my hip and leaned in and said" Hi, I'm Paul and you are beautiful." This is one way to get a girls attention.

Compliments, whether good or bad, get our attention. The reactions can go either way as well, but before you get anywhere, you have to get our attention. I told him thank you and kind of put my wrist on his shoulder and started dancing with him.

We danced for a while and his buddy came by and told him that his date got drunk, threw up then bolted. Paul introduced his friend as Eric. My slutty nature kicked in and I started dancing with both of them. It wasn't long before I was getting grinded from both sides and I loved it. Paul managed to feel me up pretty good while Eric backed up slightly while dancing.

Paul started rubbing my ass and hips until my skirt came up in the front. It was almost like a team effort, Eric smiled and I heard him lean in and tell Paul "Commando". They offered to get me alcohol and I refused, I like to be in full control when I am with someone I have just met. Also, I had "Find my Friends" on my phone so Robin and Charlotte could find me should anything happen.

I would also send a GPS screenshot of address I would be at after getting back to the guys or girls apartment. The three of us danced for a little while longer.

Robin stopped by with her date to let me know she was ok; she made sure I was ok, even made a friendly little threat to the guys and her date did as well.

About 10 minutes later, Charlotte stopped by with her guy and we went through the same ritual.


They left and then there were three! We sat down for a few minutes and just chatted before deciding to head back to their place. Upon getting to their apartment one of them cupped my ass all the way to the front door while the other was holding my hand. As soon as we walked in, Eric put both arms around me and grabbed my tits, while burying his face into the back of my neck and kissing me.

Paul leaned in for a kiss and we began making out. I dropped my clutch on the floor and began to slowly walk and lead the guys to the couch. As we reached the couch, I pushed Paul backwards and straddled his lap and continued making out with him. Eric kept massaging my boobs and would slide around my sides and down to squeeze one of my cheeks every now and then. I sat up a little straighter and Paul reached over and lifted my tee up as I raised my arms for him to pull it over my head.

Eric reached up and unhooked my bra. With bra straps hanging to my sides, I shrugged my shoulders forward to let it slide down my arms. I knew I was getting wetter so I reached down and started unbuckling Paul's belt and undoing the button on his jeans. I shoved my hand into his boxers and feel a monster of a cock. I starting stroking it as well as I could with it still trapped under his pants and underwear.

I leaned in to kiss his neck and pushed back with my hips and grabbed the top of his pants and try to force them downwards. He took the hint and raised his hips off the couch with me still on him. I still couldn't get his pants off with me sitting on them so I slid off his legs and pulled his pants down as I came.

As I rose back up to climb back on his lap, I stopped at his cock and pulled it into my mouth to "harden" him up a little. It was not as hard as I wanted but it was still much bigger than when I first grabbed it.

I ran my tongue in circles around his balls and up his shaft and tickled the underside of the tip in the little pleasure triangle. I licked circles around the head and sucked it into my mouth for swallowed him completely. I love the feeling of a cock in my throat and just pumped him in and out a few times. I looked up and asked "Do you like that?" all he could manage was to raise his head, look me in the eye and said "Mmhmmm" As I was on my knees sucking Paul's Cock, Eric was on his hands and knees behind me licking me out and playing with my tight little pussy.

My skirt was raised above my waist so he could have his way with me. He was sliding a couple of fingers into me and pressing down on my g-spot, driving me absolutely crazy. I kept rocking my hips back and forth trying to get his fingers deeper and increase the pressure.

I felt his tongue trace light circles around my asshole and then press inward. I know it may have only gone in a half of an inch but it felt like it went so much further. I loved every second of the tongue fucking he was giving my little butthole. He slid a finger in and began to really finger slam my asshole while slapping my clit with his other hand. He pulled his finger out and I arched my back downwards to point my slit and ass upwards a little more.

I felt his lips kissing my cheeks and his tongue slide down my crack and trace around my little hole once again. I felt the chill of the slight breeze in the room from his saliva on my asshole. He ran a hand up my belly, to my chest, grabbed my boobs and began pulling on my nipple and nipple piercing.

I felt his lips and tongue on my pussy as he ran his tongue to my clit and pulled it into his mouth, gently sucking it as if he were giving me a tiny, delicate, blow job. It was at that point I wanted something bigger inside me so I got ready to climb back onto Paul's lap. At some point Eric had unzipped my skirt and it slid down my legs as I stood up. I kicked it over to where I dropped my handbag as we came in and tossed my shirt over as well. I sat back down on Paul and pushed his cock down back down to his belly with my pussy.

I was already extremely wet so I slid my slit up and down his shaft a few times before he tried to raise me up a little and I told him "not without a condom." He reached over on the end table and grabbed one.

As he was putting it on, I tilted my head back to look at Eric who had his shirt off already and was in his boxers rubbing my back and ass. He leaned in and we kissed.

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Tasting my juices on his mouth was amazing. I ran my tongue across his teeth and plunged into his mouth. We twirled our tongues together for a few second and then I withdrew, dragging my tongue along the roof of his mouth before sucking on his lip and letting go. I thought Eric was going to move away so I raised my arm and wrapped it around his head to keep him close.

I felt Paul slide his hands under my thighs and I assumed he had put his condom on and he raised me up and started to ease his cock into my warm, wet pussy. As wet and horny as I was, I just forced him all the way in quickly while making out with Eric over my shoulder. I put my other arm behind my back to feel an equally impressive cock in his boxers, already hard and waiting for some attention. Without saying a word, I pulled him around to our side by his arm. I tugged on his boxers with one hand and he grabbed them and shoved them down his thighs to his ankles and stepped out of them.

I leaned over to lick the tip of his member, which was fully erect and already tipped with precum; I placed my lips over the tip and sucked on him like a straw.

His friend was pumping in and out of me pretty damned fast and I was in heaven. He was leaning up and licking and sucking on my nipples every now and then while, rubbing them with one hand and flicking my clit with the other. I licked Eric from his balls to the tip of his cock before rounding over the top to slide him into my mouth. I stroked him back and forth with my lips a few times before grabbing on and pumping him with my hand.

At this point I felt an incredible orgasm starting to creep up and before I could react, my legs went stiff and I started shaking. Paul kept fucking me hard, holding my hips and slamming me down onto his massive cock while sucking on my nipples. I realized I had two guys in complete control of me and I loved it. I had been in MMF threesomes before but never with both guys on me at once. It always seemed one would stay off to the side and masturbate while watching me and his friend get it on before switching out.

These two had no issues about being in close proximity to each other's cocks. I was enjoying their comfort with each other. I was still blowing Eric while Paul slowed down a little. Eric announced that he'd be back and that he was going to grab a condom.

Paul and I start making out again while slowing down and I rose up off of his cock and let it fall onto his belly and started sliding my pussy back and forth on it again. I would slide forward, then rock my hips toward him sticking my hot little ass out a little and slide back down and tilt my hips back.

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Basically I was grinding my clit into his cock. About a minute or two later, I heard Eric walk back in and felt him run his fingers down my back and down the crack of my ass. I felt what I think was his middle finger slide down to my asshole. Right about then, Paul lifted me back up and slid his hard cock back into my very wet cunt. Eric began rubbing my pussy next to his buddies cock and it felt like her wrapped his fingers around it for a few strokes, but I could be wrong.

I wondered if these two had experience with each other like Robin, Charlotte and I had with each other. Eric ran his finger up and back down my crack and I felt him tickle my asshole a little. He kept rubbing circles around my tight, little hole and dip back down to my pussy.

He moved back up and rubbed a circle or two and then pushed his finger inside. While Eric was sliding his finger inside me, I got really comfortable with it again and felt his other finger rubbing my perineum and dipping into my pussy again.

He then slid his middle finger in, which was a slight shock, but not entirely uncomfortable. He began finger fucking my ass while Paul was still pumping away and making out with me. After about 20 or 30 seconds, I relaxed and Eric slid his fingers out. I felt him lean in over me and kiss my back. Just then, I felt something pressing against my asshole and realize he was sliding his cock into me while Paul was still fucking my pussy hard.

Paul was lying back on the couch with his ass almost hanging off the edge while I was on top of him and his roommate was behind me beginning to fuck my ass. I have just had my first DP by guys. I had been DP'ed with a Cock/Dildo combo before, but never two cocks. I was enjoying being used by both of these guys at once and felt like I was stoned, although I had nothing to smoke and had no alcohol or drugs.

I was in a truly euphoric state. It was an endorphin overload. I have always been submissive anyways and I love to be used as a fucktoy.

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Having two guys use me was the icing on the cake. I continued to bounce on Paul's lap while bucking my hips from front to back to add something for Eric and grinding my own clit against Paul's pubic bone.

I heard the door open suddenly and looked over to see another guy standing there with a look of shock, but oh my god was this guy hot.

I feel bad for saying it now but he put Paul and Eric to shame. Paul continued fucking me and said "Lexa, this is Steve." I was in a complete state of euphoric bliss when I figured I may as well go for it. All I can figure was that some primal urge too over and I motioned for Steve to come over and as he was moving our way, he unbuttoned his pants to let them fall.

I reached out to pull his tight boxer briefs down to see what was making the incredible silhouette in his underwear. I reached out and grabbed onto his cock, giving it a few strokes and then licking him from the tip to his balls and back again. I slid my lips up over the top to suck him into my mouth before slid his length out to lick the entire stretch of his shaft again and suck on his balls.

All this time I was still being fucked by Paul and Eric at the same time and sucking Steve's cock. I licked his shaft once more before sliding him as far down my throat as I could fit him. He put his hand on the back of my head and grabbed my hair while pumping his cock into my mouth and forcing my head into his groin. I then realized I was having all three holes fucked at the same time. I began to feel another orgasm building and slid my lips off of Steve and started stroking him with my hand while bouncing on Paul and Eric.

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My breathing began to come in short, quick bursts as I got closer. Just as I came, I slammed my face back down onto Steve's cock for a few more pumps into my throat and I felt him release load after load on its way to my belly. I tried to milk every last drop of cum from his balls. Steve pulled back and sat down on the couch beside Paul and just sat there looking up at the ceiling. Without a word and what was possibly my dumbest move ever, I rose up from Paul and moved to Steve's lap, whose cock was still as hard as it was in my mouth, even after cumming down my throat, I guided him into my pussy bareback.

I began riding him with everything I had left in me to try to get him to cum again. I wanted Steve's cum inside me, deep inside me.

I reached over to grab Paul by the cock after he slipped the condom off and dropped it on the end table. I reached back for Eric and he had already removed his condom and was just stroking his cock, watching us. He stepped forward and stood beside me and Steve. I began stroking both of them and leaning over to suck them down my throat from time to time as I continued to rock back and forth on Steve's cock.

I kept stroking and sucking on Paul and Eric before they took over and started jerking off. Faster and faster until Paul started to shake a little and shot his cum onto my lips, into my mouth, on my chin and chest, then within a few seconds Eric start to blow his load all over my face and chest.

I tried to get my lips on his cock but I was too late. I licked my lips and swallowed what I could reach with my tongue and scooped more from my face to clean my fingers and swallow it. Steve was rocking my hips and pumping his cock into me and started slowing down.

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Eric dropped down to suck on my nipple and licked a glob of cum from my other breast. What struck me as odd was the fact; he didn't know if it was his roommates or his own, he simply didn't care. It finally hit me that the reason these two came within seconds of each other, the reason Eric didn't mind having his hand near or wrapped around his roommates cock and even seemed to rub it while Paul was fucking me earlier was because these two had probably had their own experiences together.

I did not ask and did not really care, all I know was that I found it incredibly hot. Paul and Eric sat down on the couch beside Steve and watched while he fucked me to another incredible orgasm just as he started cumming into my tight little well used pussy. I was almost numb at this point but OMG, it was intense, to say the least. We laughed about the whole experience. Steve told us that his GF had just broke up with him before walking into the apartment to find me getting double teamed by his buddies.

I gave him a deep kiss and said "Too bad she can't see us now!" I then got up from him slowly, while relishing the feeling of his long, thick cock sliding from my well used, little cunt.

I stepped over to grab my clothes and go to the bathroom. I came out dressed, exchanged numbers with them, and went outside to wait on the Uber I ordered from the bathroom. As I walked down the path toward the street, I thought to myself, this is one for the records books.

On my way home, I got a text from Charlotte telling me she ended up with Robin and her man for a threesome because her guy was too drunk and passed out. I explained that I just had my first foursome and triple penetration. She told me "leave it to you to outscore us both." LOL's were exchanged and I went home to get a shower and a good night's sleep.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this and if I should continue to post about my experiences. Lexa<3