Fit teen sex kitten Presley Hart seduces her neighbor

Fit teen sex kitten Presley Hart seduces her neighbor
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My life being turned around by my almost sister (A teenage boy's fantasy coming true II) Chapter 3 She walks out of the shower room and I stand there amazed. "What a nympho" I think to myself with a small smile creeping up my lips. This is going to be fun. The school day passes in dribs and drabs until finally I'm released and manage to hop on a bus to return home. I open the front door to the sound of shouting and smashing.

I run into the kitchen to see Becky hurling a plate at Dad accusing him of cheating "HOW COULD YOU!!" she screams "IN OUR BED!!

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THE BED WE SHARE TOGETHER!!" she throws another plate which narrowly misses his head and smashes into the opposite wall. 'I'm so sorry' he repeated over and over again, but already he was grabbing his car keys and coat.

'I'm going to stay at a friend's house for a couple of days until you calm down' "CALM DOWN!?!?" she cries. But before she could get another word out he was pushing me out of the way and running for the door.

After the door slams shut she falls to a heap on the floor, muttering to herself and crying. I walk across and pick her up off the ground, embracing her in a hug which lasts over 10 minutes. 4 hours and 6 bottles of wine later Jess comes home and walks in to the living room to see her mother weeping on the couch and her soon to be brother comforting her with soothing words.

"Erm, what's going on?" Jess asks I turn to see her there looking stunningly beautiful and walk over to her before answering. 'They've had a misunderstanding so my dad is going to stay with his friend for a few days' I replied hastily and quietly so Becky couldn't hear. She breathes out heavily "Alright, well let's just get her to bed" she sighs.

I lift her up, cradle her in my arms and carry her up stairs. As I walk into her room she cries out and says she can't stay in that bed and that she has to sleep in my room. So with another sigh I open the door to my room and lay her down under the covers fully clothed.

I walk out and close the door lightly; Jess is standing on the other side and exhales noisily as I close the door. "Where are you going to sleep?" She asks suspiciously "You're not staying in the same room as her" 'Yes I know' I answer dryly 'I was planning on spending the night in Dads' room' A smile flits across her face "OK then. Night" and with that she walks into her room and closes the door shut. I stroll into Dads room and fall onto the bed exhausted, though it is only 9:30 I am still really tired from the afternoons events, so I undress myself and crawl into bed with nothing but underwear on and find myself falling immediately to sleep.

I wake up later that night. The curtains are still open and I can see the moon from my window. I must have been asleep for a few hours.

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I feel tension in my lower regions so I stand up out of bed and walk into the en suite bathroom to relieve myself. After finishing off I walk back out and sit on the bed rubbing at my face. I look across at the bed stand and see that it's 12:03 am, everyone will be asleep. I decide to go check and Becky and see if she is ok. I stand up and lightly tip toe over to the open door and creep across the landing to my room. I open the door carefully, so not to wake anyone up, and pop my head round the door.

She is lying sprawled across my bed fast asleep, I can hear low snores coming from her so I slowly close the door over and leave her be. I begin to sneak back to Dads' room until I realise that Jess's door is open a crack, I skulk towards it and open it slightly.

Jess is lying under her covers asleep with the sheets lying just above her pointy nipples. I gasp at the sight of her perfect boobs. I step into the room and keep the door open just in case she wakes up and finds me watching her. I creep across the carpet over to her bedside and look down at her sculptures body hungrily.

Standing over the top of her partially covered breasts my penis grows in size and makes a large bulge trying to push its way through the buttons on my boxers. I pull back the sheets hesitantly to reveal a fully naked, red headed girl fast asleep.

Cautiously I begin to lightly rub my hands over her bosoms and tweak her perky nipples lightly. My erection is growing by the second and by the time it hits its peak it is almost standing at 9 inches. I run one hand down her tight belly and rub my fingers in the peach patch just above her exposed clit while I rub myself through the cloth of my underwear. After playing in her runway for a few seconds I tentatively begin to slowly rub at her large clit. She shifts her positions while sleeping and I jump back startled and begin to head for the door.

Turning back to see her I notice that she is still asleep and her mouth is slightly open. I stare at it and question myself: 'will she wake up? Will she be mad?' I ignore the voices telling me not to and once again begin to walk towards the bed.

But this time I walk towards the head. I pull my underwear off and let my dick ping up then bounce lightly as it escapes its prison of cloth. I move so my penis is shadowing her face and gently push it inside of her lips.

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The heat of her breath on my uncovered helmet is immaculate; I slide my member in and out repeatedly but very slowly so she doesn't wake up.

I feel tightness in my balls as I fuck her lips with my manhood; I pull the end of my cock out of her open mouth to pound over and over again on my throbbing member. I curl my toes as long streams of cum erupt out of my shaft and land softy on Jess's face, after 6 spasms from my cock I step back and relax as I start to go limp. I tuck my now flaccid penis back into my pants and wipe the sweat off my brow.

Pulling the sheet up over her naked body and leaving the rapidly cooling spunk on her face I tiptoe back to Dads room and crawl back into bed relieved. Chapter 4 Eyes still closed I wake up to the unruly feeling that someone else is in the room; I shrug it off and roll onto my back. I stretch and open my mouth wide to yawn but before I could something shoots down the back of my throat. I tear my eyes open and look around startled.

There, standing above me is Jess holding the remains of my fun last night. As soon as I realise what she had dropped down my throat I spit it out violently and run into the bath room to wash my mouth out with water. I walk back into my room wiping my mouth with a towel as she is roaring with laughter. I look at her with disgust and realise she is wearing only her pink slip. "That's what you get for being such a filthy perv!" she laughs 'Oh yeah?' I ask 'Well this is what you get for being such a dirty whore' I run over and tackle her onto bed as she screams with laughter demanding that I let go of her.

After three years with this girl I know exactly where she's ticklish so I attack her stomach with my hands and squeeze her sides over and over until she is squirming uncontrollably, that's then I make my move. I quickly roll her onto her back and move my hands up to her breasts, squeezing them gently.

She stops laughing at the sudden change of pace and looks down at me surprised before she lolls her head back and pulls the strings off of her shoulder so I can get better access to her mounds. She is lying on the bed motionless, waiting for me to make a move, and I do.

I lower my mouth hastily onto her right areola and suck gently as my left hand massages the left nipple. She moans lightly as I start to squeeze her nipple and she groans loudly when I put her point between my teeth and nibble tenderly.

She moans continuously as I assault her upper body, I can smell the aroma of sex in the air and I am hornier than I have ever been so I stand up and pull her off the bed with me so we are both on the feet. When she stands the slip falls to the floor leaving her with only her long ginger locks to cover her large breasts.

I take a step back to admire her body, 'wow, she really is beautiful' I think to myself as I step forward again and put my lips to hers as I embrace her in a passionate, taboo kiss which only we can share together. Our tongues meet and I get the feeling this sensation is special and no one will ever be able to come between us. She breaks the kiss and I look down at her face puzzled, she looks back up at me and drops to her knees. I realise what she wants to do and I am glad. She slides to her knees and begins to rub my pre- cum covered cock through the material.

After a few seconds of this she earnestly pulls the underwear down without realising how close she was to me.


My dong pulls back and slams up quickly, slapping her in the face. She laughs hard at this and gives it a sharp spank for being naughty. She stops laughing and puts her head to the base of my stiff dick and licks up all the way to the helmet, she puts her tongue inside of my japs eye and licks from side to side lightly. She retracts her tongue and without using any hands she wraps her lips around big red and works her way down. I take the pleasure in and lean back enjoying the sensation.

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Looking down I see she has one hand wrapped around the base of my meat and with the other she has two fingers pounding furiously into her pussy. I look down at her doing this to herself like a dog watching food as I feel the tightness in my balls. Not wanting to cum just yet I push her head off of my dick and stand her up again.

Kissing her on the neck I run my hand down her stomach and lightly touch her clit, as soon as I do this she moans loudly and bites down on my shoulder. "YES! Do it for me! Finger my cunt hole" She moans into my neck. I rub two fingers over her bulging clit back as she starts to nibble on my collar.

After a few minutes of doing this I get bold and decide to move on and test out her hole. I run two fingers inside the inner lips of her cunt as she moans pleasurably. She moves her legs out wider so I can have more access to her love canal; I slowly penetrate her pussy hole with my middle finger and her knees go weak with pleasure. I realise there is more room than I would have thought in the past so I push past the wall and thrust a second finger into her opening.

Her breathing becomes short and rapid as I quicken the pace of my fingers and she groans loudly. "FUCK! OMG, your amazing OMG. Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh! Keep going, faster, finger fuck me faster! Make me your bitch!" she moans loudly as I again speed up the fingering to the pace of a jack hammer inside her coose.

"Eat my pussy!" she demands. I throw her onto the bed with my fingers still imbedded inside of her, without wasting anytime I go straight down on her cunt. I pull her lips apart with my teeth and suck hard on her clit as I continue the barrage on her tight hole. "I'm close! Don't stop, please don't stop!" she begs me loudly "YES YES I'M NEARLY THERE" she yells. After hearing this I slam a third finger into her gapping cunt- hole and sucked down hard on her clit.

"YEEEESSSSSSS!" she screams as she cums on my face and fingers.


Stream after stream of what seems like piss shoots out of her hole and splashes me in the face but when I taste it, it has a sweeter flavour. She sprays for over 40 seconds as her legs shake violently and I continuously rub her clit. Her mouth stays open the entire time and she is absolutely speechless. After 2 minutes she falls backwards onto the bed after arching her spine since she started cumming.

'The only thing is' I think to myself 'she may be done, but I'm sure as hell not' with a rock solid dick I lift my knee over her body and sit on her stomach so she can't move. Unsure about what I'm doing she looks up at me with a puzzled look at my face, but then glances down to see me sporting a raging boner, she smiles wide and opens her mouth eagerly, but I have different ideas.

I move my ass up her body and plant my dick in between her gigantic tits. She smiles at me and with both her hands she pushes both tits together so I can fuck her boobs. Hornier than I have ever been I slam my cock hard in and out of the make shift cunny she had made for me, I spit into her tits to lube them up a bit without stopping and in less than a minute I was spurting my seed across the neck and up her face.

After 8 long, hot shots of cum I finally stop pounding the makeshift crack and roll over next to her exhausted. She smiles at me and kisses me deeply.

"Wow" we both say together, then burst into fits of giggles as I go back to tickling her.

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