Niedliche Mädchen eine Massage genießen

Niedliche Mädchen eine Massage genießen
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When people look at me, they think I'm a slut, with my long, blonde hair, my tight body with my big boobs and firm ass.

To make it worse, my name is Candy. Now I will admit to occasionally using my body and my sexual appeal to my advantage, like showing a bit of cleavage to get something for free on occasion, but I am far from a slut. I have had sex with 3 guys, but none of them have been able to satisfy me.


I am 17 years old, turning 18 on Boxing Day. At school, the year was coming to an end, and there was a big party on this weekend, which everyone was going to. I was studying in the library with a girlfriend when I saw him.

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By him, I mean Zac, a boy I have a huge crush on. He is about 6'3, he has brown hair and dreamy blue eyes, and a skinny frame, although he wasn't skinny, he was more average, but far from obese or anything. He played guitar in a band called the Headlock Horrors with my friend's bf Alex and a couple of other guys, and cricket on weekends, so he never really went to parties, as he was either at gigs or playing cricket.

I needed something from a class be both have, so I decided to approach him. "Hi Zac, do you have those papers Mr. Morrison handed out yesterday?" I asked. "I should do, let me have a look" he said, and fished through a folder. "Here they are" he said and produced them. "Thankyou so much, are you going this weekend?" I asked. "Should do, surprisingly I have nothing on, so I should be there, and hey, we have a gig tonight and Alex says your friend Ella is coming." "Yeah, she's going and trying to drag me along, I should be there." I replied "Sweet, I'll see you there." He said.

I went back to the desk Ella and I were working at. "It's obvious you like him, why don't you come out tonight, and see the show?" "Oh ok then, I'll come but I'll just be lonely, coz you and Alex will be together and I will have no one." "Yes you will, just talk to Zac, and maybe even give him your phone number" Ella said and started making kissy noises, so I hit her playfully.

I got home about 6, so I went directly into the shower. I stripped down, and stepped into the steamy fog and began to wash myself. Our shower has a full-length mirror on one side, and as I watched the water bead and run down my body, I imagined Zac behind me, holding my boobs and fucking me from behind and I began to rub my pussy. As my imagination became more vivid, I began to squeeze my left boob and rub myself until I came, my juices washing away down the drain. I finished washing myself and stepped out of the shower, wrapping my hair up in a towel, fetching another towel to wrap around my body, and going into my room.

I dried off and put on my black bra and panties set.

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I put on my new skirt, and my shirt, jacket and coat. I went out the door and Ella was waiting for me in her little blue car. We drove to the bar/nightclub they were playing at and once we showed our ID's (mine was fake, but I was legal in about 3 weeks so who cares) and the bouncer let us through, we found a seat and ordered drinks.

Alex and Zac came to the bar and got drinks, and we struck up a conversation, until it was their set. "Oh my god, you were totally flirting with him" Ella teased, "Shut up bitch, I'm allowed, I'm the one without the boyfriend remember?


I countered. They went really good, and when they were finished this guy came up to me. He looked about 45, he was really fat and he had black - grey hair and was balding. He reeked of cheap alcohol and sleaze.

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He offered me a drink and I declined. He grabbed me by the arm and a voice behind me said, "Look mate, it's obvious she isn't interested in you, you're about twice her age and 3 times her weight, lay off." It was Zac, standing behind me. I laughed at what he said and he got angry. "How about you fuck off, unless you want to get the shit beaten out of you, and you cant play guitar" He laughed at his own 'joke' but his laugh was stopped by a punch to the face that knocked him off his barstool.

"And you can't take a punch, so we both have problems" Zac laughed and said "You guys have been drinking, we'll take you home." We went with Zac & Alex and Ella and Alex sat in the back making out while we were in the front, trying to start a conversation but it was really awkward with those two going at it.

They dropped us off at Ella's and I stayed the night there. The next morning I had a look at the newspaper and freaked out. "Look" I said to Ella "What is it" and then she looked and was equally shocked. The guy that Zac saved me from was caught last night in association with 4 rapes and murders in the last month.

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I could have been one of those girls, and Zac saved my life. "I officially am in love with Zac now, he saved my life" I said to Ella.


"You always were" she said and laughed. We went into town to pick up Ella's car and I saw Zac coming out of a music shop. I immediately ran right up to him and gave him a massive hug, pressing my boobs right into his chest, and planted a flurry of kisses on his face. "Whoa, what was that all about?" he asked. "You haven't seen the paper?" I asked. "No, why?" he asked "That guy you saved me from has raped and murdered 4 girls in the last month. You saved my life!" I said and gave him another hug and kiss and went back to Ella, and she smiled at me.

The party was that night. I dressed a bit slutty, starting with a lacy strapless bra and thong you could see straight through, black hot pants that showed off my ass and a tube top that showed plenty of cleavage. I wanted his cock, and I was going to get it. When I arrived at the party I saw him but my heart sank. He was with these two girls, both of whom kept tallies of the amount of boys, (and girls) they fucked per year, they were both serious sluts.

As soon as he saw me however, he blew them off and came over to me. We went behind the house away from the people. "Are you ok?" he asked. "I'm fine, just a little shaken" "Hey, I'm shaken too, I had a hot chick come up and assault me, although I didn't mind it, hey someday we could do it again yeah?" He laughed and I said "how about right now", and pushing him up against the wall, forced my tongue in to his mouth with a passionate kiss " I want your cock, I want it right now" I said, unbuckling his belt.

"I have always had the biggest crush on you, you saved me, and now I want you to fuck me, make me cum, just make love to me" I was a crazy bitch in heat, I didn't know what I was saying but I meant it.

"We cant," he said. I had my hand in his pants, jacking him off, keeping his hand on my uncovered breast. "Why?" I asked. "You didn't let me finish, I meant to say We cant do it here, we should go to my house, about 50m up the road, theres no one that can disturb us there." He carried me up the stairs and dumped me on the bed. We both quickly stripped off our clothes, and I sat up and took his erect cock in my hand.

It was a nice cock, about 8 and a1/2 inches, and very thick. I licked the underside of it and smiling at him, took about a third of it in my mouth, swirling my tongue on the head while pumping it with my hand. He lay on the bed, and I got on top of him, working his cock in and out of my mouth. I put more of his wonderful cock in my mouth and increased the pace of my sucking. It looked like he was almost there, but I took it out of my mouth and told him "I want it inside me." He asked if he needed a condom, and I told him about how I was on the pill to control my periods, and it wouldn't be necessary.

I turned around so my ass was facing him and lowered myself onto his dick. I was tall, about 5'10, and could take quite a bit of cock, but he still just nudged my cervix, the combination of pain and intense pleasure was getting me extremely wet. I began to rock on his cock, and started to bounce on top of him, driving his cock deep inside me, scraping my clit as I moved on top of him.

He suddenly changed our position, so that he was behind me, and I was on all fours, in the doggy position and began thrusting into me with great power. I loved it, and began meeting his thrusts "Yeah, Yeah, fuck me, fuck me from behind" I screamed. It reached a fever pitch, him thrusting into me animalistically, 2 fingers in my tight little ass and me writhing on his big cock, cumming every time he hit my cervix, screaming at him not to stop.

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He finally collapsed, shooting a torrent of cum deep into my pussy, which made me orgasm one last time. He held me as we fell asleep, and when we woke up, we had more fantastic sex, and then he made me breakfast in bed. I'm not a slut, but if all men were this good, I sure would be. Please note that in Australia, the legal drinking age is 18 Comments and Ratings encouraged If there is criticism, make it constructive, and not just 'you're shit'