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Straight amateur gets ass fucked by big cock
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I'd be lying if I said I didn't marry Jennifer to eventually get to her daughter Blair. Don't get me wrong, Jennifer was gorgeous, especially for forty, that's why I had initially approached her at the bar 2 years ago. But it was more casual then.

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She had seemed…appropriate, and nothing turns me off more than that. We'd fucked a few times and I was getting ready to cut it off when she invited me over to a family thing. Ugh. I had thought, I definitely needed to cut it off. But then I had seen her.


Cascading dark auburn hair, slim beautiful body, with a perfect ass and pair of perky young tits in a pair of jeans and crop top tank. The shirt read "Led Zeppelin" but it might as well have read, "fuck me raw" because it emphasized the curve of her waist, her flat stomach, and barely concealed her breasts.

"Darren, this is my daughter, Blair." I said nothing for a moment and then regained my composure.

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"Blair, amazing to meet you. And how old might you be?" Blair's eyes flicked to me, all too knowingly. Her large dark green eyes showed clearly, I get older guys like you staring at me all the time. I bet.

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"Almost 16." She said, I didn't miss the "almost" Jesus, she looked like that at fifteen. Just imagine her at 20… I honestly don't know what I said, the rest of the party was a blur, all I do remember, was that I had cummed hard that night into her mom, imagining her.

*** Soon after that I married Jennifer. The ceremony was small, but seeing Blair in a sexy bridesmaid dress, hair done up with delicate small white flowers made her look like she was fey, and it took everything in my power to keep my eyes off of her as I read my vows to my wife. They moved into my large five bedroom home, and for Blair's 16th birthday we had a pool party. She came out in a strappy black bikini and paid me no mind as her friends crowded around her, Jennifer and I supervising from the kitchen.

"Hope she liked her gifts…" Jennifer said, looking tired after cooking for the entire entourage. "I think she's liked them all so far." I responded. Jennifer raised an eyebrow. "So, far?" I went to the garage and drove out a jet black corvette. Honking the horn, all the teenagers came out to see what the noise was. Blair's eyes widened when she saw the car. I stepped out of the driver's seat and gestured to her.

She came running over, looking amazing, lean and toned, breasts fighting to press out of her black top. Staring for a moment she turned and hugged me. Her tits wet from the pool pressed against me and it took everything I had not to drag my hand down to her ass. I did however squeeze her tighter, feeling her body mold into my form.

She pulled back and started to say thank you a thousand times over. Then I stepped back, letting her friends crowd her and her new car. Jennifer only shook her head and smiled. *** I admit, the first time I had Blair, I was a coward. Jennifer was out at her book club and Blair sat curled up in an arm chair reading a book. Her hair hung in loose waves around her face, her full lips slightly parted as she read, green eyes attentive to the novel.

My body ached as I looked at her. Jen would be home at about 830, that was two full hours from now before I could release the throbbing in my cock. "Blair." I said suddenly, not fully aware what I was doing. She looked up from her page, "I'm going to watch some TV… would you like to join me." Blair rubbed her eyes, and feigned a wince.

"Oh, thanks Darren, but uh, I'm good. Kinda getting a headache actually. I might head to bed." Annoyance flared up within me. Bullshit was she getting a headache.

She knew the way I looked at her, or she at least sensed it. In a moment, I changed tactics. "Well then let me get you something for your head." "Oh, no thank you, I'm-" "I insist Blair, if you have a headache, you should take something for it." With that, I turned and went into my bathroom, opening the medicine cabinet I grabbed my Ambian proscribed for me to counter those long sleepless nights at the office.

I filled a cup with water, and strode back out. I handed the pills and water to Blair who looked at them. "What…are they?" "An off brand of Advil." She took them and I left the room. " I'll be down watching TV if you need me." I turned the corner and stood there, waiting.

Checking my watch ever so often, I walked back into the room. Blair lay on the armchair, book on chest, body askew. She was gorgeous. Fast asleep with heavy breathing. "Blair?" I tested. Nothing. I shook her and received no response. Lifting her, I lay her down on the ground next to the arm chair and got on top of her.

Her body beneath mine I knew I had to have her. But first, her body. I had to see her whole body. Unzipping the back of her dress, I slid the clothing off of her to reveal a black strapless braw, and a black thong. Jesus she was hot. Removing her bra I was rewarded with perky large tits bouncing out. Happy to be freed from their prison.

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Her nipples hardened quickly to the change in temperature and I moved my hand down them, cupping a breast before drawing the nipple into my mouth and sucking and nibbling it. Then I moved my hands down, feeling the curve of her hips as I slid her black panties down to her ankles.

She was smoothly shaved and I felt my heart pound as my cock bulged in my pants. I had her. I finally had her. Unbuckling my belt, I slid my slacks down to release my cock. I was large, and pulsing, and I felt sweat already building on my brow as I positioned myself against her warm soft flesh. I finally pulled the trigger. I began to shove and enter her. Her body raw and unready for my entry. Her hips lifted with my movement and I began to thrust into her.

inch my inch going in. While at first I rubbed her raw, finally her pussy began to get wet for me. I pumped harder, and harder still. Forcing myself deep into her. I felt a barrier but kept pressing, finally I felt a jolting pop inside her, and realized with erotic satisfaction, holy shit. She's a virgin.

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My cock was so rock hard I thought I might break her, but her body shuttering under my weight and force remained silent and unconscious. I ran my hands through her soft beautiful hair, breathing it in as I fucked her amazing teenage body. I pressed my mouth to hers and fucked and kissed her until I could hold back no longer, pulling out, I came on her belly.

My seed spilling onto her naked form. Exhausted I turned and lay down at her side. Spent, but wanting more. "Oh Blair baby, you're fucking amazing." I whispered to her, knowing she couldn't hear a word. I lay on my side next to her. Imagining the sounds she would have made if she had been conscious for her first time. Would she be crying now? Or begging for me to ride her more? The next morning she awoke clothed on the arm chair, book in lap.

"Sleep well'?" I had asked "Ugh." she had said, wincing as she got up. "Not really. I'm aching all over…" "That's what you get for sleeping all night in a chair." I laughed, handing her some coffee. She smiled and rolled her eyes.

The next few weeks were excruciating. I couldn't stop thinking of being inside her… And had I known she was a virgin? I needed to have her again. I waited again for Jennifer's book club meeting before deciding to make my move.

I needed to think this out really well. Blair wasn't easy, or easily manipulated. I couldn't count on her not to tell, but I wanted her awake for it all. I decided I would proposition her first, and if that didn't work, I'd go to more extreme measures. "I'm headed out you two!" Jennifer called from the front door. "Alright Dear, have fun." "Bye Mom!" I heard the door close, and I poured some wine.

Blair walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge to scour for dinner. "Why don't we eat out tonight." I said She looked uncertain. "Come on, anywhere you like." She smiled, "Alright, but somewhere good.

I can't eat anymore thai left overs." I smiled, "I know just the place. Go try on what I left on your bed and we'll get out of here." She raised her eyebrows and ran up to her room.

When she came down I just about came right then and there. Her breasts were perfectly accentuated in a knee length gold dress. It hugged her waist and curved perfectly around her ass as she did a spin. "Darren! It's beautiful!" "Made more so by you." She blushed and looked away. I took her to an upscale Japanese restaurant down town and when the waiter came by I ordered us both wine. The waiter didn't card her, but he was also drooling as he ogled her.

When he left she whispered, "I can have wine?" "Just don't tell your mom. Our little secret." She beamed and I grew impatient staring at her. "There's another gift I'd like you to have Blair" I said as she finished her second glass of wine. "What's that?" I pulled out a compact black box, and snapped it open to reveal a very sparkly diamond necklace. She gasped. "It's beautiful!" Then she faltered. "But I can't except…It's too nice." "Only if you can't do something for me in return." Here it was, my moment.

Her eyes, looking like emeralds looked up at me, first quizzically, then narrowed slightly. "What's that?" I continued. Never breaking contact. "Be with me.

Be with me just once, and you can have whatever you want. whatever you desire. All I desire, is you." She didn't look away, but her eyes grew less warm. "What, like a prostitute?" "Like a mistress.

Like a gift. Like the seductress you are. You must know, know what you do to me.


You know I must have you." She started to pull her hand away from the table, and I grabbed it. "Just once Blair. Once, and you can have whatever you want." Now she did look away.

"I haven't… I've never…done that before." If only she knew. "I'll make it soft for you. Gentle. You'll be a goddess in my arms." "Take me home." She said suddenly. "I want to go home." I snapped the necklace's box shut.

"Have it your way." I would have it mine. *** The drive home was quiet. I read the clock on the dashboard. 7o'clock. I drove faster and arrived five minutes later in the drive way.

Her corvette was parked out back. I turned off the engine and got out, she got out too but I grabbed her arm. "Do you know how spoiled you are Blair?" My voice was cold and her eyes matched it "Get off of me." "Do you!?" "Get off!" I drug her by the arm over to her car, turning her to face it. "Who got this for you?" I shouted She glared back at me without answer "Who bought you this dress?" "Who makes sure you want for nothing, and that you're credit card is always full?" She yanked away from me, tears in her eyes.

"I don't want any of it! I don't want anything from you!" Her chest heaved with her angered breaths, she looked both very much a woman, and all too much a young girl.

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"That's because you're spoiled!" I slapped her. I didn't mean to, but I could tell the blow her as her face turned in pain. In a stunned moment she didn't move, and I pushed her, pressing her against the good of her sleek black corvette. "But I'm going to make sure you appreciate me from now on." She started to yell in protest, but I brought my hand around to quite her.

Undoing my pants, I dragged up her tight golden gown, greeted by white lace I forcefully pulled them down as she screamed into my open palm. "You don't even know how good you've had it. I already took care of that virgin problem you spoke of earlier." I growled into her ear, her body wriggling beneath me to get away. Her ass looked amazing as I slapped it in the cold air. It rippled, my hand print showing pink on her beautiful skin. I spit twice into my free hand and rubbed my hard cock smoothing in some pre-cum for further lubrication.

"Blair baby, you don't know how good you had it." Then I slammed into her ass with as much pressure as I could manage. Her body went ridged on the hood and she continued to scream into my hand. I ignored it, only focusing on my prize as her asscheeks spread to accept me. It was so tight I felt my dick squeeze in both pleasure and pain and I thrusted deeper still.

Finding my rhythm as I grew more and more bold. Her screams had turned into rhythmic whimpers as I pumped into her shuttering petite frame. "Fuck Blair, you're so god damn hot." I moaned as I rode my dream girl. The girl that has haunted my dreams for far too long.

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This was nothing like the first time. She was hot, and alive as her body moved with mine, reacting to my every thrust. I jerked my movements and steered her into fits on gasping, her ass tightening and retracting as it tried to accept my full cock.

Finally, I pounded into her with so much power I felt my balls bash against her, and I bottomed out inside of her. She bucked beneath me in pain as I bruised her cervix. Her motions sent me over the edge and I felt my dick pulse inside of her as I released my seed into her tight hole.

I remained inside of her as my dick emptied, and I brushed her hair away from her sweaty neck to kiss her softly. She cried but did not move as I released her. Body still pinned to the hood of her car, ass out as my cum dripped out of her swollen ass. "Now. The next time I offer you the world, are you going to take it?" She sobbed softly and I slapped her ass hard, jolting her tender body as she cried out.

"Are you going to take it I said!" "Yes!" She cried through tears. "Whatever you want. Please. Just let me go…" "Get inside and wash up." I said. "You're mother will be home soon." She began to get up, but she stumbled. In the end I had to carry her into bed.

Tucking her in after removing her dress.

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She didn't move and didn't look at me as I did it. As I left the room I placed the necklace on her dresser.


Shutting the door behind me. The next time I had her, she wouldn't struggle, of that I would make sure.