Desi college slut divya gets deep throat from client

Desi college slut divya gets deep throat from client
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The taxi driver grinned as he picked up his latest fare.

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She was so drunk he knew he would be able to get some extra benefits from this ride. Looking at her low-cut top and the bountiful flesh that lay beneath made his hands itch and the tight mini-skirt she wore bared her succulent legs and made him want to feel how great it would be with them wrapped around him. She sat in the front seat next to him, exposing a great deal of delicious thigh to his view when she sat down before gasping out her address and passing out.

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Cackling he pulled away from the curb his hand already groping her toned thigh as she sat back completely oblivious to the future deprivations she was going to be going through. Nearing her stop he pulled over to a darkened street so as to be a little inconspicuous and then turning off the light he prepared for his night of fun. In the course of driving his hands had already pulled her skirt up to her waist baring her g-string to his lecherous gaze and hands as he rubbed the soft cloth and then crept underneath to the warm and welcoming flesh underneath.

He had fingered her slightly, just enough to get her nice and wet so he could taste and she was sweet, he thought as he pulled his hand back, licking his fingers.


Unable to refrain his hands then traveled up to her breasts and pulling the stretchy neckline further down he uncovered first one then the other of her wondrous tits. Encased in only a half-cup bra they wobbled and bounced delightedly for his gaze and being a strapless front clasp bra he had no difficulty in undoing it and releasing those jugs from their captivity.


Suddenly free from their prison her brown nipples became much more prominent from contact with the cold night air and he couldn't hold back as he copped a feel of her perky tits. Squeezing the stiffening nubs with his fingers he bent over and sucked on one large teat, hearing her moan as he sucked on her nipple initially made him froze, but when she did nothing more he happily continued taking advantage of her drunken state.

With his erection pressing very tightly against his pants he knew he was going to be taking this girl very soon, but not just yet and whipping out his camera he posed her so it looked like she was playing with herself and started snapping away.

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Then taking close-ups of her face, tits and her g-string pulled aside so she was showing off her trimmed pussy, pausing to take a deep breath he unzipped himself and pulled out his cock and then molding his hand over hers he had her masturbate him and taking a few pictures of that he took another picture sucking on her tits and fingering her pussy before he pulled her over the seat and first kissing her deeply, which she didn't resist he pulled her dark hair to the side so he could take a few pics of her pretty face with a cock in her mouth.

She unconsciously started to suck him and feeling this he switched his camera to video and filmed her sucking his cock. She started off slow, but built up a rhythm where she was giving the taxi driver a really good bj, bobbing her head and sucking on the head.

After letting her go and really enjoying it for a few minutes he knew he had to stop or he was gonna blow in her mouth and he wanted this load to be buried deep in her womb. So reluctantly pulling her mouth from his member pushed her back into her seat where she grumbled about losing her toy. Not listening to her he reclined her chair and pushed it back giving him just enough room to get between her legs and go for the tight wet slit.

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Pulling her g-string off her legs he scrambled between them and placed his cock at her entrance. She was still wet from his foreplay from before and he was still slick from her saliva coating his cock so entry was all too easy for his raging hard cock. As her lips parted to allow access to his dick she moaned loudly, and he could feel her getting wetter as he slid further along.

After bottoming out in her depths, he lay there a few moments savouring her tightness, before beginning his fuck. Moving slowly out really trying to get every feel he could out of her wet pussy before slamming into her hard. She moaned even louder as he pressed against her hot slit, his belly overhanging her tight firm stomach.

Pushing deep into her he manoeuvred his length along her channel and then pulled out and thrust in again, trying to build up a rhythm he started hammering away at the tight entrance. The sight of this fat middle-aged man taking such liberties with a beautiful young woman was quite amazing as the taxi shook under his weight as he pushed himself in and out of the tight girl, her moaning becoming more pronounced as his huffing increased more aware of his impending cum than the girl's as she became more of a sex toy than anything, legs spread lewdly sideways, tits exposed, cunt filled with cock.

Using his weight as the main driving force he was really fucking her hard, and she was very unused to this type of treatment not being very sexually experienced, so she was nearing orgasm as he fucked her. Really pummelling her tight body and causing her to welcome his thrusts as she came around his cock squeezing him hard and making him lose control and flood her pussy with his hot load.

"Yea that's it bitch take my cum. Hope you're on the pill or you might be in for a surprise in a month or two." He laughed as he rested on her abused body and let his cock drain in her pussy. Gathering himself he levered himself out of his position and back into the driver's seat.

Yet, once there he looked back at her spread legs and at the top the sight of his cum leaking from her tight pussy combined with her slack expression and perky tits, he just couldn't help himself again and felt himself get hard again.

Pulling her head back down onto his lap he had her open her mouth and take him in again sucking his dick back to hardness and cleaning it of leftover cum.

Once fully hard again he put her back into position and then climbed on top of her and positioned his cock at her oozing entrance.

Thrusting in he once again felt that wonderful feeling of warmth and tightness surrounding his cock and pounding in and out a few times he heard those moans of her again. Building up speed he wanted to feel her cum around him again and so pounded her hard knowing from before she liked it rough.

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After really giving it to her for a few minutes he could feel her tensing up inside and her breathing getting deeper before she moaned and spasmed around him, squeezing him hard and almost setting him off.

She was even wetter now and cum was leaking from her stuffed pussy, which gave him an idea. Lifting her legs even higher, somewhat bending her, he pulled out and making sure he was carefully lubricated in their combined cum, he placed it at her rose bud and pushed.

Spreading her arse cheeks wide and watching as his cock slowly pierced her depths was extremely erotic to him. Watching her face grimace in pain was an extra as he slowly penetrated her. The slow penetration was like sweet torture to him she was so tight that it almost hurt, but knowing that he was probably taking her anal virginity was something in itself and thinking about how she wouldn't even know who it was that's been fucking her so roughly and uploading these videos and pictures to the net really excited him.

Finally bottoming out in her bowels he kept himself there letting her get used to his large tool in her once virgin hole. Once he felt she was ready he moved slowly pulling out and then thrusting back in hard.

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She groaned in pain not liking the loss of her anal virginity, but he didn't care and once again getting lost in the actions he pounded her arse like he did her cunt, with her groans accompanying his every entry in her tight orifice.

He was hugging her tightly feeling her breasts press against his chest as his weight pushed down on her, cock squeezed in her anal passage. He loved the freedom he had with this gorgeous girl's body, taking her pussy, taking pictures of her abuse and now taking her anally.

Thrusting in hard he could feel the cum starting to rise in his cock, and not being able to hold back just banged her harder, shuddering in pleasure with each amazing thrust into her tight arse. Finally moaning in sheer pleasure he came deep inside her ass, her now non-virgin ass. Panting from the unaccustomed exercise the fat older man slowly regathered his wits grabbing the camera and aiming it at her rosebud as his cock slipped out.

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He filmed it as his cum leaked out of her asshole, the white cum really contrasting with her tanned, dark skin. Then he dragged the camera up taking in her beautiful body as he placed his dirty cock at her lips and smeared it across her lips before her mouth opened up enough for him to use her mouth and tongue to clean himself off.

Jabbing it in and out for good measure he was thoroughly satisfied with his fare. Redressing her, but keeping her panties he drove her up to her house and dropped her out the front of her house, after taking his fare and a tip for his good service he thought smiling hugely as he left her passed out on her doorstep.