Male emo masturbate and thai teen gay sex Kyler Moss naps while Miles

Male emo masturbate and thai teen gay sex Kyler Moss naps while Miles
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We start out at meeting at a nice restaurant and we enjoy a meal and wine and conversation. This will be your last bit of normal activity you will experience tonight, in the way you act and the way you dress.

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Once we are in the car heading to my house I hand you a three inch wide leather collar with D rings on each side and and a pad lock to put on. You look at me and lower your eyes and say "MASTER., please will you place the collar on me"? Your already have good manners, this wish is granted, I place it on you and lock it. Once we arrive you are told to go into the Master bedroom and take a long relaxing bubble bath and by the way here's a razor, I want you completely shaved between your legs, while I prepare your attire for the evening.

Placed on the bed you have a pair of white silk lace panties and Basque, a pair of red stiletto 5 inch heels and white lace anklets socks.

Once you are done bathing you will put on the garments and come into my Master walk-in closet. You walk in and shyly standing in front of me with your hands in front of you. I'm sitting in a chair total taken in with your sweet clean innocent beauty but we both know this will be changed here shortly.

From now on you will address me as MASTER understand,? "Yes Master". From now your new name will be CUNT, do you understand,?

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"Yes Master". Good now bring me that black box and kneel in front of me. Open it and hand me your leash. I see you tremble and blush and sense your profound arousal as I clip the 6 ft leather leash to the front of the collar.


Now hand me two of those metal shackles so I can place this on your wrist. These may hurt at first but you will learn to enjoy it. Now stand and turn around and bend over so I can place other two on your ankles.

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You hesitate, do it CUNT! "Yes Master". Now I lead to the far end of the room on your leash to where there are four large heavy chains secured to wall. Face the wall and stand still while I watch how hot you look with your ass hiked up on those heels. I take your hand shackles and latch them to the chains over your head out somewhat to the sides. You start to wiggle your body with signs of pleasure.

Do you want to please your Master? Do you want to be whipped? "Yes I want to please you Master., whip me." I take riding crop and snap it against my hand and you jump with attention.

I run the crop up inside your thighs, now spread your legs just a little. I give your ass a quick snap and tell you spread them a little more. I pull on your leash and pull your head back and ask you. Tell me, do you like the feel of that, tell me you want to be a whipped CUNT.

Once your legs are spread wide they are chained to your shackles spread and mine to do with what I please. I take the leather tip of the crop and run it inside the edge of your panties, you squirm with delight.

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I run it over your sweet newly shaven pussy just leaving it on the inside of your panties and I pull it out. You give me a disappointed whimper. I want to hear you take ten hard snaps of the crop on your horny ass.

You squeal and strain against your chains as you anticipate the next warm sting. I give you two more extra light slaps right on your now swollen clit. Your panties have now risen up inside your wet pouty slit. I leave you there for several minutes alone to allow your ass to absorb the heat. I return and by now my mind is racing and I have a rageing hard on. I approach you and I rub my cock between your thighs.

I grab your hair and pull it back and and start biting the nap of your neck. What's your name.?. I ask and you answer. "cunt." That's right, do you think your worthy to to serve me? " Yes Master." Push your ass out and show me your pink pussy that is mine. I pull your the wet soaked panties to the side to fully expose you. I harshly shove two fingers inside you deeply as you grind in response.

Do you need something up inside your hot snatch? Look what I have for you as I push a 9 inch flesh like cock between your tits. I pull it back between your legs and over your soaked pussy lips coating the love pole with your juice.

"Please put it inside me." I slap the dick against your ass with force. "Please put it inside me Master." Taking only the tip I slip it back and forward between your pouty pink pussy lips, letting the head hit your swollen clit each time. Each time your hot ass sways like a bitch in heat looking for relief. Its time to slip this dildo in, but only a few inches just to torture you with pleasure.


But along with pleasure there is pain as I take a long horse hair whip and run it down your back. I'm going to whip your ass, don't let the cock fall out or you will not get it back.

After five lashes I will put it deeper inside you, do you understand? "Yes Master." As the long hairs hit your ass it was obvious it stung.

You test the securnes of your chains as you squirm and pull on the heavy links. The sound of those cold links rattling and the sight of your hot tight body just makes me so fuckin horny. You did well and for your reward I work you with the dildo for several minutes and roll your clit between my fingers. Are you ready for more my little slut? "Yes. put it deep in side me Master and whip me, please." With every lash this time you will tell me what your name is."Oh yes.cunt." "cunt." "cunt." "your cunt.Master!" "I'm your fuck cunt, Master!!!" Very good.

you do deserve to have the entire 9 inches up inside you. I firmly grasp your leash with one hand and the cock with the other, pulling back on your collar and push in on the 9 inches. Your back arches out and your ass hiked up on the stiletto heels, the heels match the crimson colored marks. I step back to admire my work, the sight of you helpless, open for anything I wish and I will use you. I now remove all my clothes, letting my frenzy hard on out, for its time you will service it.

First thing we need to turn you around to face me. I unhook your wrist and ankles from the chains and spin you back against the wall. But your not free of your bondage yet.

I re-chain your ankles again spread wide because I believe my whore slave should always be available to me. Your hands are placed together in front of you and I bound them with white rope. Now I stroke my cock looking at your beautiful body, extremely aroused by the looks of your stiff nipples. You are my whore? "Yes Master I am your whore." The most vulnerable position is kneeling in front of your Master.

Now don't forget all during this time the 9 inch cock is still deep inside your fuck hole. On your knees now!!


I ask you tugging at you hair, you'll do anything I say? You nod. Do you want to suck me off? Another nod more vigorous this time. My dick only inches from your face. While I fuck your mouth you will grab the life like cock and fuck yourself.

Do you want me in your mouth? Tell me. "PLEASE." Please what?

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"Please let me suck you, fuck my mouth." Your eyes flash with alive desire. Your mouth plunged onto my cock with lust. You work my cock like it was your last meal at the same time you're pumping your cunt. Hard as steel I pull out not wanting to get off too soon. Before I can stop you're licking my balls like candy. Again your lips closing hard around my dick, slurping and sucking I pull out. "Shoot off in my mouth, I love it, just pretend my mouth is a cunt." At that moment shaking with an awesome explosion I unload into your greedy open mouth.

Cum runs down your chin and face as you clean my cum covered rod. Your bound hands still pumping all of that dildo inside you. Finally your knees start to shake and you fall back with an screaming "I'm fucking cumming." You have passed your first evening of training as I remove the cock from your cum soaked pussy.

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I remove your restraints except your collar and 6 ft leash which I lead you to the silk covered king size bed. There I hook your leash to the headboard. I take you gently in my arms and softly cuddle you into dream land till morning.

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